Me Time

by DeYaKen

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Cheating, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Two couples enjoying a blissful holiday in Spain. One pair try to bury the recent past, but the other pair seem intent on bringing it out into the open. A tale of friendship and rivalry.

Authors Note

This story is a work of fiction. The characters represented here are all fictitious and any similarity with anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

I am deeply indebted to JuicyStarchild for her excellent work in correcting my English and generally making this story more readable.

In room 451 the day started in an unusual way for Roger. His prick wasn't trying to force it's way through the mattress as it normally would. Today he awoke to find himself lying on his back and someone or something was ministering to the needs of his morning glory. He reached down as he normally would and felt a head. As his eyes opened and he started to focus he saw that the head belonged to his wife, Karen. She was using her tongue on his dick as if it were an ice cream cone. Holding the base of his tool, she moved it from side to side, ensuring that she got full coverage. Roger started to leak pre-cum and Karen dutifully licked it up.

"Hello, sleepy head," she said.

"Hello," said Roger. "What is this in aid of?"

"Today is a special day, Roger. It' a day I want you to remember for the rest of your life. Now, if I finish the job here, will you still have enough to fill me up before breakfast?"

"I've always got enough for you, woman."

That was sufficient for Karen. She went about the job with gusto, taking the head into her mouth and gently sucking. She climbed between Rogers legs and used her tongue on the raphe as she pushed her head down. Rising again, she dragged her teeth over the skin of his cock, stopping as the caught on the rim. Down she went again, moving her tongue from side to side as she went. Roger was already thrusting up into her. His breathing was getting deeper and with every exhale he let out a groan. Down she went, feeling Roger hit the back of her mouth and she had to suppress her gagging. Up again, then down, swallowing Rogers cock as she did so. She now had his pubic hair on the top lip while her lower lip kissed his scrotum. Roger was now in her throat and, although she was having difficulty breathing, she continued her bobbing on Roger's pulsing member. Karen took Roger's scrotum in her hand and rolled his balls, like marbles in a bag. She felt his balls pull away from her grasp and quickly lifted her head to bring the head of Roger's cock into her mouth. Stream after stream of Rogers sperm shot into her mouth. She kept her lips locked around his cock, gradually lifting her head while gently sucking the last of his juice into her mouth. As his cock softened, Roger watched her lift her head off of him, giving the head a gentle kiss as she did so. She looked up at her husband.

"Would you like a snowball?" she asked.

Roger shook his head and she swallowed. She came up the bed and lay down next to Roger.

In room 450 Matt lifted his wife's tee shirt nightie and kissed her stomach. He worked it further up to expose her breasts. He was amazed every time he looked at them — they were gorgeous. He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. Jenny started to moan. Just a little one — she was still half asleep. He sucked a little harder and drew more of her breast into his mouth. His right hand moved down with his fingers, lightly brushing her skin as it travelled over her stomach. As he reached her pubic mound it rose to meet his hand.

"Matt, you know I'm not keen in the morning," she mumbled.

Her body, however, had other ideas. Matt started to rub her pussy and her hips rose to increase the pressure.

"You're going to like it this morning," he said. "Today is going to be memorable."

His wife's only response was a long drawn out "Mmmmm..."

Matt moved his head down from her breasts, planting kisses on her stomach, then on to her pussy. He planted kisses on her labia before covering her slit with his mouth and sucking gently. Her legs spread wide for him as his tongue started to enter her pussy. Jenny's hips started to roll towards him as his tongue delved deeper into her. Matt's hands moved around to her beautiful bottom. His hands came to rest on the cheeks as his fingers probed her arse crack. While his tongue worked away at her pussy his hands pulled her arse cheeks apart and his fingers traced around her anus. Jenny's hips started to buck with renewed vigour. Matt moved, now, between her legs and continued to work with his mouth upon her pussy. By this time he had Jenny's legs over his shoulders, her hips were rising to him when he started to lick around her clitoris while he pushed two fingers into her wet pussy.

"Ohh ... yes. Yess. Fuck me."

"Not yet, my sweet," Matt responded.

Having turned, he could now get his thumbs to her anus. He massaged with his thumbs, then slowly and gently pushed one thumb into her anus. Jenny's hands came down on Matts head, forcing it down onto her pussy. His tongue darted into her pussy then came up to flick on her clit while the thumb moved around in her anus.

"Oh god, I'm coming, Matt, I'm ... ogh ... ogh ... aeeee..."

As the orgasm ripped through her, the juices poured from her pussy. Matt took care of most of it while the remainder seeped out and ran down to lubricate his thumb in her anus. As her spasms subsided Matt moved up from her pussy and moved his head up toward her breasts. With her legs still over his shoulders his cock moved closer to her pussy. Once again his mouth closed on one nipple while his fingers started to pull and twist on the other. Jenny's moans continued as her head moved from side to side. Matt's cock started to force it's way into her well lubricated pussy.

"My god," she thought, "has he always been this big?"

Still working on her breasts with his hands, Matt started to move in and out. Each time forcing his way a little deeper. Was it her imagination or was he really getting deeper than ever before? As she felt another orgasm building, Matt started picking up the pace.

"Oh, fuck me, Matt, fuck me harder. Oh yes, yes."

Matt continued to pound away, feeling his balls starting to tighten. He thrust even harder as another orgasm started to rip through his wife's body. There was a sudden release as Matt's cock started to spurt stream after stream of semen into his wife's body. Jenny let out a scream which took Matt by surprise. He took his hands from her breasts and allowed her legs to drop down either side of him. As his dick started to soften, Matt pulled out and moved to lie next to his exhausted wife.

Next door Karen could hear Jenny's screams and this spurred her on for another assault on Roger's dick. She sucked it back into life then quickly got astride him.

"Now, Roger darling, let's see what you've got left for me."

Roger looked up at her. He took in her blue eyes and short natural blonde hair. Her face was pretty, not beautiful and she carried more weight than she should. However, she carried that weight mainly on her hips, breasts and thighs. Roger had no complaints about that. He felt the hot wet grip of her pussy as she lowered herself onto him. The feeling almost made him cry out as she raised and lowered herself, gradually taking more of his dick into her. By the time she was right down on his hips Roger was already breathing deeply. Karen leaned forward and placed her hands either side of Roger's head. As she moved her pussy up and down on his member her ample breasts swung back and forth and the nipple stroked across Roger's face. He brought his mouth up to grasp one as it passed by. He sucked and nibbled on her nipple making Karen increase both the speed and force of her movements.

Roger wondered where this rampant, sexy beast had come from and what had she done with Karen, his wife? As the pressure in his balls started to rise Karen started to pivot her pelvis forward as it came down. Suddenly Roger could feel her cervix closing over the head of his dick, pushing him completely over the top. He felt the pressure release as once more the the semen gushed from his cock, straight into Karen's cervix Roger let out a loud groan, matching the volume of Karen's.

She looked down at him.

"Well, you could say I've been well and truly Rogered."

She fell down onto the bed beside him and they lay there, laughing.

Matt and Jenny went down for breakfast. It was the first time she'd allowed Matt to handle the annual holiday. Normally this was her domain, but she had to admit that he had done a pretty good job. She liked the hotel, the beach was wonderful and she'd seen no restaurant sign saying "we serve English food". Matt also was happy – everything was going to plan. On reaching the dining room they met Roger and Karen. Roger and Matt greeted each other in the same way they always did.

"Good morning, Dr. Patterson," said Matt.

"Good morning, Dr. Evans."

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