Coming of Age With Mom
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Workplace, Incest, Mother, Son, Spanking, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A mother struggles with the sexual attraction for her college freshman son. They work it out together while painting his new apartment. Undressing a lover is just as thrilling as the up skirt sneak peeks of childhood.

“Ya doin’ a good job here. Ya know?”

Mr. Beisterfield had stopped several times to check up on Todd as he painted his new apartment.

“Thanks. Yeah, I kind of like painting. It’s going to be nice, I think.”

“I gotta be careful with some of the renters. They don’t know what they doin’ and I gotta do it over. Makes a mess. Bit you, you do a good job. Listen. I got fifteen or twenty units gotta be painted. You paint them, and your rent is free on this one for the year?”

“That’s a lot. How about ten?”

He thought. I could see the calculator grinding away behind those dark eyes. “OK, kid, yer on, twelve!”

It was a good deal. Todd would save some money and so does he. Todd popped the lid on a beer after he left and sank to the floor and leaned against the wall. “So that took care of the rest of my summer, too.” he thought.

“Anybody home?”

“In here, Mom!”

“Oh, you’re making progress. This looks nice.” She smiled and dropped a small suitcase and a shopping bag on the floor. I brought the other stuff you wanted, I’ll let you carry it in though. I decided to stay and help you. Can you use some help?”

He stood up and she held out her arms and hugged him, her lips upturned for a kiss on very inviting lipstick coated lips. His mother is always stylishly dressed, simply but stylishly, her makeup was light but always attractive and her hair impeccably in place. He could not possibly fail to notice the soft breasts against his chest. “She is my mother, but of course, she is definitely a woman, and my antennae were always aware of a woman’s presence,” he thought.

“You might wish you had not mentioned that.” He laughed. “Mr. Beisterfield just offered me free rent if I do twelve apartments before school starts.”

“Really? Well ... that’s a help ... I think ... right?”

“Yeah, a good deal, saves some dough.”

“Not drinking too much beer are you?’

“Mom! Nah! What do you mean. Me?” he laughed.

His mother is an attractive woman, not skinny, not fat, just a pleasant roundness to each soft curve. Todd shook his head to keep the sexual thoughts from looming too large. Since his dad died three years ago, he had a hard time not noticing the sadness in her eyes. She tried to cover it when she was around Todd and was normally very cheerful. Always the aware, knowledgeable comment. Always on Todd’s side.

She started unbuttoning her dress and turned to go into the other room with the small suitcase. “I thought I would just stay a few days and help out. I have some vacation coming. Is that OK with you? I won’t be dragging you down, will I?”

“Great. I like the company. We can hang out!” She grinned at the teen-age term. She stood in the door, the dress unbuttoned down below the waist. Todd glanced down and noticed the white band of her brassiere and the elastic of white panties before she stepped back into the bedroom.

When she came out she had some old slacks and a white man’s dress shirt with shirttails hanging out. Her painting outfit. There was still some sanding and spackling to do and with a little instruction, she was soon busily on her way. Todd kept looking her way and they joked and laughed as they worked. The white shirt was pretty worn and he glimpsed her bra through gaping openings in the buttons. She would dutifully re-button the ones that popped open on their own, apparently struggling to keep her generous breasts contained. The old slacks were pretty worn from years of laundering and the showed her panty-lines generously where they were taut over her fleshy bottom. It’s just stuff he noticed.

“This shirt is ready for the rag-bag, for heavens sakes. I didn’t notice how warn out it is. The buttons don’t stay buttoned. Look at this.” She turned slightly to show that two buttons gapped open and showed the inside of her breast cupped by the simple soft cup brassiere bulging with her soft breast.

“Well, it’s what you get for having such a build, Mom.” He said, turning back to his work to hide his grin and the instant blush he so disliked.

Todd noted that she was blushing too, and couldn’t think of a comeback.

Finally she laughed and blurted “Oh yeahhhh!”

“Well it’s true.”

“Thank you. You think so?”

“Don’t fish for compliments.”

She laughed, buttoning her shirt once again.

“But yes, I do.”

“Oh, you are so sweet to your old mom. I think you are partial!”

They finished the afternoon work and then went to the corner bar and had hamburgers and fries and Todd had more beer under the watchful motherly gaze. Finally, she had a second glass of wine and they walked back to the apartment in the early darkness, their footsteps echoing off the buildings.

There was only one bed in the apartment, but Todd had a sleeping bag so it was OK that she take the bed. There was a small TV and they sat up on the bed and watched for a while together.

“There is no need for you to sleep on the floor, you know, there is room in this bed. I think it is OK for you to sleep here ... too. We are family, you know.”

He had to admit that the thought had spun through his mind, but he would never have thought of suggesting it. He pretended to be engrossed in the TV program, taking time to think. To think whether or not he could possibly bear sleeping in the same bed with his mother, smelling fresh from the shower and with a dab or two of her entrancing perfume. To wonder what she was thinking; to imagine; to wonder what would happen if they touched.

“Oh, it’s OK, the floor is OK.” he said, pretending indifference.

“Oh, come on, really, I think it will be fine...” she persisted.

The subject was dropped. But it kept a few things running wildly through his mind.

Mary came out of the shower wrapped in a green towel and padded across the room, staring in his direction. He had dozed, but now lay with half-closed eyes watching her. She put on her glasses and stared to see if he was still asleep, then dropped her grip on the towel and let it swing away. Todd stopped breathing. There in all its glory was his mother’s lovely body, naked. The lone light was behind her, but he could see all the lovely details, the softly curved surfaces, her breasts, swaying from her chest as she sorted through the suitcase, nipples, brown and alert. And where the curves of thighs and belly came together, a little triangle of curls, beautiful and inviting, promised further charms only half concealed. He stifled a moan.

She held a pink pair of panties at arm’s length, shifted the garment to get the back in the back and a little hurriedly, too quickly for Todd, stepped into them and pulled them firmly up her legs. She fastened the brassiere around her waist, as he took in the perfect curve under her breasts. She fumbled the bra around her waist and then pulled it up, slipping her arms through the straps and leaning forward, let her breasts slope into the cups. She adjusted the straps a little and then quickly slipped a short nightie over her head, blocking his view of breasts and part of her bottom. “There must be a girl’s code somewhere which dictates you must let men see the panty covered lower curve of your bottom to drive them crazy,” he thought. “thank heaven for the code!”

“Todd ... Todd, honey. Don’t you want a shower? I’m finished.” He let his eyes open slowly, and the first thing he saw was the light showing through her nightie and the shadow of the flat space between her legs. That’s as close he had ever come to actually seeing her pussy.

“Oh, yeah ... guess so.”

“I’ll be mad if you sleep on the floor ... you hear?”

He went off to the shower, using a magazine to conceal an erection.

When he came back, she was asleep. He looked at her carefully to see that she was asleep and dropped his towel ... as she had done. It occurred to him that she might be pretending like he had been when he watched her put on her underwear a few minutes ago. “Shut up. Mothers don’t think things like that!” he assured myself.

Todd shivered at the thought that she might be looking at him, and daringly stood with his half hard prick jutting out from his body as he took his time finding the pajama bottom she had thought to bring. He pretended nonchalance as he stroked his rigid cock, before pulling the pajamas on. He turned off the lamp.

“Here, dear ... plenty of room ... don’t sleep on the floor.” She said out of the darkness.

“My god,” he thought, “maybe she did watch ... maybe he shouldn’t have stroked himself. But, on second thought, he relished the thought of stroking himself as she watched.

With his heart in his throat, he climbed in bed beside his mother.

“You know what?” she asked.

“No, what?”

She half sat up in bed and looked across the room. “Wait.” She giggled, pleased with herself about something. The red numbers on the alarm clock clicked over.

“There. 12:01AM, July 17. Happy Birthday!”

She turned and, lying half on top of him, hugged her son and pressed her lips to his for a birthday kiss.

“Eighteen years old. You are a man at last!” she said, close to his ear. Her breath in his ear and her breasts against his chest brought his semi-hard prick to a firm readiness which would surely not find any solution this night.

“Thank you.” he said. He let his arms encircle her cautiously. She started to move away, to take the weight of her breasts from his chest, but his arms kept her there. He felt her relax and put her head on his shoulder.

“Wow, eighteen years ago, you made me so happy, well both of us, your father and I. It was a thrill ... an unimaginable thrill to have you in the world, lying on my tummy, still wet from ... well ... still wet. And then they took you away to be cleaned up and then brought back. All the pain was forgotten and just you, perfect, all ten toes; all ten fingers, you know the things you always hear. But the huge thing, was that you were, well ... no other way to say it, you were my lover ... as soon as you nuzzled me ... nuzzled my breasts. That probably embarrasses you, but, I can’t help saying it. It was such a surprising feeling. A thrill. An unbelievable thrill to me having your little mouth so eagerly sucking on ... me!” She paused, “on my breasts, I used to whisper ‘suck on mommy’s titties’ to tell the truth. There now you know a secret I have told no one! Does that embarrass you?’

“Anyway, you were perfect and you still are in my eyes. Happy birthday. I love you and I don’t know what I would have done without you since your father died.”

Meanwhile the warm softness of her body was making Todd’s prick incredibly excited and hard. He put his arm out to guard against her accidentally touching it. She moved away a little, but left her head on his shoulder and his arm encircling her. It felt comfortable, and so he just held her that way with the hair of her head tickling his face and especially his nose. He had never lain like this with any female in his life and the excitement level brought a catch in his throat. He could feel her thigh barely touching his and then a soft lipstick kiss against his cheek as she said good night.

Todd felt a tear drop from her cheek onto his bare chest. He really had a problem when she cried. This night, he turned his head and kissed her tears. It was astonishing. She seemed to stop and be still a moment, apparently stunned and then slowly, very slowly, she turned her head up to him and their lips met again. He tasted the sweet remains of lipstick. He smelled the cloud of perfume that surrounded her. And he gently put out the tip of his tongue against first her tear, and then her lips as he had done with his dates when permitted. He had done it without thinking, just by habit, put out his tongue in a kiss. They both stiffened, he with the realization of having done it by habit, her with the surprise of a lover’s kiss passing between son and mother.

It was an electric moment. They both stopped like two deer caught in the headlights of an onrushing car. It was just the tip of his tongue touching her lips. He held his breath ... he could sense that she was thinking, almost felt the wheels turning. He pulled his tongue back, their lips engaged more firmly.

Then, an incredible thing happened. Through the wonderful sweetness of the soft lipstick and soft lips ... ohmigod ... the tip of her tongue swept across Todd’s lips. He shuddered with the pleasure and an electric charge swept down between his legs. What should he do, now?

He finally let his tongue find hers. They just let them touch for a moment or two, his exploring hers slightly, then following as it ducked back inside her closed lips.

“‘Night, honey.” She whispered. I could feel her heart beating loudly. Or was it mine? Perhaps both. But wait, that would mean that she too was excited. A mother and son should not get excited together, should they?

“Mom ... sorry ... I didn’t mean to...”

She was quiet for what seemed a long time, causing Todd great anguish.

“It ... was sweet ... I liked it... “ she finally said quietly. “A nice surprise.” But she held her gaze, as if tryig to decide something. Then a little shake of her head and a s l o w l I n g e r I n g smile before tucking her head back onto his shoulder.

Todd breathed a sigh of relief.

They got situated on the bed. Her hand touched his arm and stayed there, just like she would have done when he was a child at home sick with a cold or something; even an imagined sickness to keep from an assignment at school. Comforting. Loving. Reassuring. All those things implicit in that touch. He thought that she was lying in a C shape to keep from any chance of bumping against his erect penis in the night.

He was still awake when she rolled over so that her bottom was in his direction. Not knowing what to do for sure, he put his hand on her hip and began slow caresses of the seams of her panty. He told himself that she was moving back to him and that he was not pressing against her bottom.

But soon his firm young cock was definitely feeling the warm split of his mother’s bottom. The gown had pulled up and so ... only the thin silk of the panty separated prick from soft, inviting crevice of delectable softness. Todd tried desperately not to move. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep in spite of the torment of the soft bottom and the silken nylon panties against the tender underside of his prick.

He lay quietly, barely breathing, waiting to be sure she was asleep. Very carefully and very gently he placed one hand on the curve of her bottom and waited. Her even breathing continued. Her body seemed very warm under his hand and he felt the nylon gown drift smoothly over the satin of her panties. How many times, he wondered had he taken those panties out of her hamper and held them to his cheek, smelling her scent and her perfume. Todd reluctantly turned away from his mother’s warm and soft bottom, the silky softness lingering in his mind. It had started when he was twelve, no, he admitted, much earlier than that; long before he reached puberty, the sensual feel of her underwear had fascinated him. And then their bottoms touched and the point felt blazing hot to the son.

Restless, she rolled over until she was facing in his direction. He held his breath again, but she went back to sleep. As if the bed were slanted toward him, she moved closer and he felt her arm over the top of his body and her soft breasts against his back. She felt warm and sensual. Her hot breath seemed like a torch against his bare back. He tried to roll back and push her tempting soft body away from him, but that only made her cling to him even more. Her entire body was spooned into the shape of his and her hand dangled in front of his body.

She moved again and lay back more on her back and Todd turned toward her. But in this position, his hand fell lightly against her breasts and he felt guilty for copping a feel while she slept so warm and temptingly in the same bed ... In spite of himself, he enjoyed the firm mound against his hand and explored a little bit using the back of his fingers along the exposed breast above the gown and the brassiere.

He heard a faint snore and he himself finally slept.

When he awoke, the bed was empty. He could hear his mother moving pans in the kitchen and dreaded the questions he might now have to endure. Still, he was sure nothing further had happened as he drifted into a weary sleep, his prick hard and the disturbing thought of her pink panties on his mind.

“Come on sleepy-head, breakfast is ready!” she smiled and stuck her head around the corner. Too late he realized that his prick was still out through the fly of his pajamas with an early morning hard-on.

She ducked back into the other room and he quickly got up and dressed, worrying all the time if his cautious explorations had been noticed. But she seemed bright and chipper, just like she always was. She was just putting the eggs on his plate as he entered the kitchen.

“What, no good morning kiss?” she teased.

She held the plate out of reach waiting for her kiss.

Todd noticed by the way she turned her head that it left an open question whether to kiss her cheek or her lips. He took the safe way and pressed his cheek against hers and made a kissing noise close to her ear.

“I want to slip away for a couple errands this morning, if you can get along without me.”

“Sure, Mom. Where you going?”

“Oh I just want to visit a couple of shops.”

After a short interval, she continued.

“I think I need some new undies. Especially if I stay longer. Want to come along.” She giggled.

He blushed, then grinned and shook his head, no. His mind was spinning though, why did she tell him about the undies? He remembered that she had once told him that women bought new underpants when they expected a man to see them. It had been a long time ago and said as a little joke between them.

‘Ahhh, you could be a big help. I can use a man’s viewpoint!” she laughed again at his discomfort.

He noticed that she took the car, so it wasn’t one of the many shops around the campus area.

It was only a few miles out in the country and she noticed that two cars were already in the driveway. Mary looked at the large suburban home and wondered what this day was to bring. She had met Jennie in a quiet little restaurant for coffee, more than two months ago. It had been uncomfortable, but she liked the woman immediately.

The whole thing had started with Todd. Perhaps he had one beer too many for their little talk. Perhaps she should not have asked the question but she had.

“Are you sexually active, sweetie?”

He looked away, hoping perhaps the question could be dodged...

“Sorry, I don’t mean to pry. I just want to be sure, well, if you had any questions. You know, with your father gone. If you did have any questions, I w...” She had stopped. She thought she had muffed it.

“No. I don’t mind. Yes.”

“Oh!” she was not completely happy to hear that answer, now that she had it. The answer lingered.

“With whom?” the question sounded accusatory and she hated that.

“Mom!” his favorite expression when he didn’t want to answer.

“Oh, Ellen ... I guess...”

It had continued a little and then somehow, he had slipped and let slip that one of his friends had told him that he had sex with his mother.

Mary was shocked and assured him that it surely was not so.

“You mean the Kevin Smith you brought home at Christmas?” He was quickly sorry for having said what he did and they allowed it to pass.

For days afterward she had wondered just why he had told her that secret. Had he implied that he wanted them to have sex? The question kept coming back to her mind. She thought it couldn’t be, but nevertheless it troubled her. She thought of her own innocent thoughts of the sexuality that exists between mother and son; at least she thought they had been innocent.

Finally, she decided that she would talk to Kevin’s mother, to warn her that her son was saying these things. Whether true or just braggadocio by a young man, they were potentially harmful to everyone involved. So, after admonishing herself that it was not her business, she pressed ahead and called Kevin’s mother.

They met and Mary told her that she realized that it was none of her business and that she could stand up and walk away without hard feelings, whether it was true or not. She had then told the puzzled mother what she had been told. Jenny Carlson took the news with a sober expression that answered nothing. She neither denied nor accepted the story, but she did not say no ... and they continued their lunch. Mary had the feeling that she was being interviewed rather carefully. And that had led to this invitation to meet some friends, who had what they called a Girls’ Club.

Jenny Carlson opened the door with a smile and they embraced lightly in the hallway.

“Mary ... These are two close friends. We have discussed inviting you to meet here because we think you seem to be quite trustworthy and you have told us a story that is of great concern to all of us. Before I introduce you, I have to tell you that our purpose is to discuss serious personal matters. And we speak very frankly and sometimes with sexually explicit terms. If you wish to leave without continuing, you may do so, but I think you may find our experience of interest in your own situation.

“I’ll stay.” She said after digesting the comments. Jenny nodded absently and led the way into a nicely furnished dining room where Elaine and Tonie were seated with cups of coffee. They obviously had been there for some time. They looked serious but smiling, the tight controlled smiles used wen meeting complete strangers.

“We are all aware of what you have told me about my son’s comments to your son.”

Tonie, the tall girl with long straight black hair spoke next. “Mrs. Fitzpatrick, each of us has a sexual relationship with a college age son. That probably shocks you, but I want to get it on the table right away. You need not stay if this offends you in any way. We take a terrible chance at relating this to each other and to you. None of us regrets our decision to engage in what society thinks is a reprehensible relationship.”

“Tonie is actually a lawyer, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, that explains why she talks that way.” They giggled. “But, since you know about us, you are actually a serious threat of sorts to us. We decided that we had better get to know you so we know if that is a threat or not. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I realized that would be the case when I called Jenny. I took the chance because I knew that one way or another, having a son speaking openly about the subject, whether true or not, was a terrible thing that could be damaging in many ways.”

“Do you have a sexual relationship with your son?” The lawyer was direct to say the least.

“Uhhh, no, I do not.”

“You hesitated. Why?”

“I am aware of the complex relationship in raising a son. My husband died three years ago, leaving me with a teen-aged son coming into sexuality. And, I have ... I know that he and I share some mutual attraction which approaches sexuality.” She shook her head with a quizzical look on her face.

Then the group began a deep and probing discussion of their feelings about their young sons and what they had chosen to do about it. Mary realized that she was not alone in harboring these feeling toward her son.

Eventually, the talk turned more and more to the more explicit things.

“One thing you realize is that those young hard bodies were wasted on us when we were young and virginal!” They all laughed.

“Yes. After years of marriage ... well it is so refreshing to have a man look at you with wonder ... and to be willing to learn...”

“And they are so ... hard! Again and again.” The women exchanged looks of agreement.

“And of course, they are wonderfully loving, while they are ... doing it. Lord it is wonderful feeling that way again.”

The discussion was brought to a close when Tonie mentioned she had an appointment with a client. “I think we are all content to have you join our group. Am I correct, girls?” They all nodded their assent and looked expectantly in Mary’s direction.

“Whether you decide to join us in the future or not, I feel that we have your confidence in the matters we have shared with you. Is that true?”

Mary looked up from her hands where she had been focused.

“Oh, yes, absolutely. I would never ever betray your confidences. I am very relieved to find that I am not the only mother having these mixed feelings. Thank you all.”

“Good ... Jenny will let you know when we meet again, usually once a month, but whenever. You can decide at that time. Nice meeting you, Mary.”

And with that she left and drove back to the apartment with lots of confused thoughts still bouncing around in her mind.

“Of course, this may all be silly. Who is to say that he would even want such a relationship? Or even me, maybe I don’t want such a thing!” she said out loud to no one there. She tried to shake the thoughts out of her mind with a shake of her head, just as she found a parking place.

Someone was coming out of the building when she approached and it saved her having to ring for Todd to buzz her in. She was deep in thought as she pushed the door of the apartment open and stepped into an empty room. She closed the door and went toward the bedroom door, then stopped short. She thought at first Todd was talking to someone in the bedroom. But the words sounded ... somehow different ... not normal...

Approaching the door, she stopped and stared at her son on the bed where she had slept. He was face down wearing only a t-shirt and earphones. His bare round bottom looked wonderfully trim and taut.

“Ohhhh, Mom...” she nearly answered his call and then something told her to wait and listen again. She held her breath and listened.

“Ohhh, yes. It feels so good...” she heard him say clearly...

His face was buried against the pillow, facing away from her. Then, looking more closely, she saw that there was something else on the pillow. A wisp of pink. Her panties from yesterday ... and her son had his face pressed into the nylon garment. She realized that her scent would still cling to them. She clutched at her throat ... kept quiet ... stared at her handsome son. His ass moved serpent like up and down. Sensually.

“Ohhhh ... so beautiful ... mom ... give it to me, mom...” And then quietly, she could hardly make it out, “I love you...”

A lump came to her throat. A tear spilled down her cheek.

Todd continued thrusting against the imaginary woman under him, faster, faster. HIs moans continued ... interspersed with calls to her, even “Mary, oh ... yes ... your tits ... Ohhh god ... your titties ... oh, mom, I want you.”

Stunned, she backed up to the door; quietly unlatched it, turned the knob and held firmly against it, then pulled it as quietly as possible ... open ... and slipped silently outside.

Mary leaned against the doorjamb a moment and thought she was breathing for the first time, gulping air. The tears flowed down her cheeks and she couldn’t tell why it was that she was crying. Straightening, she hurried down the stairs and went back to her car.

“Oh! Wow!” she said to herself alone. ‘Ohmigod ... ohmigod!” thinking back over the last few minutes she realized that she had told Todd she was going to a lingerie shop. It would be logical to do that now, though she had forgotten it completely.

“If I had gone there first. I would not have seen ... I would not have known.” All the times she remembered her panties disappearing from the hamper or from her panty drawer over the last five or more years flooded back into her memory. She had known in some vague way that it was a little passion of his and she had thought it kind of sweet, but she had never walked in on him as she had today. This made it more real, much more real.

Mary realized her heart was beating like a trip hammer. She wondered with a laugh what that term really meant, but knew she had just experienced it. Her heart was thumping in her ears as if it was some big machine pumping, pumping, pumping, just as Todd’s white bottom had pumped up and down before her very eyes.

“He was thinking of me. He was ... doing me ... fucking his mother.” She thought in astonishment. In spite of herself, she smiled.

There was a lingerie shop not far away and she found a parking spot and went inside. She bought some pretty things, humming as she picked them, thinking for the first time about what her son might like her to be wearing. She thought of just how naughty this shopping spree was and the put it out of her mind for the sheer pleasure of it.

Todd was back at work, painting a wall when she re-entered the apartment.

“I’m back, sweetheart!” she grinned.

“Hi Mom, looks like you bought the store out!”

“Nearly.” she laughed. “Want to see?”

“Arghhhh, Mom...” he said, the blood rushing to his face.

“They are very pretty, don’t you think?” She held two pairs, one yellow, one white. “Here feel how soft and silky ... oh, wait, I don’t want paint on them. Here.” She pressed the soft nylon against his cheek, then thought how she might be torturing.

“Yeah, yeah, mom, very pretty...”

She laughed and went into the bedroom to put them in her suitcase. She looked at the bed for a long moment, imagining her son lying there fantasizing with his face in the scent of her panties. The sheet wasn’t wet. Where had he ... Her face flushed at the way she was thinking, wondering where his sperm had gone ... then she saw the tissue box slightly under the bed and realized what he had done. Her heart was beating loudly in her ears again.

“I brought a sandwich and coke for you, are you hungry?”

“What? Can’t hear you.”

She walked back into the room and repeated the question, her blouse still mostly unbuttoned. She saw Todd’s eyes dart to her brassiere and stay there.

“Oh ... yeah ... sure ... thanks.”

She slowly finished buttoning her blouse, watching how he clung to the sight.

They carried a heavy table across the room and her shirt burst open down the front. ‘I might as well not button this thing up!” she complained. “I should find something else to wear. Can I borrow one of your shirts?”

“No.” He said, a wry smile playing across his face.

She laughed. “Now don’t be a wise guy! You like the view?”

He blushed and didn’t answer?

‘I think you do ... you like the view of your old mom’s boobs!”

“Not old, mom.”

“Mmmmm, thank you. And you would prefer I left my blouse open?” she wheedled.

He gave her his sheepish grin and blushed again.

She smiled and left the shirt open, the brassiere looked very full and had lace insets on the top of the cups. She looked down to see if her areola showed through the lace. Todd took every opportunity to look down the wide and deep canyon between her breasts. Her breasts looked inviting, even succulent. They had that soft vulnerable look to them.

“I guess it doesn’t hurt if you see me. After all when you were a baby ... you saw them all the time.” Her laugh warmed the barren apartment and Todd was glad she left the shirt open.

“It’s your birthday ... we have to do something special tonight!”

“Good idea. What do you want to do?”

“How about taking me out to that place you are always talking about ... as your date.”

“You mean Monahan’s”

“I thought it was PJ’s or something.”

“T.J.’S, uh no mom, you don’t take your mother to T.J.s, that’s for sure.” He laughed and tried to change the subject.

“Why not? I’m a big girl!”

“You don’t understand. That’s where you go when you don’t have a date. Dancing girls, lap-dances ... that stuff.”

“Lap-dance? What is that exactly? I think I know, but I’m not sure.”

“You give a girl ten dollars to sit on your lap...”

“Just sit on your lap?”

“And move around, Mom.” He said, paying careful attention to his paintbrush.

“Oh ... I see ... And you like that?” she giggled.

“Yeah ... but I never have ten dollars.”

She pushed her fingers down under his belt in the back and said in her most sultry voice. “I can give you a lap-dance, big-boy!”

“Oh, right!”

“You wouldn’t like that?”

He didn’t say anything right away, then said, “It’d be OK.”

“I bought a fun-wig ... so you don’t have to be embarrassed by taking your mother.”

“You’re kidding!”

“No, I’m not. You like blondes?”

“That is pretty funny, ma.”

Monaghan’s was not as crowded as it was during the school year, but it was loud and there were a lot of people there. There was a band that was someplace between country and rock. Todd led her to a high table and they climbed onto the stools and ordered one wine and one beer and Mary sat smilingly watching the dancers.

“I haven’t danced in years! I used to love it!”

“Mom, I have to tell you, you look really hot as a blond!” he said over the noise, and smiled widely.

“You sound surprised.” She laughed.

“I am!”

“You’d think someone would ask me to dance if my wig is so attractive.”

“OK, OK. I’m not very good, though.”

They fell into a walking step as the band played with a country twang.

He felt a little strange with his mother’s body bumping against him right out in front of god and everybody. They were soon comfortable with each other though and he had to admit enjoying it.

The music slowed and she moved closer, her cheek on his chest. Todd felt the soft roll of her tummy against his groin. He was afraid of getting an erection if that continued. She snuggled closer and he felt her breasts press against him. Their thighs touched and she stepped over his thigh in a very erotic move. His cock bumped her. He felt the blood rush to his face.


“It’s natural. I think it’s a complement, at my age.” She laughed and pressed her mound hard against him so he couldn’t pull away.

He twirled her and his hand brushed both breasts across the nipples. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened. He looked at her with wide eyes and she was smiling up at him, having a wonderful time, apparently. He did it again and again touched both breasts as they whirled past.

When they returned to the table, one of the football players he knew came over. “Todd! Aren’t you going to introduce me? Where did you get a date with such a pretty girl?”

She soon was whisked off to the dance floor, smiling over her shoulder at Todd perched on his bar stool, scowling off after her.

“Who’s the babe, Fitzpatrick?”

“A girl from home ... visiting.” He replied.

“Wow! You’re doing good, man!”

He had to admit that his mother was a big hit.

She was the center of attention and danced with several of the college kids. Todd had to recognize that she was indeed the belle of the ball.

“That was amazing!” he said when they were back in the car.

“I had fun!” she elated. “Did you? It was your birthday and I did all the dancing. They were very nice to me, too. But a couple were a little handy.”


“You know, groping me a little, feeling me up, they used to call it in my day.”


They laughed the rest of the way home.

“I loved my date!” she said, leaning against the door and looking up into her son’s eyes. “But this was your birthday! We should have done something you liked. I’m sorry!”

“No ... I had a great time, Mom. You were a big hit at the club, though,” he laughed.

“Well I’m still on my date until I get my kiss at the door, ya know.” Her speech had just a hint of a slur from the wine. She through her arms around his neck and made him press her against the door. There lips met and stayed locked together. She broke away and murmured, “Is my date going to cop a feel?”

“You are something ... you know that?”


He slipped his hands down and groped both cheeks of her ass, making her giggle against his lips. “Mmmmmm ... she moaned loudly.”

“Shhhhh!” he said.

“Stick-in-the-mud!” she replied, and moaned more quietly. “Hey, you’re good at that. Where did you learn that?”

“Watching ... you and Dad.” He replied, whispering in her ear through the wig.

“You got that right, mister,” she giggled. “You weren’t supposed to be watching.” She spanked him and writhed against him.

Todd started slowly moving his hands up her body. She waited until he barely cupped her breasts and pulled away.

“Thank you for a lovely date, sweetheart. We should go inside.”

“That’s what they all say, Mom.”

They went inside.

“Why didn’t you take me to the other place?” she pouted.

“Not your style, Mom. Pole dancers and lap-dancing ... I can’t see you in that kind of place.”

“What is this lap=dancing? I kind of have to guess at that.”

“Girls just sit on your lap and charge you ten bucks!”

“Show me.”


“I’ll be a lap-dancer and you be ... you!”

He groaned, but let himself be led to a chair. Only the light from the open bathroom door lighted the room.

“Now how do they...” she said, her voice slightly tense, and still slightly tipsy.

“Well she would straddle my legs...” he guided her, and her skirt was a little too tight. She pushed it up her thighs and sat down facing her son.

“There, like this? Oh, I like this, my handsome devil of a son. But why is this fun. Worth ten bucks?”

“Well it’s a little different...”

“How? C’mon, I want the real thing,” she wheedled.

Todd said nothing and she kissed him again, cradling his head in her arms.

“What else!”

“She would move ... and I would be different.”


He reached between them and moved his cock from where it had been along his leg to an upright position between their bodies.

“Ohhh...” she said quietly, suddenly not sure of herself. Nevertheless, she stayed where she was and moved a little higher into his lap.

Her mound and tummy came in contact with the firm, warm tubular shape under his pants.

“Ohhh...” she moaned slightly, aware of what she was feeling pressed so warm and hard against her body. “It’s like dancing...” she said quietly, in a small voice that sounded slightly frightened in spite of her bravado.

Todd pulled her more tightly into a bear hug, his eyes wide and bulging over her shoulder. Shocked at what he was doing so openly. He was actually terrified that she would bolt and they would have trouble facing their memories of the evening. His lips found hers again.

He felt the very tip of her tongue.

It seemed electric and he turned his head back and forth, enjoying the kiss, loving the kiss, loving his mother. He was afraid to open his eyes ... and so was she.

“She would move?”


“Like this!”

Todd nodded and the taste of her lipstick was fresh in his mouth. He slipped his tongue stealthily between her lips and felt her respond.

“Ohhh ... my ... oh honey.” She said. She moved again, revolving her pelvis ... feeling his hardness against her softness ... she spread her legs wider and scooted even closer ... she hiked her skirt higher ... her panties would show if he looked down ... Her breasts were tight against the thin t-shirt and his virile chest. “Ohhh ... my ... my dear.” Deep inside there came the nagging fear that she had crossed a line and could never go back. There was something scary about it, but she didn’t want to stop.

Her sense of humor came back. She pulled back and looked into his eyes. “Worth ten bucks?”

“ ... God yes...” He said plaintively. He felt her rotate against his cock and could feel or sense the softness of her pussy against his trousers and the cock concealed under them.

“I love this...” she whispered. Her lips felt moist in his ear and he shivered with pleasure.

“Me too... “ his voice cracked with emotion. “I love it ... I love you...”

Even Todd felt the reaction of her body to the love whispered in her ear. She trembled and clung to him, and thrust her mound against his prick, now bursting with tension. Todd put his hands under her skirt and felt her panties, taut over her bottom. He slowly caressed the nylon curves over and over. Light little strokes. Loving caresses.

“Ohhh, hon...” She moaned. “Does this feel good to you?”

He could only nod his head and continue his caresses as she again took his lips with hers and slipped her tongue deep into his mouth. He sucked on her tongue and played with the soft loveliness of her bottom.

She caught him looking down to see if her blouse was gapping open. She pulled her peasant blouse a little lower so that her round mounds looked deliciously soft and inviting. She leaned back slightly and then turned his head down to show them to him. She smiled at him and proudly displayed the loveliness of her breasts. Her brassiere was French cut with straps at the side of the cups and so the display was very pretty. She heard him gasp slightly.

“Even as a little boy you liked to look down there. And up my skirt, too. I remember liking that. Do you remember?”

He could only nod his head, finally parking his forehead against hers and staring at the beauty of the valley between her breasts and down to the white band at the bottom of the valley.

“Beautiful...” he gasped.

‘Ohhhhh, honey ... thank you for that! Am I too heavy.”

“No!” his answer was so quick, that she laughed and then they both laughed together at his immediate response.

“I don’t think this hurts...” she said without finishing the sentence.

There lips rejoined and their tongues seemed unable to get enough of the loving, sliding and dueling together.

“Remember when you were little and I made you scratch my back?”


“And sometimes in the front.” She laughed.

“Yes, you stopped that, though, just when I thought I had things figured out.”

“Yessss ... Sorry...” She smiled happily at the memory.

“Do you like my new panties?”

“Love ‘em.”

“Thought so.” She laughed. “ I like your hands there. Your caresses. Mmmmm!”

“And you always messed up my pantie drawer when I was away.”

He tensed. Not expecting that. “Oh, yeah ... sorry mom.”

She grabbed his head and pressed the bright red lips against his quickly and they had a tight wet kiss.

“Oh ... It’s OK ... I don’t know why ... it ... it thrilled me ... I would stand there thinking of you ... thinking that you must really love me ... be excited about me ... it simply excited me, too ... Thinking of you holding my panties and thinking of ME! Can you understand that?”

She shuddered hard in his arms. “Do you think that’s crazy?”

“No ... I’m relieved to hear ... always worried me ... couldn’t remember how you kept them.”

They continued their caresses.

“Todd ... it’s fun talking about these things with you! God, but I adore you! What a wonderful night, my date. But, I think I am about to turn into a pumpkin, time for bed?”

“Yes, me too, mom.”

“Would you ... undress me? Put on my nightie?” she whispered into his ear. “I want to show you my panties and brassiere. Would you like that?”

He nodded as he shivered from her breath in his ear.


She got off his lap and took his hand, leading him to the bedroom. She stood before him and waited. Clumsily, he groped at her blouse and then lifted it over her head and gasped as he saw her breasts in the pretty French brassiere. She watched his eyes with a small modest smile and tried to pretend she wasn’t preening and throwing her chest out for him to enjoy her body.

He found the button and zipper of the skirt, forced it down over her hips and watched as it dropped to a circle at her feet. She stood for his inspection in panties and brassiere and let him stare at her. A sight he had worked very hard for over the years by finding ways to stumble into her room while she was just at the right moment.

“I think you used to try to come in my room when you thought I would be like this...” she said quietly. “And now here we are. Should’ I see you too?”

He dropped his pants and his cock prodded his shorts out like a long stalk was being hidden there. She pulled his T-shirt off and then knelt in front of him and pulled down his shorts. The knit shorts clung to the stiff erection. She pulled again.


She pulled again and the stiff prick bounced before her eyes.

“Oh ... Todd!” she said sharply and stood up sharply and dove into his arms.

She stepped away and found his pajama bottoms and held them out for him to step in, eyeing the rigid stalk as the garment clothed it.

He held her nightie, the wrong way at first, and she turned it for him and let him slip it over her head. She padded off to the bathroom leaving him a view of the half moons of her pantied bottom floating majestically across the room.

Todd lay back on the bed, his emotions exhausted.

She whispered “Yours.” And he went into the bathroom himself.

He wondered what was going to happen next in this, the sexiest night of his life.

He crawled into bed and she waited for her kiss.

“I don’t know how to explain this. Maybe some other day.” She smiled.

He nodded and kissed her again.

She pressed her knee against his and held his hand as they settled down facing each other.

Todd closed his eyes but was still wide awake. He could see the outline of her brassiere under the light nightie and lower her new lacy panties peeked from under the hem. Her mound under the nylon looked full and beautiful to his eyes.

She snored a little and her breathing became one of sound sleep. He knew he should be satisfied with the liberties allowed, but couldn’t resist nudging his cock into her open hand lying between them. Her hand felt better than anything he had ever felt in all his life. He just lay there thinking what it must be like if she were ever to encircle his shaft with that delicate little hand.

He had fallen asleep when Mary slipped out of sound sleep into half-wakened awareness. Her eyes hardly opened and she thought how wonderful it was to still have hours remaining to sleep and rest her body. She was aware that something was lying across her open palm ... She closed her eyes and a half smile crossed her face as she realized it was her son’s cock. His deep breathing and masculine snoring assured her of his being asleep. His snore had wakened her.

Slowly, enjoying the sensations, she closed her light grip around it. It lay there warm and firm, not hard, not soft, but firm. Slowly, it came to life. It hardened in her hand ... and extended just a little ... her smile was a pleasure too. With light touch, she caressed the velvet-like skin of his shaft without awakening him. Slowly, she returned to her sleep filled with love and the pleasure of another human being’s touch.

The smell of bacon frying brought Todd to alertness and he yawned deeply and stretched, sitting on the side of the bed. Still sleepy, he put his head down on Mary’s pillow for a moment’s snooze. Her perfume brought back memories of their birthday celebration. He thought of her insistence on performing a lap dance on him and worried about it being uncomfortable this morning.

“Breakfast is ready!” she murmured, sitting on the edge of the bed and leaning close to his ear.

He started, then relaxed as she kissed his cheek and he felt her breast against his bicep. He was hard immediately and tried to hide it.

“OK, mom, be right there. Just napping.”

She got up and hurried back to tend the bacon.

He followed in a pair of sweat pants and torn t-shirt, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. She sat next to him at the counter top and squeezed his thigh playfully.

“Did I embarrass you last night? You probably didn’t think your old mom could get so crazy, right?”

“Not at all, mom. You were terrific. Really.”

“Not TOO wild?”

“Nope. Perfect.”

“Oh, good. I have been worried ever since I woke up ... you know, that I seemed silly to you?”

“Nope. Loved every minute. You were the hit of the bar, I will say that.” Now that the awkwardness had not been so bad, he wanted to smooth it over as well as possible.

“Oh, good. Did you sleep well? You were snoring when I woke up in the middle of the night.”

He panicked briefly, remembering that before he had gone to sleep, he had pressed his prick into her hand and could not remember moving it after that.

“Oh, yes ... pretty good ... can’t remember.”

And so began another day of painting.

“Todd ... can I ask you something?”

He didn’t like the tone of that. “Yeah ... I guess.” They laughed at his hesitant reply.

“Remember when you told me that Kevin...”

Oh god, he thought, here it comes. He recalled being a little drunk and letting it slip that his friend Kevin had told his friends that he was having sex with his mother. He dreaded the question.

“ ... Has Kevin said any more ... about ... you know ... his relationship with his mother?” There, she had got it out.

“Aw, mom ... I think he was just making that up. Trying to make us jealous. You know, talking big. Bragging like. No he said it just that once.”

“Didn’t anyone ask...”

“Uhhh, yeah ... I think somebody asked but he wouldn’t say anything more.”

They worked quietly. He thought the subject was over.

“ ... Todd, did it? Did I make you feel. You know ... jealous? Of him?”

Todd took awhile to answer, trying to think three jumps ahead like in chess. Finally, he exhaled rater deeply.


The single word answer hung in the air between mother and son.

“Oh.” She said quietly. She didn’t have to look at him to know he was blushing a brilliant shade of red.

After a few minutes she came near to look at his work. “Missed a spot, here.” She said idly. He painted out the small spot. She put her hand on his arm and stood on tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

“That’s kind of hot.” She said, her tongue going into her cheek.


“You said you were a little jealous.” She said, smiling at him.

He shrugged and tried to bite back a smile. In spite of their closeness, it was not easy to discuss sex and so this was a rare, if poignant exchange.

A little while went by again. Both were thinking about the subject.

“I shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

“Kevin?’ and his mother?’


“You can say or ask anything of me, you know that. And I will keep your secrets.”

“I know.”

Another long pause while they concentrated on painting.

She fixed sandwiches and they sat on the kitchen stools for lunch.

He had taken a big bite when she asked another question.

“ ... You did mean ... jealous of me ... not jealous of Kevin’s mother?”

He nearly choked on the sandwich, but was glad to have it in his mouth to give him time to think.

He looked into his mother’s eyes looking for what she wanted the answer to be. Still holding he sandwich and aware that their knees were touching, he slowly nodded his head.

“Yes ... you, mom.”

Surely that was the end of it.

Silence for minutes again.

“I dreamt of us last night.” She said. “Of our ‘date’” She smiled archly. “I guess it is natural to relive in dreams the things you enjoyed.”

“Did we...” he stopped himself.

She pushed his shoulder and said, “I am not telling everything about my dreams!” they laughed together.

“Did you?”


“Dream of, me?”

“I don’t think so. I can’t remember. Not last night.”

“Other nights?

Again he paused.

“Yes.” He said in a small voice hoping not to be questioned further.

She nodded, examining the sandwich carefully. She didn’t ask the next question. It was on the tip of her tongue, though.

“I didn’t wake you last night when I woke up?


“It’s just ... I was feeling a little lonely ... and I touched you ... and it made me feel better and it let me go back to sleep. Just that touch.”

He nodded, his mind reeling back to last night and remembering where his cock had been when he fell asleep.

“Mom ... you aren’t wearing your old paint shirt anymore?”

“Oh, my ‘pop-open shirt, you mean?” she giggled and smiled at him. “Give us a get back to work kiss and maybe I’ll put it on.” She laughed.

Turning on their stools knee to knee, she leaned forward, her hands gripping both his thighs and waited for his kiss on her lips. Again, the tip of her tongue touched his.

“Ohhhh, you better send me back to work! We’ll never get done.”

She went into the bedroom. He heard the toilet flush and then she reappeared with the ‘pop-open’ shirt on.

“This better? Is this my uniform for painting?” she laughed. Three buttons at the top were unbuttoned already and her fleshy bosom available for immediate viewing.

He grinned sheepishly, but only blushed and nodded.

“Does it embarrass you that we are talking sex a little bit?”

“Nah ... it’s OK.

“You don’t like the occasional men I have dated?”

He focused on his paintbrush. “I guess they are alright.”

‘Really? I thought you acted very sullen when they come to the door.”

“Not good enough for you.”

“Ohhhh, how sweet. I’m not really very interested in any of them actually. You probably know that.”


“Just trying to get my life back together.”

“Yeah. Isn’t it together ... just us?”

“Well, sure ... we are excellent! Yes, you and I are a wonderful team! I love that.” She trailed off.

“Is it sex, then?”

“Well, I don’t like to say that! Ouch!” she said. “But in a way. You need the contact, the occasional touch on the arm, The odd hug. I guess it is all sex in one way or the other. But not necessarily in the usual way you speak of sex. I mean I haven’t ... you know.”

He nodded, feeling very tense.

“Does that make you feel jealous? Just curious. I mean the relationship between mom and son is a complicated one, I know that...”

He sighed a long sigh. “I guess so ... yes ... I do feel that. Jealous. I was sometimes jealous of dad, too when I was little.”

‘I know that.” She giggled. “I’m sorry.””

He snorted a short laugh of embarrassment. “You have to remember ... as long as I can remember, you have been the prettiest most beautiful girl I have ever known.”

“Shall I shut up about the subject?”

“It’s OK, mom.”

“I need a safety pin for this silly shirt.”

“No pins.” He said quickly.

They laughed and she turned to him with a smile. “Look!” The shirt buttons had opened and her white brassiere cups bulged with their load. She slowly buttoned it again and his eyes followed every move.

“I think you like me like this.”

He nodded and rolled his eyes.

“Was last night too much, do you think? Or should we have another date night?”

“Another date night would be nice.”

“Goody! More kissing or less?”

“More!” he answered immediately.

“You couldn’t say no, could you.”

“I answered what I feel mom.”

“And you want to feel me?” she giggled her evil laugh.

He blushed and grinned but said nothing. “No comment.”

“I’ll take that as an invitation, then. I vote ... yes.”

They both went quietly back to work and both were wondering what all this meant for the night.

“You know that I loved that last night? The lap dance? I didn’t know what to do, though ... you know. I mean...” she paused and took a deep breath. “Is it Ok to say this? I mean we both masturbate. I do, more since your daddy died ... but you ... everyone does ... we have a hard time talking about it. But it’s nice ... and of course, you ... well we both got excited ... I know you saw and felt my panties ... I felt you against me ... it was lovely ... but I didn’t know what to do at the end ... Did you find a way after I went to sleep ... to relieve it? We’ll have to agree to take care of that, OK?”

He nodded, his face flushed. “You too.”

“Yes. OK. Phew! I am glad I said all that.”

Another interlude of quiet.

“When you do ... what do you fantasize about. Or who? Jane? ... or, have you ever thought... ? ... of me? When you do it?”

“You ... sometimes.” He said quietly, concentrating on his work.

“Ohhhhh, god ... honey, that is so sweet ... I have thought about you ... sometimes, too. Does that embarrass you? Or does it just shock you. Why do I keep on talking like this?”

“You mean it’s OK?

She nodded. “Can you tell ... I am short of breath hearing it.”

He hugged her and held her close.

“What would you think if we had a fantasy tonight and you played your father ... the way you saw him with me ... up to a certain point ... you know ... up to that line ... you and I would do anything ... like married people or dating people?” She shuddered violently against him and her skin tingled when she said it, the back of her legs, the small of her back, her nipples and the little rain forest between her legs, all tingled with the thought of playing out this fantasy together.

“And I would ... do what I used to do ... with your father ... on a date.”

“OK.” He whispered. And his breath in her ear made the tingle double between her legs with what she was proposing.

They went to a different club called Pickerman’s. “I’m not taking you back to Monahan’s; you danced with everyone else but me!” he chided.

“Aha, you want me all to yourself?”


The place was similar and they found a table toward the back of the room. Todd sat down and Mary continued to stand next to his chair, gazing around at the decoration of the bar. She jumped slightly, then settled down as she felt his hand slide up the inside of her leg under her skirt. She looked down at him quizzically, then looked around at who might see his bold act.

“You said, anything I saw Dad do.” He said firmly.

“Did you see your father do that?” she grinned. She remained standing as he continued fondling her thigh.

“Yes, he did this all the time.”

“Yes, you are right ... he thought he was getting away with something and no one would see. Shall I sit down now, or are you not through.”

“You may be seated, Mary.” He said gallantly.

She leaned close and whispered in his ear: “And he went further than you! He was naughty.” she giggled.

“Stand up again.”

“Oh no, you only get one chance.”

They ordered their wine and beer and the music began.

“She looked at him expectantly and he took her hand and they went to the dance floor.

She slipped her hand down onto his bottom and pulled him closer.

“Already?” She murmured.

“Sorry. You affect me, mom. I mean Mary.”

“Good!” and she pressed tightly against him as they swayed with the music. The girl with the shoulder length blond hair and the tall, lean partner looked very much like the other couples, except perhaps the blonde was dressed slightly better. Not flashy, but you could sense that she had taste when it came to clothes she put together rather than randomly thrown together.

She noticed a girl nearby whose bright neon green thong could be seen above the waist of her jeans and pointed it out to Todd.

“I suppose you wish I could still dress like that?”

“Nope.” He replied, and brushed his hand brazenly across the two round buns of his mother’s bottom.

‘Keep that up and I’ll follow you anywhere.” She said teasingly.

She walked close in front of him, shielding his tented trousers from onlookers as they went back to the table. She smiled mischievously, a secret smile between the two of them. Then she kissed him on the cheek and pulled her chair closer to him, so that their knees touched as they sipped their drinks and checked out the crowd.

The waitress complimented her hairstyle and then offered dessert.

“I think I’ve eaten enough. I think I would like an early night ... why don’t we go home and share a candy bar together?” she said, smiling and holding his hand.

The moon was full as they found the car in the large parking lot, and the summer night air seemed fresh and clean as the new lovers walked hand in hand. He started to open her door. She stopped him and looked up to be kissed.

“No one knows us. No one Is around. Isn’t it wonderful?” she said.

Todd gathered her into his arms and found the tip of her tongue waiting for his. He pressed her against the side of the car and his prick felt fresh and her body young and lithe against him. His hands swept up to scoop her breasts and fondle them in the firm-cupped brassiere under the light summer dress.

“Ohhhh...” she moaned, feeling his hard young cock just to the right side of her mound. She moved so that it swept across her tummy and mound to her opposite flank and marveled at the way it felt. “Ohhh, Todd ... you make me feel wonderful!”

His hands were eager lifting her breasts and she moaned as he squeezed and let the soft yet firm flesh slide through his hands and then moved under them and swept his hands upwards again, brushing the nipples at the end of each caress.

“I don’t want it to end.”

“No, not ever!”

Their tongues toyed and suckled. They were young and couldn’t get close enough to satisfy their needs. Their hands couldn’t get enough of each other in each caress. She actually squeezed his cock for the first real caress of the long hard shaft.


“Hey ... get a room!!” someone yelled and someone else laughed.

The unaccustomed lovers sprang apart, then settled back against each other and laughed quietly as their lips found each other in their moist grasp.

“We will, we will!” she said quietly.

They got into the car and began the short drive home.

“Are you OK to drive, honey?”

“Yeah, I’m OK, ma.”

“Mary.” She corrected with a small laugh.

“Mary, you are a great date.”

“Will this be alright?” she asked, placing her hand on his thigh, perilously close to the end of his cock.


He put his hand on her thigh and hiked her dress a few inches. He grinned. Mary pulled her skirt higher so that his hand was on her bare thigh above the dark top of her thigh-hi stockings.

“I don’t want to distract you too much while you are driving.”

“My other dates don’t say that.”

She nudged him and smiled out at the night as his hand explored higher on her thigh. She looked down and noticed that her panties were visible, shining their crisp clean white as they passed streetlights along the way. She was surprised it was happening, a little afraid, a little scandalized, but finally a lot happy.

He parked the car down the street from the apartment.

“On a date, we would sit awhile and neck. Or is it different these days?”

“No, it’s the same.”

“It’s nice here in the silence, the streetlight streaming in?”


“I remember how you used to peek at me every chance you had to see me in my underwear. Do you remember? And tonight, here I am with my skirt pulled up ... and you’re not paying attention.”

“I’m paying attention, Mom.” He laughed. And after a short pause. “You knew?”

“Parents aren’t as dumb as children think.” She laughed.

“Sometimes it seemed like you ... sort of ... let me ... I remember that.”

“That’s right!”


“Oh ... I love you, you know ... want you to be happy ... and I was a little bit thrilled by ... your interest ... if I am being honest.” She squeezed his hand and held it against the thigh-hi stocking top. And, I think it didn’t do any harm. And it seemed to be good to not treat it as something bad, I mean we are family and it’s just underwear.”

“Then why not more? I had to work hard at it.” They laughed.

“Well, I would be a tramp if I just wandered around like that, wouldn’t I?”

He shook his head and looked off at the streetlight.

“I remember when you were little and in the bath you would get a little erection, too. I think that was just the warm water or something. And then one day, I realized it was something else. You were young still but maybe seven or eight and we were playing a game in the back yard and we tumbled down together. You landed on top of me and I hugged you and kept you there on top of me. And then I realized that you had an erection against me. And I knew that things would be different. You probably won’t even recall it.”

He didn’t say anything for a moment.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t talk about things like that.” She said, squeezing his hand.

“No, it’s OK. I do remember.”

“Oh ... that’s nice.”

“It was the first ... time.”

She looked at him, but said nothing.

“I mean, the first time anything came out.”

“Ohhhhh ... really?”

“Yes. I didn’t know what happened. I remember how nice your body felt under me. And suddenly ... that ... and I was wet there ... I was afraid I had peed on you. Ran inside and upstairs.”

“Ohhhh...” She pulled him close and kissed his lips. He turned into the embrace and their tongues sought each other. He gripped the outside of her thigh, pulling her closer. “Oh, my dear...” she moaned.

“From then on, I was obsessed with your body and your panties.” He laughed, but only briefly.

“Yes, my panties were always messy in my drawer. I was sometimes cross about it but I always smiled that you were interested in me. I sometimes left things for you to find, especially when I wore something really pretty. On top of the hamper instead of in it? Remember?”

“God yes, it was so hot. I remember holding up your stockings, trying to imagine you in them. Smelling your perfume in your panties ... and the scent of you, too,” he added, looking fearfully for a reaction.

“Sorry. I probably tormented you?”

“No ... I loved it.”

“And you were always trying to look up my skirt. Is it OK to talk about these things now?”

“OK.” He knew he was blushing, but it was dark.

“Soooooo, you admit it!” she laughed.

“Yeah. I remember ... helping you one day, it was in the summer. You wanted something from the attic. I climbed the ladder and looked around the boxes that were up there but couldn’t find it. You told me I wouldn’t see it unless it bit me and told me to come down. You said, ‘hold the ladder, I don’t like ladders, ‘ and I stood there holding the ladder while you climbed up your self. You kicked off your shoes and your feet in silk stockings were at eye level. You took one more step and I looked up. It was like a cathedral. Your dress was kind of thin and the light lit up your legs, your pantyhose with that dark seam down the center and your panties. I remember they were yellow and they were tight, molding your bottom into two beautiful tight round perfect curves. They looked perfect in every way, the elastic was incased in the seam of the leg holes, I remember that, they looked like satin and there were little lace triangles at your hips. Everything looked bathed in golden light under there. I wanted to crawl up along your legs. I was in heaven. I didn’t care if you ever found the right box. I thought it was the most beautiful sight I could ever see.”

“Ohhhhh, my god,” she laughed. “I remember that and I looked down and saw you craning your neck to get a better look, you little devil!”

They looked off into the streetlight again., both smiling at the reminiscence.

“I have to be honest. I stayed there a little longer. I also worried if my panties were on straight. That looks so ugly when they aren’t.”

“Christmas was even better. I think you were always wearing stockings and garter belt when we got the decorations down. I could never manage to find those boxes either.”

“Well to tell the truth ... I always wore those stockings ... knowing you would not be able to find anything. I can’t believe I’m telling you that, but it is the truth. I was a bad girl!”

As they walked up the stairs to the apartment, Todd rested his hands on his mother’s swiveling hips and felt her muscles ripple under his hands through the skirt and satin panties.

He held up the sheet so she could slide into bed next to him and she snuggled close in his arms and turned her head up for his kiss. His cock was jutting out and he felt her press slowly against it.

“Ohhhh, honey...” she whispered. Then she slipped her tongue into his ear and pressed herself against the length of his body. “Ohhhh, I feel so good tonight. Thanks for taking me on such a nice date.”

Tentatively, he moved his hands down her back across her brassiere strap, down along her sleek waist and over the swell of her hips, and onto the twin globes of her bottom. He hesitated.

“Go ahead ... it’s all right.”

He fondled the round softness, toyed with her panty-line, following them along until the seam of the panty crotch took his attention. He fondled along the seam, brushing lightly across the crease of her ass.

“Ohhh, yes ... Todd ... I love the way you touch me. I love it, darling. More, more!”

He thrust his prick against the softness of her tummy and the firm mound just below it and his hands grasped and groped seeking to encompass more of the wonder of her soft ass in his hands. The gown slipped and slid across the shiny satin of her panties and he thought of all the times he had stolen her panties and rubbed them against his prick as a young teen and dreamed of how her beautiful ass would feel if it was covered by those little satin garments. Now for the first time he knew exactly how it felt. He felt a shudder run up his spine as he continued to fondle and explore the network of seams running over and into the curves of his mother’s ass.

“Oh, goddddd...” He moaned with pleasure.

“What, honey? Tell me.”

“Ohhhhh, Mom ... you feel sooooo ... Incredible ... like I dreamed you would...”

“Oh, sweetheart ... thank you,” She pressed her breasts into him and wriggled against him, feeling her nipples harden still more. “What did you dream...” she gasped the question close to his ear.

“Of this ... of holding you ... of feeling your panties. Of feeling you this close ... I masturbated thinking of your panties, your breasts, your ... your ... your ... pussy.” He shivered with the thrill of saying it, half fearful.

“Oh, honey ... did you really? Think of me? While you were ... doing it? Tell me. Tell me, did you think of making love to ME? Did it feel like this? Did you think of momma’s pussy, mommy’s titties?”

“Yes, yes ... I imagined touching your titties ... your pussy ... your ass ... thought, dreamed of us ... fucking some day,” he gasped into her ear blowing her hair out of his mouth.

“Oh, yes, I did too ... all those things.” She put her tongue in his ear and felt electricity shoot along her body from her nipples to the place his young hard cock touched her body. Her hands roamed his bare back and she slipped her hands down into his underwear, and let her fingers brush across the crease of his ass the way he was squeezing hers. She could feel all of him at last. His prick was deliciously probing across her mound and her tummy, and her breasts teased his chest. As the held each other and rocked each other.

She slipped her tongue into Todd’s mouth and felt him suck on it. They traded back and forth first one sucking and then the other alternating and trembling with the excitement of this first intensely sexual time they were sharing.

His hands, again tentatively, moved up her sides close to her breasts. She nodded her head fiercely through the kiss then broke the kiss and replaced it with rapid-fire kisses all over his face as he grasped both breasts and gently squeezed.

“Oh, yes, honey, that’s it ... oh yes, play with mommy’s titties ... oh Todd ... yes, take them, squeeze honey, play with them, they belong to you!” She held his prick close against her tummy as he began to feel her breasts. Her breasts felt like they were swelling in his hands. “Oh, hon, do you want to take my gown off? Take it off. Take my bra off, too. Hurry. Hurry. Take mommy’s tithes. I want you to suck them, too.”

She sat up and raised her arms and he tugged the gown over her head and watched her breasts in the satin brassiere sway before him. She held her arms back to let him look. She could see his flashing eyes drinking in the sight. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes, mom, yes.” He breathed.

He took them into his hands again, just the cups of the brassiere separating his hands from the soft flesh of his mother’s breasts. All the years of stolen peeks came back as he fondled and pressed the full cups.

“Take it off!” she said, her breath coming in gasps now, full of excitement. She pressed against him so he could reach behind her back and fumble with the clasp. After a moment the strap separated and he watched in the meager light from the bathroom door, as the garment clung to her breasts and the straps came easily off her shoulders. “Take it off, honey,” she breathed. She pushed her breasts out by arching her back and let him undress her from the clinging cups.

There were tears in her eyes as she sat before him, her lovely breasts swaying as she shifted her shoulders back and forth to display them. Her nipples jutted out surrounded by the brown and pink of her areola.

“Are they ... all right?”

“They are beautiful! So perfect! Like I knew they would be.’ He made no move to touch them. He just stared at them as if he was in shock. ‘My god, they are so lovely, Mom!”

“Touch them. Touch me.” She whispered hoarsely.

He touched the nipples first, just with his fingertips. As if he were pulling them out just a little more. Then his big hands swept the generous breasts up and lifted them, as if weighing them in disbelief.

“Ohhhh, yessss, my god ... your hands feel so good on them...” she sighed.

She was sitting on her knees before him. Posed like a lioness, preening before him, offering them to him, begging him to fondle the titties she had once nursed him with.

“You used to try to hold them when you nursed ... your little hands always were like magic to me ... making me feel the love for me with your touch. Now it feels the same way. Don’t you want to nurse on them again? Want to suck mommy’s titties? Please?”

She lay down and took him in her arms and led him to her left nipple, guiding him as if she had been doing it for years. At the same time she realized that her pussy had been getting steadily wetter with passion. She could smell her scent and hoped it didn’t turn him away. Todd eagerly took the nipple in his mouth and began to play with it with his tongue and then to suck gently. He felt her hand curl around his prick and push the waistband of his underwear down. Her grasp settled at the base of his cock and she held him gently but firmly, not moving.

“Ohhh, Todd ... this is wonderful! Are you happy?”

He nodded, but kept his grip on her nipple.

“Me too, I couldn’t be happier than at this moment.

They lay like that fondling, caressing, touching. Todd’s fingers sneaked under the waistband of her satin panties until he could feel the thatch of hair over her mound.

“I should have trimmed. Too much hair there?”

“No. Perfect.” His fingers combed through her hair as if petting her. The contrast between her hair and the silk of panties against the back of his hand seemed intense.

“I remember this nice prick from when you were eight years old and held it against me.” She giggled.

He thrust into her hand for a moment, needing to move a little against her.

Todd kissed his way down her stomach, beginning with a lip exploration of the mounds and then the valley between them. There he found a hint of perspiration, though the night was slightly cool. Slowly he crept down the center of her body, tonguing and kissing a path that tingled and brought a shudder of pleasure that extended down to her pussy. He put his tongue into her navel and kissed all around it while Mary lay moaning her appreciation, her forearm across her eyes to focus her pleasure.

He nibbled at the little band of elastic and lace that circled her waist and then nuzzled the broad span of nylon panty that stretched from prominent hipbone across the island of her mound with its cushion of hair supporting the panty. And there he lay his cheek and moaned quietly himself. Mary put her hand on his head and ruffled his hair, entangling her fingers while he rubbed his cheek and lips against the soft cushion of hair under the nylon panty. He blew his breath through the panty and she felt a circle of heat growing where he worshipped.

“Mmmmmm, I like that,” she whispered quietly. “My beautiful lover.”

He slipped his hand between her legs and followed the nylon stocking until it gave way to soft sweet flesh of her thigh. She parted her legs to let him explore where he would. “Ohhhh,” she moaned quietly, still stroking his hair. Todd rubbed his cheek and lips against the soft nylon and inhaled the scent of pussy and perfume all tangled together in a perfect mélange.

She took a sharp breath when his gingers first encountered her panty crotch and the warmth of her pussy.

“Oh! Todd...” she paused. And then said: “ ... I am so wet there ... might not be very pleasant ... honey...” He turned his head toward her pussy, still pressing a cheek against the familiar nylon he had felt so often in panties purloined from her panty drawer and clothes hamper over the years.

He pushed her legs, seeking even more room to put four fingers flat against the lips of her pussy, which were indeed very wet, soaking through the panty to his fingers. Bravely, he slipped his four fingers under the crotch of the panty and pressed the back of his fingers against her wet lips.

“Oh!” she said. Her fingers clenched in his hair, then relaxed. “Ohhhh, my...” His cock felt as if it would burst at any moment. He lay still, trying to keep from cumming. He kissed more on her mound and nuzzled the soft hair under the smooth nylon.

“Ohhhh, I love this...” she moaned. “Would you give me one of your good back rubs and then reach around and play with my titties, dear? I know you love to sneak your hand around when you do back rubs. I’ve never admitted that I noticed and that it thrilled me every time, have I?”

“No ... you were silent ... you noticed?”

She giggled instead of replying.

Todd put a hand on her ass and pulled her over to lie on her stomach, the ample curve of her bottom now forming a lovely hill covered in satin panties. He straddled her waist, sitting on her bottom and began rubbing her back in firm swirling movements. By and by his hands found the beginning of her breasts under her arms and fondled the swelling frontier of her breasts.

“Like this?”

“Yes ... that was always such a subtle move ... I knew you were copping a feel, though.” She giggled. “Even then, I was dying for you to reach around to my nipples, but I would have fainted if you had.” She raised herself on her elbows and his fingers grasped the large globes of her breasts. He slid back a little further so that he was sitting on the wide part of her ass.

“Todd... ?”


“Do my panties feel better with me in them than when you stole them and laid down on them?”

“Yeah, Mom ... much nicer. But I had a good imagination...”

“Ohhhh, dear ... you thrill me ... so.”

He moved back further and his cock split the crease of her ass. He could still reach her breasts and he squeezed them and gently pinched the firm nipples as his cock enjoyed the soft home it snuggled into between the soft buttocks he had dreamed of for years.

“Ohhhh, Mom...”

“I know ... me too.”

He lay there in ecstasy, his penis feeling like it was in heaven and his hands worshipping the loveliest breasts he had ever imagined. His mind didn’t know which to think about.

‘Doesn’t it feel like we are all alone? That this bed is all there is ... there is nothing outside, just us here loving each other?”

“Oh yeah!”

He slipped back further and down between her legs. The panties and her bottom felt delicious against his stomach now and he searched between her legs and pulled the panty leg aside enough that he could slip his prick inside her panties along her slit. He heard the sharp intake of her breath.

He continued fondling her breasts. He moved his pelvis, sliding his prick between her and the bed, the tip sliding along the soft crease and finding the tender lips of her pussy.

“Todd...” she said in a hushed tone, tense, yet beguiling ... Todd ... darling...”

He closed his eyes and focused on the warm cream between the lips of her pussy which now welcomed the head of his cock. He paused with the head of his dick lying against the opening of her vagina. He wasn’t even sure of that, only that it was warm and the cream seemed to pool around his cock head in a wonderful way.

“Ohhhh... ! He moaned. He fondled her breasts and left his dick there at the vestibule of her vagina, completely enthralled with the sensations and emotions of the moment. “Ohhhh ... jesus...”

Her eyes were closed pensively. She reached down the front of her panties and over her mound and between her legs. Her fingers touched the head of his dick. It felt huge, lodged right by her opening.

“Todd...” she gasped.

He thrust again. She felt it slip in, half guiding it by pressure of her fingertips on the glans of his prick. The big head slipped inside.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh...” He gasped.

She felt the warm sperm flow in a stream, wetting her panties, filling her hand and flooding her vulva with creamy hot warmth that seemed aglow. The angle kept him from penetrating any further than the first inch or so before he spilled his warm seed.

“Oh, that’s wonderful, darling ... that’s it, my darling...” she rotated her pelvis against his hot shaft, holding the head of his cock in place with three fingertips now slippery and inundated with his sperm. “Oh, that’s my big boy ... yes ... give me that love cream...”

He lay spent on top of her. His cock slipped out of her pussy and she grasped the shaft in her wet hand and lay there happily fondling his waning dick. “Ohhh, that was wonderful, dear...”

He rolled onto his back and sighed with pleasure. He pulled her over to lie in his arms. “I am so sorry, mom.” He moaned. “It just happened ... I couldn’t stop ... I couldn’t do anything.”

“I know, dear. That’s the way it is. The first time, is over too quickly.” She kissed his lips and lay half on top of his naked form, her leg thrown over his so that her thigh could press against his prick, now lying soft and insignificant.

“But the second time will last even longer for us to enjoy. But with you the first one has been wonderful for me. You made my breasts feel loved again. You kissed my whole body and made it feel loved. It is as if I have landed in a paradise after a long voyage.”

‘Oh, Mom ... I’m sorry.”

“Shhhhh, shhhhh, my love ... shhhh! Just hold me for awhile.”

She pulled the sheet over them and they snuggled happily together.

I wasn’t expecting that nice surprise ... and it just popped in...” She patted his chest. It felt so good, after having nothing there for so long ... do you understand?”

He nodded against her breast. He nodded, even though he had not been sure that it was actually inside her wet pussy. He had felt her fingers stuffing the head in, but couldn’t’ tell if it actually went in.

“It did go in, then? I was really in your pussy”

‘Of course, darling. It felt wonderful. And big. Sooo big, honey. You stretched your poor old Mom. I didn’t know you had gotten so big! It was nice feeling filled like that.”

He knew she was exaggerating, but at least he knew he had penetrated. That was really her pussy that felt so hot around the head of his dick. He felt it stirring again.

“See, you are coming back to life already. You just needed me to talk dirty.” She giggled.

He found her breast with his hand and pinched her nipple slightly.

“I wasn’t sure before. But now I am sure ... I want you to fuck me!” she whispered it in his ear, again sending shock waves to his cock.

“Oh, god, really. Oh I want to fuck you, mom. I really want to fuck you.”

“Let’s see if you are ready for a second time, then.” She knelt alongside him and touched his limp prick, flopping it back and forth teasingly. Then she smiled and leaned over his midsection, grasping his balls in one hand and the limp head of his dick in the other. She kissed the base of his shaft, just where his tightly wrinkled scrotum joined the base of his cock. Todd felt her wet tongue and closed his eyes in deep pleasure. She licked that spot over and over, still holding the mushroom shaped head in the palm of one hand and squeezing so gently his balls in their taut little package. Her lips opened and she licked and sucked and kissed his prick, up and down the underside seam running along its length.

“Mmmm, I think I feel some life here, darling,” she said in a hoarse voice, then went back to her labor of love licking the big prick back to life. Slowly, she felt it swell and firm up beneath her kisses.

“Mmmmmm...” she moaned quietly, intent on her task.

He swelled to fill her palm and she gently fondled the head of Todd’s prick. She flattened her tongue against him, eagerly feeling along the rising vein that ran up the center of the long shaft. Over and over she fondled it with her wet tongue, her grip tender on his balls and cock head while her soft moist tongue worshipped the big shaft.

“Oh, god, honey ... you are so big ... my god...” she nearly whimpered with the thought of how it was going to feel when he put it in her pussy. “Oh my god ... honey!” It stood up from his body now, firm and getting very hard. “Oh, dear ... how will I get all this in? Oh my...” She let it spring up on its own and sucked it into her mouth and held him there deep in the soft wetness and bright red lipstick. Coquettishly, she turned her head with him still in her mouth and looked up into his eyes.

“Do you want to take my panties off this time, then? If you want me, that is?”

He grasped the elastic at her waist and pulled the satin garment down and tucked them under a pillow. He was eager and knelt between her legs. She held her arms out to him and spread her legs. But he first leaned down and kissed her mound, feeling the dampness of her hair now where it had before been springy and cushioned. He slipped his tongue into her slit.

“Oh, Todd ... you don’t need to ... I am so messy there right now. And I can’t be more ready or more moist than I am now. You have me so excited.”

He kneed his way up between her legs and she grasped his prick and guided him. She moved the big head up and down her slit, bathing it in her moisture. “Oh, my, you have me so excited ... my pussy is dripping with juices for this big prick.”

“Now ... darling ... now ... put it in ... I can’t wait!”

Todd pressed and the round head of his dick slipped inside, past the taut muscle guarding her entry. His eyes widened and they looked at each other. He saw a tear from her eyes and s topped.

“What’s the matter. Am hurting you?” he worried.

“No ... I’m just happy! Push it in ... please ... more!”

They watched as it slipped in inch after inch. Half way in, he leaned forward and they exchanged a long kiss, their tongues playing just as his prick was playing in her wet pussy.

“Ohmigod, mom, it is so wonderful...” He slid further in.

‘Ohhhh, god ... goddddd, ... Yes. Push it in, honey.”

He sank in until their hair meshed.

“Oh, Todd, my darling, just leave it in there for awhile, let me, or I mean, us enjoy it. My god, you are big! You are splitting me apart. So full. So wonderful. Feels so good. It’s been so long! I’ve never had anything ... this big...”

They lay there completely joined at last. She folded her legs around the back of his thighs and held him close. And slowly she began making little rolling motions with her pelvis.

“Does it feel good, honey?”

“Oh, god ... yes ... it feels so good! You feel so good. Your pussy feels so good!”

She tightened with the muscles she hadn’t used since her husband died.

“Feel that?” she whispered.

“Yes! My god! Oh jesus!”

He began thrusting again. She followed his movements with thrusts of her own.

“Yes, Todd ... keep it up ... more ... more ... more ... fuck me...”

Todd felt as if he were on top of the world thrusting in and out of the woman he had loved as long as he could remember. Thrusting into her body which had become a pleasure palace instead of a dream.

“Do you like it? Do you like fucking your mommy?”

“Ohhhh, yes ... does it feel good to you?”

“Ohhhh ... ohhhh ... yes ... there ... Keep it up. Shove it in! Shove it in!”

Her words were staccato now punctuated by each thrust of the thick prick filling her thirsty tunnel. “OH, god, darling give it to me!”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and nibbled on his ear and her breath in his ear urged him on. He perspired from the heavy work of thrusting in and out of her snug pussy. His prick felt clean and pure and wet with a heavenly cream from her vagina. The head felt as if it had expanded as never before, the skin taut and full as it explored velvety wet drapes inside her pussy.

“Let me see it. Let me look at it going in. Oh, look at us Todd, ohmigod, look how it looks... !” She gasped with pleasure seeing his thick shaft half buried between her pussy lips. It seemed to disappear into the forest of hair and the thick lips protecting her pussy. Like she was kissing him and he was forcing his big prick into a narrow opening.

“My god ... I didn’t know how big it is. It looks huge like this, doesn’t it?” she shivered and watched him slide it in a little bit more, the shiny wetness showed how deep he had already probed into her pussy.

“Oh ... honey ... look how wet it is ... from me ... a little bit more.”

Todd pushed it in another inch and then waited. His mother reached between them and fondled the little bit of shaft pushing her pussy lips aside and caressed the wet dick with her fingers. Todd shivered with the thought of her playing with his cock as he pushed it in. “I want to feel how wet...” he withdrew so that she could put her whole hand around the shaft.

“Taste ... us...”she whispered when she brought her wet fingers up to their lips. They tongued her fingers, and Todd pushed it all the way in.

“Ohhhhh!” she said with surprise and pleasure.

At last, screaming for more, she spread her arms out on the sheet and thrashed wildly as her orgasm wracked her body with pleasure. She shuddered and thrashed and thrust against his cock feverishly in a way he had never imagined her capable of. At last she calmed down and smiled up at him.

“My knight in shining armor! You did it. Oh, thank you for that ... did you enjoy?”

He held himself over her with his extended arms, his prick still embedded in the wet wonder of her pussy. Slowly he sank down beside her.

“Ohhhh ... it’s coming out ... ohhhhh ... No...” His prick slipped out of her pussy.

She covered her pussy with one hand. “You filled me up, dear. Can you reach my panties?”

He found them under the pillow and instead of handing to her, he knelt smilingly and held them for her to slip her legs in. She raised her bottom and watched as he pulled the panties up her thighs and into place, then patted her pussy mound with a smile. He was feeling a strange sense of pride having made the second time between his mother’s legs a longer one and one so successful in making them both moan with pleasure.

“You were wonderful, my dear. Why don’t we celebrate with a shower ... this time together? Give me a moment first.”

She pranced quickly into the bathroom and stripped off the sticky panties and put them on the vanity. She sat quickly on the toilet and heard the tinkle of her urine. She dabbed with toilet paper and cleaned some of his cum from her inner thighs, then called out that she was ready.

Todd needed to use the toilet, too. “Can I stay and watch? She said quietly, hugging him as she reached for his cock.


He stood before the toilet and she stood close against his side and looked down at his prick, still large and long but relaxed now. She took it in her hand and aimed it at the stool but he couldn’t make a stream with her hand exciting him all over. He stared up at the ceiling and concentrated and was finally able to urinate.

“Ohhhhh, gosh...” she murmured, staring at the stream and feeling its warmth flowing through the long shaft she was holding. “Ohhh, Todd...” She carefully wiped the end of it with a tissue and then, giggling like a schoolgirl pressed against him for his hug.

Still holding his cock, she led him into the steaming shower stall and turned into his arms as the water beat down on them.

‘Are you OK with all this, Todd? Are we OK?” She trembled slightly asking the big overhanging questions.

Todd cuddled her close and nodded against her face. “I love you Mom.”

“I love you too, my darling boy.”

She took a wash cloth, squeezed some soap from the container and stood washing his chest making large swirls all over his body and then knelt before him and washed his cock as it grew hard once again with her loving washing. Todd took the cloth and re-soaped it and began washing his mother’s body, swirling the cloth over her breasts and nipples and then washing downward over the bush and then knelt as she parted her legs to let him wash the most intimate reaches of her body. She moaned slightly as he tenderly washed her inner lips, then put down the cloth and washed them with gentle bare fingers all along her slit and back into the crease of her bottom. She put her hand on his head for support as her knees felt a little weak from him touching her pussy. He leaned forward and put his lips against the top of her slit and she moaned a long, emotional sound above him. He darted his tongue beneath the forest of her mound and into the space between her legs.

They stood together rinsing off. Todd fondled every part of her body as he turned her under the shower. She held his cock again and leaned close to his ear.

“Oh my ... oh my dear son ... honey ... you are hard again! Already, I mean!” Both hands grasped and caressed his genitals and he felt the deep emotion pouring from her caresses, and he shivered with pleasure, his hands fondling the most beautiful breasts he had ever touched.

They toweled each other off, laughing and looking at their bodies in the mirror as the steam cleared from the surface, making first their thighs, then their genitals then her breasts clear until they could finally glimpse smiling faces in the mirror.

“Honey ... look at you! Your beautiful prick! It’s so lovely. So exciting.” The words caught in her throat.

“Ma ... your breasts ... your body is beautiful. Look at you!” They basked in the pleasure of openly admiring each other’s nude bodies.

She picked up the soiled panties and rolled them into a ball and they walked arms around each other back to bed. She picked up the nightie and started to put it over her head.

“No.” He said quietly and turned off the last light and in darkness, took the nightie away from her and took her to bed completely naked. They lay freshly showered with that special feeling of cleanliness and pressed as close together as it was possible to get, each thrilling to the feel of the other’s body against their own. Both moaning little sounds into their kissing lips and their fondling hands searching for new places to thrill the other.

There in the dark, she felt him urge her legs apart once more and crawl between them. She found his prick again and guided it to her entrance.

“Ohhhh, honey, yes ... please put it in again...” She took a deep breath and then sighed as she felt the head once again push her lips apart and slide into her pussy until she felt completely filled and completely happy.

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