A Girl in Need
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, True Story, MaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Size,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I needed so badly - then I saw an ad for just what I wanted. But it went away before I could work up the nerve to reply. I got closer and closer to first contact. Then on spring break when i was stuck in the dorm alone ;( It was posted again - no hesitation this time - I replied that I did indeed want a 13inchBBC in ME! And this is that story!

Just a bit needy

I didn't believe any of these stories - until ... like a lot of you it happened to me!

I was in my dorm room and cruising the net. Burning time and I had one window opened to await my destiny! For weeks I had been waiting - waiting for the one post in the craigslist personals that had caught my attention. Not just once, but 6 times! Six times I had hesitated when I read the post. It was graphic, straight and to the point! And it never lasted very long! Twice I think it disappeared in mere minutes.

Big Black Cock for you...

BBC for you, all your holes filled by me! It is real, it is big, and it belongs in YOU!

Pound your ass, fill your throat, and stretch your cunt around your dream!

Act in haste or regret in leisure ... send me a pic with this ad in background

And there it was! Boy did I get lucky when my Mom and Sis decided to spring break in Hawaii instead of Florida.

I sent a response immediately


Want it, need it, fill me if it kills me!

20 yo college coed needs her break filled with BBC...

The only difference between the above and my email was my cell number...

I got a text in minutes with a picture of that big beautiful cock! It took just long enough for the ad to disappear and disappointment to settle in, and for me to notice that I had used my school email address and not the hotmail throwaway I got to stay a little anonymous. Wondering if that could be grounds for losing my scholarship...

But it was all forgotten with the text and a link to more pictures. I went to the site and had to setup an account. The site was BBC_registry.org, being clever I made my username 13inchBBCinsideME and then went to the user 13inchBBC and looked at the videos of this monster invading all these tighty white girls...

The next text said to video my cunt being invaded by anything I thought would entice.

Since I had bought a nice dildo I had just the thing and uploaded the video in three minutes and even showed my face. Yeah - I was being stupid but didn't care.

I got a new email that just said - A Vandy cunt! Cool you are close, if you want my BBC then be here at 2NF with your lips wrapped around it. You have 15 minutes

I didn't stop for anything and ran to my car. I was at 2NF in ten, then I had an argument with myself that I knew I would ultimately lose and finally went inside. He was standing at the bar when I walked in. How did I know? Another little cunt was sucking that BBC that was all mine! I wanted to kill her ... I had my phone in my hand and my ID and someone took it away as I watched a few flashes go off while they took pictures of that little bitch sucking MY cock! Then he pushed her away and stepped towards me. When he got right in my face he said "What the fuck are you waiting for? Your fifteen minutes are almost gone!"

I didn't hesitate, I didn't think, I just knelt down and engulfed that huge cock! The flashes were going and my lips were stretching and finally I had the head in my mouth and a ball to each hand. I looked up to see him using my phone to video me sucking on his cock and I knew I had a huge smile...

I was in heaven for 17 minutes 37 seconds - then I got the mother of all facials! How do I know? The video is on the BBC Registry and it was the first of many that day. After that other cunt licked all the cum off my face I was taken into the back room where they have a stage to introduce the latest and hottest sleazy white cunts to the world. My introduction had to wait for me to sign some paperwork, releases and contracts for the videos. And someone else was up there getting fucked in the throat by a BBC, while another girl was slipping her fist into first her cunt, then her ass, then ... well one thrust per orifice and ... SWITCH! They exceeded the time allotted and were pulled off the stage.

My turn was here and I got to kneel and suck on two BBC until they got nice and big and hard and I licked them up and down the shaft and swallowed all I could get down. Which wasn't as much as I had hoped. Saddened by my inability to swallow the whole darn thing I was happy to ride it cowgirl when he lay down on this low table - the cheers egged me on to more and more of this wild ride, but it had to stop sometime ... This time it stopped when that other guy pushed me down on his chest and proceeded to plow my ass with his own BBC. Nothing can describe my ecstasy at having two holes filled with BBC. Nobody would describe the pummeling my ass took as sex - he just fucked me and fucked me and it was the best feeling in the world.

Mr 13inchBBC emailed that one to my Mom and Sis in Hawaii! When these two guys finally finished they held my arms in the air like I had just won a prize fight! If they hadn't held me up I wouldn't have been vertical and then I was just dumped on the floor in the corner and they threw a kinda clean blanket over me. It was dark when I finally recovered enough to stand but I only got to my knees before a BBC dangled in front of me ... Well! What would you do? I wrapped a couple things around it (lips n fingers) and sucked and sucked and licked. It was like waking up to a miracle or heaven! I did a few more until I was taken away ... I showered and given shoes - no clothes and the heels were sky high. Then I was taken out to the stage and there was my real thought of divine ... the 13inchBBC and its support unit - Mr 13inchBBC! I started to kneel but wasn't allowed. I was introduced to a smattering of applause and a bunch of hecklers saying to just fuck her!

But the big dick just talked and talked! Something about expanding my orifices and disappointment that I couldn't take him all the way down my throat. And I promised to accomplish that and was willing to start right now!

That got them chanting Now Now Now - and he finished by asking me how many BBC's did I want tonight

"Starting with yours and ending never I wanted all the BBC's in all the world to penetrate me! But I would be satisfied with all those here in Nashville for tonight!"

Lots' of yelling and then "You heard her boys! Let's make her FULL tonight! She will be OPEN for y'all until morning light!"

And they finally let me kneel down and worship that fine cock! I tried and tried to swallow it all but in the end he put it in the end. Both of those holes had just a little problem expanding to its vast dimensions and all the time I was happy happy happy ... until he was done and announced AGAIN that the cunt with the open throat got his cum! Fucker ... but I got lots of cum after that. Three holes filled for hours - heaven just kept getting better and better and I just kept cumming and cumming and swallowing and swallowing. They just kept appearing in front of me. I remember announcing "I want all of you to fuck my throat! The bigger the better I need to expand my horizons so that that 13inchBBC will cum inside me!"

They all laughed but they all did what I had asked. Along with pounding my deuce and filling my cunt with cum.

Sometime in there this black chick stuck her fist in my cunt - it wasn't near as good as a BBC but it stayed hard forever and I came four times. It doesn't show on the videos but I remembered Amies and maybe amphetamines to wake me up and whenever I began to not feel horny they popped something into my mouth and minutes later my whole body was vibrating - but mostly my nipples and cunt. I never could have imagined a spring break so great, especially when I was dissed by my Mom and Sis and my roommate had abandoned me for Cozumel. I should thank them for making me happy!

The cock was sliding out of my mouth - and I took a huge breath - I think he shot cum directly into my stomach! And it just walked away ... and I was completely empty for the first time since I got up here - I didn't like it!

"Please fuck me fuck me..."

"You like bats? Its the only hard thing left here!" and lots of laughing followed

"If its black I'll do anything!" with more bravado than sense.

And then I felt it - something blunt and hard being shoved into my ass - it was way bigger than that cock - it was probably way longer - in the background I heard.

"Don't worry baby! Its the biggest blackest softball bat in history and pretty soon it will be high and inside your ass!" and he pushed and pushed ... unlike a cock the bat is big on the end and the same size after that - so there was no relief when the big end got me split open and it all just slid inside - inch by inch by inch. I was sure it was all I could take but over and over it slid in farther and farther and then and then ... he pulled it out (not quite) and the suction pulled me all together and the sensation was unexplainable, the orgasm that followed was amazing and when it was over he did it again - slowly pushed inside then quickly extracted. I almost came again - almost and he did it again and again and again and when he got tired someone took his place. I was gasping and lost count of my orgasms - just waiting for that next time.

Slowly I became aware of hot lights and talking - It looked like a Press Conference.

"The lady will be recovered and ready for more tonight at 8"

"She really going to do it all again?"

"Let's ask her!" he whispered into my ear "Last night you offered to fuck every BBC in Nashville, you didn't make it there are lots more. Ready to try again?"

I smiled and tried to focus on something - I found a blonde reporter I remembered from the news "C'mon guys! I told you all last night I wanted every BBC in Nashville inside me! And now I am disappointed that some of you didn't cum for me! But that's OK, you can cum tonight and stop disappointing little ole me!" I was still pretty fucked up! And I was hoping to do it all again tonight! I whispered to the 13inchBBC guy "Maybe you can make a deposit in my tummy tonight! I got my throat stretched a bit..."

We posed a bit and I realized I had clothes ... then I heard "Is it true there might be a family reunion tonight?"

"Yeah, Mom and Sis flew in from Hawaii to watch the progeny get filled with destiny! This kind of talent and desire is genetic - maybe Mom and Sis will join our needy girl on stage!"

I was shocked "I don't want to share!" and people laughed and he said "Maybe you would like to share the bat with them?" I thought that could be fun "Maybe you could do the putting?"

and I said quietly "Yeah, I would like to be putting a bat inside Mom and Sis!"

and then we were all done and I was stuffed inside a box to await darkness.

Mom and Sis did show up! But that is for the next installment

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