Coming of Age With Mom


Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Workplace, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A mother struggles with the sexual attraction for her college freshman son. They work it out together while painting his new apartment. Undressing a lover is just as thrilling as the up skirt sneak peeks of childhood.

"Ya doin' a good job here. Ya know?"

Mr. Beisterfield had stopped several times to check up on Todd as he painted his new apartment.

"Thanks. Yeah, I kind of like painting. It's going to be nice, I think."

"I gotta be careful with some of the renters. They don't know what they doin' and I gotta do it over. Makes a mess. But you, you do a good job. Listen. I got fifteen or twenty units gotta be painted. You paint them, and your rent is free on this one for the year?"

"That's a lot. How about ten?"

He thought. I could see the calculator grinding away behind those dark eyes. "OK, kid, yer on, twelve!"

It was a good deal. Todd would save some money and so does he. Todd popped the lid on a beer after he left and sank to the floor and leaned against the wall. "So that took care of the rest of my summer, too." he thought.

"Anybody home?"

"In here, Mom!"

"Oh, you're making progress. This looks nice." She smiled and dropped a small suitcase and a shopping bag on the floor. I brought the other stuff you wanted, I'll let you carry it in though. I decided to stay and help you. Can you use some help?"

He stood up and she held out her arms and hugged him, her lips upturned for a kiss on very inviting lipstick coated lips. As always, she was stylishly dressed, simply but stylishly; her makeup was light but always attractive and her hair impeccably in place. He could not possibly fail to notice the soft breasts against his chest.

"You might wish you had not mentioned that." He laughed. "Mr. Beisterfield just offered me free rent if I do twelve apartments before school starts."

"Really? Well ... that's help ... right?"

"Yeah, a good deal, saves some dough."

"Not drinking too much beer are you?'

"Mom! Nah! What do you mean? Me?" he laughed.

Mary was an attractive woman, not skinny, not fat, just a pleasant roundness to each soft curve. Todd shook his head to keep the sexual thoughts from looming too large. Since his dad died three years ago, he was bothered when he saw sadness in her eyes. She tried to cover it when she was around him and was normally very cheerful. Always the aware, knowledgeable comment. Always on Todd's side.

She started unbuttoning her dress and turned to go into the other room with the small suitcase. "I thought I would just stay a few days and help out. I have some vacation coming. Is that OK with you? I won't be holding you back, will I?"

"Not at all. I like the company. We can hang out!"

She grinned at the teen-age term. She stood in the door, the dress unbuttoned down below her waist. Todd glanced down and noticed the white band of her brassiere and the elastic of white panties before she stepped back into the bedroom.

When she came out she had some old slacks and a white man's dress shirt with shirttails hanging out, her painting outfit. There was still some sanding and spackling to do and with a little instruction, she was soon busily on her way. Todd kept looking her way and they joked and laughed as they worked. The white shirt was pretty worn and he glimpsed her bra through gaping openings in the buttons. She dutifully re-buttoned those that popped open on their own, apparently struggling to keep her generous breasts contained. The old slacks were pretty worn from many launderings and they showed panty-lines generously where they were taut over her fleshy bottom. It was just stuff he noticed.

"This shirt is ready for the rag-bag, for heavens sakes. I didn't notice how warn out it is. The buttons don't stay buttoned; look at this!" She turned slightly to show that two buttons gapped open and showed the inside of her breast cupped by the simple soft cup brassiere bulging with her soft breast.

"Well, it's what you get for having such a good shape, Mom." He said, turning back to his work to hide his grin and the instant blush he so disliked.

Todd noted that she was blushing too, and couldn't think of a comeback.

Finally she laughed and blurted, "Oh yeahhhh!"

"Well it's true."

"Thank you. You think so?"

"Don't fish for compliments."

She laughed, buttoning her shirt once again.

"But yes, I do."

"Oh, you are so sweet to your old mom. I think you are partial to me!"

They finished the afternoon work and then went to the corner bar for hamburgers and fries and Todd had more beer under the watchful motherly gaze. Finally, she finished a second glass of wine and they walked back to the apartment in the early darkness, their footsteps echoing off the buildings.

There was only one bed in the apartment, but Todd had a sleeping bag and told her to take the bed. There was a small TV and they sat on the bed and watched for a while together.

"There is no need for you to sleep on the floor, you know, there is room in this bed. I think it is OK for you to sleep here ... too. We are family, you know."

The thought had spun through his mind, but he would never have thought of suggesting it. He pretended to be engrossed in the TV program, taking time to think. To think whether or not he could possibly bear sleeping in the same bed with his mother. To wonder what she was thinking. To imagine what would happen if they touched.

"Oh, it's OK, the floor is OK." he said, pretending indifference.

"Oh, come on, really, we'll be fine..." she persisted.

The subject was dropped. But erotic thoughts kept running wildly through his mind.

Mary came out of the shower wrapped in a green towel and padded across the room, staring in his direction. He had dozed, but now lay with half-closed eyes, watching her.

Looking at her son carefully, she put on her glasses to see if he was still asleep, then dropped her towel and let it swing away. Todd stopped breathing. There in all its glory was his mother's lovely body, naked. The lone light was behind her, but he could see all the lovely details, the softly curved surfaces, her breasts, swaying from her chest as she sorted through the suitcase.

She held a pink pair of panties at arm's length, shifted the garment to get the back in the back and a little hurriedly, too quickly for Todd, stepped into them and pulled them firmly up her legs and over the soft curves of her bottom. The elastic at the waist made a soft snapping sound as she released it. She fastened the brassiere around her waist as he took in the perfect curve under her breasts. She fumbled the cups around to the front and pulled it up into place, slipping her arms through the straps and then, leaning forward, letting her breasts slope into the cups. She adjusted the straps a little and quickly slipped a short nightie over her head, blocking his view of her breasts and part of her bottom

"Todd ... Todd, honey. Don't you want a shower? I'm finished."

He let his eyes open slowly, and the first thing he saw was the light showing through her nightie and the shadow of the flat space between her legs. That's as close he had ever come to actually seeing her pussy.

"Oh, yeah ... guess so."

"I'll be mad at you if you sleep on the floor ... you hear me?"

He went off to the shower, using a magazine to conceal an erection.

When he came back, she was asleep. He looked at her carefully to see that she was asleep and dropped his towel ... as she had done. It occurred to him that she might be pretending to sleep as he had.

"Shut up. Mothers don't think things like that!" he assured himself.

Todd shivered at the thought that she might be looking at him, and daringly stood, his half-hard prick jutting out from his body and took his time finding the pajama bottom she had brought for him. He pretended nonchalance as he stoked his rigid cock, before pulling the pajamas on. He turned off the lamp.

"Here, dear ... plenty of room ... don't sleep on the floor." She said out of the darkness.

"My god," he thought, "she did watch..." maybe he shouldn't have stroked himself. But, on second thought, he relished the thought of stroking himself as she watched. "My god, she really did watch me; she looked at my cock!" The thought really thrilled him.

With his heart in his throat, he climbed in bed beside his mother.

"You know what?" she asked.

"No, what?"

She half sat up in bed and looked across the room.

"Wait." She giggled, pleased with herself about something. The red numbers on the alarm clock clicked over.

"There. 12:01AM. July 17. Happy Birthday."

She turned toward him and, lying half on top of him, hugged her son and pressed her lips to his for a birthday kiss.

"Eighteen years old. You are a man at last!" she said, close to his ear. Her breath in his ear and her breasts against his chest brought his semi-hard prick to a firm readiness that would surely not find any solution this night.

"Thank you," he said. He let his arms encircle her cautiously. She started to move away, to take the weight of her breasts from his chest, but his arms kept her there. He felt her relax and put her head on his shoulder.

"Wow, eighteen years ago, you made me so happy, well both of us, your father and I. It was such a thrill ... an unimaginable thrill to have you in the world, lying on my tummy, still wet from ... well ... still wet. And then they took you away to be cleaned up and then brought back. All the pain was forgotten and just you, perfect, all ten toes; all ten fingers, you know you always count to make sure they are there! But the huge thing, was that you were, well ... no other way to say it, you were my lover ... as soon as you nuzzled me ... my breasts. That probably embarrasses you, but I can't help saying it. It was such a surprising feeling."

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