The Team - Ming

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Ming is the team's oriental doll - 16 yrs old and a virgin. The husband takes her home to treat an injury and finishes up in the shower with her, and then on the massage table. He gets a helping hand at the end.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Cheating   First   Size   Hairy   .

Hi, I'm Grant and I'm 35 yrs of age and I'm married to Kim who is 33 yrs old. Kim coaches an under 18 girls volleyball team and I volunteer my services as the team physiotherapist. I rub down all those aching limbs and apply strapping where necessary. The team plays on a Saturday afternoon and Kim invites the team back to our place afterwards for a swim/spa session and a BBQ dinner.

The team consists of:

Cory - 17 yrs old. 5ft 5 ins tall. Blonde hair to her shoulders. 36 C-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Sexually active.

Sara - (identical twin of Tara) - 17 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Short red hair. 36 B-cup tits. Landing strip over pussy. Virgin.

Tara - (identical twin of Sara) - 17 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Short red hair. 36 B-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Virgin.

Ming - 16 yrs old. 5ft 3 ins tall. Oriental. Black hair to mid-back. 34 A-cup tits. Trimmed full bush. Virgin.

Kelly - 16 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Sandy blonde hair to her shoulders. 38 D-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Pierced clit. Not a virgin, but not sexually active.

Mo - 17 yrs old. 5ft 10 ins tall. Black African. Jet black smooth hair and skin. 36 D-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy.Not a virgin, but not sexually active.

Peta - 17 yrs old. (my step-daughter). 5ft 2ins tall. Short dyed blond hair with pink strips. 36 D-cup tits. Heart shaped blonde dyed pussy hair. Sexually active.

Sam - 16 yrs old. 5ft 8 ins tall. Short blonde hair. 34 B-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Virgin.

How do I know such personal details?

You see, I have a heap of minature cameras hidden in the pool change room and in my step-daughter's bedroom. The girls talk about their sex lives (or lack thereof) when changing or showering. The recordings give me plenty of entertainment during the week. Kim, my wife, just doesn't like sex any more - she'd rather eat, sleep and breathe her volleyball team.

I can disappear unnoticed for hours into my hidden viewing bunker - its attached to the pool house and hidden behind a false wall.

The stories that I'm about to relate started to happen about 2 months ago.


Ming is the petite oriental doll of the team. Not a lot of tit but a sensational figure just the same.

We've had a very tough game and Ming has had to come off the court. She's twinged her hamstring and needs some attention. I've iced it to start with. She sits on the bench with me watching the rest of the game which we finally win, albeit in the last few seconds. My wife (the coach) and the team have a short team meeting. They decide to stay and watch our main competitor's next game - to get hints for our clash next Saturday.

My wife suggests I take Ming back to our place to treat her injury - the rest of them will be there is a couple of hours for the traditional after-game BBQ and swim.

When we get back to my place, Ming says she wants to have a shower before I start on her hamstring. She heads off to the pool house shower whilst I rush to my hidden video camera viewing room to watch her in the shower. I get there in time to see her limp naked into the shower. She has a very small set of A-cup tits and a full, but trimmed black-haired pussy bush.

I slip my cock out of my shorts and start stroking it as I watch her shower. My cock is rapidly heading towards a full erection - 10 inches to be precise when fully erect. Its quite fat too. I'm enjoying myself - watching her when she slips and falls to the floor of the shower.

She screams out "Grant,,,,,, Grant ... I need your help please!!!!".

I stuff my cock back into my shorts - albeit with a lot of difficulty and run towards the shower. The scene that greets me does nothing to reduce my erection - Ming is sitting on the bottom of the shower with her young legs fully spread. I'm getting a birdseye view of her pussy.

I step into the shower - getting very wet in the process as I reach across to shut-off the shower. Finally I turn off the water; but not before I'm quite wet. I'm standing close to Ming ... oh god ... my tented shorts are right in her face. Before I can reach my cock to adjust it in my shorts, a small hand beats me to it. Ming has grabbed my cock through my shorts and is squeezing it and palming it.

"Oh my god Grant ... Cory wasn't kidding when she said you were big. I think she said 'Fucking huge' ... and I didn't believe her".

Oh fuck ... how many of the girls has Cory told about my cock? Obviously Kelly and Ming - I wonder who else. I'll have to ask her.

Still sitting on the shower floor, Ming reaches up and grabs the waistband of my shorts and carefully pulls them down over my erect cock. It pops out right in front of her face.

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