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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A lovely girl meets a lot of temptations and some of them might be very difficult to resist. Not easy to be her boyfriend who finds out that looking forward to a marriage can rather be a narrow path than a highway to happiness.

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It happened on a Friday afternoon at a crowded supermarket. No parking spots were available until I saw a car leaving the lot and a small red Honda waiting for taking it, but as I was in a better position, I quickly took it. Not a polite thing to do and the good-looking young woman in the red Honda obviously shared that opinion because she came out from her car and gave me an impressive and unforgettable cursing that really got me admiring her skills in that matter.

When we later met at an aisle inside the supermarket she had a small kid in her trolley and I got feeling some guilt for my nasty behaviour. So I looked straight into her eyes and said, "I'm sorry for what I did in the parking lot and it was a silly thing to do. Could you please give the regretful sinner a chance to give both of you some compensation at the cafeteria?"

She stared at me and asked, "Do I know you? Have we met somewhere?"

"Not before today in the parking lot, but you might see me in the local newspaper today because I scored two goals in the hockey match yesterday evening. By the way, my name is Dan Erickson, if you don't care about hockey."

Still angry she replied, "Two damn goals in some silly uninteresting sport doesn't justify or permit you to act like an asshole."

"No, it doesn't and my offer about coffee and pastry still remains so you can teach me some good manners," I said with a smile.

Now even she smiled and said, "I accept because you really need that lesson."

We didn't speak many words about the parking because I wasn't the worst "bad boy" in her opinion. She told me her name was Alice Olson, her little boy was Lucas and she had newly dumped her ex boyfriend who she had found having an affair for months with one of her best friends. I told her that even I and my ex had newly parted, but we did it as friends which sounded strange to her.

I had to explain that my ex was a nurse and she had met a young doctor who shared her interest for the health problems in the third world so they decided to go together to Tanzania as volunteers. She had been honest and had not cheated on me before we agreed to part. So I wished both of them good luck and promised to be available if they needed some kind of matters taken care of at home while they were abroad.

Alice's and my coffee break was followed by lunches and dinners. Two weeks after our first meeting we spent our first night together. It was a memorable night with much better sex than I had dared to expect. Alice got me understand that she was the Miss Right for me. Three months later she and Lucas moved into my nice house that I had bought for money that I got as a hockey player. Ice-hockey is the most popular sport in our Scandinavian home town which is why even we part time professional players are rather well paid.

Time went by, Alice, Lucas and I went fine together and now three years later we are seriously talking about a wedding, adopting Lucas and getting him a sister or brother.

Then shit hit the fan when a snake appeared in our paradise. The snake was 29 years old and had a name, Tom Boman. He came from a town 43 kilometres away and began working at the same office as Alice. Within a very short time most women regarded him to be a very handsome and charming man and his new female co-workers formed some kind of a competition in taking good care of him. When Tom's hometown gossips about him as a genuine pussy hound with clever conning skills reached the office, several of his male co-workers got curious about his skills and began asking him questions about his affairs.

Tom didn't deny anything about that reputation. Instead he was proud of it and in a short time he was a celebrity in that office. A gossip said that even some of the married women jokingly promised they wouldn't say "No thanks" to an affair with him.

Some men regarded him as a simple pussy hound while others envied and admired his skills. One day several of the admirers took him to a bar after the job where they got him bragging about whom he might seduce in their office. Tom felt really honoured by the attention, pretended to be an expert and told his admirers that 8 of 10 average women could be seduced, though some could be difficult or even very difficult, which was a greater challenge.

Then he had continued by saying, "Isn't that really a great opportunity for us guys because it means that eight of ten, even taken pussies, might be available and waiting for us?"

His admirers were not convinced and some of them said "Show us that you can do that".

Tom had replied, "Yes I can and will seduce at least a couple of our average co-workers within a short time and show you evidence about it. But I'll skip those who are 'difficult' because such pussy isn't better than any else and it is too much work for getting just a fuck. I'm not willing to do all that extra work for what is available much easier."

His admirers said they accepted his reasons but they had agreed about offering him a big bonus if he could show them that he was skilled enough to get the panties off even a "difficult" woman. One who was in love and living together with a spouse?

After Tom got his admirers to double the bonus, he accepted the challenge chosen by his "fan club". It was: seduce, fuck and show pictures doing it with a lovely girl who was living together with a hockey player and making plans for a wedding. His supporters accepted that he had to make slow steps forward and such difficult action had to take some time.

As a local hockey star, I had admirers and friends of friends even among the guys at Alice's job which is how the info about the silly bet got to my ears a couple of days later since it was my girlfriend Alice who was selected to be Tom's "difficult prey". My source promised to keep me updated about what Tom did and what he said to his "fan club". I gave my word to never tell Alice where I got my information.

To my great surprise, my source told me that it had only taken three days for Tom to show info about his first seduction, a 34-year-old mother of two in her second marriage. Now I knew for sure that this Tom could be a real threat for me.

Four weeks later it was info time again when Veronica Lindberg, a 43 years old married mother of two teenage girls had spread her legs for Tom.

The next news was bad info because it was Alice who told me that she had been to a nearby Inn for a lunch together with a co-worker by name Tom Boman and they had agreed to do it again.

One thing was for sure, actions would be taken but the difficult questions were when, where and how? I expected to have a countdown time of at least couple of months until the final solution and knew that mistakes in any action would bring Alice closer to Tom.

I invited two of my best old friends, Ronny and Niclas to a pub for some beer and asked them for advice. We agreed that any action against Tom would increase his hunting instincts and any complaints to Alice would be a wedge between her and me and therefore, an advantage for Tom. It was best for me to stay calm for a while before telling Alice that there was some gossip at her job about Tom's seductions.

Though Alice didn't mention any further lunches with Tom, my connection at their job sent me messages about two new lunch meetings. When I got a message when they left for the last of their lunches it was obvious they were going to the Inn so I called my friend Ronny. He sent his unemployed brother for a lunch on my account at the Inn. My guess was right and he got some pictures with his phone. It was obvious Alice and Tom had a good time but no wrongdoings happened.

Back home that evening I asked Alice, "I had a damn busy day today, how was your day?"

I noted a slight hesitation before she replied, "Nothing special, just an ordinary day."

Obviously a slight progress for Tom as a lunch with him at an Inn was regarded as an ordinary matter."

Nothing further was said about her lunch with Tom that day or their going to the Inn at least once a week. But some time later when we were talking about some pop star's nasty divorce, I said with a laugh, "I've heard rumors about Tom, the guy at your job who used to take you to the Inn for lunch. He is said to be a real Casanova who has already seduced two married chicks during his first two months at the job and is said to be working hard on his third bimbo. Such a famous specimen ought to be stuffed and kept in a museum."

Alice didn't share any fun in my comment, not at all, because she got angry as a wasp and shouted at me, "You men are real gossipmongers spreading damn lies about such silly bullshit. Do I have to ask for your permission to eat lunch and can you tell me the names of those married women in your damn gossip?"

"The only one in my memory for the time being is Veronica Lindberg, married to Reverend Alf Lindberg. Of course, if you are interested in "Horny Tom's" whores it can't be difficult to find out the other one too. Even though poor Alf is a wimp, he must be man enough to kick out that soiled company-whore Veronica from his house."

That wasn't any good news for Alice who gave up our arguing with skipping all further comments. Not a word about her latest lunches with Tom.

The next day I got info from their job that Tom would remain in our town until 10 PM to pick up his mother from a theatre, so he had persuaded Alice to have dinner with him. She asked me when back home after the job, "Do you mind if I'm going out for a 'girl dinner' this evening for having some fun?"

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