Dinner With Mr K

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Stephanie is comfortable with her life until her boss, Mr K, becomes involved with her and her daughter Libby. It all gets better from there.

The day, a very busy one, was drawing to a close, and Stephanie was just as happy about it. It was to be a 'big' evening, at least it was that for Stephanie and Libby, her daughter. Libby was in a play at her elementary school and Stephanie was looking forward to it with great anticipation. It was a mother and daughter kind of thing for them, a really positive thing.

They had certainly bonded, the two of them, since the disappearance and eventual death of the no account that had wooed Stephanie, when she was still young and certainly without very much experience. They seemed to be as much girlfriends these days as a Mom and daughter combination.

She sometimes looked back on those days and the way that she was at 17 and shook her head in dismay. That kind of perspective was also enhanced by the fact that Libby, now 11 years old, was only about 6 years from that age herself. It certainly gave Stephanie cause to pause and think.

She'd made arrangements for Libby to get a ride to the school in plenty of time for her preparations for the evening's big shindig, promising that no business would keep her from getting there in plenty of time and being part of Libby's 'claque' in the audience.

Stephanie knew that she could get away on time. Things were certainly humming with the business these days. She smiled with herself and let out a sigh. It was such a heady thing for her, whenever she allowed herself to think about it, to be the CEO here, one of the few, she knew, afro-american women in this industry in such a position. She also knew that she had Mr. K, the big boss of all of the K Industry holdings for that opportunity. She even sometimes wondered if there might be some way that she'd be able, at some time, to say a proper 'thank you' to him for this opportunity.

Her reverie was broken by the intercom and Wendy, her secretary/assistant's voice:

"Boss, it's Mr K! He's here and he's coming to see you."

"Oh dear!" Stephanie said, and all her thoughts of what she needed to do for Libby's big night went out the window.

There was a knock on the door then and, when Stephanie said 'come in', Mr K himself opened the door smiling.

"Your spy warned you," he said with a wide grinning smile.

"She did!" Stephane said, rising from her desk and extending a hand, as she went across the office. "It's what she gets the big bucks for!"

They both laughed at that, and, as they were laughing, heard a snort from the doorway, where Wendy was standing, hands on her hips and pretending to glare at them.

There was a great contrast, yet symmetrical similarity between these two, Stephanie Hill and Mr. K, her ultimate boss, the owner of the conglomerate.

He was tall and, though only in his mid 50s, already white haired, which he had a tendency to wear a bit long on his collar, and sported a white, neatly trimmed beard and a white mustache. Stephanie was a lithe and athletic looking afro-american woman in her late 20s. She was as tall as Mr K was and wore her hair close cropped to her skull, in its normal small curls.

Both were in very good shape, Stephanie was a work out junkie and Mr K, already the victim of a heart attack at an early age, and determined to not have another one, also was fairly regimented about his work outs.

In addition to her athletic type figure, Stephanie also was physically very pleasing, with 38c breasts and a lovely rounded butt.

"Much good it ever did me!" she would say to herself or periodically to Wendy, when they talked about Stephanie's lack of a romantic life, and her past bad decisions.

"Your turn is coming!" Wendy was fond of asserting during these kinds of discussions.

"Well, it had better hurry up!" Stephanie answered, "Before I'm too old and frail to take advantage of it!"

They invariably ended giggling about the situation, although Wendy did worry and Stephanie tried not to think about it.

Her normal rejoined was: "And besides, I have the company!"


And here it was Friday and Stephanie had plans and the owner, the big, big boss was here in her office and she knew that she was simply caught.

"Stephanie," he said, smiling, "It's so nice to see you. Do you have a few minutes. I'm in town and was hoping to be able to just have you review the situation here for me. I apologize for the abruptness of this."

"Of course, Mr K!" she said, smiling and inviting him to a chair in her sitting alcove, thinking, while he took a seat that the apology certainly sounded genuine.

"Please," he said, "It's Brad, and I know this is horrible of me!"

"Brad!" she repeated after him.They sat and began the review that he wanted. Stephanie was a really well organized person and the review that she began to give to him was in great detail, giving him a ten carat smile.

During the course of what they were discussing and the material that they were reviewing, the time simply flew. Wendy had already left quietly, knowing that the two of them, in Stephanie's office, would be at it for quite a while.

It was only later that Stephanie's phone rang. She apologized and answered it, it was Wendy with a reminder, and, almost as soon as she did, let out a loud screech, and yelled 'thank you', into the phone.

"What?" Brad asked, concern in his voice.

"I forgot," Stephanie wailed, "In the middle of our discussion about the business, the company and goals and all, my daughter Libby has a show at her school tonight, that she's in and I must, must be there."

"And I've kept you away from it!" he said in a guilty voice.

"Ohhhh," Stephanie wailed, "I'm not going to make it with traffic and all."

"Where is it?" he asked, and she told him.

He got his own iPhone out then and made a quick call:

"Stan," he said. "Yes, We need the helicopter right away, and a place to set it down near Stephenson Elementary. You can? Yes? Good! Yes, we'll be up in a few minutes."

"Oh," Stephanie said, "I didn't mean..."

"No, please," he said, "I made you late and I insist on correcting that. This will be my apology. We need to go to the roof heliport now."

"Oh, yes," she said, "Thank you so much, Mr ... Brad!"

Without another word, they went to the roof, where Stan, the chauffeur had everything ready for them. They were at the Elementary School site, where Stan had already gotten permission to set down in a near by athletic field, in no time at all.

When they stopped, he was still looking concerned and she said to him:

"Thank you so much; this means a great deal to Libby!"

"Well, then I'm happy to do it!" was his reply.

Stephanie hurried into the building, while he gave Stan some instructions, and then he, himself followed her into the building. He found her quickly, seated among the throng of families, mothers and fathers. He also happily discovered that she had a seat next to her.

He touched her on the shoulder and she looked and got a grin on her face.

"Is this seat taken?" he asked.

She smiled and said: "Reserved for you!"

"Well how nice!" was his reply. "You don't mind if I see your Libby's debut?"

"What a treat!" she assured him and he settled down with her to enjoy the show.

When it was finished, they were standing and waiting for Libby and talking.

"I didn't want to strand you here after I'd almost messed up your evening and then had you flown out here. If you don't mind, I'll have Stan run us back to the heliport and you can get your car to get home."

"What a treat that'll be for Libby!" she said.

It was just then that they heard a loud "Momma!" and her little girl, all pig tails and broad white toothed smiles, came bounding out of the hallway and into her arms.

"Libby, honey, you were wonderful! Just wonderful!" Stephanie said, once the hug was enjoyed, "This is Brad, Brad Kenniston!"

Libby, without a hesitation said: "Mr K? You mean the Mr K?"

"Libby!" Stephanie said in a soft voice trying to make sure that Libby didn't just go on about it!

"How cool is that!" Libby said, grinning broadly at both of them, and sticking her hand out to shake Brad's, "You're dating the big boss!"

"Libby!" Stephanie said but Brad was already laughing, as was Libby.

Brad finally came to Stephanie's rescue: "No, Libby, as nice an idea as that might be, I'm afraid that I almost made your Momma miss tonight's sterling performance by sitting with her and talking business."

Libby gave Stephanie a hard look and Stephanie put up her hands and said: "But we made it!" She hardly hesitated and went on: "Thanks to Brad."

"Thanks how?" Libby asked.

"Well," he said, taking up the narrative at that point, "We'll leave that a secret for right now. I think we need to go this way."

He led them out to the edge of the athletic field, where the helicopter had already warmed up and Stan was waiting for them.

Libby shrieked! "Noooooooooooooo!" she yelled, dancing in place now. "You didn't?"

Stephanie laughed and Brad smiled and said: "But we did! Care for a ride?"

"Can we, can we? Oh, Momma! I'll clean up my room and all!"

Stephanie laughed and Brad jumped in with: "Oh, maybe you don't need to get so radical about it!"

They laughed all thee of them, as Libby walked between them, the very picture of contentment, holding Brad's hand on the one side and her Momma's hand on the other, as they went to the helicopter and Stan got them aboard.

"This is so cool!" Libby said, wide eyed, as she looked around. "I want to learn how to fly it!" she said decisively.

"Well, you have to make friends with Stan then," Brad said.

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