Marcia in Trouble


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman inadvertently forgot to purchase an outfit she put in her bag, going through humiliation then becoming excited by her new job until she became a millionaire and still exposes herself when asked.

Marcia was 27 years old and working as a secretary for a lawyer in town. This is Saturday afternoon she is at the mall shopping in Learners. She picked up a few items to try on. One of the sales ladies came to see her and opened a changing room for her. She tried on all the clothes, about 450 dollars worth she had on a 140 dollar suit. She liked it so much, she kept it on, put her clothes in a bag she had with other things in it, and also put in the clothes she wanted from Learner. Marcia went to the counter and the lady there started talking to her. The cashier only thought that Marcia had the outfit she had on to pay for. Marcia give the lady her credit card and the cashier only charged for the outfit she had on.

As Marcia was leaving the store a man came up to her and asked her to see her purchases. The man's name was Jim, he was a security person for the store. As this particular store has had a lot of theft he was assigned to watch the entrances. Marcia gave Jim her bag and he looked through it finding the items from the store in the bag along with her old outfit. Jim asked her for the receipt. Marcia gave it to him. There was only the outfit she had on that she paid for, the others in the bag were not. Jim told her this.

She said. "No problem, I will go pay for them immediately."

"Follow me.", Jim said to Marcia he lead her to his office in the back of the store. Marcia thought that he was going to put the purchases through on her credit card instead he was dialing the phone.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Calling the cops" he said.

She cried, "stop your, going to ruin my reputation and I will loose my job."

Marcia said "just put it on my card".

Jim said, "Now that you got caught, it is too late." and started dialing again.

"Wait "she said "I will do anything just don't call the cops".

Jim thought about it for a while, then said, "anything?"

Without thinking she said "yes", what could she do.

He thought some more, then said to her. "I need your help, if you help me, I will pay for these items myself."

She didn't know what she was getting into, but said yes she would. Jim proceeded to tell her he was an inventor, working on miniature camcorders and remote units and he needed her help.

She felt relieved that is all he wanted her help with miniature camcorders. "Sure" she said.

Great said Jim, "I will go out to pay your bill." Before he went out to pay the bill Jim wrote out a contract for Marcia, he went out to pay the bill and she read it and signed it. He asked her what her schedule was for the next week. She told him she was available on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5 PM until 9 PM as her husband will be in school those nights and she did not want him to know what happened to her. Jim said good Tuesday and Thursday nights it is.

On Tuesday night after Marcia got out of work she went right to the address she was given by Jim. It was in a quite neighborhood. The house was well kept with a large garage like building in the back that was where Marcia was to go. She went to the side door and rang the bell, a man she never saw before came to the door.

"Sorry," she said "I think I am at the wrong place."

The man said ", Are you Marcia?"

"Why yes, "she said

"Then come on in. I am one of Jim's helpers. He is here in the lab." He said

She followed him in the building, there was a hall with 2 rooms with windows and a large room at the end that was like a studio where she saw Jim setting up equipment.

Jim turned and said, " Hi Marcia have you met Harry?

"Not personally," she said then turned and shook his hand.

Marcia started to look around the room while Jim and Harry were setting up the equipment. They were bringing in a large TV about 60". The next item they brought out made Marcia's face turn white, it was an exam table with stirrups on it.

She called to Jim. "What is the exam table for?

Harry told her, "We are working on camcorders to insert into a woman's vaginal and rectal orifices."

Marcia started to protest, "I am not going to do this for you!"

Jim said, " OK, I will just call the cops and tell them you stole about 300 dollars worth of clothes from Learners. Then call your husband and tell him what you did also."

She turned red, the cops she could get around, but to explain this to her husband no way.

She said with a defeated look. "O.K. what do I have to do?"

"First off," Jim said, "Why don't you go sit on the exam table."

Walking to the exam table she sat on it as instructed and they started to adjust the camcorders using her as an aiming point. She was watching the large TV. It showed her whole body, then zoomed to a button. Jim came up to her with a hand held camcorder, that looked like a vibrator with a light on it and zoomed in on the button holes. He filled the screen with that. She was sitting there, knowing that it was just a matter of time before they would tell her to undress, so they could get started for real. It was another half hour in coming.

Jim was the one that said. "Please remove your clothes so we can get started."

Marcia looked at him with tears in her eyes asking him "Do I have to do this? Please I will pay double of what everything was worth. Just don't make me do this Jim?"

Jim told her. "I need you to help us furthermore that is the only way I will give you the tape that was taken in the dressing room."

"What tape?" she said.

What she did not know was every dressing room had a camcorder in it. She was caught on tape. Then He told her he had not paid for the materials either, so he just takes the tape to the police and then gives them her name. Tell them it took him time to find her. Now she was in real trouble, she had no chose.

Marcia asked him with a blush. "What do you want me to take off?"

They looked at her saying. "Everything, there is a dressing room in the back you can use."

She followed their directions and found the room. It was like a bathroom with a dressing area and a coat rack with hangers. There was a dressing gown on the hanger like a house coat. Marcia began undressing while she was looking in the mirror. She took off her blouse, bra, and pants, but left her panties on. She removed the housecoat from the rack and put it on, it did not have any buttons or a tie string on it. The housecoat was too large for her also. She turned around and looked in the mirror and saw that if she didn't hold it closed the gown opened and you could see one nipple or the other as she moved. Good thing she left her panties on.

Jim came into the dressing area as there was no door on it he said to her. "We are ready for you."

As she turned to face him the gown opened to her waist and he noticed that she had her panties still on.

"You have to remove your panties also." Said Jim.

Jim stayed in the room as she let the gown fall open and slipped her panties down while trying to keep her modesty, which didn't work.

"Turn face me and open your gown for me. Stand with your legs spread please."

She closed her eyes and with a very red face, did as she was told. Jim kneeled down between her legs and examined her vaginal area. This man she just met was using his fingers to examine her vagina. Marcia was so humiliated she was starting to cry.

"You need to shave your pubic area as you have to much pubic hair."

Wiping the tears from her eyes she turned to the sink and saw a razor with shaving cream there.

Jim asked. " You need any help?"

"NO I can take care of it myself." She said as she turned to start shaving. Marcia spread the lather on her vaginal area and started to run the razor over herself. She was both humiliated and turned on at the same time. In spite of the humiliation to come she was getting wet. Marcia could not believe this. She very carefully spread the lips of her vagina so she could shave one side at a time. Looking at her handy work with the razor she noticed moisture on her thighs and felt moisture running out of her vagina she wiped herself and hoped that she will regain her composure before she has to get on the exam table.

Marcia walked out of the dressing area to the studio standing off to one side as Jim and Harry were working on the equipment. They looked her way and saw her standing there. Harry motioned for her to come over to the exam table.

She took a deep breath and said to herself " In very few minutes they will see everything that I own laid out for them."

Jim brought over a small step stool for her to climb up onto the exam table with. She walked over trying to keep the gown closed as she walked from where the guys were standing her pubic hair, what was left of it, came into view with every step she took. As she stepped onto the stool she was told to raise the gown so she wasn't sitting on it. She knew this meant that the gown was coming off in a few minutes. Raising the gown she knew she gave the two men a good view of her butt. She was very humiliated by this. Marcia sat on the table facing them trying to keep her legs closed and gown also. Both men were talking between themselves and they brought the hand held cam and put it near her bellybutton that was exposed and it filled the screen. Then they put it next to he pubic mound and the hairs looked like trees that was the magnification that you get with the instrument.

Harry told Marcia. "Remove the robe and lay on the table."

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