by Richard King

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Poor Lauren -- She's had a Crush on her Uncle Robert for a while. He's moving to Florida, she finds a way to come alone.

Psst? I have a secret? Wanna know what it is?

I've had a crush on my Uncle Robert for over 20 years.

It all started when I turned 18 -- he was 34.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. When I was 18, I was five foot four, blonde, and built pretty well. My measurements were 36c-28-35, a little hippy, but isn't that what boys needed to grab hold of when they're fucking you?

I was the youngest of three kids, with older twin brothers named Ethan and Evan. My Mom and Dad are Elizabeth and William Codahay; my name is Lauren.

My Mom, who everybody called Lizzie, was the middle of three sisters. Emma was older and Ella was younger. Ella married first, to a really dreamy-looking guy named Robert Edward Jamison III, who was not nearly as pretentious as that name sounded.

Robert and Ella had a nice house with a built-in pool, and told my brothers and me that we could come over whenever, and enjoy the pool. They even had a nice above ground spa. It felt tremendous.

Whenever I came over, I would spend about 45 minutes in the pool than I'd get into the spa and just vegetate. Sometimes Aunt Ella would join me in the spa, but usually I was alone.

"That spa looks awfully tempting Lauren." Uncle Robert asked causing me to open my eyes, "Mind if I join you?"

He turned around and didn't wait for my answer and was back down in a swimsuit with a towel.

He asked, "You do have a suit on, don't you?"

I was up to my neck in the spa, so I understood why he asked. I answered him by standing up showing him my body, in my rather modest swimsuit.

"Damn Lauren, you certainly have grown up, haven't you?" he said blushing.

"I guess so, Uncle Robert — but the boys seem to steer clear of me. I think my brothers scared off any would-be suitors. Anyway ... who needs a boyfriend, when I have an uncle who looks like you do."

"Thank you, Lauren — that's awfully sweet of you to say. If you ever need a temporary boyfriend, just call me. Until I met Ella, that's what I did -- I was a paid escort in college. Girls would pay me to be their dates. I kept up on things to be a nice conversationalist, and there was never any nervous moments after the date, just a payoff."

"My uncle was a gigolo?" I asked astonished at this revelation.

"Not exactly," Robert said chuckling. "An escort is expected to shepherd a woman to and from parties, open doors, dance with them, all of the things young men used to do, but don't anymore."

"A gigolo is a man who has a regular and continuing sexual relationship and receives financial support. I never took advantage of a single young lady under my care, and some of them offered me a lot of money to stay overnight with them, but I didn't."

"Being an escort helped pay the bills, while I was going to school, Lauren. I'm sorry you're having boy trouble. Don't you have a prom to go to in about three weeks?"

"Yeah, but I'm not going — Nobody's asked me yet, and I would need to get a nice dress, which I don't have the money for." I said.

"Well, Lauren — Nobody at your school has ever seen me, so I would like to ask you if you would go to your prom with me? I'll even help you find a dress? How's that sound to you?"

"You'd do that for me Uncle Robert. That sounds like a lot of fun, going out with someone so handsome, all of the girls would be so jealous of me?"

"I don't know about handsome, but I'll bet you would look beautiful in a nice dress with your pretty blonde hair. How about I take you shopping tomorrow, after you get home from school?"

"Sure thing, Uncle Robert."

"And start calling me Robert, drop the uncle, and we can fool everybody there, OK?"

I went over to him and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I saw that he had blushed and I wiped my lip-gloss off of him.

Than evening, I must have been humming or something, because my Mom came into my room.

"Honey, you certainly are in a good mood; what's going on?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing?"

"Come on, you can't get anything past me, what is it?"

"Well --a boy asked me to the prom."

"That's great Lauren, anybody I know?"

"No, Mom — he's new at the school and I just met him today."

"And he asked you to the prom, just like that?"

"Just like that, Mom — you sound surprised?"

"I'm sorry honey, he must be something to have you humming, and it's been a while since I heard you do that, what's his name?"

"Jo - Joseph, Joseph Williams, he's a real cutie-pie mom, the kind of guy I could fall in love with."

"My goodness, he certainly made a good first impression didn't he?"

I was spacing her out, thinking about Robert.

"Lauren, didn't he? I've never seen you so taken by a boy. I can't wait to meet this young man."

I met Robert the next day and he took me to Victoria's Secret, reminding me to call him Robert. After spending some time there I tried on a black dress, and when I came out for Robert to see it, his mouth fell open. It had a built-in push-up bra and my tittie's were putting on a show for Robert.

"Wow, Lauren honey that is quite the dress," he said. He walked all around me pausing to look at my butt for a moment and then came around. He stopped right in front of me and I grabbed him and gave him a nice kiss directly on the lips, which surprised him so much he blushed.

He stepped closer and whispered, "Wow, Lauren. That dress looks ... perfect on you."

"It's OK Robert, just remember that when we're at the Prom, You can kiss me all you want then."

He looked at me with a sly grin and said, "I'll help sell it every chance I get, Honey."

"So, you haven't told Ella anything have you?" I asked.

"Have you told your mother anything?"

"Just that I met a boy named Joseph Williams, who's real cute, and has asked me to the Prom. She's mentioned wanting to meet you. How do you propose to handle that?"

"I ... have an idea for that, and Nooo, I haven't told my wife anything? And I don't think I will either. I plan on telling her that I have all day and all night meetings and will be home very late, maybe not at all." Hearing that, I leaned in and kissed him again, only this time, he kissed me back."

He seems trainable.

I changed out of my new dress, and put back on the clothes I wore there. He paid for the dress and we walked out together with his hand on the small of my back. That felt so very nice.

The next day, when I got to school, there was a young man who was holding a sign that said, 'Lauren' on it.

I walked up to him and said, "My name's Lauren, who are you?"

"I've been paid to tell you that my name is Joseph Williams and I am your 'faux date' for the prom. Wow, the guy who paid me didn't tell me how pretty you were?"

I giggled and said putting out my hand, "Nice to meet you, Joseph Williams, do you go to school here?"

"I've been paid to say, yes I do, I just started school here a few days ago, and I'm here for a month as an exchange student from Italy."

"Are we supposed to be a couple right now?" I asked.

"I'm supposed to meet your parents, then I'll see you again to pick you up on the day of the prom. When would you like to schedule me coming by to meet your folks?"

I just giggled; amazed at all of the trouble Uncle Robert was going through ... for me. He must have a crush on me as well.

"How about on Friday, you can take me home and meet my Mom and Dad, Joseph?"

"Sounds like a plan, Lauren, see you then?"

"Bye." I said as my best friend came up to me.

Her name is Jennifer Stevens, and she's been my best friend since first grade.

"Hey Lauren, who was that hunk you were talking to? Is he your date for the Prom?"

"No, he was asking about the school, his parents are moving to this side of town and asked about stuff about the school. My date for Prom is an older guy, that I met a while back, but I never knew he was interested in me. When I told him I hadn't been asked to Prom, he jumped right in and asked me if he could take me, and I said yes."

Jennifer followed up by asking, "How old is he Lauren? 20? 25?"

"Actually, he's 34, Jenn."

"34 years old. A guy is taking you to Prom and he's 34 years old. Are you out of your fucking mind, Lauren?"

"Actually, that's one of the reasons, I'm letting him take me to Prom, Jenn. I'm going to let him have my cherry that night. Don't look at me like that. I've struggled with my weight most of my life, and I've finally got a pair of tits and a reasonably nice ass, so if he wants me he'll get me."

The first school bell of the day went off and Jennifer and I went off to our first class.

Friday rolled around and 'Joseph' was by my car, a very used Volkswagen. He opened the door for me, and then got in and I drove us to my house. We worked out a history for us and he picked up my schoolbooks and we walked into my house together. Mom was home, Dad wasn't.

Joseph introduced himself and he and my Mom actually hit it off quite well. I told Mom we were going to study up in my room. She asked Joseph if he wanted to stay for dinner, but he declined, per our previous discussion, and told her that I had to get him home by dinnertime.

He actually did help me study, helping me understand Algebra II, which had been beating me up this year, those damn polynomials. He also helped me to understand better about the relationship between the derivative of a function and the key features of its graph.

I wonder where Uncle Robert found this guy.

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