The Pool Party
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, True Story, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fun at the pool along with sexual fun. An evening of multiple partners

"Hi, I'm Rick mind if I join you," is all he said when he sat down at my table.

"Not at all, I'm Vikki," was the answer he heard as I got up and walked away from the table.

He followed me out the door of Starbucks, apologizing about being a Dick Head. I was about to get into my car when he blurted, "You are beautiful, just wanted to invite you to a pool party Friday night."

I stopped turned around, noticed he was damn cute. I needed something to do Friday night, so I let him invite me to his pool party. I put the piece of paper with his address on it in my clutch then left.

Friday afternoon I googled the address of the party it was in an exclusive area of Lake Travis. Rick looked to be close to my age, no way he owned a house in that area, probably his parents. I was skeptical of his motives. I was also extremely bored, and fucking hot horny. He had told me the party started at nine.

I debated on whether to go or not, then about nine I pinned my hair up, slipped into my white string bikini, a half blouse tied in the front, split shorts rolled at the waist to make them extremely short, and some sexy wedges. I could hear the rowdiness going on when I rang the bell of this beautiful house. Rick opened the door I was surprised he remembered my name. He greeted me with a long hug it did feel good, he did look remarkably yummy in his swim suit.

"I am glad you came, come in, let me introduce you around, and get you something to drink," he said.

We walked through a beautiful entrance way into the living room the French Doors opened to an expansive patio and pool with a couple dozen guys and girls mingling. We walked around him introducing me to mostly guys then he asked "what would you like to drink?"

I told him, "A double Patron no ice salted rim."

He grabbed a guy walking by introduced him as Zack, then told Zack to protect me till he got back. Zack was fucking hot, if anyone needed protection it was Zack from me jumping on him. Rick made his way back with my drink then Zack wondered off to the pool to make other girls drool over his body. Rick and I talked, danced a bit until he was taken away from me by his duties as the host.

I went in search of Zack. I saw Zack sitting with some girl on the far side of the pool. I knew he noticed me when I turned around slipping my shorts, blouse, and wedges off. I could tell by his facial expressions. I sat at the edge of the pool dangling my feet in the pool while sipping on my third Patron'. It was not long before he headed toward me.

He look down at me then asked, "Are you going to get wet tonight?"

I bit my bottom lip and said, "I am wet."

Chuckling he asked, "If he could join me in my wetness?"

"Of course, I would love to be saturated with you," I blurted out.

He sat real close to me arms and legs touching. He knew I was wet for him and with him. We chatted for a while flirting all the time then we slipped into the pool. I did not hear the music or notice the other people when he leaned over and kissed me. A soft, gentle, perfect first kiss hinting of more to come. He took me deeper and deeper into the pool. He kissed me again, a longer wetter kiss with tongues tasting each other, while his hands wondered over my back. He whispered into my ear "I would love to go deep with you." Then he kissed me again a long, passionate kiss with tongues battling, and his hands settling on my lil butt. Our kiss broke as our eyes met I could see the longing in his eyes, also knowing he could see the same in my eyes.

He asked me if I were a Longhorn I told him hell yes! Then he asked me If I wanted to see a shrine to the longhorns Rick has. I was thinking I wanted to fuck him, while he was thinking he wants to show me Ricks longhorn shrine. We got out of the pool, gathered my clothes then he led me down the hall, opened a door. Burnt orange everywhere, the walls the bed spread and sheets, memorabilia everywhere.

He walked up behind me, smoothed my damp hair to one side, kissing my neck he pulled the bow out of my bikini on my neck, then on my back. The top of my bikini fell to the floor his hands replaced it on my breast. We were kissing his hands rubbing my breast and hard nipples, my wetness spreading to my bikini bottoms. His lips and hands began to slide down my body, his lips tracing down my spine while his hands were sliding down my tummy. He untied the bows on both sides of my bikini, the bikini falling to the floor exposing all of me to his mouth and hands. His hands ran the full length of the front of my legs while his lips were exploring my ass and the back of my thighs. When he spread my cheeks, I let out a little moan while his tongue slipped over my anal area to my pussy. I was so wet when he started rimming me while he slipped a finger into my more that wanting pussy. At first one finger, then two, his tongue on my asshole and his two fingers inside my pussy moving in a fast scissor motion was too much.

My orgasm sprung out of me in a, 'Please fuck me now' gasp of pleasure.

I turned toward him, my bare chest against his bare chest the passion between us was extraordinary. I slid down him kissing his chest then slipping his suit off releasing his beautiful cock. My hand too small to wrap entirely around his cock. I guided his cock to my tongue as I flicked my tongue to tease the tip of his cock. I began to stroke his hard cock taking it deep into my mouth, sliding down it and sliding off it. Licking up the bottom of it and sucking his balls, then sliding my tongue around and around the head of his cock. I could taste the precum on the tip of his cock I slid my mouth over it again and again, cutting my eyes up to see his reaction. His breathing became shallow moans became louder I sucked harder and harder, sliding it as deep into me stroking him wanting to taste all of him. I knew he was at the edge. I cut my eyes to share his orgasm with him. His cum was on my tongue now sliding down my throat and trickling down my chin. We were both smiling as we shared the taste with a long kiss.

We lay on the bed kissing while exploring each other with hands, and mouths. I slid back down on him, wanting to get him hard. I wanted that cock inside me. His cock stiffened while I was sucking and stroking it.

I looked up at him with my fuck me now eyes then blurted out, "Fuck me now."

He slid on top of me, his hard cock rubbing on my legs as we kissed. I guided the head of his cock into my pussy. He began to stroke me a little at a time exceedingly slowly at first his size was more than I had ever experienced. He slowly slipped all of his cock inside me. The feeling was incredible he was touching me deeper than anyone had. He began to stroke me faster and harder. Our bodes were now in rhythm. My back arched my moans became screams my orgasm traveled up and down my body. He stopped deep inside me letting me experience all of my orgasm. While our tongues were tasting each other in a long, hard, passionate kiss, he slipped his cock from my pussy. I slid down to taste my juices from his cock, taking him into my mouth I began to suck him. Slipping my tongue to the underside of his cock licking up and down as my eyes cut up to see his reaction. His moans of pleasure turned me on even more than I was. He slid me up his chest, then abruptly down on the bed on my tummy. He pulled my hips up slamming his cock into my hot, wet, pussy in one motion. He began fucking me hard, his cock pounding into my pussy made me scream with orgasmic bliss. I heard the slap of his hand on my ass, a split second before the white pain went through my body, then again, and again.

"Oh fuck yes," I screamed "Spank me again."

The sound of the smacking of his hand on my ass, was such a turn on, I wanted more, and he delivered. He was fucking me harder than I had ever been fucked. That combined with the white pain traveling through my body gave me several orgasms all linked by the white pain. He slowed the movement of his cock, leaning to whisper in my ear the he wanted us to cum together. He slipped his hand to my crack then slipped a finger up my ass. His finger fucking my ass while fucking my pussy sent me over the edge. I came like I had never before quivering, shaking, and moaning moans of pure orgasmic bliss. Just as, I was in mid orgasm he smacked my ass the white pain collided with my orgasm like two freight trains colliding. I felt his release of hot cum inside me his moaning and orgasmic jerking added to my delight.

We lay in a crumpled heap of hot sex, his cock softening inside me. His cock slipped out with a lil tickling pop. Our juices were beginning to ooze from my pussy, and the tip of his cock onto my thigh. I could not believe I felt so fucking right about letting him cum inside me just seemed the thing to do at the time. I would have to deal with all the emotions at a later time was my thought.

I went to the bathroom cleaned up, composed myself, and rejoined the party, he followed shortly after. I saw Zack talking with Rick a few minutes later then it seemed he had left. I went to find Rick, he was in the kitchen hitting on some girl, I interrupted the festivities.

I asked, " Have you noticed Zack around?"

"Not since he came back from showing you my old room," was his sarcastic response.

I grinned and said, "I liked the room."

"Yeah Zack loved showing you my room," he said.

"Oh so what did he tell you," I asked?

Rick leaned toward me whispering in my ear, "Zach said you were a magnificent fuck!"

I turned seven shades of red, embarrassed about guys sharing details about me in bed. Rick asked, "If I needed a drink."

I said, "No too much Patron' will give me a headache in the morning."

He leaned toward me again asking in a soft voice, "Well then what is your chemical of choice?"

I look at him like what the hell are you talking about, then asked him, "What do you mean?"

"I mean what do you take when Patron' is no longer an option," he asked?

"I have never tried anything but marijuana, and I don't like that," I told him.

He grabbed my hand then led m into the bathroom. He reached into his pocket pulled out 6 different colored tablets and asked, "Which color do you like?"

I asked him, "What is that?.

"It's just X everybody here has done it except you," he said nonchalantly.

I took a pink one from his hand then asked, "How do I take it?"

He smiled while saying, "Swallow it but mixes with the Patron' might make you sick, or under your tongue, it works faster, or you can slip it in your butt works faster and gives you the full strength."

I slipped it under my tongue it did burn a lil and the taste was yukky. We walked back into the kitchen, but this time he began to hit on me, I was surprised seeing how he knew I had just fucked his good friend. I think it was about 15 minutes later I felt warm and a lil disoriented. Rick began to rub my tummy telling me to concentrate on his hand. It would make me feel better. His hand on my tummy made me feel terrific and gave me thoughts I should not have been having.

I was oblivious to the party going on around me as he took my hand and led me up the stairs.

He led me into a beautiful master bedroom, opened the French Doors to the balcony and a view over the lake that was fantastic. We kissed on the balcony, his hands roaming over my body. I was so into it by now I wanted to be fucked now. He pulled me inside to the foot of the bed, slipping my blouse and shorts off on the way. He walked to the head of the bed and ripped all covering but the bottom sheet off the bed. I slipped onto the bed he took his suit off as I watched. His cock was beautiful, smaller than Zack's but very nice. He joined me on the bed, first taking my top off then my bikini bottoms, he was kissing down my body when he rolled me onto my tummy. He spread my legs a little then his hands spread my cheeks then his tongue began to rim my ass. He buried his head and tongue in my ass slipping from my ass to my pussy and then back again. Time after time his tongue came into contact with my clit or ass, when he was tasting my ass he was rubbing my clit, then he would taste my clit and rub my ass. He gave me several explosive orgasms while down on me.

I could feel his hard cock laying in my crack when he was sitting on my thighs rubbing my back. Whispering naughty lil thoughts about what he was going to do.

Murmuring in my ear, "I am going to fuck your pussy, I am going to fuck your ass, I am going to fuck you till you scream for more, I am going to fuck your soul!"

He reached in the drawer beside the bed I felt the warm sensation of the cold liquid drops of the lube on my butt. He rubbed my butt and asshole with the lube, then he slipped one finger into my ass. He finger fucked my ass slow and easy then he slipped two fingers in, finger fucking me a bit harder. He pulled me up to my knees, then slipped his cock into my pussy, beginning to stroke me slowly while lubing my ass and slipping his fingers back into my ass. He began to fuck me harder, and harder till I could no longer hold back, I came in a gusher of an orgasm. He pulled his soaked cock from my pussy and slipped the head into my ass, the pain was hardly bearable, but I wanted him inside my ass. The pain turned to the white pain as he went deeper. He pulled me up my back now against his chest. He was fucking me with short stroke when his hand reached around and began playing with my clit. I exploded in a magnificent orgasm! Just as my orgasm was subsiding he slid out of my ass, turned me over and pounded his cock into my pussy. He fucked me long and hard slow and soft then he was into short strokes moaning with anticipation of coming. He pulled out just as he came, spurting onto my tummy, and all over my pussy and inner thighs. He was up cleaning himself off when he told me. I could stay the rest of the night right where I was if I wanted. He was going to check on the party. I checked the clock it was after 4 am. I went to the bathroom cleaned off then fell back onto the bed.

I had no idea what time it was when I woke up I was alone in a strange bed. I peeked out the bedroom door did not see or hear anyone. I slipped into the shower it felt great letting the hot water sooth my body. I did not remember where my bikini was so I had only a half blouse and split shorts to cover my lil body. I slowly went down the stairs hoping to find Rick. I did notice my bikini laid over the back of a chair in the living room. I finally heard some male voices Rick and Zack drinking a beer at the pool. When I walked up they both stood to kiss me and ask how I felt.

"I feel great, but am hungry, what time is it?" was my response.

Rick said, "It's about 11 or so."

We all three migrated to the kitchen to raid the Ice box. I noticed OJ and a banana. I dibbled them. I slipped onto the island and crossed my legs, a thought flashed across my mine, that my legs had not been closed around these two very much at all.

Looking at Zack, I said, "Thought you went home last night."

"I did," was his response.

I asked, "Did you come back to help Rick clean this mess before his parents come back?"

He retorted, "Of course, we share the work load."

"So when are the parents due back," I asked?

"Flying in tomorrow about 6 or so," Rick chimed.

Looking at Zack, I said, "So you came 24 hours early to share the work load?"

"When I called to see if the party had ended, Rick told me, you were the only one here, asleep in the bed," Zack said.

"So you did not come to share the work load of cleaning," I stated!

He walked closer to me touching my legs, leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I came over to share but not work load."

He kissed me lightly, a kiss with the promise of more. He uncrossed my legs walked between them, then started to untie my blouse. He opened my blouse exposing my breast to him and Rick. Zack began to play with my breast and tweak my nipples.

He said, "I want to fuck you."

He kissed me long and hard, then looked at me and said, "I think Rick is thinking I should share you with him."

I asked Zack, "Do you want to share me?"

He said, "Yes, then asked me if I wanted to be shared?"

I bit my bottom lip, looked at Rick, then Back at Zack a couple times. I was thinking something extremely naughty was going to happen real soon if I let it happen.

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