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by Paris Waterman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: a loving spouse spices up their lovelife by inviting her sister over for fun and games.

It was a Thursday night. I had just flown in from Boston. I was tired after three separate delays at the airport caused the flight to take three times the normal flight time. I wanted nothing more than a scotch on the rocks and some overdue playtime with Christine, my wife of exactly three years that day. We had celebrated our anniversary before I'd left the week before, but I was more than willing to celebrate again as long as it didn't require getting dressed and going out on the town.

Imagine my surprise when Christine greeted me at the door with the news that her sister had flown in earlier that day, and would be staying with us through the weekend.

"Eve is here?" I said, trying hard for a neutral tone.

"No," my loving spouse said with a bemused expression that had her eyes twinkling mischievously. "It's Amy. You haven't met her. She was in Spain when we got married, remember?"

In fact I didn't recall, but nodded as if I did. "Amy, huh? Any other siblings I don't know about?" Christine laughed that delightful laugh that always brought me around to whatever she wanted of me at the time. I truly loved her and I'm certain she felt the same about me.

"You'll love her, she's a real character, kooky-like, you'll see," and with that she whirled from me and ran up the stairs, yelling, "He's home! He's home!" Sounding much more like Paul Revere than the woman I'd married three short years ago.

Moments later, Amy appeared at the top of the stairs and stood there as if awaiting my inspection and approval. She was in her mid-twenties, a year older than Christine. She had a pleasant, almost but not quite innocent face, and looked spectacular. Her light brown hair was coiffed and glowed. Her eyes were made up abundantly, as was her mouth. The short skirt hugged her tightly as if painted on her frame. Her tits were bigger than Christine's and when she bent forward to shake my hand as I climbed the stairs to greet her; they almost fell out of her blouse. There wasn't much to restrain them.

"Hello, Lucas," she said in a husky voice. "It's time we met, don't you think?"

"Hello, Amy. Yes, it is."

"Sorry about the wedding," she said through semi-pouted lips. I knew she didn't mean it.

"That was years ago," I said softly, not wanting to put any inflection or meaning into my words.

"Three years, Lucas."

"So where have you been hiding?"

"I was traveling around the world," she replied as if it was something one did all the time.

We went down the stairs together, my eyes glued to her breasts bouncing liquidly with each step she took. We reached the bottom and I could swear she winked at me. A promise of something lewd in her eyes.

She laughed as Christine appeared and stood by her side inviting me to compare them together. I took them both in. It was obvious they were sisters. They shared a resemblance in their comparative beauty to Eva Green as she appeared in that classic film The Dreamers.

Christine was slightly taller, but Amy had fuller breasts. I managed to recall that Christine wore her hair s in a pony-tail most of the time, but this evening it was different, combed straight back above her forehead in sort of a lion's-mane effect. Their similarity continued in that each possessed high, prominent cheekbones that slanted their eyes just the tiniest bit. But they differed in that Christine's mouth loomed out at me and her full, sweet upper lip was so unusually short that it appeared unable to cover a perfect set of prominent upper teeth; whereas Amy's was wider with flashing teeth, and when she laughed several filling were visible at the back of her mouth.

We made our way out onto the veranda where Christine had a pitcher of Margaritas' waiting. I poured us each a drink and we sat there quietly waiting to see who would kick off the conversation.

I decided it would be me, so I said, "Sisters, eh, and only a year separating the two of you. There must have been some fights back then."

"Oh, no!" Christine exclaimed.

"Oh, yeah, there were some beauts," Amy said, contradicting her sister.

I took a gulp of my Margarita and waited.

Christine sighed and ruefully admitted they had their share of catfights.

"Without sister fights, life was dull," Amy admitted with a small smile. "I liked them because I was bigger and stronger; and I recall getting in a few good bites that left black and blue marks on her arms and legs."

"And that got me sympathy from Mom," Christine said with a big grin.

"And got me a spanking," Amy said with an even bigger grin.

"What about Eve? Where did she fit in?"

"You know, it's funny," Amy said, "I'm four years older than Eve, and Christine is three years older, but we always treated her like the baby."

"She was the baby!" Christine said.

Amy smiled and said, "Yeah, but we never seemed to compete with her."

I kept sneaking looks at Amy while pretending to glance back and forth at each of them. I knew they could tell what I was doing, but I didn't really care.

Amy wore sandals and her toes had a pale pink nail polish on them. She also wore small silver earrings, in the shape of little rabbits. She smiled easily; and she was a definite flirt, as least as far as I was concerned. Christine knew, but let it go. She also spoke quickly, and used 'Yeah, ' instead of 'Yes'

How far would she let her sister go, I wondered. I started to fantasize that after a few more drinks Christine says she's tired and retires after telling me to stay up with her sister.

A hour and a couple of drinks later, we're both kind of high; Amy excuses herself to go potty, and when she returns we decide to call it a night. I get a warm, appreciative kiss, feel those tits pressed against me then she's gone off to bed.

I put the glasses in the sink, and do a little bit of cleanup then head to our bedroom, Christine is snoring lightly. I pass her and enter the master bath wanting to take a quick shower before retiring.

I'm just walking into the shower when Amy storms in demanding to know what I've done with her personal stuff.

"What personal stuff?"

"My panties!"

"I don't know what you're talking about and lower your voice, Christine's sleeping."

"My panties are missing!"

"You think I've got them? You need to rinse them or something?"

"I can't sleep without this particular pair."

"I don't have them."

"You're a liar!"

Rather than wake Christine, with further arguing Amy left the bedroom only to confront me again when I ventured out into the kitchen after wrapping a towel around my mid-section.

"I know you took them. You want a pair of panties to sniff or whatever you do with them, I'll give you the pair I just took off."

"I don't smell people's underwear!"

"You saying they walked off on their own?"

"I don't know how long were you wearing them?"

"Fuck you!"

"No, fuck you! You're a guest in my house and you're nothing but trouble."

"I wouldn't be trouble if you hadn't stolen my panties!"

Amy whirled away from me and stormed to the bar and poured herself a shot of Tequila and threw it right down. She coughed and dropped the glass, and promptly bent to pick it up. Her breasts almost leaped out of the peasant blouse she was wearing.

"It may be inappropriate for me to say it, but you have lovely tits. Thank you for showing them. If I had your panties I'd gladly give them back for an even better view."

With an alacrity that startled me, Amy pulled the peasant blouse over her head and tossed it on the bar.

"Have a good long look, than gimme back my panties." Both nipples were fully aroused. They were slightly larger than Christine's; and probably longer, but I wasn't certain.

She licked her lips. I knew it wasn't the Tequila she tasted.

"Wait!" I said.

"What? What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong ... this just isn't right. Christine's sleeping right down the hall."

Amy giggled. "We won't wake her. She can sleep through an explosion."

"You don't know her," I said.

"She's my sister for Christ's sake. I know I've had several of them in her room. I fucked a guy in her bed, and she didn't even stir."

"She might have pretended to be asleep."

"Of course I do. Sisters know those things."

"You do, huh?"

"Yeah, I do."

I had had enough of her bullshit and grabbed her by the hand and pulled her toward the doorway. "Hey, what are you doing?" She protested weakly.

"Testing a theory."


"C'mon, we'll see if you can have an explosion without waking her up."

"You're kidding me!"

"No, I want you. I want you very much. It's going to happen, Amy."

"No it isn't."

"I knew it when you let me see those tits."

"Lots of guys have seen 'em, but that's all."

I opened the door to our bedroom. Christine was sprawled across the bed, the sheet wrapped around her.

"Is she hot or what?" I said, more to myself than to Amy. But Amy replied as if I'd spoken to her. "Yeah, she could hop out of a sauna and look good enough to eat."

I noticed her hand had a tight grip on my towel while she started at her sister, whose ass was now jutting provocatively in the air although for the moment still covered by the sheet. It was an invitation I recognized. In fact, I had accepted a similar invitation just before leaving on my business trip a week earlier. It had been the wildest and longest ass fucking I'd ever participated in.

Amy nosily drew in a breath, prompting me to tell her to be quiet.

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