by Richard King

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Desc: : This is the continuation of the Jewel Series of Stories. Joseph and Jewel Josephson, brother and sister, realized they were in love with each other, and they proceeded to do something about it – They moved from where they were born, and went to College and had three children along the way; Jet, a girl, was the oldest; Next came Jade, and finally the youngest, and only boy, Kit! What's that old saying about the apple not falling far from the tree?

This is the continuation of the Jewel Series of Stories.

Joseph and Jewel Josephson, brother and sister, realized they were in love with one another, and they proceeded to do something about it — They moved from where they were born, and went to College and had three children along the way; Jet, a girl, was the oldest; Next came Jade, and finally the youngest, and only boy, Kit!

Here's our remarkable story.

I'm KIT - 19, Jade's 21 and Jet's almost 23.

We all have dark brown hair and brown eyes. Jet is gorgeous, with a body to die for, Jade is equally HOT as well, with a real nice rack on her - must be Double D's at least.

Growing up with parents, who're teachers, has its perks. We all went, or are going to college in Medford, at Southern Oregon University, where both of our parents work. We've a nice big home with a built-in pool in the backyard.

Dad turned 41 a few months back - Mom, 42, is still the hottest woman in the house; her tits must be ... at least as big as Jade's, maybe bigger.

Something happened to me last year.

I'd just turned 18, and Jet was 20, and I saw her, Mom and Jade all sunbathing topless. They didn't know I'd gotten home from school early. I went up to my room and being a horn dog, I looked out my window and I saw six perfect tits, only thirty feet away. They were talking to one another, but I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't find my binoculars either, Aaaaarrrrrggh.

There was a knock on the front door- I went down to get it. It was a family friend from SOU - Mary Ann ... something or other. She'd come over to sunbathe with them, so I pointed her to the pool.

"Thank you Kit," she said, giving me a wink, "I know my way to the back, thank you." She walked away and I looked at that major league ass on this gal. She must be 47 or 48, but her tits ... look even bigger than Mom's.

Damn, I'm going to die of horniness. My dick might just explode.

As Mary Ann walked through the glass door to the pool, I heard Mom ask her, "Who let you in?"

"Your son, Kit did," she said.

"Kit's home?" mom replied, sounding anxious.

"Apparently so," Mary Ann answered with a chuckle.

I was back on my way up to my room, when a hand was on my shoulder.

"Kit - How long've you been home?" mom asked nervously awaiting my answer.

"About 30 minutes or so Mom, why?" I replied as casually as I could.

"What've you been ... doing since you were home, honey?" she asked, getting even more nervous sounding.

I realized the answer that would mortify her, and I almost said, 'Looking at all of these mouth watering tits in our backyard, ' but, despite being a horn-dog, I knew better and said, "Up in my room doing homework."

She turned around and walked away, but I had to say something, so as a parting shot, I added, "Mom, I've got the hottest looking Mom of all my friends. You're very beautiful."

That stopped her in her tracks, and she said smiling, "Thank you honey, I try to keep myself fit." And she turned around and went back outside.

I ran up the stairs and watched as they all put their tops back on - Damn.

Our pool is the only built-in one in the neighborhood, so in the summertime all of our friends come over and party and dance around the pool. There's a strict 'pool curfew' of 11pm, just because our friends might never go home.

We've had a few calls about 'Is my kid there?' So, there's a zero tolerance to the never-ending attempts at, 'just 10 more minutes.' Mom's conferred upon me the title of Pool Nazi - Jawohl!

After Mary Ann left, everybody came up and went in their rooms. I waited about five minutes and knocked on Jades door.

"Come in," she said. "Oh, hi Kit, you've been hiding in your room this whole time I suppose, haven't you?" She was still topless, but I quickly averted my eye-line to her pretty eyes.

"If I'd gone outside with all of you topless, I would've quickly had a accident, or two. I never knew just how beautiful all of the women in this house are. I know you're my sister, and this may sound creepy coming from your own brother; but I've had a crush on you for a very long time. And today, I thought I should finally tell you."

I realized I was being too forward, so I ran out of her room and into mine, closing and locking my door.

Since that mostly one-sided conversation last year, Jade now looks at me funny from time to time, although I can never get a firm idea of what she thought of me that particular day - boldly telling her that I loved her! When she brings a boy over for dinner, it might just be my own hubris, but I'd swear they all look a little like me.

Maybe it's time to follow up on that conversation from last year.

It's June, summer's just started - Jade and Jet are constantly in the back yard, sunbathing, only occasionally actually getting in the pool. I waited until they were on their stomachs and I went out in my swim suit, putting down my towel and diving into the pool, specifically avoiding making a splash that would hit the girls.

Jade said, "Hey Kit, when you get out, could you please put some oil on my back?"

I heard a giggle, and Jet added, "Me too, little brother, please?"

I was doing OK, until the 'please's' which went straight to my dick; causing me to get hard.

"Let me swim for a little bit more, OK?" I asked.

"OK, but we need to be oiled up, and our little brother is the perfect one to do it," Jade said. More giggles.

I swam some laps, willing my dick down, and it did, so I got out and dried myself off. I wandered over to the girls and said, "OK, where's the oil?"

As if on cue, they both turned over, exposing their breasts to me, and causing my inevitable reaction.

Jet said, "I'm going inside, you two ... behave?"

She got up. Still topless and went inside, laughing rather loudly as she turned around and looked at us one last time.

"So, Kit do you still want to put some oil on me?" Jade said, sounding different.

"Well, er ... uhm ... on your front, can't you do that yourself?" I said nervously.

"But then my hands would be all oily, little brother, and you don't want my hands to be all oily do you?" Jade said with a perfect logic, at least in my head.

I just got harder, and she saw the reaction as well.

"Maybe, I should stop calling you my little brother, it looks like you're packing a whopper in your suit?"

"Jade, do you want me to oil you up or are you just trying to make me have an accident in my suit?" I said, more assertively then I'd expected.

"We could take this upstairs, and it'd more private, than out here," Jade said.

"Jade, why're you torturing me like this?" I was really getting close to cumming in my suit.

"I remember you telling me that you had a crush on me, so I wanted to thank you for telling me that, since you ran away from me that day." She sounded, what's that word, oh yeah - petulant?

"I ran away, because I was embarrassed over admitting to my sister that I was in love with her?" Oh Boy.

"In Love, you said you had a crush on me, now you're telling me, you're in love with me? Talk about an uncomfortable subject. Let me digest this new information and we'll talk later tonight, up in my room."

"You're not going to tell anyone that I said this to you, are you?" I was nervous again, and still about ready to cum.

"No, I told Jet back when it happened that you told me you had a crush on me, but that's all."

She'd put her top back on, and we walked into the house together. Our hands were close to touching as we walked. I was fighting every instinct in my body to keep from grabbing her hand and holding it.

She looked over at me, smiled and grabbed my hand, as we went upstairs. She went into her room, saying, "We'll talk later, OK Kit?"

I went into my room, locked the door and wacked myself off, in record time, while thinking about those tits that were in front of my face just a couple of minutes earlier. I cleaned up my mess, and took a shower. The hot water pelted on my back, feeling so good.


I put on some shorts and a t-shirt, and went downstairs, to a magnificent spread of food, all home-cooked. Dad's become something of a chef, trying out different things on us; tonight putting together something called Buccatini Pork, with peppers, and a salad - boy does Dad make a great salad!

"So, what did everybody do today, anything interesting?" mom asked.

Jet responded, "I'm thinking of going on to get my Masters in SOU's Master in Management Program, so I looked over the qualifications for a while and then Jade and I sunbathed, with Kit joining us. That's my day. Your turn Jade?"

"I didn't do anything special today, just watched some TV, spent some time on my computer, and went sunbathing with Jet and Kit. Batter up, Kit."

That made us all laugh as it was now my turn. Should I go for the shock - or maybe a lie - or just tell the truth. Decisions — Decisions.

"I applied for Harvard today, flew a mission to Mars, replaced a light bulb in my room, and then swam and sunbathed with my beautiful topless sisters."

I'm not usually this outspoken, getting me to say anything is like pulling teeth, to use my fathers' favorite expression.

Dad replied, "Harvard is good, Law or Medicine, Kit?"

"Law, Dad— I figure it'll help me, so I can get my friends out of jail when they're arrested. I could even represent Jet when she's picked up for soliciting." Jet slapped my shoulder in mock protest, giggling.

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