Absence Makes the Heart Grow Hornier

by Boz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BiSexual, Wife Watching, First, Masturbation, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I'd like to tell you about a fantastic change that has occurred between my wife and I in our sex life over the last six months. A story of expanding horizons.

I'd like to tell you about a fantastic change that has occurred between my wife and I in our sex life over the last six months.

My wife is Sue and I am Rob and we have been very happily married for 18 years. Our sex life has been ok but nothing to set the world alight. When it's good it is very good but certainly I have been the one with the greater sex drive over the years.

I have always joked with Sue that it is a shame she does not use her body to greater advantage as at 5 foot 10 and a slim ash blond I think she is stunning. She of course can't see that and like most women always see the things she would like to change.

I think that like most couples we have used fantasies in our lovemaking but again I seem to be the driving force behind this and as much as I have tried, Sue has always been reluctant to admit her fantasies to me and when she does mention them I get the feeling that she is doing it more for me than her.

One of my favourite fantasies stem from a discussion with a work colleague from around 7 or 8 years ago. I had been out drinking with my mate Phil and we were discussing sex (as normal) when in drunken fit of honesty Phil said that he would love to get between Sue's long legs and fuck her silly. As his ex wife was a petite redhead with a fantastic body I hadn't considered that Sue would have been his type.

Having said that, I had often thought about what is must be like to fuck a fiery little redhead like Rebecca.

That was the start of a recurring fantasy of watching my beautiful wife take another man (usually Phil) and to see her suck his cock after getting fucked in multiple positions. Sometimes I would think of myself in the room just watching and wanking. Other times I would be actively involved or taking pictures and capturing it all on video.

Not long after Phil and I had the original discussion Sue and I were having a beautiful leisurely fuck and discussing all sorts of things that turn us on. She could sense that I was holding something back and kept pressuring me to tell her what it was.

I was reluctant to admit to her that I fantasised about seeing another man fuck her and said that I would only tell her on the understanding that she knew that this was just a very horny fantasy and that I would never let something happen that we were not both fully committed too.

She was so eager to hear by now that she would have agreed to anything. Just the thought of telling her this deep dark fantasy had my cock rock hard within her and I stepped up the pace of my fucking.

I could feel Sue's vaginal walls clenching and unclenching on my cock and I took the plunge and told her Phil's confession. As I embellished a little on the detail I could tell that she was very turned on and I told her I was cumming. Sue groaned "me too" and we finished with the most marvellous simultaneous climax. Sue's cunt was almost squirting and I could feel it running down between our bodies. I was still very turned on and as I withdrew from her I moved down her body, kissing all the way until I reached her dripping cunt.

The aroma was the most perfect perfume. I moved my tongue from her ass to her clit before poking my tongue in as far as I could get it. I then spent the next five minutes licking and sucking Sue to another orgasm.

We lay back exhausted, silent for a few minutes.

"Was it true" asked Sue. "About Phil wanting to fuck me?"

Sometimes I think people ask the stupidest questions but then again I think she just wanted to hear it again.

We talked about why it turned me on so much and I had to admit that I am not sure why it does. It just does.

Sue admitted that sometimes she did wonder what it would feel like to have another man see her naked or caress, feel, suck and fuck her whilst I watched.

It seems our fantasies were broadly similar but both of us had been afraid to admit it to each other. Over the next few weeks we enjoyed teasing each other during sex about having others join us and although we never believed that anything would happen. During the heat of sex it turned us both on to talk dirty.

I would say, "Can you feel Phil's throbbing hard cock teasing your beautiful cunt lips apart?"

"Imagine he is sucking your nipples whilst you wank him to orgasm".

"Can you feel him shoot his hot cum all over your tits and face?"

Sue would respond in a like manner, asking me if I liked watching her get fucked whilst wanking myself silly.

It all served to pep up our sex life immensely whilst leaving us feeling safe that neither of us strayed from each other.

Ironically, another of the things that improved our sex life is that over the last two years I have had to travel a lot around Europe and we developed our own brand of telephone sex where we would tell each other what we were wearing (or not), what we were doing to ourselves and what we would like to do to each other.

We often joke that I must have masturbated in every major European capital city and I know that for a while my mobile phone bill would have bankrupted some smaller African states.

The sex when I got home at the weekends however was fantastic.

As you can guess the distance between us sometimes made our fantasies take on a new life and we would talk about all sorts of things that we knew would never make a real appearance in our lives.

It was not long before we discovered instant messaging and the use of the web cam. Our long distance sex took on a whole new life as Sue would perform stripteases for me and use her toys on herself. I would sometimes tell her that I was expecting some girl or other from whichever office I was visiting and that I had invited her up to my room for a drink. This meant that there was a good chance that she could appear whilst we were chatting and would Sue like to watch me fuck her via the web cam? All this was pure fantasy of course.

Sue would respond by telling me that she had invited Phil around for a meal and that the front door was open and he may well walk in on her writhing about with 10 inches of vibrating pink rabbit thrusting into her hot wet cunt.

It was ironic that we seemed to have more and better sex during the time that I was travelling both with the telephone and web sex and again at the weekends when would pretend that we were making up for our time apart. Whether or not we would have made love if I had been home is debateable but as I have said, our sex life was getting better and better.

We had started to experiment in other ways and Sue had become much more adventurous even allowing me to cum on her face for the first time. This provided much material for the next week's web cam discussions.

One evening during the week following her facial Sue was performing for me on camera and holding her pink cunt lips apart when she moaned, "oh my God, I need to pee".

"Then just do it", I moaned from 900 miles away, pulling on my very hard cock.

"No, I can't"

"Yes, please, do it for me", I pleaded.

Sue disappeared from view for about 10 seconds and came back with a punch bowl. She barely had time to place in view so that she could squat on it when a torrent of piss streamed from between her lips. The sound of her pee splashing in the bowl and the look on her face had me shooting my load in seconds.

"You're a pervert", she scolded with a smile on her face.

"You went to get the bowl, not me" I responded.

The following weekend we discussed why it had turned us on so much. We didn't know but we had to take it further.

By now it was a regular occurrence for me to stand over Sue and aim my cum for her mouth. Sometimes I would strike the target and other times could only reach her tits. Either way I would end up massaging it into her tits or licking it off her face.

Sue's particular favourite was for me to withdraw from her cunt as soon as I had shot my first jet into her and blow the rest on her labia. As soon as I had done this I had to push as much cum as I could back into her cunt with my tongue.

No matter how many times Sue had reached orgasm she could always cum again if I got that bit right.

This particular weekend I knelt above Sue as she wanked me, she whispered, "do you want to piss on me"?

"Oh fuck yes", I moaned, and pictured the sight of me sending a strong stream of piss all over her tits. "And how about Phil standing the other side and pissing over you as well?"

I thought I had overstepped the mark for a moment and Sue slowed her wanking. However, she raised herself up without releasing my cock and kissed me.

"I fantasise about you both cumming and pissing on me" she said. "Am I too naughty for you?"

Well, I blew my load there and then, my cum squirting on her pubic hair. We hugged tightly and I felt my warm sticky cum spread out over us.

We took ourselves to the shower room kissing and fondling each other as we went. As we soaped each other and cleaned off, Sue caressed my cock back to a full hard on.

"It's difficult for me to piss like this you know?"

"Do you want to do it now?" she asked and promptly forced her tongue into my mouth.

"Do you want me to?"

"Oh yes please", she moaned.

Sue stood back from me expecting me to piss right away but you know what it's like when you have a hard on, especially one as stiff as mine was at that moment. However I felt it stirring and told her get ready. Sue knelt in front of me, her face at cock height with the shower raining down on her.

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