Love Knows No Limits

by Obsessive_Lesbian

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Sister, White Couple, Black Couple, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Petting, Size, Big Breasts, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: This is the story of love, the only feeling that discriminates no one. It can bring strangers to intimacy or may convert siblings into lovers. It knows no limits.

Author's Note:

This is the first part of my novella, "And so, she cummed". It portrays Romance as the prevailing theme.

Cast of Characters:

Major Characters:

Bianca Floris: Protagonist.

Raymond Peter Evans: Viewpoint character and Bianca's boyfriend.

Veronica Ryder: Jessica's sister and Bianca's classmate.

Jessica Ryder: Viewpoint character, Raymond's friend and an incesbian psychotherapist.

Minor Character:

Marcus Storm: An amateur disc jockey.

Raymond's story: Love at first sight.

The life is too hectic and tedious. You ought to plan the thrill when it's a day off, and nothing is as refreshing as a bright Sunday morning. You won't miss a leisurely stroll at the beach or a long exhilarating drive; it really lifts your spirits!

I had always been a workaholic for six days a week. On Sundays, however, I was a happy-go-lucky fellow who roamed around with friends for partying. It was my routine until that night I went to Philip & Marlene's bar and met up with Bianca. Her parents were Romanian, and therefore, she looked different from the girls I had ever known before. A girl with an angelic face, alluring smile, and inviting looks is the one a man would want to have as his. When my eyes fell on her, I knew instantly that she was the girl of my dreams.

Yes, Bianca was the perfect woman! She was 22 years old, blessed with huge well-rounded tits. No bra smaller than 34F could fit them. They rested elegantly on her chest that converged into a narrow waist, which in turn flared out at her hips and ass. She had wide-set brown eyes, a hawk nose, pouty lips, and a dimpled chin. Her hair was auburn that ran down to her waist in graceful curls.

Bianca sat alone in a corner, sipping her vodka. The floral prom dress accentuated her radiant appeal. My friends noticed that I was looking at her in preoccupation. One of them nudged me and I gave a start. "Hey man! Don't just look at her like an idiot," he said. "Why don't you go, and ask her out?"

The rest of the gang joined him right away. They urged me on until I got up. Half hopeful and half apprehensive, I went over to her table. She looked at me quizzically. I was about to ask her if she would mind for a casual chat, but DJ Storm switched the slow waltz to the club beats. Instead, I said, "Erm ... will you dance with me?"

She remained tight-lipped and I thought I was ruined; but instantly, her lips curved into a smile. "Sure," she said. It was a big relief for me. I held my hand out, and she took it.

We began dancing in harmony. My friends and DJ Storm yelled at us, but I was attentive to Bianca. She swayed and turned rhythmically to the music. Our bodies touched repeatedly, and I felt the heat from her loins pouring into me. I grabbed her by the waist, and she missed a step. I knew that my erection had embarrassed her for a moment. Without further ado, I kissed her. It was so passionate that my eyes sparkled. She moaned into my mouth, and attempted to punch me on the shoulder. The music stopped abruptly in a crescendo, and there was a round of applause.

I did not want to break the kiss, but she pushed me and turned around to go. I was quick enough to clutch at her arm. She looked at me and I raised my finger before she could ask any question. "I need to talk to you," I said, "but, not here!"

She frowned for a while, and nodded. I waved at my friends, and we walked over to the parking lot. I opened the door of my Chrysler for her and she got in.

I took the driver's seat and looked at her. She sat in silence, with her hands on her lap. I pursed my lips and said, "Um-it looks like I've upset you Miss..."

She looked away from me. People were going in and coming out of the bar.

"I'm really very sorry," I said. "What I did there was plain rude, and I didn't mean to offend you, I swear!"

I paused for a while but she said nothing. "I came over to ask you for some chat", I went on, "but the club beats set my mood, and I asked you for the dance instead. And then, it just happened..."

"I want to go home," she said cutting me off, and opened the car door.

I moved my hand and held hers. "Please, don't go," I said, and I knew I was imploring her.

She looked at me.

"I'll take you home," I told her, "and I won't do anything bad, I promise."

She closed the door. I threw the Chrysler into gear and raced down the highway. The night air felt warm. I looked at her from the corner of my eyes. Her head was back against the seat, and her face looked celestial in the moonlight. The desire to kiss her welled up within my heart, but I had to hold it back.

We arrived at her house in 10 minutes. She got down, and my gaze followed her until she went inside. Then I headed off home.

I did not attempt to visit her even though I wanted to see her again. I lost interest in everything and couldn't sleep well. The dejection overwhelmed me, and I behaved dour to everybody until one morning I found her at a bus stop. She had a violet folder held in her arm. My heart leapt and I smiled. Instantly, the girl beside her struck me dumb.

"That's-V," I said. "But, what's she doing down here?

I called her V because I called her sister J. Their names were Veronica and Jessica. I liked J since she was my friend. I liked V, as she was the prettiest and hottest African American girl I knew. She attended the College of Nursing.

I presumed that they were either friends or classmates. Then I resolved to take a U-turn and offer them a lift. However, a bus came to a halt at the stop before I could reach them and they got on. Instead of following the bus, I texted V: Baby, let me know when you're free. She sent me a quick reply: I will. Muah!

She called me after eleven thirty. "Hi baby," I answered.

"Hey handsome," said V, "what's up?"

"I was all right until last week."

"Really! Why don't you call Jess and tell her?"

"I can't because I'm not unhinged."

"OK, but she isn't just a psychotherapist."

"You know baby! I haven't told her everything even though she's my friend," I said with a smirk. About a couple of months ago, I asked them out for a date. J refused to come because she had an appointment with her patients. Therefore, she had no idea that I kissed her sister at the party.

V laughed. "Hold your mouth, you naughty boy! I'm not free for high jinks today," she said.

"I know, but you can do me a favor."

"Wow! Is there anything we haven't done yet?"


"What's that?"

"I want to ask you about a girl."

"What! About a-girl?"

"That's right. She is the one with auburn hair. You were waiting with her for the bus this morning."

"Oh yeah, her name is Bianca Floris. She is my classmate."

"I see."

"What do you want to know about her?"

"Erm-just tell me her cell number."

"Argh, go and ask her yourself!"

"Baby, that's too hard for me. She won't give me her number."

"That's because she doesn't know you, right?"

"No! We've met already at Philip & Marlene's bar."

"Good gracious! You met her last week and that's why..."

"I fell in love with her," I said cutting her off.

She paused for a while and said, "Now I understand why she had been upset since then. I tried to ask her but she seemed reluctant to answer me. Ok, I'll give you her number but tell me! What happened there between you and her?"

I told her the whole story and she said, "How romantic! If you really are that serious about her, I'll send you her number right away.

"Thank you, V!"

"Um-I think she wants to see you too. Well, good luck!"

The call was dropped, and I received her text in a minute. Then I saved Bianca's number and made up my mind to call her.

"Hello," she answered my call in a trice.

"Hi. Are you Miss Bianca?"

"Yes, and may I ask who is speaking?"

"My name is Raymond-Raymond Evans, but you can call me Ray."

"Sorry, I don't know you."

"I think I must give you a hint Miss Bianca," I said. "We met last Sunday night at Philip & Marlene's bar. I was the guy who asked you for dance and then-dropped you at home."


"I'm pretty sure you won't mind if we chat for a while."

"Er-I don't know."

"But I know you won't!"

There was some pause until she asked, "How do you know my name and cell number?"

"There are many ways to find out a person, Miss Bianca. Moreover, it wasn't a big deal for me to know that you are attending the College of Nursing."

She gasped.

"Perhaps the idea is a big surprise for you," I went on, "but I gave you my word that I won't do anything bad, and I still abide by what I had said."

"What do you want with me?"

"I want to meet you."

"You want to meet me, but why?"

"I'm gonna tell you that if you promise to meet me too."

There was another pause, and she said, "I-I can't promise anything."

"Nonetheless, I'll wait for your call."

"I never said I'll call you!"

"I know you will because I can feel that," I said, and ended the call.

Jessica's story: The incesbian intimacy.

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