To Be or Not to Be Dumped?

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Love is an exciting game with many ups and many downs. This story is from November 2007 but it has not been here at Storiesonline before now.

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I think that I, Dennis Sandén, was a rather average young man in our small Scandinavian town where I had a pleasant life thanks to my three years in vocational school and in army service as anti-aircraft equipment technician. I had got a well-paid job at a company, which restored and installed machines to the industry. On that very special Saturday evening which changed my life forever, I was 23 years old and still single when my best friend's new girlfriend had invited me to a party.

The party was said to be a Dutch treat and would take place that Saturday evening. When I rang the bell at the entrance to the house where the party was held, I got a real surprise because it was Rebecka Broman who opened the door for me.

Though Rebecka was a very good-looking girl, I didn't like her at all and therefore had hardly ever spoken with her because she was regarded as a real stuck-up bitch toward us boys with a blue-collar job. We had never understood her reason for that because she herself was working in her parents' shoe shop and that wasn't much to brag about.

She had some kind of loose relationship with Gabriel Olinder, a rich daddy's spoiled son from her own wealthy part of our small Scandinavian town. I disliked him like hell after he, with the aid of his daddy's money and new Mercedes took over a beautiful virgin girlfriend I had several years ago. That's the game, but this asshole humiliated me with pictures of how he took her cherry and dumped her soon after that.

Gabriel's father got several angry letters published in our local newspaper because the local police never tried to find out who had poured a tin of "Paint Off" on his new Mercedes. Gabriel accused me but calmed down rather soon when some nasty boys from my neighborhood had told him what could happen if he continued with that bullshit.

When I got into the party, Rebecka looked with visible disgust at the bottle of "VAT 69", a fair Scotch blend whisky, which I had brought with me and she said with a sound of disgust in her voice, "So you must drink that stuff to pretend that you are a real man."

I never found out if her sour comment was caused because "69" is an oral sex position or if she had expected malt whisky instead of only blended whisky, though it was of fair quality. However I replied, "Not at all, but that was all I had."

She continued, "But you can't skip drinking it."

I wanted her to shut up so I gave her a silly suggestion, which I was sure she would never accept and said, "Of course I can skip drinking it if I have something better to do. By the way, there's a great band at the Park Hall tonight. If you are coming with me dancing there right now, I'll drive and be sober the whole evening."

Once again Rebecka looked at me with disgust, but when she noted that most people in the room then were staring at us in silence she gave me a smile and said, "It would be a pleasure."

The other guests did applaud her when she took my bottle, placed it on a table and told me, "Let's go, darling."

Rebecka's sweet smile vanished immediately after we had closed the door from outside and she barked at me, "Why in the hell did you do this damn shit to me?"

"Look at the bright side. You got your sober Saturday evening together with a nice guy."

"What nice guy? You're a crazy nerd."

Nothing more was said until we got to my car. I cursed myself for my big mouth, which had brought me to this stupid "date" with a stuck-up bitch I really disliked. I knew that there would be a lot of questions to answer tomorrow, so I had to keep my word and continue the 85 kilometers trip to that dance hall.

Rebecka must have read my mind because she barked at me, "Don't dare try any tricks to get out of this. It is your stupid idea, so shut up and drive."

She switched on the radio and listened at the music for ten - fifteen minutes before she turned to me and asked, "You didn't expected me to accept this so called date, did you?"


She gave a sweet smile and I noted that she was rather beautiful when she smiled and said, "But I did."

"Yes, you did and we are on the road. Let's try to forget all hard feelings for the time being and have a pleasant evening."

Rebecka gave a new smile before she asked, "Do you really mean that?"



Thereafter we made pleasant small talk until we got to the dance hall.

Our first dance was a quick one and to my great pleasure I found out that Rebecka was keen at it. It was she who suggested that we stay on the dance floor for two further tunes before we went for refreshments. Of course, I danced with many other girls during the evening but now and then even with Rebecka, who didn't sit down many minutes during the whole evening. However, she "saved the last dance for me" and held me very tight during it.

She fell asleep almost immediately on the way home and didn't wake up before we were back in our hometown again and I shook her awake to find out where she lived. When I stopped the car outside her apartment, she said, "Thanks for a pleasant evening. I'll call you later."

That was it. However, it had been a pleasant evening even for me.

I hadn't expected a call from her and I must confess that it was a pleasant surprise when Rebecka called me on Thursday evening. She told me that she would like to go to the dance hall the next Saturday because a very popular band was playing that evening. I agreed to drive and before hanging up she told me that she probably would bring her friend Annelie with her.

On Saturday evening I got to Rebecka's apartment almost on time and after only a few minutes she came out. But she surprised me by getting into the back seat and before I had time to ask her why she did that, Gabriel Olinder got into the back seat next to her.

Of course, I didn't take such humiliation. I switched off the engine, went around the car, opened the back door on Gabriel's side and dragged him out of the car so he fell down on the ground. Rebecka was quiet but had a strange look on her face as I shouted to her, "This car isn't made for garbage transport."

Gabriel was obviously rather boozed, because it took some time for him to rise up from the ground and begin his expected attack against me. I stepped aside so his swings missed me by almost a half-meter before I sent him back to the ground with only one hit with my right fist. Then I dragged him to a bench beside the entrance of the house where Rebecka had her apartment and threw him into a sitting position.

Rebecka had remained silent during the entire few seconds it had taken me to get rid of Gabriel. Back at the car I told her, "Get into the front seat."

I didn't expect her to do that, but she did and when she was seated she said, "I'm sorry."

Then she told me that her friend Annelie had wanted to come with us but she had come down with a terrible flu. Gabriel had come uninvited to her apartment with a bottle of wine. She had only taken one small glass and Gabriel had emptied the bottle. She had believed him when Gabriel had told her that he and I had no hard feelings between us any longer, so she had promised to let him come with us to the dance hall. She told me that though Gabriel had been some kind of a boyfriend for her at one time, nowadays he was only a friend.

Rebecka and I had a pleasant evening at the dance hall and this time she was awake during the drive home. When I stopped at her apartment she told me that she wasn't in the mood for any sex or necking but if I dropped those thoughts, I could come in for a cup of tea and a sandwich. I accepted.

She had a nice two room flat in good order with expensive looking furniture. Rebecka's parents obviously paid her fair a salary. She had planned for this in advance and had bought two big shrimp sandwiches. Before I left her about three o'clock in the Sunday morning, we agreed to have lunch together later that day.

During the lunch at a small restaurant she told me the latest news about Gabriel. After we had left him on the bench, he had gone to the pub for some further drinking and thereafter took a taxi to the dance hall to get revenge on me. He was regarded as too drunk to be admitted and got involved in an argument and fight with the man in the ticket box. A police patrol had been nearby and, after some quarreling, took him to the police station for the night.

A few weeks later Gabriel lost his driving license for one year because he had been caught several times speeding and the high fines for his Saturday evening added to the speeding fines became too much for the authorities. Within a few months he had turned into a heavy drinker and sometimes even joined the local "A-team" (unemployed alcoholics, usually gathering in some park for drinking).

Both Rebecka and I were surprised about how well we got along together and had almost equal opinions on many quite different matters. She was a beautiful girl and it was my goal to get her laid as soon as possible. But unfortunately Rebecka had no intentions of co-operating in that matter. She told me later that her main reason for not having sex with me was that she already had fallen in love with me but she feared that I would use her as some kind of trophy to show up Gabriel and dump her after I got what I wanted. Of course, that wasn't true because even I had warm feelings for her and had no intentions of dumping her.

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