Menage a Ty

by Severusmax

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Magic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, White Couple, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Workplace, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This spin-off of "Vicki" tells how Dan, Vicki, Sandy, and Julie successfully arranged for Vicki's ex, Tyler, to get involved with Sandy and Julie. There is even a "wedding" for the trio. I guess that I'm a sucker for happy endings, at least sometimes.

"How are you doing lately, Ty?" Vicki asked her ex, as she picked up Trevor from his place. Her son was busy gathering his stuff, so they had a private moment that allowed for candid discussion.

She was sincerely concerned, as it had been more than three months since Dinah's demise and Ty still seemed to keep to himself. Vicki knew that grief was never easy, especially under such circumstances as the way that Dinah betrayed him right before her death. Even so, the way that Ty simply hung around his house and wallowed in self-pity worried her. Vicki still cared about her ex, as a friend and as Trevor's dad, even if she didn't love him anymore. Trevor had told her more than enough to raise her hackles.

"Not so great. Damn it, Vicki, how can you still see through me like that? We've been divorced for the longest time now, and yet you still know the real me. I can safely say that we're no longer in love, but I can't lie to you worth a damn. Alright, I'll be frank with you. I'm lonely, but I also feel guilty. The last woman that I brought into this house, into my life, harmed my only child. She molested our son. I can't forgive myself for choosing that poorly. My stupid infatuation with that woman resulted in more than my humiliation. It caused a lifetime of scars for our boy.

"You once called him the only good thing that came from our marriage and I suppose that's true. I, however indirectly and unintentionally, left him vulnerable to a predator. Sure, I miss having a woman around, but I fear exposing Trevor to that again. What if I goof up again? I thought only with my dick last time and look what it got all of us. I can't repeat that mistake, Vicki," Ty sighed as he swallowed more beer from his bottle.

His bloodshot eyes indicated that booze was his only companion whenever Trevor wasn't around. Well, her son hadn't even left yet, and Vicki suspected that he would switch from lager to hard liquor as soon as he was alone. At this rate, he would kill himself and deprive Trevor of his father. Whatever her feelings about Tyler, she owed their kid a better childhood than one without the man he worshiped as Dad. Ty owed him more than that as well. For Trevor's sake, if not Ty's sake, Vicki had to intervene. Otherwise, guilt, self-loathing, self-pity, loneliness, and alcohol would kill this man who was so crucial to her son's life.

"Ty, I hate to be the one to nag you or give you hell, since you're my ex-husband. This doesn't come easy for me. I'm a very non-confrontational woman, as you know. Still, if I don't speak up, you'll ruin your own life and Trevor's for good measure. So, I'm gonna give you a piece of my mind. There are some things that you need to do, even if only for Trevor.

"First, you should either quit drinking or cut back significantly. Secondly, it's time to look at getting a social life. Yes, you can do that without booze. Don't even start that crap. You miss having a woman in your life. I understand that. I was lonely, too. Then Dan and the others entered my life, but especially Dan. If nothing else, you need to get laid. That will help your mood a lot and reduce your stress. It will boost your confidence and let you go at your own pace in picking your next girlfriend, wife, or whatever. Next, you need to get back into your usual hobbies. You've all but abandoned them, and that's not healthy for anyone.

"Finally, you need to get close to your brother and sister again. I know that you're still pissed at Ryan and Stephanie for being lovers, but don't you think that the time has come to accept that incest is as natural for them as chasing skirts is to you? Stop being such a hypocrite about sex! You need to relax about things like that. I have learned to accept you for what you are, a lecher. That's just your nature.

"I've accepted it about Dan for certain, even to the point of sharing him with four other women. I've embraced my bisexuality as well. Those women aren't just his sex partners. They're mine, too. I know that Dinah was despicable. She was a real pervert, a pedophile. That's far different from me. Call me a slut, if you must, but I like sex. I never cheated on you, though you certainly cheated on me. I can guarantee you that I jilled off a lot at the end, however, when you stopped sleeping with me.

"Things are different now. Even what Dinah did with those other men was no worse than what you did with her when you were with me. No better, either. Just the same. Equally bad, flawed, human, and forgivable. Only what she did to Trevor was worse. You need to forgive your other brother, Red, too. He's just a horny, hot-blooded man who was more thoughtless than disloyal.

"I'm just trying to tell you to get a grip. Sorry about getting sidetracked there and preaching at you. The point is that you need to let some things go and enjoy your life. Find a woman, maybe a couple of women, or even a man, if that's your thing. Do what makes you happy. Get some action. Get out of the house a little. Go fishing. Play golf. Hunt some game. Go bowling with your buddies. They probably miss you by now and are worried sick about you.

"Live your life. Stop just existing and haunting this place like some damned ghost. Stop moping and whining. See what I mean? Have some fun, damn it! Kick back and have a good time! Practice shooting at the range again. Go to a movie. Laugh a little! Just stop being such a damn hermit!" Vicki gave Tyler the verbal equivalent of a swift kick in the ass.

"As much as I want to tell you to butt out and leave me to my own devices, you're right again. Damn you, Vicki, but you're right! I've been sitting in my own despair for far too long. Forgive me for dragging everyone else down, especially Trevor. Well, you have him for the week, so I guess that I have no excuse. I'll do something fun. Thank you, Vicki. Have you ever considered counseling? I mean, giving it for a living, not seeking it. You'd do well at it," Tyler Marsh stroked his stubble and stood up.

"Good for you, Ty. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find our son, who seems to have fallen off the planet into a black hole somewhere," Vicki hugged Tyler, before she went searching for Trevor.

When Vicki got Trevor home, he saw Aunt Michelle washing her car and decided that she needed help. It probably had something to do with the hope of getting into a fight with the water hose, not to mention a minor crush that he had on her. He knew that it was wrong and hopeless, because he was only eleven and she wasn't a sicko like Dinah, but he was a healthy boy and the sexual genie was already out of the bottle now. He couldn't touch, but he would definitely look. Where Michelle Velasquez was concerned, looking was quite understandable. She had curly, jet-black hair and a sultry, earthy complexion that just hinted at her Tejana origins.

"Mom, can I help Aunt Michelle wash her car? She looks like she could use the help, even if she's too proud to admit it. I know that Dan is on his last business trip with Aunt Haley, so who else is there to assist her? Aunt Sandy and Aunt Julie aren't visiting right now, either," Trevor begged his mother, who wasn't fooled, but trusted her girlfriend completely.

"Okay, but you still have to get your homework done and don't forget that supper's at seven. Don't let Aunt Michelle forget it, either. She's almost as far into her pregnancy as I'm into mine, so she needs to eat for two as well. Run along now, champ," Vicki kissed Trevor on the forehead and let him go. Then she shook her head and laughed lovingly at her son. He was just like his father, for better or worse.

Thinking of Tyler again, Vicki realized what the best solution was, though it might not appeal to Sandy and Julie. She had to try it, anyway. They needed daily access to cock just as he needed it with pussy. Dan was great in bed, but even a superhuman like him was limited by certain factors, such as time and space. The arrangement worked well for visits back and forth, but it wasn't any good at 2 am on a regular Tuesday. It was understood that five women and a man in one house would make it impossible for anything but sex to get done by anyone, so the couple moving in with Dan wasn't a practical alternative.

Vicki's germ of a plan wouldn't mean that Sandy or Julie would stop screwing any of them. After all, they wanted to get pregnant eventually and there was still a mutual desire among the six partners. It would simply add a man to the equation and thus help both men out. Tyler Marsh might resist at first, but he wouldn't be able to do so for very long. Sandy and Julie weren't a financial burden, since they ran their own business and probably made more than Ty did. They weren't nags or shopaholics. They were two of the sexiest women that Vicki had ever known.

As long as Tyler accepted that Sandy and Julie were "married" to each other, even their lesbian relationship shouldn't be a problem. They wouldn't kick him out of bed. They could have each other as a wife and still have a boyfriend in common. If they respected that it was his house and had been in the family for a generation, she didn't see any difficulties for a menage a trois between Tyler, Sandy, and Julie. He would still be man of the house and he would get to live every man's wet dream.

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