Pat and Pat

by Richard King

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Humor, Incest, Cousins, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Finding the girl of my dreams was a short walk down the Street! Oh, yeah -- She's also my Cousin!

Patty and I were quite close growing up, what with our fathers being brothers! We all got together at least once a week for dinner, alternating back and forth at each other's houses. They were on the same block of the same street ... only five houses separated us.

We both had in-ground pools, which meant Patty and I were always in swimsuits around one another. We were 'buddies', at least as much as a boy and a girl can be a buddy.

Our parents often said, that back when we were still in diapers, we would walk together, holding hands. We still do that when we're walking side by side.

Some descriptions are in order,

Her, Patricia Fieldstone 'Patty', a natural blonde, 18 years old, 5 foot 6, and if I were to guess, 34C—26—34, and she has green eyes that glimmer, both night and day. She's kept herself in shape by playing volleyball and basketball for every school she's gone to.

Me, Patrick Fieldstone 'Pat', also a volleyball and basketball player, a natural brownette, 18 and a half years old, 5 foot 11, with blue eyes. Not nearly as lovely as my cousin, Patty.

Yeah, that's the whole point of this story ... I got the major hot's for my cousin!

As we've grown older, we've started talking about anything and everything under the sun. When she came home from a date, I would always check her neck for hickeys.

Recently, this happened...

"Hey Patty, come here for a second. My goodness, your new boyfriend is putting your hickeys awfully high on your neck. That's gonna cause trouble at home, unless you put some makeup on it."

"Pat, you know how I hate to wear makeup. Is it really that bad?"

"Well, If I gave you a hickey," I flirted, "it'd be twice as big, but below the collar line."

"What do you know about giving hickeys, cousin Pat?"

"I know quite a bit about it, actually. I research things like that, so I know how to get a girl real hot and bothered, and then I lean over them like this, and..."

She pulled away and started to laugh ... she started to laugh at me. How rude!

"I'm sorry, Pat ... but it felt so weird for you to be so close to my neck. I though for a second you were really going to give me a hickey, just to prove your point?" She giggled.

"Yeah," I said, laughing it off. "That'd be kind of weird, wouldn't it?"

"Kind of," Patty said. "Getting a hickey from my cousin, would be weird - and kind of naughty, you know!"

I love it when her nose crinkles up when she talks, and just saying the word 'naughty, ' actually got me a little hard. I turned away and left to go towards my house.

"Hey Pat," she called. "Swimming at my place in an hour?"

"Just you and me?" I asked.

"Yeah, why'd you ask me that?"

"I don't know, you might've asked your 'boyfriend' over or something."

"Are you jealous of Brian ... who is 'not' my boyfriend?"

"Jealous is a funny word, Patty — I just think he's after you because you're so pretty, and all he ever goes after ... are the hot chicks."

"Did you just call me pretty, Pat ... and hot, too?"

It's time to jump in the boat or swim away, Pat.

"Yeah, I did, Patty — I've always though you were cute, but lately you've gone from cute to beautiful ... and from pretty to Hot, really Hot ... and if you weren't my cousin - I could show you just how hot I thought you were."

There, I opened the wound, cutting myself pretty deep, just waiting for her to pour salt in it, or maybe worse, she may slap me, and turn around and tell my uncle, or worse, my Dad.

"I think that you're real cute too, Pat!" Did I hear a giggle?

She took her hands and rubbed them all over my face; I wasn't exactly sure what she was doing, or what I should do. She dropped her hands and leaned over to put her mouth near my ear, and she said, "one hour, my pool" and walked away.

Not wanting to be too eager, I showed up an hour and eight minutes later, with a towel, a t-shirt and some tanning cream. I was hoping she might ask me to 'rub her down' with some tanning cream. That's not exactly the cream I was really hoping to use on her!

Pat, you need to calm down? Don't blow it, she just asked you to swim, not to stare at those beautiful tits, or that scrumptious ass of hers, or gaze into those magnificent green eyes of hers.

I walked in through the back gate and saw her. Breathe ... dude!

You know that way in the cartoons when a guy sees a girl; they make his eyes grow huge for a split second ... that just happened to me!

Patty was wearing a bulky t-shirt over a gorgeous red bikini, that I'd seen before, and as I walked in, she did that hair flip thing that girls do, and looked at me like I was dessert, or something. Oh boy, Pat - keep it real, keep it focused ... keep it down!

"Hi," I said, clearing my throat, in case I wanted to actually say anything else today. I'm not too sure I can talk any more ... all the blood in my body has gone south of the waistband.

"Hi to you too, Cousin Pat," she said, her face turning into that smile that makes me hard ... er ... feel good!

She likes to joke that if we lived in the Appalachian Mountains, we might be kissin' cousins, so she'd sometimes call me by the moniker, Cousin Pat!

"How are all the folks doing these days, Cousin Patty?" Two can play at this game.

"Daddy's at work and mommy's gone shoppin, ' so it's just you and me for however long you might want to stay over. How about you and your kith and kin, Cousin Pat?"

God almighty, I think I might just explode right now. Somebody ... save me from myself.

"Well, Cousin Patty ... my poppa is off at work, at the same place your poppa works, and my little momma is gone to bridge club, so I've been left all alone, too. What ever could we find to do for four hours, or more - Skinny dippin' at the cement pond?"

She was reaching down to the bottom edge of her t-shirt and grabbed it. She stopped, looking up at me, and smiled.

She then proceeded to raise the shirt up, why oh why didn't I bring a camera ... and ... there they were. Ugh! The girls, her bosoms! The single best looking pair of boobs I'd ever seen, in print or in quicktime movies on the Internet.

I'm certain my mouth was open, and I was anticipating her finishing up taking her shirt off, but she seemed to be stuck.

Being the gentleman that I was, I said, "Wait a second, Patty — I'll help you." I ran over to where she was and grabbed the shirt and raised it again. The shirt was covering her face, and I had an unobstructed view of the girls, within the confines of a bikini top, of course.

"Pat, what're you doing? Help me out of this, please?" she asked.

"The t-shirt or your bikini, or both?" I said as calmly as possible.

"You're so silly sometimes, are you staring at my tits?"

"Well, they're staring at me ... least I could do, is to stare back at them?"

"My necklace is caught in my t-shirt ... Pat, help me get it off, please?"

"All right, Cousin Patty — I'll help you get your shirt off, and anything else you'd like me to remove."

"You're one sick puppy, getting all out of sorts, just because of my tits ... your first cousins tits, that is!"

"My dick doesn't know that you're my first cousin, it just knows that my eyes have locked on to a really nice pair of chesticles."

"You are such a pervert," Patty said, finally getting the shirt off, and now trying to fix her necklace. Her hands were all fumbling and she dropped her necklace into the valley between her breasts."

"I'll get 'em ... it!" I said, much too eagerly.

"That's all right, Pat - I'll get the necklace. What makes me think you might take a couple of minutes to find it, if I let you 'go hunting?'"

"I'm sure it would have taken me at least ten minutes to find the necklace. My hands are registered with the local Search and Rescue Team in the area."

Patty laughed at that, which made me think that she was all right with everything that had happened, at least so far.

"Is it save to guess that you flirt with your other female cousins, the way you flirt with me all the time, Pat?"

"Not a single other female relative of mine is one-tenth as beautiful as you are Patty!"

"A girl could get ideas for a guy who keeps calling her beautiful?"

"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!"

She jumped into the pool, and I quickly followed. She came up out of the water even prettier, because water was falling off of 'everything' and I just ogled her.

"My eyes are up here," I heard her say.


I felt a slap on my shoulder.

"Up here, my eyes ... Pat — yoo-hoo — Pat, would you look me in the eyes, please?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Patty ... I'm being awfully rude. I just can't get over how much you've changed in the last couple of years. Your butt is 'to die for, ' your eyes mesmerize me, and your breasts, I can't take my eyes off your breasts for some reason."

"I'm really sorry, Patty ... If I was your boyfriend, I wouldn't let you go anywhere without me by your side, to protect, to kiss you, and to make love to you, whenever you wanted me to. Damn it, there I go again ... talking without thinking first!"

"You know, Pat ... Brian is a bit of an ass-hole, and anyhow, like I said, 'he's not my boyfriend!' I went out with him a couple times, but he never wanted to talk to me, all he wanted to do was just put his hands all over me, in places I was uncomfortable with."

"If I was your boyfriend Patty, I'd love to talk to you about my favorite subject."

"And what is that, Pat?"

"You, Patty!"

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