A Trip to the Baths
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, True Story, MaleDom, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My previous partner and I got off watching each other play around, sometimes just watching, and sometimes joining in, here is part on of a long story about one such visit to our local bath house

Hey guys it's me again. You know David, 45 crew cut, 5'6", 155 32"waist and 7+ thick inches, finally got my six-pack back as well. Thanks to a membership at the local bath house. Cannot walk around there and attract the younger guys I want with a beer belly. Yeah I have a lover, but we enjoy watching the other make out and play around. In fact last night was one of our arranged dates at the club. He got off work early, and stopped there to meet his personal trainer, work out, and go for his bi-weekly 5K run. He's working on getting in shape as well, we plan on having a fun time at Southern Decadence this year. Maybe some of you will get lucky enough to meet us and become a story.

This evening, he called me to let me know he was back from his run and hitting the steam room. That was my cue to head over and meet him at the club. Just a refresher, my lover is Steven, 39 5'7" 165 34 waist, Red hair, and a really nice 7" cock, and what I consider a really HOT ass. As I checked in I got a knowing wink from the attendant on duty, he had been one of our play mates a few months back, so he knew what was up. I got a room; Steven always got a locker, changed and walked around a bit to see who or what was out. I finally headed into the steam room to see if could find Steven, by the moaning going on there was someone there anyway, and as my vision adjusted, I saw him. Steven always went for the older daddy types, me I like the younger twink playmates, so we didn't usually argue or even fight over a playmate.

There he was in the corner of the room working on a nice thick black cock. Seeing his red head of hair bobbing up and down on this black pole was hot. I also noticed there was a hot younger guy working Stevens' ass as well. I took in the scene; on the top was a big dark black body builder. If I had to guess, he was somewhere around 6' tall and looked like he played football. I don't normally go for body builders, but he was hot, his head was shaved and glistened with moisture. As I followed his body, he had arms almost as big as my thighs and a chest with nipples the size of half-dollars. Perfect for sucking on if he'd have it. He had a washboard for a stomach and legs that, well from what I could see, were just a built as the rest. As Steven came up off his cock, it stood almost erect, and was a good 8 inches long and thick, with a pair of nuts hanging just off the seat. Behind Steven was a hot young twink, maybe 5'6" 140 - 150 pounds blonde and slender, just what I liked. His ass was up in the air as he had his face buried in my lovers' ass. I sat beside the trio; Steven smiled and rubbed my leg and hardening cock. I reached down and sure enough he was hard and leaking.

As he went back down on the cock in front of him, I reached over and pinched a nipple, the black guy moaned, and pushed his chest out. Taking my cue, I leaned in and took it in my mouth, while using my hand to play with the other. The black guy moaned a little loader and reached down to play with my cock. The four of us stayed in the position for a while; however I wanted some of that twink ass. I moved down behind the youngster and started eating him out as he was eating out my lover. Soon I turned him over, pushed him under Steven and pulled Stevens cock towards his mouth. He understood completely and started sucking cock, with as much gusto as he had been eating ass. I stroked his cock, for a bit while he got into my lovers cock, then lifting his legs delved back into his ass. I heard Steven moan first and knew he was close, so I removed the young man and slid under there myself. Steven blew his sweet load down my throat, and I in turn blew a load across my stomach and chest. The young blonde leaned forward and licked my stomach clean and went back after my lovers' ass. I maneuvered myself out of the pile and went back to the black guys chest, I wanted Steven to get what he'd been working so hard for.

I again took a nipple in my mouth and started playing with the other. Soon between Stevens' attention to his cock and my attention to his nipples, you could tell he was getting close. His body tightened up, he grabbed Stevens head and started forcing his cock into his mouth, no longer the lay back and enjoy it attitude, more of a I got to cum now. Steven loved it when someone started taking him this way and soon enough the black guy let lose, I knew he had by the way he shoved his thick cock into Stevens mouth and the slight sounds of pleasure that came from Steven. The black guy finally relaxed and as his cock pulled from Stevens mouth I could see his cum, around his cock, and starting to drip from Stevens mouth. I leaned in and kissed Steven hard, tasting what he had just had, and at the same time blowing my second load of the evening. The big guy stood, thanked us both and walked out. Steven was still on all fours with a blond between his ass cheeks, and as far as we knew the only one yet to cum. Knowing I'd love to have that blonde ass on my cock, Steven asked him if he'd like to join us in my room. He gladly agreed, and the three of us walked out of the steam room, and up to my room.

There Steven and I started to kiss and make out, while the little blonde boy started to suck our cocks. For the first time I got to see the blonde up close, and he had a nice impressive 9 or 10 inches and hard this time. Steven and I made our move, we pushed him back and while one of us worked his ass the other worked his cock and balls. We all took turns working each other, a writhing mass of cock sucking, ass eating, ball licking fun. After a while I wanted that ass on my cock, and Steven wanted to see that young ass take my cock. I was working his ass with my tongue and fingers and soon, he was shoving his ass back to meet my fingers, so I knew he was ready. I tapped Steven, his cue to get me covered and lubed. Steven likes to take a condom out of the package and put it over my cock with his mouth, then slobber all over my cock and balls and finally he eats my ass while he slathers a healthy amount of lube over my covered cock. This one is a great way to play and two helps me stay hard with a condom on. Once Steven had me lubed I re-positioned myself so my cock was pointed at the blondes' ass. He reached back as if to say NO, but feeling the condom, moved his ass closer to my cock and guided it in. He met each thrust with a backward push of his own.

We had been doggie style, but I soon found myself on my back and the blonde bouncing on my cock, like he hadn't had cock in a while. At first I was staring at his ass, watching my cock slide in and out, but soon he had turned around and was facing my, so I got to see his impressive cock bouncing up and down, hitting my stomach. Steven soon moved in and sat over my face, knowing how much I loved eating his ass while fucking someone. I was in heaven, a hot young ass bouncing on my cock and a hot ass in my face, both jerking their cocks in an effort to see who could shoot first. Steven won, I could tell he was already hot and ready to shoot, so I stuck 2 fingers up his ass and twisted. He tensed and I felt his warm cum on my stomach. He sat off to one side and I saw the blonde lean over and again clean me up, this must have done it for him, he shot a huge load across my stomach. His first shot went over my head, his second shot, hit my face, his third and fourth hit my chest, and finally he had a few left over shots that oozed out of his cock and onto my stomach.

He sat a moment than dislodged himself from my cock. He looked at Steven and then me and thanked us both for a hot session. He picked up his towel and with one last lick of my stomach he left. Steven leaned in and kissed me long and hard, then reached for my softened cock, removing the rubber, took it in his mouth. I love it when he does this, so my cock got instantly hard. He pushed a wet finger in my ass and started moving it slowly around. That finally did it and I shot my third load of the evening. Steven swallowed almost the whole load; he always saved some for me. He turned and kissed me again, this time, leaving me some of what I had just given him. We got our towels and headed out for the showers, our evening far from over. We cleaned up and headed out to the pool, there we saw our blonde buddy working another cock, and smiled at each other. We sat by the pool and worked on our tans, the headed back to the steam room. We made out a little with each other until this big muscle god walked in with a bulge under his towel that we knew needed attention. As he sat Steven moved to one side and with me on the other...

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