Summer Vaction From School

by jillandjack11

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, Swinging, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: my sister and I have a good summer.

I got a computer now for a Christmas present. I was fourteen when I found all the porn sites on that computer. But the other day dad came in to my room for some reason and I had some porn pictures and stories on the computer and he was vary upset so he put a block on the computer so I could not get them any more. Boy was I pissed off.

I was just getting to learn everything about computer from the older kids in school. Now I was going to have to talk to them about how to get around a parent block. I signed in to a chat room and talked to some guys and they talked me through on how to get around the bock dad put on. I was now home free; I just couldn't leave the computer on when I left the room so they wouldn't know what I was doing.

One day I was in mom's room shining dad's shoes. Mom was on the computer in a chat room for Ohio State and she was chatting away. She got a phone call and went down stairs to take it. I checked her chat talk and she was talking to an old boyfriend she used to date in college. They were talking about old times and how hot they used to get when they dated. I wondered if dad knew who she was chatting to him and what they were talking about.

Saturday mom and dad were going out to a party and they were going to take me along. They said no other kids would be there and I could all play video games upstairs as they had their party down stairs. They had gotten a sitter for me but some how she canceled out.

The parents had a cook out and a lot of drinks. They went in the pool after us I got out. They said I could play in the pool for two hours and then the parents had the pool and then I had to go up stairs to play games or watch TV.

I played in the pool from about four to six. Then we all ate at six. By seven I headed for the upstairs bedroom. I watched out one of the bedroom windows looking at all the women dressed in bikinis and they looked hot. I had to put my sweats on so no one could see my hard on. Damn I think mom looked the best out of all of them.

Upstairs I played video and mom came up with soda and popcorn at eight thirty. By ten I was sacked out and sound asleep. I could still hear the party going on down at the pool. Then something woke me up later and I went to the other bedroom where the window over looked the pool. I could see the whole group at there playing grab ass. The guys were casing the women around and trying to remove the top of their suits. It sure looked like fun to me. I saw a few tits but it was really to far away and they covered up real fast.

Next morning around ten dad woke me up and we headed home to clean up and have breakfast. When we got home mom went right to bed telling dad to fix breakfast. Poor mom was hung over and tired from lack of sleep.

Well dad made breakfast for the two of us. Plus he made a big mess of the kitchen and a ton of dishes and pots and pans. I finally cleaned up the kitchen and did all the dishes. When mom came down at four she expected a mess and there was no mess. She came over to me and gave me a big hug and kiss as she knew dad would never clean up after him self, as he would just leave it.

After mom, dad, sister and I ate then I told mom I would do the dishes, as she looked tired. She gave me another big hug and went off to her bedroom and the shower.

My sister had a big test coming up so mom asked me to help her in the kitchen that week. Well as I help mom with the dishes I would stand in back of her and rub her back and shoulders for her. She would tell me how good it felt ad she might just hire me to give her a massage.

As I was doing her back I was telling her how hot she looked in her outfit Saturday at the party. I told her she was the hottest of all the women that was there. I told her none of the other women compared to her. I was building her up big time as I rub her back and neck as she was eating up everything I told her.

Mom told me I was wrong for spying on them at the party, that it was an adult party and I shouldn't have watched them. But she kept going back to the party and saying did she really look that hot. I told her that she was the best as I reached around her to put my arm all the way around her while squeezing her tight.

She would keep asking me about how the other girls looked and to grade them for her. Then I would tell her what faults they all had compared to her. Mom your hips are so much better than Mary's hips plus she has no ass to speak of. You ate a ten and the closes any of them came to was a four point three and then mom giggled as she hugged me real close saying she loved me.

We would also talk about her work and my school. Dishes now took two or three times long to do as we talked and I would rub her back always saying how beautiful she was. So the next week mom asked me to help her with the clean up and do the dishes. I once again started to work on her back and her neck. It just seemed like she loved to have them rubbed for her.

But then a week later on a Thursday I started to rub under her arm and touched just a small part of her tits on the outside. My hand wasn't there long but just enough time where I knew I had been there. She didn't say anything to me like to remove my hands or anything like that. So on Friday I let my hand stay there a little longer plus I did it a few more times than what I did the other day. I didn't want to rush anything and have her yell at me. I figured I was playing my cards just right so far.

On the weekend mom told sis that she could now clean the upstairs bathroom and that I would do the dishes from now on. Sis didn't care one way or other. She was just interested in her boy friend Jack and didn't want to upset mom so she could get out of the house whenever she wanted to.

When mom told sis that I started to lean in on mom as I rubbed her back. At first she jumped a little but when I did it the second time she didn't jump at all. I would slowly push my chest against mom's back as we did the dishes. In fact she said, "I just love the way you rub my back as it feels so good it makes me relax after a hard day of work."

After that I started to press my lower body against her a little more each time as I rubbed her back, now I was sliding my hand further under her arm on to the side of her tit and she didn't reject it at all. I was thinking to my self that in another week I would be grabbing a whole handful of breast.

So now I was starting out to rub the side of her breast and then her neck and back and then back to her breast. I was thinking that each time I would go to her breast I would reach in a little further till I had a handful of them. I wouldn't squeeze them hard just enough where I could feel them but I never did it. Guess I was just to chicken to try it.

On Friday night dad was staying in town to play poker so it was just the three of us at dinner. Mom told us to just put the dishes in the sink and she would do them later as she had to change and make some phone calls. I told mom I would do them but she said, "No we could do them later."

Mom came down stairs later but before sis went out on a date. When sis came down we were sitting at the kitchen table. Mom and sis talked about what time to come home, mom wanted eleven and sis wanted one. Mom told her midnight at the latest and sis left when her boy friend got there. As I moved in to help mom with the dishes I was hard thinking of mom. I had never rubbed my hard on against her butt and I was to scared.

I knew she knew I had a hard on as she would hand me a dish and tell me to put it on the kitchen table and as I was walking back she would watch me while she looked at my hard on.

Well as I got close to her I let my hard on touch her ass a little as I rubbed her neck. While working her neck and back, I slowly push a little harder on her ass cheek each time I would make contact. I had it now solid on her ass crack and she hadn't said anything to me. I thought for sure that she would be yelling at me.

When I started to rub her neck she told me how good it felt. Slowly I rubbed her back and her shoulders. When I did this she stopped washing and just put her hands on the sink as she stood there letting me rub her as she pushed her ass back into my cock. As I started to rub to the side of her breast I got a surprise, as she wasn't wearing a bra. I even think my hard on got bigger. Well this time I lost control when she had no bra on and reached right around and grabbed a big handful of tits on each side of her.

Mom laughed once I did this. She knew I lost control once I found out she had no bra on. She knew I always took my time and worked her slow and easy. Now that I just jumped it full bore I could feel her moving back her ass against my cock now that I was holding her breast. She told me, "To slow down as we had all night to do the dishes as she was in no hurry." She was slowly pumping her ass back against my cock.

I stopped rubbing her back all together and just rubbed her tits and pulled her nipples as I worked them back and forth. Her nipples were just sticking right up and they felt so hard. I was pulling her back into my hard on. I could feel her pressing her ass into me a lot more than she normally had. She moved her ass around till my cock rested in her ass cheek of her shorts.

She was pushing back onto my cock and I loved it. While she did all this she would talk to me about what a great help I was around the house. She then told me how she liked it when I told her how hot she was compared to the other women around town. She said, "Dad don't tell me how I look anymore and it hurts me."

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