El Golpeador (the Knocker)

by Dr. Paco Jones

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Stephanie leaves home for college and meets Richard at a party. Strange things seem to be happening around everything. He's a budding physicist and she's doing Philosophy. She approaches the door with an interesting knocker; it talks to her. Surprised, she flashes back knowing what today will bring. I left out a code or two that would give things away, but nothing bad!!! I don't write that kind of stuff! Enjoy!

Authors note:
This is a re-write of my original submission. In a word, the original sucked. Bad!!! I hope this is far more readable.

This story didn't end the way it started, or I guess I could say it didn't start the way it ended. It was one of those things that just morphed as I was working.

The major codes have been listed above, however, I left codes out because if they were included it would give away some of the story – nothing earth shattering. I don't write that kind of stuff!!!


With some hesitation Stephanie approached the old style, reddish stained wooden door for the first time. Standing out like a sore thumb she noted the knocker was an "Atlas" appearing character with a huge scrotum and very large testicles hanging down.

She looked at the knocker with a couple of different thoughts. One was abject disgust, but the other was with humor and a growing smile.

With a chuckle to herself she thought, "Leave it to Richard to have a fucking knocker like that. I'd almost bet he's got it connected to some kind of "piss hose" that will squirt on me when I use it." Steph stepped to the side, made a close examination of the shiny metal object, and couldn't see any obvious orifice that would spray outward once the balls moved. That didn't mean there wasn't one, after all Richard was a very clever man.

She looked in both directions to see if there was anyone that might be watching then began very tentatively to reach for the oversized nut-sack hanging before her.

Woman staring at an unusual knocker

When she took hold to "slam" it back down on the clapper on the door letting Richard know she was here, the damned thing talked to her. She hadn't moved it at all so as it spoke to her, she let go like it was a hot potato and jumped back with a loud squeak.

"Gently Stephanie," the silver metal device moaned. "You had my balls in your hand. Please handle them gently!"

She looked around to see if there was anyone there that was speaking, but saw nothing. The voice had come from the statue on the door, which didn't make sense, did it? Over the years Steph had seen many strange things and this one was definitely on the top ten list.

"I'd far prefer you lick them," said the knocker as a matter of fact. "If you do that, I will ring the chimes just above the door."

"Knocking them against the door can be so painful," it lamented.

"What the fuck is going on," Steph mumbled, apparently loud enough to be heard.

"Oh my, such language from a beautiful young woman," observed the knocker.

This wasn't at all what she had expected. Richard seemed to be so much more, shall we say, conservative than to have a knocker such as this on his door. He might be a little weird to some people, but not to Stephanie. She could see quite clearly where it was all going.

"Lick them Stephanie. Nobody has ever touched them except you," mumbled the statue with a giggle.

She once again looked down each side of the hallway to see if anyone might be hiding and manipulating the thing in front of her. In her observations she failed to notice there was a pinhole camera installed in the silver statues belly button. It just looked like another depression in the finish.

The speaker itself was a curtain type installed above the door. It looked like a standard heating vent and would not draw anyone's attention. The way it worked made the sound seem as though it was coming directly from the statue.

"Lick my balls Stephanie," implored the knocker. "Your courage will be richly rewarded once inside."

While all of this was going on, Richard sat at the console just inside the door, observing the look on her beautiful face as she contemplated either banging the balls against the door, or licking them.

Her saliva would create a chemical reaction causing electrons to flow into hidden circuitry, which would in turn ring the "Haunted House" style bell above the door. They were fairly loud chimes.

He had some interesting plans for her this afternoon, but she was going to have to play. She would not regret licking the balls at the door, because that would spur him to things sending her to heights she'd not visited up to now. She didn't know that yet, but there were other things on Stephanie's mind today.

Steph and Richard had been dating for a bunch of months now, and they'd had great sex a lot. She always seemed to be nervous before hand and when he asked her, she admitted that she was afraid someone would see her without clothes. She was very afraid of small deformities. If they were there, he certainly didn't notice.

She as also insatiable, and he was the perfect match because it seemed that he could keep it up for hours.

He'd told her she really shouldn't worry about it, that she had a fantastic body. Well at least in his opinion. She was a "typical" small-breasted young woman who was very self-conscious about her size.

Stephanie was medium height, and a very petite woman. Her glossy jet-black hair fell to her shoulders and beyond giving the impression that if she was gaunt she could look very Goth. Her breasts were fairly small, barely out of an A, and she was a little on the thin side, but had an ass to die for. She may look on the skinny side but that bubble butt let you know she was all woman.

Barely 19, Stephanie was just starting out her sophomore year at the local college where she and Richard met at a welcoming party. Her philosophy major didn't really cross paths with his physics so without the accidental encounter there is little possibility that the two of them would have ever hooked up. He was a budding genius, and she was an extremely shy philosopher. She had been subtly "philosophizing" ever since she arrived at school. Most people didn't object; she was very "Confucius".

Her mother had tried, unsuccessfully, to protect Steph from the "real world" thinking that any sort of reality would corrupt her. She had kept a fairly tight rein on her, but two days after her eighteenth birthday she packed her things, and calmly left.

She loaded her things into the car for the trip to school, 4 months early; she felt nothing for the woman she was leaving behind. She was an only child so you would think she'd be spoiled rotten having been doted over since she was a baby. Not so.

Her mother was screaming out some kind of foreign incantations while her father just stood there with his mouth agape He really wasn't believing his little girl was leaving home, but was totally understanding of her reasons.

Truth be told, Stephanie was only escaping from her mother. She loved her father dearly, and left him a private note in a place where only he would find it. It had the word "Private" in big letters on the envelope, but she knew it wouldn't mean anything to the shrew, so she had placed it in "their" secret place. He would know how to reach her, but she asked him, unnecessarily, to keep their contact from her mother.

He totally understood. He wasn't too sure how much longer he was going to be able to handle the change in this absolute bitch. It had only been since she started hanging around a strange religious bunch that she started to seemingly lose her mind. It was hard to put your finger on what their actual beliefs were because he was convinced they really didn't know either.

Back home he would have just found another path for her, but here he had no way of accomplishing that until their tools repair had been completed. After working on it so long, it was finally close to being finished.

He turned sadly away from the door closing off his ears while his wife continued to scream something wholly incomprehensible at Stephanie. She was using that god awful shrill voice that was worse than fingernails on a blackboard. He'd finally heard enough, turning around and shouting at her, "Oh shut the fuck up, will ya?"

Stephanie had heard her father's outburst and smiled inwardly as she put the key in the ignition, started her car, and drove calmly away from the house forever as far as she was concerned. As long as "that woman" was there, she would not be back.

When she arrived at the campus, it was off-season, so apartment rentals were fairly easy to find. While she settled into her little studio house, she added her decorations and other colorful odds and ends to the place making it personally pleasing. She put her shrine back together and immediately burned some incense, chanting quietly thankful she was now somewhat free.

Money was not a problem for Steph. Her father made sure she was well set up for her life away from home giving her a very large bank account and an unlimited gold card. She didn't need to work, but working wouldn't really fit well with her lifestyle.

The dollars is what was keeping her mother hanging around. She knew that if things got too out of hand, she'd lose everything, though she had done nothing in its acquisition.

But that was all behind Steph now. First order of business ... Get laid.

She'd given her virginity to her father some time ago. They had a very close, loving relationship for a long time but it was only as long as "that thing" wasn't around causing hate and discontent.

It had actually been working fairly well lately because she had been gone more than she was at the house, making Steph wonder if she was having some kind of an affair with some of those loony church folk. She'd had a couple of them over a few times and being a "philosopher" Steph had given them the third degree much to the disdain of her mother.

"Leave them alone Stephanie. They're guests in our house."

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