My Young Sister

by Jack Spratt

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After years of continual bickering, Don gets a heads up when he realizes his sister is actually a beautiful young woman. As a result their relationship improves significantly.

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It's a very demanding time of the year. Football practice, school and my part time job are my total life. The social part of it is non-existent. Our coach is very demanding. Tracy, my long time feminine interest is getting mighty pissed off but I can't really blame her. We haven't been on a real date for nearly three weeks. Any free time is consumed by homework or just getting some much needed sleep, needless to say my love life is the pits. Currently my only joy is watching the female students in the hall as we pass going from room to room. One surprising change in my nearly non-existent sex life is I'm now noticing that the younger female students are looking very appealing.

Prior to this demanding season Tracy was always at my side. She made sure I had no time to look at any other girls, young or old. Now after each practice when I look into the bleachers I seem to focus on the younger female students. They follow the practice sessions, as well as the games. Maybe they want to be noticed by the football players. The young girls are all shapes and sizes and most are actually knockouts. They dress as sexy as possible considering the schools dress codes. Their young bodies are filling out in all the right places. Just realizing this now makes me think I must have been living in a very sheltered world before.

I am fortunate to have a part time job at the local pharmacy. As long as I put in three hours per night the manager never bothers me. My job consists of re-stocking shelves, cleaning and an occasional delivery. Many of the young girls from school shop here. The manager had arranged with our head office to put in an extra-large cosmetic department to cater to the students. The store is only a block from school so the majority of the cosmetic trade is students. The cosmetician is a young lady not much older than our clients. She is very competent in the applications of makeup for all the various challenges of young student's lives. Considering I am always re-stocking her department I can only assume she generates a good part of the profit for this location.

Many of the girls recognize me as a football player and often stop to talk to me giving me a chance to size them up. Considering some of them are in their early teens I find myself imagining what it would be like dating these young girls. They are so mature in the way they present themselves. During my shift I have one fifteen-minute break. My favourite place is a bench in a small park across the street. I sit and watch the beauties as they walk by. You get to appreciate the view once you stop and actually look.

It is nearly nine thirty when I leave the store. It has been a long grinding day. The good thing about it is that my first class tomorrow is at ten thirty. This will give me much needed additional hours of sleep as tomorrow will be a very strenuous practice for the game a week from Friday. It is a must win against our arch revivals. I will have to be in top form and play my best. Rumour has it there will be scouts from two major universities in the crowd. A football scholarship would ensure I get an opportunity for an excellent education. Mom and Dad are both working but the cost of university is staggering.

The night is cool as I walk home. About a block ahead of me is a young girl walking in the same direction. I am mesmerized by the flow of her body. Her well shaped bum moves from side to side as she walks. Her blond hair is in a ponytail that softly sways as she moves. It is quite an erotic scene. My gait is faster than hers and gradually the space between us shrinks. The closer I get the better she looks and this is from behind. My imagination is running wild to what she looks like from the front. Finally I am close enough to enjoy her fragrance that is causing me a little discomfort. I can feel my tool reacting to my imagination and the view.

Then I realize who it is. I feel so stupid for not recognizing my own sister Nia. From the distance I never even considered that possibility. Nia is a pain. We constantly bicker at home, so much so that mom has been known to march us both to our rooms under the threat of death if we should come out before morning. We both try and avoid each other as much as possible. Nia hasn't recognized me yet. Slowing down I take a long look at my adversary of so many years. I have always been so intent on causing her grief I never stopped to take a look at the beautiful young woman she has become. Her body is a very well defined hourglass figure. Her hips are just right for her frame. Her bum protrudes nicely for her shape. Nia is wearing a mauve t-shirt and for the life of me I can't remember if she has desirable breasts.

"Nia it is me Don. What are you doing on the street at this time of night?"

"Hello pin head. It is none of your business what I am doing."

"Well I am concerned; after all there are a lot of creeps running around."

"And you are one of the biggest one. Why are you so concerned? Usually all we do is fight. You would likely enjoy it if I got mugged."

"Nia; that's a horrible thing to say, we may fight like dog and cat at home but that doesn't mean I don't have feelings for you."

Nia looks at me with a funny look on her face. This gives me a chance to actually look at her breasts. Wow she is well endowed; her titties are sticking out like traffic cones. I have never noticed them sexually before. Nia is quite the woman.

"What do you mean you have feelings for me? All we do is fight."

"Well you are my sister and I certainly don't want anything bad to happen to you unless I do it."

With that comment she smiles. I could kick myself in the ass for not noticing the changes in Nia. She is a beautiful young woman. She just turned thirteen. I am three years older and have always considered her as a pain in the ass.

"Well, we can walk together as brother and sister just keep your hands to yourself. I don't want any bruises from us fighting."

"Well Nia if you want to call a truce and stop all the bickering and fighting at home I will do everything in my power to act responsibly."

"You are kidding. Why?"

"First of all we are both adolescents and shouldn't be doing it. Secondly I am tired of trying to get your goat and making trouble for you with mom and dad I usually end up in the doghouse. It doesn't accomplish anything but get us both in trouble."

Nia slowly absorbs what I just said. By the look on her face she has doubts I mean it. She attempts to say something three or four times before declaring.

"Well I am willing to try it if you really mean it. We both get each other into trouble and the end result is we are both punished. I have missed so many nights out with my friends because of you. I am tired of staying at home in my room. Let's shake on it."

Nia has her hand out. I gently take it. It is so soft and warm. I can feel the electricity flow between us. I don't know if she can as well. She has a whimsical smile on her face. The crazy thing about this is, we held each other's hand way longer then necessary. Nia has large brown bedroom eyes. Her lips are very full and very kissable looking. I have never looked at her in this light before. What the hell is happening to me?

During the remainder of the walk home I find out that she isn't the stupid fool I always called her but is very informed on a number of topics, one of which is the football team. This really surprises me.

"How do you think the game will go next week? Do you have a chance against Melville High?"

"It is a toss up. We are so evenly matched. We have both won one game against each other. I am hoping that the fact we have no injuries will help us. It will be a battle."

We cover a number of topics by the time we reach home. Mom has our dinners in the microwave. Nia finishes first and leaves the kitchen. Shortly after, I hear the shower running. Mom has a bewildered look on her face.

"You two aren't fighting. What happened?"

"Well, we've called a truce. We spend so much time fighting and being punished, it isn't worth the trouble."

"Well you have my vote for that but I have my doubts you two will keep the peace. I really hope it works out."

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