The Black Van
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, BDSM, DomSub, Rough, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Fisting, Size,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - You see them all the time, they are anonymous and somehow feel safer than those that are painted white. Someone paid more for the new color. Or maybe television has given us a fear of white vans. They say different things and advertise many services. They look just like a service van or delivery van or furniture delivery truck or sometimes a party bus. That is what they want you to see. Unless you are clued into their real purpose. Their real purpose might offend or incite or titillate or arouse

{h1}The Black Van{/h1}

You see them all the time, they are anonymous and somehow feel safer than those that are painted white. Someone paid more for the new color. Or maybe television has given us a fear of white vans. They say different things and advertise many services. They look just like a service van or delivery van or furniture delivery truck or sometimes a party bus. That is what they want you to see. Unless you are clued into their real purpose. Their real purpose might offend or incite or titillate or arouse or just disgust you. Anyone that discovers their real purpose will have some emotional response - and usually not a small one. Highly emotional feelings will result.

Regardless of your opinion they will continue to exist and provide for those that need their service. Nobody likes the shit plumbers do except plumbers, but everyone prefers that plumbers take care of that shit. Delivery vans are just useful to some, but provide life and death services to others. These very special Black Vans provide things exactly like that to those they serve. Some are life and death, some are reparations for past deeds, and some are coercive activities that keep the streets safe for honest, law abiding citizens. (sure they do... )

The Black Van I am contemplating doesn't seem sinister, although I know better. It sits in front of a Coffee Shop waiting for ... well usually it is a someone they await. I don't know how they know, I don't know how they connect, I only know that sometimes the connection is highly visible but doesn't get noticed by others. And I know most of the activities that result are live on the internet -- and of course there for eternity.

The other thing I know is that the Black Van only contains african americans until the other participants arrive. And all those other participants are white - the american part isn't required - and the ratio from male to female participants is 1 to 99!

This Black Van is one of the small cube vans with a box on the back. It has a very nice paint job and the lettering is professional. It isn't always the case but this is an upscale mall and a nice clean image makes it less noticeable. It is getting late - the Coffee shop closes at 9pm and it is already 8:45pm. I am considering the night a bust as two ladies exit the premises and begin walking in the direction of the van. They are obviously upper middle class and dressed to thrill. Tight short dresses that hug their bodies, high heels (very high), and no sign of any undergarments. One of them is talking on the phone, the other is looking around to see if anyone is watching. Then it looked like a false alarm, the one on the phone hung up and they started quickly past the van. But, just before they passed, the back door rolled up and they were assisted in entry by an unseen pair of occupants. The door closed as quickly as it opened and the Black Van moved away.

I pulled out as discretely as possible and followed. The Black Van pulled up to a warehouse dock and I pulled out my phone to video the action, anticipating...

I was to be disappointed. The only thing that happened was the warehouse door opened and then I assume the Black Van's door opened because a forklift moved in and then came out carrying what looked like those cases that are used to transport expensive electronic equipment. I then caught a glimpse of a pair of nice legs but they were pulled quickly back into the Black Van and soon thereafter the Van left. I had to choose, the warehouse or the van? I had the address for the warehouse and it was harder to move, so I continued to follow the Black Van. Its destination was a club in a very run down portion of town. A small sign was almost invisible amongst what I first thought was graffiti but was just the paint job on the building. Someone must have recycled every can of paint in the city to paint the building because every few feet it was a different color and shape. Anyway, the sign read 2NF and that was it. Two women exited the Black Van and entered. They looked like the two that got picked up but it was dark, they were dressed similarly.

Now I had to decide on my next actions. Do I go inside and find out what it was like? Do I try to confront the guys in the Van? Or do I do what I know is the best idea? That would be get the hell out of here!

I decide to go inside. I survived but I am still unsure it was a good decision.

Amazingly it was almost as dark inside as out. There was a bar to the right that gave some semblance of light and an empty couple of seats. I took that as the likeliest destination and headed for that seat. When I got seated the bartender came over "This is a members only club, Sir. But it is easy to join." he paused and I must have somehow indicated yes because "May I have your ID please and your Phone, and I will be back presently" and he left. I had handed him the ID and my iPhone without any question. Maybe I am stoned out of my mind!

He returned very quickly with a stylus and pad to get my signature electronically. I signed that and then was handed my iPhone. "Please download the selected App. It contains your membership information and is all you need to enter the club." the App was named 2NF which seemed appropriate since it matched the name on the bar. It cost $5.00 which startled me a bit since I had NEVER seen an App that didn't end in x .99!

I downloaded the App and it asked me to take my picture. It then displayed my ID card which had my address and phone number. For a second I was shocked they could know that! Then I remembered I had given the bartender my ID and Phone. I flashed the ID to the bartender and he said I was entitled to a free well drink.

"Jack shot please"

And he walked away to get my drink. I turned to look at the place. It looked alot like a sports bar. Flat screen TV's, walls, tables, and obviously a pool room across the way. There was something going on in the pool room - I could hear a lot of sound, even over the music. Some of which sounded like sex. I wasn't going in there! When I turned around I had two shots on the bar. I hit one quickly - god I needed that! An old drinking buddy had taught me how to "pound" the shot. She would slam the glass on the bar and then throw the shot down the throat. I thought of her every time I did that. It was a good thought! The second would take a little longer because I looked up at the flat screen behind the bar and was greeted with a scene from a porn flick. Not just any porn flick but one where a pretty blonde girl has three very large black males penetrating two of her orifices! All the while she is entreating them with every imaginable way to say it was great and to do it harder. I suppose you are wondering how three humongous black cocks were only using two holes, but I was watching and had the same question. Technically, two were in her ass and one in her cunt. The one in her cunt was considerably larger than the other two. That is relative because in comparison to my own, the two were almost twice my size. Well, maybe not - I had eight inches and these easy exceeded twelve but maybe not by much. The one in her ass was at least sixteen. They pulled out once in a while to hear her beg them to put them back in.

I finally looked away when the door opened again. Two women came in, both were white, flashed their phone and brushed their right breast against a pad on the wall. It was an RFID reader like they use for prox cards to allow entry to things like your work, parking garages, etc. They must have been micro-chipped! I knew about them for my pet. This was the first I had actually seen them used on people! CSI-Miami not being 'real'. Pretty high tech for a down and out looking bar in a poor part of town! I thought a second and looked around. Lots of tech in this place. LCD screens on the tables, walls, even the booze dispenser was high tech. Later when I bought another round (it was two for one til midnight) I used a credit card (they didn't have change) and flashed my App ID and it automatically added the card numbers to the App. Yep, serious tech.

By the time I managed to revise my thoughts on the bar the ladies had disappeared. I had no idea where. I was just sipping the second shot when I noticed that the bar was glass towards the edge where the bartender stood. I reached out and touched it - I think it was a reaction to verify it really was glass and it sprung to life. A video screen was embedded in glass and it showed what looked like a map of the bar. I touched one of the tables just behind me or rather an icon that resides where that table was located. Yeah, I know anal retentive is my middle name! NOT! Just trying to be accurate. Anyway, the screen came alive with a picture of a lady I recognized - one that had just entered - sucking a very nice sized BBC. See I know some slang ... you don't? Well, BBC is Big Black Cock! I think ten inches is the point where a cock is Big! She was doing a good job of inhaling a major portion. Just below the video was an ID number, a username, and some stats that I didn't get. I looked over at the table and the guy winked at me. I turned back to the screen and hit the back button. I wasn't watching when I accidentally hit it again and it displayed a list of cities. Some of the cities had more than one listing. I scrolled down to Nashville and there were four listings. One I thought said "Nashville Whorehouse" so I touched the link. This time it showed tiles with little pictures. One looked like one of the ladies I had seen enter the Van, so I touched that one.

Yep, looked alot like her - because it was her. The video was similar to the last - except as I watched a BBC dumped its load into her ass and was quickly replaced by another. The numbers along the bottom changed at the same time and I assumed that those that changed were a counter for the newest actions on screen. A little table - down the left side were three items: Orifice, Insertion Count, Cum Count. Across the top were: 1, 2, 3. Inside the grid were a bunch of numbers. I had noted quickly the ones that changed were in the column under '2' and they had incremented in exactly the order of that BBC cumming, and then a new one being inserted. Didn't require a genius to guess that her asshole was Orifice 2!

I touched the button to clear the display after noting that the young lady had already had five BBC cum in her 2, although 10 had been inserted. The best thing was I now knew what had happened to the ladies when they entered that Black Van. Best guess was they were inside those containers that were on the forklift. Which brought to my mind some bondage ritual...


I finished the second shot and that was when the bartender returned. Just like any other bar I have ever seen.

I indicated another round, he quickly filled two more shots and that was when I saw the high tech payment system. Like I said - it wasn't any new stuff - just seemed out of place here. Although I was getting used to it.

"Not to pry, but why are you here? You don't fit the standard customer profile!" he was smiling and friendly.

"Because I'm white?"

"No, because your are white and don't seem to have a BBC fetish!"

"Aah, that explains quite a bit." I don't know why I elaborated but I will blame it on the two shots of Jack and not being able to ignore the urge to fill a silence "I'm trying to figure out what happened to a guy ... a guy I kinda know that I haven't seen much of in the last few weeks." This was why I was following the Black Vans! The few times I caught sight of my friend one of these Black Vans were nearby. Only once had I thought I saw him enter one.

"That would be need, you need..." he paused at a strange point. My mind was trying to figure out ... well need? Did he mean I needed BBC? Or I needed to understand a fetish for BBC? Or ... his words distracted my thoughts - my thoughts were also distracting my ability to decipher his words. "Need man! You're looking for need." and he touched the display and brought up another video. This one was in the bar but there was daylight coming in the windows. And there was Ron all tied up to what looked like a pole in the floor. A BBC being driven into his mouth and a fist slipping in and out of his ass. I looked at the stats and was a bit surprised that all the numbers in both columns (guys only have two orifices capable of handling a BBC) were well into the double digits, one was getting close to three.

I reached up and tapped it off. "Well, that was my answer! Thank you. And I saluted him with the next shot."

"Don't have to split so fast! I get tired of talking with the BBC owners while they get blown or the BBC fetishers that cannot wait to get filled up. Stick around!" and since I had already paid for that last shot I did.

We got interrupted and I didn't order more booze - four shots were three over my usual which was another reason I waited.

While we talked a couple of girls from work came in and pretended not to notice me. Then disappeared under a table. I found out a lot about the place, the app, and a website. I even got my friends username - needbbc4me - which explained the confusing part of the conversation. Well sort of...

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