Jackie Makes a Move

by Destiny Parker

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Blackmail, Lesbian, First, Oral Sex, Squirting, Workplace, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After a year of lusting after Nurse Callaway Jackie has her in her sights.

Many thanks to my editor TinCup6074 for his helpful comments and diligent editing. This story can be enjoyed by itself although it is the conclusion of Nurse Callaway Succumbs so it may be more enjoyable read as such.

It was 3 weeks before Jackie's plan began to move forward. She had been checking the nursing schedule every week and was acutely aware that she had become obsessed. She didn't care. She was going to make damned sure that she didn't miss her opportunity.

Since Jackie had started at Banner Hospital, her name regularly appeared on the list of nurses who were willing to pick up extra shifts around the hospital. Graduating from the from the nursing program at Boise State University the previous May, she wanted to pay off the student loans she had taken out as soon as possible. The scheduling nurse knew that Jackie could be called on to fill most any open shift on the med-surg floor. She had also picked up shifts in the O.R. and E.R. Ob/Gyn was the one place where she refused to work. Jackie wanted nothing to do with women in labor or babies.

Katie Callaway only signed up to cover shifts every so often and as soon as Jackie saw her name on the list her heart leapt. When she studied the list closer she noticed that Katie had volunteered for both day and night shifts. This was certainly good news.

When the new schedule was posted Jackie scanned it hoping to see Katie's name. She was thrilled to see that Katie was finally assigned to a night shift "No fucking way?!?" Jackie thought. She couldn't believe her luck.

The following week Katie was assigned to a night shift in the E.R. The second nurse on duty that night was one of Jackie's friends. Well, "friend" may be too strong of a word. Lee Ann was definitely more than an acquaintance. but she and Jackie didn't really pal around after work or anything. What it boiled down to was the Lee Ann was someone Jackie could convince to give up the shift. What made it perfect was that Katie was scheduled on a Sunday night, the slowest night in the hospital.

Jackie ran to catch up with Lee Ann, "Hey! Wait up!"

Lee Ann turned around, "Hey Jackie. How's it going?"

They walked together, talking. Jackie asked about Lee Ann's kids and Lee Ann asked how work was going. Finally, when they had caught up on recent events Jackie brought up the real reason for the visit.

"The real reason I came down here is to ask you favor."

Lee Ann elbowed her in the arm, "Oooh. I see how it is. You didn't just come down to say hi, huh?"

"Come on, you know I love you," Jackie teased back. "My bed is a piece of shit. I have found a new one that I really like," she lied easily. She didn't feel bad or give it a second thought. There was something she wanted and lying would make it easier to get it. End of story. Jackie never pondered things such as morality, but if she did she would have argued that she was free to do as she wished and anyone who didn't like it could fuck off and die (her most favorite saying).

"I am having RC Wiley deliver it tomorrow, but that means I will have to make a smaller payment on my loans next month and I would rather not do that if I don't have to." That part was true at least. "I was kind of hoping you would be willing to take a little vacation? Maybe a couple of days? You would really be helping me out Lee Ann," she rushed on, making her case. "I saw on the schedule that you are on Sunday and Monday the 12th and 13th. I would be glad to work that Sunday. That would give you a three day weekend. If you wanted I could work Monday too. That would mean four days off! What do you say?"

Jackie was like a hawk. She moved in closer with each sentence. She had learned the art of peer pressure long ago, and now she worked her magic on Lee Ann Prote knowing she could get her to give up the Sunday quite easily. She didn't really want to work Monday but she thought it made her sound more convincing. She knew that if her plan worked it would be worth it. If the scene unfolded like it had inside her head over the past 3 weeks she would have worked an extra week, hell, maybe even a month. That blonde bitch would be all hers.

"Mm-hm," she said, waving her head side to side unconsciously.

"Dreaming of what you would do with four days off?" Lee Ann was looking at her with an amused grin.

Jackie chuckled, "You caught me." She backed up a bit and asked her coworker, "So what do you think? Can I work your Sunday shift?"

"Can I get back to you tomorrow?" Lee Ann asked.

"Oh yeah," Jackie answered. "That's fine."

"I will talk to Richard tonight and find out what he has going on next weekend. If that would make a hole in the budget he might not agree. I'm sure it won't matter but he does all of the major bills and he knows where we are at financially a lot more than I do. I will talk to him and text you tomorrow to let you know. If he doesn't have anything going on maybe we will drive up to Idaho and stay the weekend at my mom's."

"Thank you! Really, I mean it!" Jackie leaned in and gave Lee Ann a quick hug. At five-foot-nothing Jackie was dwarfed by Lee Ann who was five-foot-ten.

Lee Ann's tit was not far from Jackie's face and she suddenly pictured herself tonguing Lee Ann's nipple. She had never been attracted to Lee Ann who was nearing forty and extremely overweight but having her big titties in her face had sparked her imagination. It wasn't hard to do.

She must have had a strange expression on her face because Lee Ann asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Jackie had to suppress the urge to tell her the truth. She imagined the shocked look and gasp that Lee Ann would produce if she were to say, "Sucking on those big titties of yours." She was wearing a big smile by then.

"What?" Lee Ann asked in a confused tone.

"Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about something that I heard on TV this morning. Did you know that in the 1830's ketchup was sold as medicine?"

"Jackie, sometimes I wonder about you!" Lee Ann said, shaking her head.

Jackie thought, "If you only knew." Aloud she said, "Let me know about the weekend as soon as you have an answer. Have a good day."

"Thanks, lady. You too," Lee Ann said to Jackie's back. Jackie was already headed down the hall. She was off of work now and she had a hankering for Thai food.

It was a day and a half before Jackie heard from Lee Ann. She had gnawed her fingernails down to stubs. She kept thinking, "If she says no, I swear to God I am going to go down there to the E.R. and punch her in the face."

Many of Jackie's friends had to face this side of her personality sooner or later. It didn't take them long to find out that she was completely self-absorbed. When she didn't get her way she could become aggressive; if she felt the least bit of resistance standing in her way she would become obnoxious and eventually violent.

One of Jackie's favorite past times involved humiliating men in a very specific way. Most Friday nights she could be found at one of four different bars in Boise. She would don one of her sexiest outfits, her favorite being black leather. For Jackie this screamed dark sensual thoughts. She would pull on her skin tight black leather pants, sans underwear. Jackie didn't need all that frilly shit. In her opinion anything with lace should be tossed in the dumpster. Well, not exactly. If she pulled the pants off a woman to find silky, lacy panties she was apt to cream right there. On a lover it was sexy; in her own wardrobe it was unacceptable.

Over her black leather pants she would wear a belt usually one with large interlooping metal hoops. She had several tops that she wore on those Friday nights. The most recent addition had become her favorite. She had bought it online in the "street lingerie" section of a sexy clothing website.

It was a red, strapless corset with a black Japanese-style print; black branches with slender leaves. There were black smudges down the front where it came together with hook and eye closures and in random spots close to the edges. The back was laced with black ribbons. It had taken her an hour to get it laced up right the first time she wore it. She had no one to cinch her in so she had had to get the back laced just right and then she hooked it around the front. It had been a serious pain in the ass but when she stood in front of the full length mirror in her spare room, where she kept all of her "going out" clothes, she knew the time it had taken had been worth it. She had looked absolute stunning even without makeup.

Jackie knew she was beautiful. She could have gone out without putting on makeup and with her hair in total disarray, as it had been when she had looked in the mirror, and still have picked up most of the singles and half of the not-so-singles. She hardly wore more than eyeliner to work and she was ogled there at least a hundred times a shift. Sometimes it was exhausting. But most the time it made her feel powerful, like all the world was waiting to be used.

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