The Project

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Incest, Mother, Aunt, Nephew, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: An Incest Romance: Aunt Carol Anne is Tommie's objective but once he's achieved that he goes on to his Mom and then to both of them.


'The project', as it was called, was the brain child--I realize that perhaps I should have called it the 'brain fart' but I'm trying to be fair with the individual involved here, so we'll let it remain a 'brain child--of Tommie Walters. Of course let it be said that Dennie Magnum added his own 'two cents' to the process but it was Tommie's big deal.

Dennie and Tommie were, to tell the truth, both budding geniuses, with, at their age of 16, all the adolescent problems, plans, hopes and dreams that attend that age group.

'The project', which originated in one of their constant 'bull sessions' and simply grew from there, became a fairly complicated thing that Tommie originated and developed, having spoken about these kinds of matters with Dennie almost forever, and then, once it actually began to be put into operation, was neatly accomplished.

But some background here first.

Dennie Magnum lived alone with his Mom, Elaine. There hadn't been a Dad in the picture for a long, long time. That experience apparently had been bad enough for Elaine that she backed off of men for a good long time.

Tommie Walters lived with his Mom, Catherine and Dad, Jim.

More needs to be said about the families, at least about the women, and I will do that in a few minutes. Abide with me on this one!

Dennie was not only best friends with Tommie but they lived next door to each other and their Moms, Elaine, and Catherine, were also best friends, as well as neighbors.

The whole issue, which eventually led to 'the Project', and how that finally got tangled up with other family members, originated in one of those many faceted and constantly held discussions between Dennie and Tommie, that ranged from sexual matters, to world events, to sexual matters, to school issues to sexual matters! It was adolescence pure and simple.

As adolescents, their sexual outlook, rampant at their ages, colored all other things that they discussed. Eventually the topics got around to the very fertile issue of 'whom do you want to do it to?'

That's where the friendship proved itself. Dennie and Tommie decided to each mention the names of cougars, or just women, girls etc that they wanted 'to do it to.'

The point where the friendship was proven came when they had the discussion about this precise topic. It was Tommie that led off.

"Whom do I want to do it to?" he mused.

"Yeah!" Dennie prodded, "Tell me."

"No holding back?" Tommie asked.

"No, no holding back!" Dennie said.

"No names off limit?" Tommie wanted to know.

"No names off limit, agreed?" Dennie asked.

"Agreed," Tommie said, and they were off.

"Well, to tell the truth," Tommie went on, "At the top of my list would be your Mom!"

Dennie was wide eyed. "You're fuckin' kidding me!" he snorted.

"Not at all," Tommie said, smiling. "We agreed no names off limit!"

"Exactly," Dennie said, "We agreed."

"I think of her as 'Big Momma," Tommie said.

(Dennie's Mom, Elaine, was a 'big' woman. She had big hips, a big ass, big tits and a big heart. The name, from that point on, 'Big Momma' stuck, and that's who she was to our two heroes.)

"Okay, you," Tommie said.

"Yeah, me," Dennie said, "But I need to clarify here."

"Cool," Tommie said.

"This is truth and not only b.s from me," Dennie went on.

"Yeah," Tommie said.

"Then your Mom!" Dennie said.

Tommie got a huge grin on his face, putt his palm up in the air for a 'high five' and said: "Cool!" to his friend.

"So," Tommie went on, "If your Mom is 'Big Momma', who's mine?"

"The Babe!" Dennie said.

This became their shorthand from that point on, when referring to their mothers, in whom they were so interested. It developed from there. In referring to Tommie's Dad, Jim, who was almost an absentee husband and father because of all the time that he spent at golf, and traveling for his job, they named him simply 'J'. This, of course was short for 'Jerk' a reference to the way that he ignored Tommie's lovely Mom, Catherine.

(Tommie's Mom, Catherine, wasn't heavy like Elaine Magnum; she was a bit on the tall side, and well built. Dennie rhapsodized about the size of her tits and the shape of her ass. As they got into the topic, there were no areas that were off limits in their discussions about their Moms.)

Thus their interest was born, the interest in their Moms as potential sexual items. It became one of their more frequent topics of conversation. Eventually, it led to this kind of discussion:

"Hey, man, we have to do something about this!" Dennie said.

"Yeah, right!" Tommie said. "But what?"

(The answer to that came directly from the kind of individuals that Dennie and Tommie happened to be. They were both computer savvy, that is, to the point where they could do anything with their computers. That led to the next part of the development.)

"I know, I know!" Tommie said.

"Tell," Dennie replied.

"Spy cams!" Tommie said.

Dennie got a kind of glow on his face and said: "More, tell me!"

He thought that he knew what Tommie was suggesting but wanted to hear it. Then Tommie explained his idea to Dennie.

What they would do is, on an occasion when no one was at home, which was frequently enough the case, they'd plant hidden spy cams in the bedrooms of 'Big Momma' and 'the Babe'. Then, when they were successful, they'd share what each of them had captured and had residing on that computer.

They began this part of their intentions by making a list of what equipment they needed.

It wasn't very long after that, that they had a chance to go shopping for the stuff that they needed. On that particular day Elaine and Catherine were on a shopping trip of their own, and the 'J' was off golfing. The two guys took the opportunity to get what they need and set it up. They took elaborate precautions, making sure that the cameras would never be discovered, and even going so far as to tape over the red 'ready' light on the cameras. That night was supposed to be the test.

Both of them, after supper, were at Dennie's. The decision had been to initiate their scheme with 'Big Momma' that night.

They were in Dennie's room talking and, more or less, waiting, when there was a knock on the door.

"Dennie," Elaine said.

"Yes, Mom," he answered.

"I'm going to take a shower and read in bed for a bit, honey, I have to work tomorrow."

"Yes, Mom," Dennie said.

"Then come and give your old Mom a hug and kiss!" she demanded and he went to the door and hugged her.

"I'm going home soon, Mrs Magnum," Tommie said.

"Oh that's alright, Tommie," Elaine answered, "I know it's early but I'm kind of tired and the clean up will do me good."

She left them then and the two of them, once the door was shut, simply grinned at each other and went to Dennie's computer immediately. They initiated the sequence that would get the cameras working, which covered Elaine's room and the bathroom, aimed at the shower area and tub.

They held their breath but quickly they were getting a bright and very clean picture. It was more 'high fives' for them immediately.

They watched with rapt attention, as Elaine walked into the room and began to unbutton her blouse right away. The blouse was taken off and put into a hamper in the bedroom.

"Shit!" Tommie said, "Look at the tits on Big Momma!"

"Oh yeah!" Dennie said.

But they were struck absolutely dumb, when Elaine went further and removed her bra. Once the bra was off, she kind of shook her shoulders back and forth, and the big tits swayed a bit.

"Shit!" Tommie and Dennie both said at once.

They watched silently as Elaine Magnum, providing a show that she never knew about, unbuttoned the waist band of her jeans. She slipped her loafers off and unzipped the fly of the jeans, and then pushed them down. Her panties, which came into view pretty quickly, were royal purple nylon. They also had two transparent panels in the front, which allowed her puss hair to show through clearly.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!" Tommie moaned.

"Definitely!" Dennie agreed.

Then Elaine went on with 'the show' by taking her panties off, and putting them in the hamper also. She turned her back then on the camera and the two voyeurs down the hall, watched the wiggle of her large but lovely shaped ass cheeks, as she went to the shower.

They went to the bathroom camera then and watched as Elaine showered and played with her pussy in the shower.

"She's frigging herself, "Tommie said, impressed totally.

"Oh yes, she is!" Dennie brayed.

"This keeps up, I'm gonna explode!" Tommie said.

They watched Elaine in the shower play with her nipples, pulling on them and then pinching them. It left her shaking and her hand went to her pussy almost impulsively and she began to rummage with her fingers there and play around. Then the other hand went around to the back and the two wide eyed guys watched Elaine insert a finger in her ass, at the same time that she was playing with her pussy.

"Shit!" Tommie said.

Elaine came at that point and quickly afterwards took time to wash herself and stepped out to dry off. The two of them were all eyes, as they watched Elaine's progress. Next she was in the bed room and put on a clean pair of panties and a night gown, and got into bed, picking up a book.

"Far out!" Dennie wheezed, and Tommie agreed.

Then they made their plans to be at Tommie's house the next day for the next part of their scheme.

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