by Richard King

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: : My sister lost her husband to the ravages of war. I've been coming over to keep her company. She has some new medical issues, which I want to help her get over, my feelings for her have gone from worry to affection.

Our family was huge.

We descended from members of the Mormon Battalion, where a family of 6 was considered small!

Our family consisted of Alexander and Christena Dickson, my folks; along with 11 children; Margaret, 31; Rebecca, 29; Sarah, 29 (they're twins); Ruth, 28; Mark, 26; Twins Hannah and Anna, 24; Joanna, 22; Jeffrey, 20 (that's me); John, 18; and last, we hope, was Alexander Jr, 16!

A quick look through this list, tells you that the youngest of the clan were John, Alex and I. Our sisters practically raised us, with Margaret, or Maggie as I called her, being 11 years older than me. I saw her much more than I saw mom during my formative years.

This story is about Maggie and Me.

The only kids still living at home were John and Alex, the rest being married and living somewhere else, or off at college.

I lived near the campus of Idaho State University, where I was in my 3rd year of classes. It's now summer break.

Margaret lived nearby. She had been married for ten years, when her husband, Randall Jeppesson, was killed over in Iraq. They never had any kids, which had further depressed Margaret. She was raised that children were a blessing, but she was never so blessed. I don't know if this was a medical problem of hers, or if her husband had been impotent.

Although 31, Margaret still had pretty long brown hair, as had all of my sisters. Her figure was slight, but that didn't keep her from being involved in a lot of neighborhood events.

She and I were the only two of us still living in Pocatello, Idaho. The rest were scattered all over, and the folks were still living at the 'homestead, ' as they called it, in Idaho Falls, about 40 miles north of us.

Although we all descended from devout Mormons, most of us were non-church going folk nowadays. Randall had been a Protestant, and the last time I went to church ... I don't even remember when that was.

I would drive over to Margaret's, every now and again, to see how she was doing. She always gave me a great big hug every time I arrived, and said something like, "My, Jeff, aren't you a fine looking young man, why haven't you got yourself a girlfriend by now?"

I would typically respond with something like, "I haven't found anybody nearly as nice, friendly or as pretty as my big sister, Maggie." She giggled every time I called her that; apparently she and Randall had never developed nicknames for each other.

She would often ask me to have dinner with her; I'd never refuse, due to the fact that I could hardly boil water, much less cook myself something edible. I even had left some clothes over at her place, so I wouldn't have to go home if I stayed late.

Margaret had been living at her home for 12 years, the last 7, all by herself. After her husband was killed, mom had asked me to check up on her. I did, and that restarted our relationship up again.

When I was a kid of 10 years old, and she was 21, I would often come home and talk to my big sis. She had a gentleness that would belie her young looking face and figure. She'd been a long distance runner, back when she went to Idaho State, attributing to her svelteness and her overall good health.

She must have been around 5ft9, while I was 5ft 11. She had real pretty eyes ... I often caught myself looking into them.

I found myself over at her place a lot lately, sometimes she'd asked me over and sometimes, I just dropped in. She didn't seem to mind if I dropped in. She always met me at the door and we looked into each other's eyes for a moment.

I think she enjoyed my company, she was always cooking me dinner, coaxing me to stay over for the night. I felt a little uncomfortable when she asked me that, although I'm not sure why. She was probably just aching for company, and I guess I was it.

When she had something for me to do, like fix a leaky faucet or hammer a loose nail, she'd always stay and watch me do whatever it was she had asked me to do for her. She really was starved for company.

Recently, on one of my drop-ins, I knocked at the door, she asked who it was and I said, "It's Jeff, your good-looking little brother!" She opened the door carefully, and let me in. She was wrapped in a towel and she said, "Come in, I'll be back out in a bit, I'm gonna take a shower."

Being a little flippant and noticing her pretty legs, I said, "Need someone to wash your back?"

She turned around, giving me a pensive little smile, and said, "Maybe next time, Jeff. I haven't had anybody offer that to me in a long time." I heard her giggle as she went off to her shower.

I just sat down and watched some TV.

She came out in a robe, drying her hair. I got up and said, "Here, sis, you sit down, and I'll dry your hair for you." I got a chair and put it behind the sofa. I reached over and started to dry her hair, starting at the temples and very slowly working my way through her hair, stopping to comb it, with the comb she'd brought out with her.

She must have enjoyed this, because she was occasionally moaning, "Oh, Jeff ... your hands feel so good." That was when I realized she probably hadn't had this done for her since her husband had done it. I was done drying her hair, so I put the towel down, and started to rub her shoulders a little.

"Jeffrey, your hands feel so good, keep rubbing ... go up to just below my ears." I did, and she seemed quite anxious for me to keep going. I was starting to worry about what was really happening, but I knew neither one of us would let anything stupid happen, so I kept rubbing, moving from high on her neck to just below her shoulder blades, down her back.

She'd loosened her robe, inviting me to move my hands down her back farther, but I stayed up on her shoulders. I moved my hands back to her temples and rubbed in little circles just in front of her ears. I knew she like this, she had me do this many times in the past, telling me it helped her get to sleep.

Groggily she said, "I need to get to bed, Jeff, would you please carry me to my bed ... I don't think I can get my legs to work right, thank you. I love you, Jeff!"

I picked up my big sister, although, if she weighed more than 120, I'd be surprised. I carried her into her bedroom and put her down.

She was very close to asleep, but I heard her say very quietly, "Take my robe off me please, Jeff?"

Could I do that? I knew for a fact she didn't have a bra on, but what if she didn't have on panties? Oh, boy! Maybe there's a way I can do this without looking.

I untied her robe and pulled it off her rolling her to her right, and then repeated the same motion from the other side, rolling her to her left. Oh my god, I looked ... thankfully she had on panties, but her breasts just were wonderfully exposed.

I got the robe the rest of the way off her, and pulled the sheets over her, looking one last time at her nice orange-sized breasts. I gave her a light peck on the lips and went to 'my' room.

I just lay there, thinking about her breasts, never having seen them before in the whole time we grew up together. They were nice, not too big — not too small. I fell asleep.

I was dreaming about flying above the clouds and everybody below me was naked. I swooped down and saw all kinds of people, young and old, short and tall, men and women ... and all of them were naked. Something shook me awake. It was Maggie, dressed in a real pretty paisley dress, with a barrette in her hair.

Maggie asked, "Jeff, would you go shopping with me this morning? I always feel uncomfortable in the store by myself."

"Sure Maggie! Can I take a quick shower first?" I asked.

"Absolutely, come down into the kitchen when you are ready to go."

I found a dress shirt and some slacks that I had left here before and, after a nice cold shower, I put on the clothes and went downstairs.

"You look nice, Jeffy!"

"Thanks sis, you always look nice to me! I like it when you call me Jeffy?"

"Well aren't you the nicest young man!" she said.

"I'm not even the nicest person in the room right now. Did you sleep OK? I had to put you to bed last night you were so tired from my rubdown."

"It wasn't just your rubdown, Jeff. I've been tired a lot lately, especially in the evenings. I wonder if I should go to the doctor about it?"

"Whatever you want, sis. I'll take you to the doctor whenever you would like me to. Do you still want to go shopping?"

"Yes, let's do that while I'm still energized to do it. Can you drive please?"

"Sure, Maggie ... I'll take you anywhere you want, to the store, or to the moon."

"What's that mean, to the moon, Jeff?"

"I don't know exactly, I was dreaming of flying when you woke me. I looked up and saw the moon, just before I woke up."

"How mysterious. Let's go!"

"Your chariot awaits, milady." I opened the door and she got in. I ran over to the drivers' side and as I got in Maggie was smiling.

"Are you flirting with me, Jeff? It's been so long, I think I recognize that you're flirting with me." she smiled at me.

"What's wrong with that Maggie, I've had a crush on you for a long time. It just seems natural to flirt with you, unless you think it's totally inappropriate."

"No, Jeff ... I like it, it makes me feel good to have such a cute young man, saying such nice things to me."

"I'm sorry for the loss of your Randy, Maggie. We all know how much you loved him. If I can do or say anything that helps you in any way, just let me know."

"I will, Jeff," she said as she put her hand on mine during the drive to the store.

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