What the Future Holds

by double_entendre

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Spanking, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Teacher/Student, School, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Jamie's life is turned upside down when a mistake made by someone else ruins everything he ever worked for. Can he forgive the betrayal of his family, friends and most especially the woman he loves?

This is a story that I wrote some time ago, which I originally posted on another site. For the most part my readers seemed to enjoy the plot, but my spelling, grammar and punctuation errors received a lot of criticism. My new editor Bachgen has graciously taken the time to correct my many typographical errors so that I can re-post this on SOL for your enjoyment. I would like to personally thank him for doing this, as I am sure that it will make for a much better read. – Double_entendre

What the future holds:

If there was a single word that best described James Mantle it would be gifted. He was a straight A student from as far back as anyone could remember, with a near photographic memory. He excelled in everything academic, from math to English to science, there did not seem to be any subject that he could not master. School work always came very easy to him, as did his vast array of personal interests which seemed almost endless. If James could read about it he could learn it, and he was always reading. Jamie, as he was known to his family, classmates and the few friends that he managed to acquire during his life, was shunned by most of the other students, now young adults, that attended Michaels High School. Being written off as your average nerd, few people saw Jamie's true potential. The one person who managed to look past the nerd persona was Carol Dawson.

Carol moved next to the Mantles about four years ago, when Jamie was just entering high school. She had just finished her Bachelor's Degree in literature and had been offered her first teaching position as an English instructor at Michaels when they met. Fresh out of college, a stranger in town, new job and scared to death, Carol quickly befriended the Mantle family, who seemed to welcome the new outsider to their small community with open arms. James's father Joe offered his own as well as his son's help with moving her things into the house she was renting, while Sherry, James's mother, concentrated on cooking up a fine meal for the four of them. Over the next few months Carol drew closer to the Mantle family, whom made her feel so welcome. Sherry became almost like a second mother to her, always inquiring about her day, what was going on in her life, and if she was happy in their little town. Joe, on the other hand, was a bit different. She found him a bit racy, borderline crude on occasions, but quite harmless, and yet at times so funny that you couldn't help but be drawn to his quick wit and warped sense of humor. And then there was Jamie.

Jamie was quiet and shy, but yet there was something special about him. If you could manage to get him talking, which was a task in and of itself, he could discuss just about any subject with the intensity and knowledge of a college professor, quoting facts, figures, theories and their authors straight from memory. Carol had of course inquired about Jamie's vast intellect and why he was still in the normal phases of high school, when he could have easily tested out and advanced to a much higher degree of learning. Sherry confided that she and Joe felt that Jamie needed the social structure that would be provided by being around people of his own age group. After high school was completed Jamie was free to handle college at whatever speed he chose to. Sherry did mention that perhaps this restriction was a mistake, since Jamie showed almost no interest in his high school classmates, and preferred to spend his time with his nose stuck in either a book or his computer screen. His only social outlet seemed to be the gym that he joined a few years back. She said that he attends it about three times a week, and although he doesn't say much about what he does there, Sherry had noticed that his physical appearance seemed to improve greatly. Hoping that he must at least be interacting with someone there, she never really pushed him for any more information. Carol could tell that Joe and Sherry, though nice enough people personally, were just of average intelligence, and may not fully understand the complexities of their son's rather exceptional gifts. With no one else to do it, and since she was new to teaching, and a bit gung ho, Carol took it upon herself to befriend Jamie and try to guide him into using his mind to the best of his abilities. Although he was not officially her student yet she still demanded great things from him, and he always delivered far beyond her wildest expectations. They talked about books, political subjects and technological advancements, each challenging the other to keep up with the latest goings on in the world beyond their little community.

As Jamie entered his senior year of high school, he knew that he had secretly fallen in love with Carol over the last few years. His fantasies included not only the giving and receiving of pleasure through the coupling of their variously body parts in every position that his advanced copy of the karma sutra described, but also the accepting of his proposal of marriage and the birth of their future children. Jamie knew that Carol, or Miss Dawson, as he would soon be calling her, at least in her classroom, shared none of his feelings, and thought mainly of him as a friend, or possibly even a little brother. Although only five years his senior Jamie realized that Carol could never fall for him as a mere high school student, but perhaps, just maybe, he would have a chance with her after college, that is of course if she hadn't found someone else by that time.

Jamie knew that Carol was a strict teacher, and he suspected that she would be roughest on him, demanding only that which she knew he was capable of producing. She was big on discipline and kept a wooden paddle hanging beside her desk out in plain view, where her students would be sure to notice it. She promised to tan the hide of any student she felt did not show her proper respect or turn in their assignments when due. Jamie was not concerned about this, however, as he had always been the perfect straight A student. He had never been suspended or punished, he had never served detention, and his school record was spotless, and besides, Carol was his friend.

Jamie turned 18 during his senior year and everything seemed to be going his way. His grades were impeccable, and he thought he had a real shot at being valedictorian. He had aced his SAT's applied to MIT and was anxiously awaiting their response. Jamie and a few other students were invited to attend a competition that one of the major universities was hosting, where they could win a $5,000 dollar scholarship to the college of their choice. The game was set up similar to Jeopardy, and although the top prize was not substantial when compared to the cost of most college tuitions, it would definitely help, and look good on a transcript as well. Two other students from Michaels were in attendance, along with himself. Miss Dawson, as he still had to call her, had volunteered to be the chaperone and driver for the trip. Harold Smith and Trisha Olson, who happened to be the principal's daughter, got knocked out in the early stages of the competition, but Jamie not only managed to make it into the final round, he won the match, leaving his opponents who were favored to walk away with top prize scratching their heads.

Carol watched in awe as Jamie advanced in the rounds, showing the confident side of himself that he kept hidden from most of the people who knew him. Carol had always been attracted to highly intelligent men with strong personalities, and as she watched Jamie she picked up on something that only someone who knew him very well would have been able to notice. She started to suspect that he actually knew more of the answers then he was letting on. It was all very subtle, but she could see that when a question was asked his hand would automatically twitch like he was reaching for the buzzer, and then stop suddenly. His eyes also seemed to light up a bit, and there was this tiny smirk that would come across his face for just a second and then would quickly disappear, leaving Carol to believe that he was letting the other players appear to be giving him a more respectable challenge than was actually the case. She came to the conclusion that he wanted to win, yet he did not wish to crucify his opponents. It was during this time that Carol began to realize just how attractive Jamie really was.

Carol Dawson grew up rather shy herself. She was smart as well as frugal, and she took most of her required courses at a junior college before moving onto a four year university to get her degree. Although she did not enter college a virgin, the after prom experience did little to satisfy her high sex drive. Carol decided to acquire a small array of toys, which were meant to help ease her desire for human companionship of the opposite sex while allowing her time to concentrate on her studies. Her plan was going fine for the first few semesters, until she walked into his classroom.

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