Miracle Man

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: His wife wanted what the preacher offered

One of the things I enjoy most about writing is all of the people I meet doing it and the exchange of ideas and info from other writers. The kindly delivered criticism and encouragement they offer fuels my desire to get better at it. I recently met a new writer who I truly believe is going to set this genre on fire. He calls himself "The End Begins" and he gave me the idea for this story. Of course my final version is probably different from what he originally saw. It probably isn't as extreme and of course there weren't any Mustangs mentioned but this is a good thing because it means that he can someday grace us with his version too. I hope he likes what I did with his idea and I can't wait to see what he's going to put out. Thanks also to the incredible mikothebaby for both her editing skill and making me control my murderous impulses, I think she helped make this a stronger story than my original kill them all version. SS06

After a hard day of work, it feels really good to clock out and just go home. I'd just finished my last repair of the day so my boss told me to go ahead and go. It gets really hot in August in Oklahoma and the funny thing about that day was that I'd spent the bulk of the day fixing the air conditioning in most of our customers' vehicles but the air in my 20 year old F150 didn't work.

I rolled the windows down and left the truck sitting open to cool its interior down then ran back into the garage to grab my cooler and a couple of cans of Pepsi. Even getting off work a bit early didn't mean anything since my wife Heather's car was on the fritz as well. I had to drive all the way into town to pick her up and then back this way past the station to go home.

I really wish there was another way to do it but since she had to be at work before I did, there was no way around it until we got her car fixed.

As I started the drive into town, I turned on the radio to keep me company. After a few miles the breeze through the open window cooled the inside of the truck down even more and it really wasn't that bad. Of course, Heather would still complain. She complained about everything. Ever since she'd taken that job with the church, everything had to be done a certain way.

My ten mile trip down the freeway was uneventful and my local baseball team actually seemed to be winning this one. Approaching the property owned by the church, I was as usual struck by the beauty of the church itself and the grounds surrounding it. Everywhere you looked, shade trees provided a welcome respite from the relentless Oklahoma sun. It almost looked like the entire campus was shady while everything else around it roasted.

Heather was lucky to work in a place like this. Heather worked as one of Reverend Jimmy Hubbard's secretaries and actually made a little bit more money than I did so her job was good for both of us. I tried calling her cell to let her know that I was early but it went straight to voice mail. That put an end to my plan to just let her know I was here, then sit out in the truck and listen to the ball game.

I walked up to the door and waved to the guard. He smiled back and asked for the baseball score. When I told him the Red Hawks were ahead by one in the eighth, his fist pump made me smile too.

I guess that was why I was still smiling when I walked into the office. Jimmy's office is huge. He has an outside reception area, then there's the main office where his secretaries work and finally his private office. The reception area was deserted which wasn't unusual in the afternoon during the week.

The main office area was empty too but there was a very dim light coming from Jimmy's private office. Jimmy is a good old boy. He's nothing like you'd expect from seeing him on TV. He's the kind of guy that you can just walk right up to and talk to. Maybe that was what made him so successful at convincing people that that if they sent him their money, he could get them into heaven.

I figured that I'd just walk in and ask Jimmy where Heather was. I guess I wasn't paying much attention until I got close to the office. I walked right in and as I looked up I found Heather. She was bent over Jimmy's desk facing me while the Reverend Jimmy Hubbard sawed away at her pussy like it belonged to him. I just stood there frozen for a moment, not knowing what to do. Heather also froze as she saw me. Jimmy was still there just pumping away at her. His eyes were tightly shut and he was mumbling about getting pretty close. I pulled out my cheap camera phone and took a picture or two. Then I stepped towards them. Heather looked down in shame but still didn't say anything.

"Stay just like that Heather, baby, I'm almost there," said Jimmy, his words thick with lust.

"You may be almost there, but you're not going to make it," I snarled. Jimmy opened his eyes just as my fist slammed into his face. The force of my punch knocked the two of them apart and Heather started screaming at me to stop.

"Robbie, he's an old man, you'll hurt him," she yelled.

"Fuck him," I yelled back at her. "When this shit gets out his career is over. Nobody in Oklahoma will watch his fucking show when they see that he's no better than any of the people he tried to save. How the fuck can he pull anybody else out of sin when he's so stuck in it his God damned self?"

"Robbie, we have to talk about this," she said. "You can't do that."

"Watch me," I said. "And Heather, fuck you too."

"Wait Robbie," she screamed as I walked out of the office. Jimmy just laid there on the floor stunned.

I walked back through the church as quickly as I could. Heather trailed along behind me but she was stuck trying to pull her panties up and button her blouse. I was in the truck and gone before she cleared the building. She couldn't afford to come out of the office area partially undressed and let the guards or anyone who worked for Jimmy see what had happened.

Long before I got anywhere near home, my phone started ringing. I picked it up off the seat next to me and spoke into it as I drove.

"Heather, I have nothing to say to you," I snapped.

"But Robbie we need to talk," she said. "Jimmy wants to talk to you too."

"Call me back when I get home in about twenty minutes," I said as I pulled off the road.

"Why can't you come back here?" she asked.

"If you want to talk to me, it has to be on my terms," I said. "I have to pack and do a lot of other things."

"Robbie, where are you going to go?" she asked. I hung up on her.

Having a cheap phone can be a blessing. As I sat there on the side of the road, I downloaded the pictures I'd taken to my Dropbox account. My phone had so little memory that if I wanted to use it to record the call I'd make when I got home that the photos I'd taken had to be deleted from the phone in order to do it. That actually saved me or at least it saved my evidence.

I got back to our small home and parked in our driveway. I'd made so many plans for this house and what we'd do here. The location was great and though the house was a fixer-upper our six years of work were starting to show. We didn't have a lot of money but I always thought we had a lot of love. Heather and I were twenty four years old and we'd gotten married right out of high school. I wished that I had time to look around but at that moment I was just running on instinct.

I packed all of my clothes that I could find and my spare tools. We only had about two hundred dollars in the bank and I'd take half of that. I didn't need any of the furniture or any of the other stuff. I'd leave all of that for Heather. Maybe the good Reverend would give her some extra money to cover my half of our mortgage payment.

After I'd packed everything I wanted to take, I went back into the house to take another look around. That's when she caught me. A long black Lincoln town car pulled into my driveway and Heather jumped out of it.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" she screamed at me.

"As far away from you as I can get," said calmly.

"You can't leave, we're married," she said. "You can't just walk out and leave me here."

"As far as I'm concerned, the marriage ended when I caught you fucking Jimmy," I said calmly. "I'm sure neither you nor the good Reverend would know anything about being true to the things you say in church."

"Robbie, we need to talk about this," she said. "Okay, I had sex with Jimmy, but it didn't mean anything. He's an old man for God's sake. He's not even any good. He doesn't make me feel the way that you do honey, and I don't love him."

I turned to her and couldn't stop the tears from running down my cheeks. For the first time since this had happened I allowed my pain to show. "Then why?" I screamed.

"Robbie, Jimmy spends more money on one of those suits of his than all of our monthly bills combined. I love you Robbie. As God is my witness, I love you more than life itself. But I'm tired of busting my ass day in and day out with nothing to show for it. Jimmy's wife is as old as he is and that bitch sits up in that house like she was the queen of Oklahoma. She rarely ever even talks to Jimmy. And that brat of theirs ... That kid is six years old and he has more money in the bank than we do."

"What you saw today is going to get my car fixed so you don't have to keep coming out there to pick me up. Robbie, you're not a child. Can't you understand that we can improve our lives this way? It doesn't cost us anything and it'll be like money in the bank."

I just stared at her like I didn't know her.

"I never wanted to hurt you Robbie. This doesn't have anything to do with us. If you hadn't come in there today, you'd never have found out."

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