Sweet Sixteen, and Never Been...

by R.J. Shore

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Randy had to give up his weekend to supervise his sister's "sweet sixteen" birthday party. It was a tough job, keeping three teen-age girls entertained, but he managed to rise to the occasion. You'll have to read on to find out how it all happened. The story opens a little slowly, but not quite slow enough to warrant that tag. Once it gets going though, the action is "hard and fast".

"Randy, we're bored!" my sister Sasha whined.

It was Sasha's sixteenth birthday party, and she had invited her two best friends over for the evening. Our parents had already made a commitment to visit our Aunt Karen for the weekend. It was a good six hour drive each way, and Mom had "volunteered" me to keep an eye on the three birthday celebrants. I would have rather gone hunting with a game warden, but I really had no option except to do as I was told. This being Friday, Sunday night when our parents would return seemed like a year away.

I'd just turned nineteen, which meant that where we lived, I could now go into the bars. I had hoped to meet some of my friends at one of the more popular drinking establishments, then take the rest of the weekend to drive into the mountains to go camping and get away from the insanity of my sister's birthday party. But no such luck. Most of the people I hung out with either had to work or were out on dates, and our parents had been insistent that I stay home.

"Geez, Sis, I'm sorry to hear that," I snapped back at her. "What would you like me to do about it?"

"I dunno," she continued to moan woefully, "but we thought maybe you could suggest something."

"Why don't you just watch TV?" I suggested.

"Because it's the same old story. Five hundred channels, and nothing good's on. We don't even have any videos that we haven't seen two hundred times! Come on, Randy, think of something."

I had no idea how to keep three hyperactive bratty teenage girls out of my hair, especially when one of them was my sister. Not that any of them were ugly, by any stretch of the imagination. Sasha had grown up to be a really beautiful girl, her breasts always jutting out proudly, her firm little bubble-butt always wiggling in front of me teasingly. Sasha had taken to swaying her wonderfully curved hips in a most provocative manner whenever she could get away with teasing the hell out of me, to the point where she knew damned well that she was giving me a raging hard-on more times than I wanted to admit. At 5' 4" and just a bit more than a hundred pounds, I was surprised that she didn't have a steady boyfriend.

Her two girlfriends were just about as mouth-watering. Brie McDonald had turned sixteen a couple of months earlier, and had teased Sasha about being the "little kid" of their group. Like my sister, Brie had developed into a shapely young lady that could make me drool at the sight of her. She had silky blond hair that hung down to her shoulder blades, an impressive bust that I estimated at about a 36C, and a narrow waist small enough to almost get my hands around. Her hips flared out smoothly, then flowed into one of the most gorgeous backsides I'd ever seen. But she had those pouty lips that always pulled my eyes to her soft and cheerful face.

Megan Maguire, now almost seventeen, constituted the third member of their trio, and while not the stuff of centrefold material, more than made up for her lack of photogenic charm with her bubbly personality. Don't get me wrong. Megan definitely had a body that could make a grown man squirm, even though she was a little on the heavy side. Still, everything about her was in perfect proportion. I sure wouldn't have thrown her out of my bed for eating crackers.

"Come on, Randy," Brie joined my sister wails, "you've got to be able to think of something. Maybe go rent us a video?"

That wasn't going to happen, simply because if I had to sit through one more chick-flick, I think I'd have screamed. It seemed to be all these girls ever watched, subjecting the rest of the family to fluff-movie after fluff-movie. Even my Dad was beginning to hate them, and he was a dyed-in-the-wool romantic.

"Forget it," I declared. 'Look, if you're that bored, why don't you dig out one of those board games Mom has stored upstairs? One of those should keep you out of trouble for an hour or two."

"Hey, there's an idea," my sister chirped enthusiastically, "but you have to play too, Randy. After all, it's my birthday, and I get to call the shots."

I resigned myself to keeping the three of them busy, and conceded to playing whatever Sasha decided to pull down from the upstairs closet. She returned with our Monopoly game. Well, that would fill in a few hours, and maybe, if was lucky, they'd all give up and leave me alone.

"Out of curiosity, when do you girls have to be home?" I inquired, hoping that it would be early.

"They're staying for the weekend," Sasha destroyed my hope for a reprieve. "Didn't Mom tell you?" I just groaned as I saw my weekend fly out the window.

"Oh come on, Randy, don't be such an asshole!" my sister growled at me. I wasn't used to my sister using that kind of language, and it caught me off-guard. When she saw the look of mild shock on my face, she stuck her tongue out at me.

"Okay," as I resigned myself to three or four hours of playing a boring board game, "let's set this thing up and get on with it. Who's banker? Sasha, I suppose."

All of them thought that was a great idea, and my sister beamed gleefully, then distributed the pieces of the game. She also won first turn, but then, she was the Birthday Girl, so it was only fitting.

"I'm going to bankrupt the shirt off your back," Megan quietly promised me. She had a sly gleam in her eye that told me she'd do almost anything to embarrass me.

"I'll have to watch out for her," I thought to myself.

We played for about an hour before all the properties were bought up, and somehow, I managed to acquire both Park Place and Boardwalk. I was surprised that those two were the only spaces that were owned by one person, and therefore, the only ones that could have houses and hotels added. As soon as I could comfortably afford to, I made those two the most developed properties on the board.

"Still going to bankrupt the shirt off my back, Megan?" I teased, and was intrigued by the sly grin she flashed at me. I almost rubbed my hands together in anticipation of her landing on one of those two spaces.

My first return on my investment came when Brie landed on Park Place, and after paying her rent, she was down to just over a thousand dollars. She paid up, and when I took the money from her, she gave me a look that defied me to take the shirt off her back too. Now I had two girls that were just begging me to follow through on my threat.

Things began to get interesting when Sasha landed on Boardwalk. By the time she'd paid her rent, her funds were down to just over six hundred dollars, although she did own lots of other properties. We played for another half hour before Megan landed on Park Place. By the rules of the game, she owed me more than she had in cash, and should have been out of the game. But the challenge of escaping my control of that one strategic corner had them all determined to keep the game going at all costs.

"I guess I'm out, unless Randy will let me pay the rest of what I owe him with the shirt off my back," Megan pleaded in a sultry tone. I just looked up at her, wondering if she was all talk, or if she had the guts to follow through.

"Sure, but that shirt will cost you twenty grand to buy back," I gleefully teased her. I was certain that Megan would fold, but when she pulled her shirt off and threw it down as her payment, my eyeballs almost left their sockets at the sight of her bra-captured breasts that heaved with every breath. It was obvious that she found the idea kind of exciting, because her chest rose and fell faster than normal. I thought I could see her nipples hardening inside her bra, and it sure wasn't from the cold.

"I guess I'd better stay off those two squares," Megan quipped, "because I only have one shirt."

"It's 'had', Megan," I teased her some more, "the word is 'had', because now, it's mine!" She just glared at me, but there was something in her look that told me she wasn't at all upset about what had just happened.

Twenty minutes later, Brie landed on Park Place again, and the rent was three times what she had for cash. She looked at me with a curious expression, wondering if I'd offer her the same terms as I'd given Megan.

"The shirt off my back, I suppose," she growled, although the anticipation of barring her covered breasts seemed to excite her.

"Yep, that's the deal," I let her know, the glee in my voice unmistakable. "That is, if you want to stay in the game," I added as an option for her. But she quickly pulled her top off, then just to make her point, pushed her chest out, showing off her breasts in an attempt to make me feel guilty. I didn't have the heart to tell her that there was no way I'd feel guilty for a chance of a sight of her wonderful body and perky breasts.

Over the next hour, all three girls landed on one of my revenue properties at least twice, and my sister had the bad luck to hit Boardwalk four times in a row. I had her down to just her panties, and the other two retained their bras as well. Unfortunately, all my reserves were in clothing, and my cash was dwindling fast. I landed on Pennsylvania Avenue, and that was the end of my liquidity.

"Your shirt, Randy," Sasha squealed with delight, "is mine! Come on, pay up!"

Well, fair was fair, so I took off my shirt and flipped it a her, along with the last of my cash.

"Ah yes! Revenge is so sweet!" she crowed.

Four more trips around the board and I was down to just my shorts. I was also tenting them pretty badly, a fact not lost on the girls.

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