An Innocent Obsession

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Niece, Aunt, White Female, Oriental Female, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Abbie is a quiet girl and in her mind she is a very good girl. Of course, there is the entire summer she spent learning the ins and outs of lesbian relationships with her Aunt Ronne and the long senior school year helping out her brother Todd with his acne problem by helping him shoot his load every night. She was certain her two roommates would see how good she was despite her urges to satisfy her itchy pussy.

Introduction: Abby is a young girl just entering into college life. She has been trained in lesbian delights by her mom's best friend "Aunt Ronnie" and is a self-professed bisexual. Her sexual development is pushed to new limits with the introduction of her new room-mates, Yummi and Maria. They are completely different and appealing in their own unique ways. Her dalliance with Todd leads to his visit to the dorm and the happy foursome find new ways to celebrate their sexual freedom. Abby is ready to test out her new skills on the college professors, both male and female, to insure her academic success and physical satisfaction.

Before I start my story about how I changed from being a "Goody Two Shoes" into a proper "bitch-assed slut" on the top floor of the Freshman Girl's dorm, I want to stress I am a very good girl.

For God's sake, I am a full-blooded Presbyterian.

My mom still looks real good for her age. Even after four children she has a nice-looking body and a smile that lights up the room. Just before I went off to the University up in Chapel Hill, I went shopping with her and was shocked at how the skirt-chasing men all craned their necks to get a good look at her petite little ass.

I usually hid my light under a basket because I wanted no entanglements with guys and kind of liked being one of the last virgins in my class.

It is really weird for a nineteen year old to have a mother of almost forty who still has got oodles of sex appeal without even using make-up. She was very devoted to my dad who was kind of distracted all the time thinking about what his next sermon would be about. She is a terrible flirt but I am certain she would never do anything to ruin her marriage of twenty years.

My mom is very religious and my daddy is a minister. I am quite religious myself, at least on the surface. I always wear my little gold cross to give warning to pussy-hounds that I am not easy pickings. She gave me a whole litany of do's and don'ts for living in the girl's dorm. Some of them are very funny but I am too embarrassed to even repeat them here. The concept of contraception was sort of a minefield of conversation in my home but she made no bones about making sure I was properly informed and had plenty of back-up plans in case the dirty deed was ever perpetrated.

I never told my parents but I have been pretty well tutored on all sexually related activities by my Aunt Veronica who was a closet lesbian. She had me for the entire previous summer when my parents were on a missionary trip. When I say "had me" I really mean had me. My Aunt Veronica who liked to be called Ronnie showed me every position imaginable. She used her many dildos to exercise all of my openings several times each evening. She also taught me words I had never heard before and described what they meant in great detail as we lay in bed and sipped delicious red wine.

Ronnie told me that my best feature was my nicely-shaped ass. She assured me that the fact I could quickly slide into an anal orgasm was something most males would treasure in a female companion. She constantly cautioned me about my shameful tendency to loudly voice my appreciation of various angles of impalement. She trained me to restrain myself and keep my vociferous utterances to a muffled whimper. In fact, the very restraint she imposed on me magnified my physical orgasm and led to my many visible liquid releases.

Other than my Auntie Ronnie, who was really my mom's best friend and not my real aunt, I had no interest in other females and never revealed my expertise in lesbian activities either in school or in other relationships.

My entire senior year in high school was when I got sort of close to my best friend's brother Todd. He was only a year younger than me at age eighteen and had just gotten over a bad bout of acne. I jokingly told him on the back porch one night that the best medicine for keeping the pimples away was to shoot his load each and every evening. He looked at me all red-faced and embarrassed and admitted that he did just that every night and it seemed to work.

"Well, Todd you shouldn't have to do that all by your lonesome. Why not ask your girlfriend to take things in hand for you?"

Todd told me that he had broken up with his girlfriend and that she would never do such a thing for him anyway.

I felt so sorry for him that I told him to slip into my room after my parents were asleep and I would take care of the problem for him.

"But, Todd you got to promise me you will never tell anyone about it. Do you promise?"

He looked at me with a different look in his eye and nodded his head and agreement with my terms.

"I promise Abby. I will never tell anyone. You can trust me!"

I was a little nervous the very first time because I had no experience with a real cock. I had only been exposed to the fake ones used by my Aunt Ronnie. When he slipped thru my door, I was dressed only in my baby-doll and panty set and I could see Todd was already hard as a rock. He was so into it that he even remembered to bring a bottle of lubrication with him to make it a nice wet experience. I discovered later on that all men are not as well-endowed as my girlfriend's brother. I never measured but it was probably about ten inches long and very thick. In fact, it was so thick that I couldn't ever get my fingers all the way around it. I loved playing with the round bulb on the end and tickling his little pee-hole. By the end of that year, I was well acquainted with cocks and how to make them spurt long streams of creamy cum. For some reason, Todd loved to shoot his load right onto my belly button and we both got in the habit of licking away all traces of the evidence.

Todd begged me to allow him to rub his cock on my bottom and in the last couple of months before I left for the University, I would let him get on top of me and slide his thing up and down my lubricated crack. I have to admit it was a real turn-on for me but I never told him that. I made him think I was totally oblivious to his nasty treatment of my ass. The feel of his cum shooting onto my back and even up deep in my crack was a sheer delight. I had to hide my laughter when he would apologize for his bad behavior after such an episode. If he only knew how much I really wanted his beautiful cock buried deep inside my pucker hole, he would be astonished.

Despite my relationship with my Aunt Ronnie and my granting of favors to Todd, I still considered myself a very good girl. After all, I was still a virgin and I never really flirted with anybody. I considered my Aunt Ronnie as a thoughtful tutor and my stuff with Todd as an act of mercy on my part. So I was really studying and tending to the needs of others. That couldn't possibly be bad.

I guess my very first taste of independence was when I went off to the University in Chapel Hill. I had every intention of applying myself to my studies and not to be distracted by the strong undercurrents of sexual promiscuity running rampant on the campus. I dressed very plainly and always in loose-fitting clothes that would not draw attention to me.

My very first impression of my two roommates was somewhat chaotic. Doors were banging, parents were standing in every corner looking totally lost and out of place. Diversity had certainly arrived on this North Carolina campus as my two roommates were a tiny little Japanese girl and a very dark-looking Hispanic girl with oversized glasses and some serious looking braces.

Yummi was from a city called Yokohama. I looked it up on Google and saw that it was very modern and was a busy seaport. She spoke very good English and was a science major which was unusual for a girl. At least, I think it was unusual. I didn't know any other female science majors. She had the cutest little perky breasts with delicate nipples that looked like little cherries on top of an ice cream sundae.

Maria was a different story entirely.

She was a real street kid. Also, she was almost two years older than Yummi and I at the ripe old age of twenty-one. She told Yummi and me that she had lost her cherry bending over a garbage can when she was only eighteen years old. Pregnant and had a baby when she was only nineteen. Of course, the baby went to the nuns and she repented for her sins each and every Sunday.

"That's why it took me longer to get my diploma and all."

Yummi looked at us and shrugged her shoulders. She told us that she was no longer a virgin because she was a swim team member and in Japan the female swim team members are required to have sex because it makes them stronger swimmers. She assured us that it was only after they passed eighteen because they had strict rules in the swim team clubs.

"It is not a bad thing. All of the boys on my team have explored the inside of my channel. I really enjoyed it very much to be honest about it. Some of them were very worried and afraid I would form an attachment to them but I thought they were all very funny with their hard sticks poking me here and there while they were making funny noises."

I asked her if she had a boyfriend.

"No, boyfriend not allowed. Not acceptable for young girls."

I had to giggle at the thought of this pretty little girl being banged by a number of horny young male swimmers and not be allowed to have a boyfriend. Even Maria was scratching her head thinking about the strange culture differences.

We all unpacked our clothes and I noticed Maria had a lot of frilly panties and thongs of all different colors and styles. She told me she had been collecting them for a while and they each reminded her of a special friend or special moment.

"This one here don't got no crotch, girls! You know the boys like this one."

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