My Camera Never Lies

by Lemonbelly

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, First, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A teenage girl is asleep naked in her room when three men burst in and rape her. She finds herself enjoying the experience, almost as if she planned it!!

I was asleep in my bed when I was woken by something grabbing my head. A hand was covering my eyes. I tried to scream, but a rag was shoved in my mouth. Something, maybe a bag, was thrust over my head. I could hear two or three people in the room. Though the bag, I could just see that they had turned the lights on in my bedroom. I tensed as they started to lift my duvet, knowing they would see that tonight I was sleeping naked. I suddenly felt cold, then hands grabbed my arms, I felt something tying them together behind my back.

I kicked out, connecting solidly with something. I heard a man, maybe a boy, exhale in pain. Almost at once, I was in extreme pain as a fist landed on my stomach, knocking the wind out of me.

"Stupid bitch." A heard a growl, it was low and gravely, but sounded like a boy pretending to be a man.

A hand reached between my legs, fumbling roughly at my snatch, I exhaled slightly, my body betraying me as this strange hand tried to ignite my inexperienced body. You'd think an Essex girl of 15 years old would be experienced, but no, I was still a virgin. Although I wouldn't bet on that status staying the same after tonight.

More rough hands mauled at my breasts, I tried to struggle against their attention, but found the hands holding me were too strong. My legs were tied to my bed, they left me open, ready for violation, for deflowering.

"Shit, this bitch is wet."

I felt guilty, I knew they knew my body had surrendered to them. A finger slipped inside me, then another one. They withdrew, leaving me feeling empty. Then he penetrated me, I knew it was a cock. I could feel the weight of his body pressing against mine as he thrust in, he stayed still inside me for what could have been minutes before he started to fuck me. I couldn't help but love the feeling as he forced himself on me, by body matching his rhythm.

All too soon it was over, he pulled out but another cock took its place. This guy wasn't as heavy and had a faster, more primal style, fucking me fast and hard. There were still hands pawing over my tits, I was trying my best to not respond.

The second guy pulled out and was replaced by a much larger boy. Not only was he heavier, but his cock was huge, stretching me as he slowly eased his way in. He was unhurried, content that I could no nothing to stop him, he raped me without a care for being stopped. He too withdrew before he was spent.

There was some grunting then a hand lifted my bag slightly, enough to clear my mouth. Another hand withdrew my gag and held my mouth open and a cup was put too my lips. Something warm and sticky dripped into my mouth. It was salty, strange, and then I realized, it was their cum.

"Say a word and we'll come back" One of them growled.

I felt the bindings on my hands being cut, I heard them scramble out of the door and I was left alone in my bed.

The next morning I was sitting on Dave's bed, nursing a beer. Chris and Adrian were also on the bed and Dave was at his computer.

"I'm still impressed by the camera work." I said.

Dave was putting the final touches to the video that the three of them had filmed last night. It showed three anonymous masked boys burst into an unknown girl's bedroom and then take turns in raping her. Of course, we knew that the boys were Dave, Chris and Adrian, that he girl was me and that we had planned the whole thing in detail.

Unlike those fake rapes on porn sites, it was the 'rapists' who carried the cameras, there wasn't a conveniently placed cameraman in the woman's apartment. We'd taken care with the lights and the bag not to show my face. I'd tidied my room and added new posters and decorations so that the room in the video looked nothing like my own. Dave was just altering the voices so that the police couldn't trace them either.

Hell, it looked real. The kick I landed on Adrian certainly was, as was the punch that Chris gave me.

Dave had set up a collection of proxy and virtual servers and we uploaded the video, along with a statement that another girl would be next. From various accounts on Twitter and Facebook we posted links to it and within an hour we had notched up over 20,000 hits.

By three o'clock the BBC were reporting it on their 24 hour news, scared parents were being interviewed along with policemen and politicians.

The next day, the papers were printing scare stories, the red tops and the Daily Mail were warning of a gang rampaging across the country.

Youtube had taken the video down but hundreds of other sites were hosting it now.

Three days in and the police were reluctantly admitting that they had no leads, and were appealing for the girl to come forward and there was nothing for her to be ashamed of.

The four of us were sitting in Burntfield Park, enjoying the summer holidays.

"You know, I think more people have seen your virginity being taken than anybody else's in the world." Chris laughed.

"Well, let's face it; I was probably going to lose it to one of you anyway, might as well have made an event out of it."

"You've got fans now!"

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