The Pond

by Bobo

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A chance encounter witha friends daughter turns into a sexual fling.

Chapter 1: Discovery

It started like any other errand day. I had taken a vacation day so I could run around doing a million things. Bank – drop off paperwork ... Insurance company – paperwork ... Town hall – register the car i.e. paperwork. It was going to be one of those types of days.

But first I had to stop at a neighbor's house on the way out of the neighborhood. She had left a few things at our house a week ago when we had a few people over for a BBQ. Of course my wife who doesn't have a job couldn't find a way to get things back to them so it fell upon me, like most tasks. The Neighbor was Jenny Dee, a divorcee and kind of loopy woman of about fifty. She worked at the local hospital on the swing shift. She also had a college aged daughter, Taylor, that was hot, hot, hot. A petite strawberry blond with a pretty face and a knockout body. She was a standout athlete and quiet kid during high school. At neighborhood events I would see her, and could always find a way to make her laugh. Ahhhh to be 20 again.

At Jenny's house, I knocked and waited holding the bag of wayward items. After a minute or so and just as I raised my hand to knock again the door jerked open. To my surprise, Jenny answered the door looking like she just got up and she was still wearing a long off white t-shirt and not much else. While she was not what most people would think of as pretty, she had some attractive features. She was tall and blonde with a somewhat large chest and while her face was a bit of a "butter face", you could get around it. I fought the urge to stare at her nipples as they poked distinctly through the front of her shirt.

"Hi Jenny", I said trying to sound nonchalant. "I hope I didn't get you out of bed."

"Oh hi, Bo," she said sheepishly as she grabbed at the bottom of her t-shirt to hold it down. "I thought you were Taylor. She's down at the pond and I thought maybe she locked herself out ... again."

"No such luck!" I replied a bit too cheerily. "Just me returning a hat and sweater you left at our house the other night. Sally rounded them up and put a little container of pie in there as well."

"Oh how nice," she said letting her horse teeth loose at full gallop while she smiled. "Tell Sally I said thanks."

"Will do, so Taylor is back from her semester at sea, eh? Is she getting used to being back in boring old Porter?"

"Oh nature girl is back alright." Jenny said with a more subdued look. She leaned in to me a little letting those protruding nipples get dangerously close. "And get this ... it's so weird. Ever since she's come back I can barely get her to put any clothes on at all. Yesterday, I caught her going all the way out to the mail box completely 'nekkid'. I have no idea what has brought this all on." She said almost in a whisper. "It's so unlike her. She's usually so shy!"

"Really, " I replied in a shocked tone, not knowing what shocked me more, the subject matter or the fact that Jenny was telling me about it. Either way, the thought of it stirred my loins a bit. I could see her telling ol' Sally. They were gossip buddies, but me? I'm just the one that is gone most of the time and cracks wise at the occasional neighborhood party. "Have you asked her about it?"

"Of course silly," she leaned back as I steadily fixed my gaze on her eyes only. "This isn't one of those things you can just ignore and let slide. She just keeps mumbling something about just liking to be natural and how a lot of the kids on the boat liked to be naked and such. I don't know, most of it doesn't make sense and I can barely get her to talk to me at all, as it is. I'm just afraid of someone seeing her and calling the police or something."

"Well Jen, I'm not sure I would worry about that too much," I muttered while thinking how Taylor was, unlike her mom, a knockout. Strawberry blond; blue eyes; a hint of freckles; pretty face; big chest; great body; there wasn't much chance of anyone complaining that she was running around nude. Hell even the women might enjoy running into her that way.

"Yeah, but I just am lost for what to do," she lamented, leaning against the door frame. "Maybe if you see her on the way out you can talk to her a little ... let me know if she tells you anything."

"Me?!" I exclaimed. "I'm not sure I'm the right guy for the job there, Jenny."

"Well I know it's not ideal, but I just don't know who to turn to. Her Dad's gone who knows where these days, and she's always liked you," she said playing with her hair now. With her arms raised, quick glances down were telling me that maybe Jenny wasn't wearing anything under that t-shirt.

"Ok we'll see," I said. "But Jenny do you really want me to happen to run into you daughter while she's naked?"

"It'll server her right!" She snorted. "Maybe running into a man in that condition will shock her back to reality. And I'd rather she run into someone like you, who won't do anything, than someone who might!"

"Ouch" I thought. That hurt. After all, I am still a man. Don't make me sound like a Eunuch, just because I'm not a sexual predator. "Ahh, yeah ... sure." I finally managed to choke out.

"Well Jen, I'll catch you later. I hope things with Taylor get better."

"Thanks Bo ... Tell Sally thanks" she said. "And go swing by the pond on your way out," she said in a whisper again.

"Right," I said backing away from the door. The phrase "who won't do anything" still echoing in my head. I turned to see my car waiting on the circular drive. My eyes also caught the entrance in the tall reeds for the path down to the pond just 20 feet to my right. I stopped, eyeing both. Then I headed off towards the path.

"Oh well, if I can't see the mom 'nekkid', I might as well get a look at the daughter," I thought.

Chapter 2: The meeting

At first as I walked down the path I tried to be very quiet, almost stealthy. It was as if I were tracking some elusive wild game. But I realized if I completely snuck up on Taylor and she was naked, she might think I was spying on her. Better she appears naked willingly or covers up, I decided.

So with that I crunched loudly down the path the rest of the way. As I approached the water's edge I slowed. I could see a camp chair at the end of the dock ahead with its back to me. I could also see the top of a blond head and a set of bare calves and feet, but I wasn't sure what else awaited me in between. There was a knapsack and small pile of something that looked like it could be clothes on the ground next to the chair.

I swallowed hard as I climbed on the dock loudly.

"Hi Taylor!" I exclaimed almost too jauntily. "Welcome home!"

"Hi Bo," came a somewhat soft reply from the chair with no perceptible movement. Her voice sounded like it could be from a thirteen year old rather than a twenty year old, soft and bashful.

I started down the dock a little more cautiously. As I approached my heart calmed and dropped a little as I could see the fabric from a t-shirt on the girl's shoulder. As I came to the side, I could also see that the t-shirt looked to be pretty much it as far as clothes went. In fact on the small pile of clothes next to her I could make out some shorts and at least one sock and a pair of aviator sunglasses on top of it all. She might have panties or a bikini bottom still on but that would be it. Her panty area was a little obscured by the large hard bound book sitting in her lap. As with her mother I could see for sure there was no top on under the yellow t-shirt.

"So how was your big trip? You're mom's been keeping us posted on all your incredible locales during the last couple of months."

"I bet she has," Taylor said smiling and rolling her eyes. "She's never at a loss for telling stuff to everyone."

Taylor leaned over and picked up her sunglasses. As she did she exposed a large area of tanned thigh, still no sign of panties or a bathing suit.

"I had a great time. Fiji was beautiful, every place was, but that was my favorite." She said smiling broadly.

"I bet ... you're very lucky." I said nervously. There was a bit of an awkward silence.

"Did you make a lot of new friends?" I asked finally breaking the silence.

"Oh yeah ... lots of new friends," She replied softly. More silence.

"Is that all Jenny told you?" Taylor asked still grinning. "Usually she goes on and on about stuff she needs to just be quiet about." Her smile faded.

"Well you know Jenny, just likes to talk is all." I said adopting my "aw shucks" style.

"Yes she does. She didn't go on and on about me becoming a 'nudist' and running around naked all the time?"

"What?" I said feigning shock. "Well she didn't say it like that, I mean..." My voice faded along with the words in my head.

"I knew it," Taylor said with the smile returning to her face. "Just because I hang around the house without clothes a few times she blows it all up into big B-S."

She stared at the water as I tried to stammer out something.

"Well, she cares about you and just wants to be sure you're OK, ya know?"

"Hmmm. Did she send you down here Bo?" she asked aggressively.

"Me?" I objected lamely, not knowing what to say.

"Or did you come down hoping I'd be naked and you'd get an eyeful?" she said more playfully, as if this might just appeal to her.

"Actually I was more hoping to get a picture for later," I said holding up my phone. Her eye brows suddenly appeared over the top of her glasses and her mouth gaped a bit.

"Kidding, Kidding," I said.

"Hmmm ... I'm not so sure." She said coyly. "I don't think you're as innocent as you pretend to be."

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