Two Parties Become One

by Friskee_cpl

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Guests at a 21st birthday join some from a 40th for a wild party of their own.

My god she is beautiful. My wife Sharon has just got out of the shower and her long dark curly hair is cascading down her back. At 39 and three kids later she is still a stunner. A small mummy tummy is all that is can be seen, and that only by a trained eye.

This morning before we arrived for our friend June's 40th birthday I shouted her a facial, wax and massage at an exclusive beauty parlour here in the Blue Mountains. I won't pretend for one minute that we have a 'normal' marriage. We have anything but. We started off being normal but got tired of it very quickly and when we got stoned and had a 3some with a mate of mine 16 years ago we entered the world of multiple sex partners and haven't looked back since.

The arrival of the kids has slowed us down a bit, we can't really have an orgy with young teenage kids wandering about, so now we get together with a few select friends every couple of months. June is one of our friends. Unfortunately for June her husband took off about 10 years ago and she hasn't found anybody that could keep up with her bizarre life. Very good looking but emotionally draining. She certainly knows how to fuck and is rarely without a short term partner who will keep her entertained.

I'd already had a shower and as I was lying back nude on the bed I had a perfect view of her naked torso as she preened herself in front of the mirror. Her perfect arse was bent nicely over the vanity as she examined her eyes. My mind drifted back to previous experiences of us and our sexual activities. I recalled our first outdoor 4some with another couple, a 3some with another male in a spare room in a pub one night, a night of fucking german backpackers and our first visit to Sin Sity swingers club in Surry Hills. As a result, of course, I got wood. I could hear the muffled sound of drunken youths in the beer garden downstairs and I went over to the window for a peak. Down below was what looked like a triumphant cricket team. The blokes were all in white and the girls were all on one table. Sharon and I often sit back and pick which people we would shag in a room and guess at how big or tight they would be. We'd never done it nude though.

"Sharon, come here a sec," I called out.

"What is it?" She said as she came into the room in all her naked glory. I noticed that she had had her bush trimmed and waxed when she was at the parlour.

"It's a cricket team and female associates," I rubbed her arse as she looked out the window.

"Mmm," She said thinking. "That bloke with the long hair is alright, he'd have a big one."

"That blonde in the pink top would have a tight pussy," I said. "The girl next to her in the singlet top would take it up the arse."

"You reckon?"

"For sure," I said as I rubbed her pussy lips from behind. She leant more forward and poked her tits out the window. If anybody looked up they'd cop a perve. Sharon's tits are just the right size, not humungous DDD and not too small either. Just perfectly proportioned.

I dipped my fingers into her pussy and felt her wetness. She groaned slightly as I slid three fingers in. "So you have one in your pussy," I said to her "now who do you want in your arse?"

"That European looking bloke over near the BBQ. He'd be dirty." My cock was ready to split.

Sharon reached back and grabbed my cock squeezing it hard. "But I'm afraid that you, my dear husband, are going to have to wait."

Highly sexed she may be but she also knows how to tease.

"Not even a little blow job?" I begged.

"Not now," she said smiling. "I just brushed my teeth."

"How about I just slip my cock into your pussy for a few pumps.'

"Then I wouldn't be able to stop and we'd be late for the party."

"Bugger," I said laughing. "Looks like I'll have to stop thinking about shagging then."

"You know you can't do that," She said.

"I'll try, watch," I stood up and walked over to the bed and grabbed the remote. I hit the switch and the cricket came on the telly. I'm not a big cricket fan so I channel surfed for a while before I came to the realisation that there was nothing on TV.

My todger had subsided a bit so I grabbed my clobber and got dressed. Sharon was still at the window having a look.

"Look you pervert," I said to her as I slapped her on the arse. "Get dressed or we will be late."

"Can we go to a nudist camp one week?" She asked.

I was surprised by the question. "Why do you ask?"

"I like hanging around with people in the nude," She said. "It's relaxing."

"On our next trip up the coast," I said. "We'll go to one."

"Cool," She said moving away from the window.

"I'm going down to the bar for a drink," I said. I knew she'd be another 15 or 20 minutes.

"What are you wearing tonight?" I asked as I opened the door.

She smiled back at me and said. "Not much. You never know who I'll meet. I might need to get undressed quickly."

"Of course," My dick gave another twinge and I slowly closed the door as I watched her bend over into the suitcase. Sharon loves to have sex with complete strangers in any location. Once she fucked a bloke in the storage room at a bowling club.

I went down to the bar and grabbed a schooner of Carlton Draught. In the public bar a band was setting up in the corner and the bar was filling up with some fairly rough types of customers. The TAB results were blasting out of a wall of TVs so I grabbed my beer and took it out to the beer garden to check out some of the talent at closer quarters.

The girls were indeed very cute and in their 20's as were most of the blokes. Typically I imagined the girls all naked and fucking the boys. I did notice a couple about my age over near the bar and the bloke gave me a quick nod and raised his glass as if to say cheers. He looked kind of familiar so I went over to say hello.

"G'day," I said as I approached.

"G'day," Said the bloke. "Its Marcus isn't it?"

"Yeah," I said. "Sorry you look familiar but your names escape me."

"I'm Doug and this is my partner Julie," She waved up at me and I looked at her tits. "We met at a barby at Steve's about, oh 5 years ago."

"Oh yeah," I said lying. "Now I remember." All I could remember of that night was fucking Sharon in the back of the old Sandman panel van Steve was repairing. Steve at the time was June's partner but they split about 6 months ago.

"Are you here for June's 40th?" I asked as I pulled a chair over and sat next to Julie.

"Yep," He said but I wasn't really listening. I was checking out Julie. She was in her 40's but was very well preserved. She had great cheekbones and just the right amount of flesh on her bones. As women get older they sometimes look better with a bit, not too much, extra padding. Her blonde hair had received the help of some bleaching compounds.

"We should share a cab to the Golf Club," I said bringing my attention back to Doug.

"Good idea," He said. "We should leave ... whoa is that your wife?" He was looking behind me at Sharon as she walked into the beer garden. A good number of the cricket lads were having a look as well. When she said she wasn't wearing much she was right. All she had on was a tight black halter neck dress with a plunging neckline, a black lace necklace was tied around her neck and her hair was tied up with a few loose curls framing her face. Her red lipstick teamed with the stilettos completed the hornbag perfection.

"Sure is," I said as I watched Julie giving Sharon a good look over and then smacking Doug in the arm. The look she gave Doug was not one of humour but more of a 'Don't you dare' look. There was something not quite right about the two of them. He looked very uptight and even had his Polo shirt tucked in.

"Do I have time for a drink?" She asked as she got to the table.

"Yeah sure," I said. 'This is Doug and Julie." Unlike me however she remembered them from 5 years ago.

"Hi. I remember you two," She said as she got some money from her purse. "I'll be back in a jif."

I watched her go over to the bar and with the black dress clinging to her arse and no sight of any visible panty line, I knew she wasn't wearing any knickers. She went into the Public Bar where all the rough heads were and began to flirtingly flick her long dark hair about. Julie turned around and was watching as well.

"I'm going to get some ciggies," Julie said as she stood up out of the chair.

"Aren't you giving up?" Doug asked.

"Not just yet," She said as she gave him that look again.

She was wearing a long batik skirt and a gold top with pearl buttons down the front. The neckline was deep enough so that I could see her black lace bra when she bent over to get her bag. She turned and walked into the Public Bar and went over to Sharon. She whispered into Sharon's ear and they both looked around the bar and had a laugh. Julie asked the barman for some change and turned towards Sharon so that they faced each other. Julie looked over towards Doug and seeing that his sight was blocked she put a finger under the halter neck of Sharon's top.

Sharon is used to strange people touching her so she didn't even flinch when Julie slid her finger down until the back of her hand brushed against her left breast. They whispered and laughed some more and a big bloke with a blue singlet on came over to them. Julie checked Doug's line of sight again and put her hand on his chest. She was certainly a flirt.

Julie finally went over to the machine and bought her smokes and the two of them whispered and laughed a bit more as they came back to the table.

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