Kidnapped by Schoolgirls

by Sirdar

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Desc: Sex Story: A new teacher at a girls school is the subject of a schoolgirls kidnap plot, which went much better than they had anticipated

Tony Nash at 23 was the new Sports Master, at Langworth Girls Private Grammar School a fee paying private school on the outskirts of Ealing near London. It catered for the twelve to seventeen daughters of very rich people who wanted and expected the best for their offspring. Tony was single, young, athletic, and good looking, or so the majority of the girls thought. The Headmistress had not wanted to appoint him for that reason, knowing full well the chaos that could be brought about by a young hunk like him in an all girls school, but there was a distinct shortage of qualified lady sports teachers, so very reluctantly, and having to bear in mind the current legislation on sex discrimination the Head Mistress had no real alternative, and so Tony had got the job.

The interest in all sports and athletics, with the exception of netball, a sport which Tony had nothing to do with, increased enormously after his appointment. A point that had been noticed with amusement by the rest of the teaching staff and which was frequently a matter of comment, by the rest of the staff in the staff room during coffee and lunch breaks.

Tony thoroughly enjoyed working with all these attractive girls in the gymnasium, running around in their scanty shorts and bra less tops and it was amazing just how so many of them were so inept at pole vaulting and other physical exercises which required him to give them personal attention, on how to position themselves, or to hold the pole before attempting the high jump. It was not unknown, for some of these adventurous young ladies, to take advantage of the situation, while he had his arms round them attempting to show them the correct posture, to feel their hands having an accidental crafty feel at his cock.

He even got a crafty kiss on the cheek from one or two girls when they could get away with it. Tony loved it. He thought that it was quite erotic and being human, he enjoyed all the girls attention which he got. Which not unnaturally, having been in contact with these glamorous young teenagers in their gym costumes, left him almost continuously with a very hard and a very unsatisfied sexual appetite. But Tony was very aware of the dangers involved with these spoilt rich kids. The Headmistress had been quite forceful, when she had outlined the penalties involved, should he be foolish enough to enter into any type of sexual relationship with any of the girls.

If they got too obvious Tony would just smile, and would scold them gently, not making a scene or making a major issue of these incidents, while they as a rule profusely apologized and then they would do it all again, the next time the opportunity arrived. He knew full well that like boys of their age, the girls had an overwhelming obsession and curiosity about sex.

His head of department was a Miss Roxy Lansdale, a single, but very attractive blonde spinster of twenty six, who had recently broken off her engagement to her fiancé just a month before the wedding. The arrival of Tony at the school, had convinced her rightly or wrongly that she could do better than her existing fiancé and she had decided that Tony was the man for her. For Tony, her antics were a source of annoyance and rather more worrying he did his best to discourage her, which only seemed to make her more determined.

She would watch Tony and the girls with mounting jealousy, especially, as Tony refused all her attempts to take her out on a date, or even meet her for an after school drink, no matter how much she tried. She started dressing much more sexily, to such an extent that she got a warning from the Headmistress, who bluntly told her to grow up and act her age.

Tony was always polite and courteous to her, and on one occasion, whilst talking, he took the opportunity of telling her that he thought it would be a mistake to have an affair with a work colleague, because it could lead to complications. Roxy was not used to being rebuffed, and quietly she vowed that one way or the other she would have her wicked way with him.

What made it worse, was that Roxy could not help showing her interest in Tony openly, such was her obsession whenever he was around, and this was quickly noticed by the rest of the female staff at the school. One of them ran a book on how long Tony would, or could hold out. In a way most of them were a little envious of Roxy, having such an attractive young male hunk in her department and being able to work so closely with him. The fact that she was making no progress with him at all, was very frustrating, but she could not think of a logical excuse where she could get him on his own out of school hours.

Many of the older girls not unnaturally, also had a serious crush on Tony, which perhaps was a lot less subtle and easier for Tony to ignore. In particular the very glamorous teenager Megan Watkins, a sixteen year old long leggy blonde with lovely features, who even at her tender age was no virgin and had been inducted into the sex scene by her wealthy father when she was just thirteen. Megan was herself very attracted to Tony and like Roxy had been quite sure that she would find a way to seduce him and have her wicked way with him. But so far all her antics had failed miserably. Megan's father was the Managing Director and major shareholder of the Rio Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company which manufactured a whole range of medications.

Megan at home, despite her fathers attentions was frequently left very much to her own devices by her father, who was a widower and was now becoming much more interested in spending time with his current call girl and new mistress.

Megan was so interested in Tony, that she had even followed him to his home and got to know quite a bit about his personal habits She had taken a lot of photographs of Tony out of school and spent a lot of time drooling over them. Megan being a very capable girl, even found a way of peeping into the small male changing room that Tony used at the school, and as usual Tony thinking that he was on his own, had left his cubicle door open, while he showered and changed. One afternoon after a very long and very frustrating session with the sixth formers, who had been especially good at groping him and leading him on, was giving himself a little hand job, to relieve his pent up frustrations...

Increasingly, Tony had the feeling that he was being watched, not an uncommon feeling, even at times even while he was out of school and that afternoon once again in the changing room. He had that feeling, and logically anticipating that it would be one of the students, decided to put on a good show especially for the watcher.

Megan was a girl who was not used to being thwarted in her desires, had thought long and hard about how she could get on terms with him. It seemed to her that the only way was to kidnap him, but she knew that she could not do it on her own, and if she was discovered, the publicity would be most embarrassing. The more she thought about it, the more logical it seemed, she was sure that once he had seen the benefits of sex with her, he would not refuse her again, or even consider calling the police.

What she had seen that afternoon made Megan even more determined than ever to get him for herself. Tony naked, was much more impressive than her father. To kidnap him, she needed help and she reluctantly co-opted her two best friends into the plot. None of the girls were virgins, and they were all very active sexually, and in different ways had managed to acquire a significant amount of sexual experience During a free period they were sat talking in the students cloakroom and for about the tenth time looking at the photos on Megan's cell phone which she had managed to take through the spy hole.

It was two days later that Miss Roxy Lansdale overheard the three girls outlining their plan to abduct Tony and hold him for a weekend, while they took turns at ravishing him They were all equally enthusiastic, as they looked at Megan's film they could see that he was a lot bigger, and a lot sexier than any of the men or boys who they had previously had affairs with.

She heard one girl say "I know Pixy Roxy has been trying to lay him without success, so we don't stand much chance." Her friend Chloe Man sell said. "Well she is a stunner, and if he won't give her what she wants so what chance do we stand?"

Megan said. "We just don't have to give him an option, I know plenty of men who would like to spend a few hours in the sack with three sexy kittens like us. I think by the time we finish with him, he will not have eyes for any other women, because on our last PT session he was trying to position me at the start point for the pole vault and I managed to grab his cock, and he was really big and hard and I know from his little groan that he liked what I was doing to him.

The third girl Sarah said "We could always kidnap him, and keep him for ourselves for the weekend and do it that way."

"Ooh that would be a bit dangerous" Chloe said.

"That is what I am really proposing, Megan said, and if you think about it, its not really such a daft idea ... He lives alone in that little farm cottage in Foxall lane, and its well away from the road, and I think it would be very easy. I have been casing the cottage and I know where he keeps the spare key. I can get some nice pills from Daddies stock to keep his cock nice and hard, and keep him randy, so we can all share him. All we would have to do is just roll up knock the door let ourselves in quietly with the spare key and the three of us can easily overpower him"

Sarah said. "Yes and afterwards, he would call the Police and have us all locked up."

Megan said. "No lets think about it logically and then get our heads together - Do you think he really would risk his job by making an official complaint and if we all stonewalled and said we knew nothing about it if he did, he would look a right fool, especially if we all had some good alibi's ready."

The girls thought about it and kicked the idea around, eventually they had to agree it could possibly work and was worth the risk. Megan then said.

I will get the pills and stuff from Daddy's lab. We don't need condoms because we are all on the pill."

Miss Roxy Lonsdale crept away and thought a lot about what she had overheard. She was wondering how she could turn the girls plan to her own advantage. She decided that Tony would be eternally grateful to her if she warned him, she would also tell the police what she had overheard. The however, were a bit skeptical, but had no option but to investigate.

Tony noted the warning and thanked her, but was unaware that she was going to the Police, but he thought about it for a while and decided to turn the idea to his own advantage.

It was 5.00pm on the Friday evening and just turning dark as Megan and Chloe let themselves in the gate to Tony's small secluded cottage. They knew he was in, because the lights were on, and his car was parked in the garage. Megan lifted the stone outside the doorway and there was the key to the front door, she carefully unlocked the door and the girls crept inside. Closing the door quietly behind them.

In the lounge it was nice and warm, the lights were dimmed, and then the girls were taken aback as Tony stood in the doorway to the bedroom dressed just in a pair of football shorts, which clearly showed his erection.

"Welcome girls I hear that you have come to kidnap me and have your wicked way with me, so please come in do. I have the kettle on. You can kidnap me after a nice cup of tea.

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