Wonder Woman: the Bullies of Desolate Town

by sonyaesperanto

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Mind Control, Magic, Fan Fiction, Superhero, BDSM, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Nudism, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Wonder Woman makes a stop at a small town, out of curiosity. She then sees 3 bullies bullying a smaller kid. Just as she thought she had things under control, one of the bullies manages to snatch her lasso off her and uses it on her, reducing the tall and brave Amazon supeheroine into a meek slave for the 3 bullies.

Author's Note

I don't own Wonder Woman. She is a property of DC Comics. I don't make any money from this story and this is just a Fan Fiction (even though an erotic one:))

This version of Wonder Woman is from a parallel universe, where she is the only superheroine but strongly resembles her counterpart in the Justice League animated series plus that she has a mentally-controlled magic lasso and invisible plane, like in her 1970s counterpart in Superfriends.

Also NOTE that this story is a bit hardcore with scenes of bestiality, humiliation, and slapping as well as physical and psychological degradations of all sorts. If you are disturbed by such things or disturbed to see all this happening and being done to Wonder Woman, then read no further.

If you've got no problem with that, please keep on!! Remember that this is just fiction, even if it is a Fan Fiction.



It was a quiet and peaceful day. In fact it has been very peaceful for the last two months. Wonder Woman had been flying on the air, inside her invisible jet. The only other things up on the sky with her were the birds. Right now she was flying across the airspace of America. America was a big country, full of cities and towns. Some towns were big, but others were small, and in the middle of nowhere.

Right now she flew over the skies of the small town of Desolate, a town that was located over a couple of cliffs, on top of some hill. She spotted a couple of buildings and even some forests.

Wonder Woman: (to herself) There are so many towns in this country. I have never really been to all of them. Why not check this one out for myself. I wonder what life is like for people in this town.

Wonder Woman landed her invisible jet, by some woods. She got off her jet and went for a stroll.

But something caught her eye. Not far from where she was, she saw some big kids bullying a younger smaller kid.

Wonder Woman: That's not right. I better sort them out.

Wonder Woman swoop down towards the woods. When she reached the floor, she had a better view. There were three boys pinning down a much younger and shorter boy against a tree.

The younger boy's name was Dillon. He had black hair, blue eyes, stood at 5'2, skinny, wore specs, was 14 years old and looked like a geek. He was also a scaredy-cat chickenshit coward who caved in easily to fear of getting beaten up.

The three boys pinning him were Fogarty, Moose and Biff. All three boys had brown hair, brown eyes, fat, stood at 5'5, and were 15 years old and a couple of bullies.

Fogarty was the gang leader.

Wonder Woman: Hey you three!! Leave that poor boy alone!!

The three bullies turned around. They were shocked.

Fogarty: (panicked) It's Wonder Woman.

The three boys moved away from Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman knew that they were scared of her. Wonder Woman approached Dillon, putting her hand on his shoulder.

Wonder Woman: Are you ok??

Dillon: I'm fine Wonder Woman, now that you're here!!

Dillon was grateful that Wonder Woman was here. He was surprised (as were the bullies). Wonder Woman was Dillon's hero.

The three bullies were whispering towards each other.

Moose: You think we're in trouble.

Fogarty eyed her magic lasso, by her waist. While Wonder Woman was lecturing and giving consoles Dillon, Fogarty managed to creep up behind her. Since she didn't think they were really a threat, she had completely let her guard down. After all she was 6 foot and they were shorter than her, and that she was also a bit muscular.

Fogarty: I've got an idea!!

Fogarty snatched the lasso, due to Wonder Woman and Dillon being conversing with each other. He thought of putting the lasso around Wonder Woman and to his surprise, the front part of the lasso wrapped itself around Wonder Woman, binding her arms to the side of her body.

Fogarty: Oh my God. It works.

Wonder Woman stood there paralysed by the power of her own magic lasso.

Fogarty: Now if I am correct, you can make anyone obey you with the power of this lasso, correct?

Wonder Woman didn't want to tell him the truth but she was under the power of the lasso and so had no choice.

Wonder Woman: That is correct.

The other two bullies joined where Fogarty stood.

Dillon: Oh no. they've got Wonder Woman under the power of her own lasso. What have I done??

Fogarty: Wonder Woman, from this day forth, you are our slave. You live only to obey me, and do whatever I want you to do. You will call the three of us masters, because we are your Masters. You will never betray us, try to run away, tell on us, and you will always be fearful of us and confess to us, all things that make you fearful and discomforting. You will always feel like a very vulnerable woman. Now this will be your new existence and new life, even when I remove the lasso off you.

Fogarty mentally told the lasso to unwrap itself out of Wonder Woman, and so it did. Wonder Woman no longer looked confident but instead looked afraid, of the bullies. She looked meek.

Dillon: I have to tell someone.

Fogarty: (towards Dillon) I heard that!! You tell anyone Dillon and we'll break your entire face.

Dillon dropped to his knees, pleading with the three bullies not to beat him. Fogarty said that he won't, so long as Dillon does what he is told and not tell anyone what they did to Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman: (what she thought of Dillon) What a coward and to think that I risked this all for him. If I haven't, I wouldn't be in this humiliation position right now.

Fogarty: Now Wonder Woman, tell us this. Are you alone?

Wonder Woman: I am alone Master.

Moose: That is music to our ears.

Biff: Hey let's have some fun with her!!

Fogarty: Great idea!! Hey bitch, drop down on all fours like a dog.

Wonder Woman: Yes Master.

Wonder Woman knelt before the three bullies, and then dropped down completely on all fours like a bitch (female dog). All three bullies looked own on her nastily.

Moose: (mocking) Looks like we put you in your place Wonder-bitch!!

Wonder Woman looked scared. She hates it now that since she was standing, she could look down on them. But now she was made to go on all fours, they were the ones who could look now down on her.

Fogarty: (suggesting) Ok boys. How about she gives us all a blowjob!!

Moose: Now that's what I call a great idea!!

Wonder Woman: (gulping with fear) No please master. Please don't. That is too degrading, even for me.

Moose: Shut up you fucking slut!! We want our cocks suck, regardless whether you like it or not!!

Fogarty: Hey you Dillon come and stand beside us!!

Dillon walked towards the fat bully. Fogarty put his strong fat hand around Dillon's shoulder, ushering the nerd to stand with them, forced to watch the continuing humiliation of his own idol.

Biff: Hey you bitch!! Come here and give us blowjobs!!

Wonder Woman: Yes Master.

Wonder Woman crawled towards Biff. As she was about tom sue her hand to unzip his pants, he grabbed her long black hair and pulled on it roughly. Wonder Woman cried in pain.

Buff: No bitch. Don't use your fingers to unzip me. Use your teeth!!

Wonder Woman used her teeth to pull down Biffs pant zipper down. Once it was down, she used her hand to pull out his cock, and take into her mouth, she started sucking his cock.

Biff: This bitch is good!!

As Wonder Woman was sucking his cock and drinking his sperm, Biff stared using his cock to fuck Wonder Woman's face roughly. Wonder Woman was now feeling tremendous pain inside her head, being ordered to no longer feel her Amazon strength.

Biff: That's right Wonder Whore. Keep sucking my dick. Hey Dillon looks what I'm doing to your hero. Didn't you always tell us that Wonder Woman was one day going to come to this town and put us in our place well it looks like we're the ones putting her in her place?

All three bullies laughed cruelly, while Wonder Woman fearfully sucked her new master's cock.

Wonder Woman had been sucking Biff's cock until Fogarty got impatient.

Fogarty: Ok Wonder Whore! Stop sucking his cock and start sucking mine. Remember to use your teeth to pull my zipper down.

Wonder Woman stopped sucking Biff's cock. She pulled out his cock form her mouth, revealing his sperm dripping down her mouth.

Biff: Hey bitch. Before you suck his cock, use that lovely black hair of yours to wipe out my sticky sperm dripping from my cock.

Wonder Woman: Yes master.

Wonder Woman, while remaining on all fours like some bitch, used her left hand to use her long black hair to clean out Biff's cock, especially where the cum stains are.

Biff: That's more like it.

Moose: (cruelly teasing) Hey look Dillon. Look what we are making your heroine do with her own hair!!

When Wonder Woman was finishing wiping out Biff's cum stain off his own cock, her own black hair was now sticky with sperm.

Wonder Woman then crawled over to Fogarty, giving him the same treatment she gave Biff i.e. using her teeth to pull his zipper down, sucking his cock and then using her hair to clean it off.

Then she performed the same oral task with the third bully: Moose. But compared to the first two, Moose really was fucking her mouth really aggressively and he did not let her use her hand to use her hair to wipe him clean. He just grabbed her hair roughly and used it as if he was using a kitchen cloth to clean off a dirt stain. That caused Wonder Woman to cry out in pain, with him telling her to shut up.

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