An Email to My Wife

by SizeQueen

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Husband happens to find wifes computer left on after she had went to work. When He goes to shut it down, he saw she had been recieving a lot of emails from people with very stange names such as blkdiks4whtchix, He decides to take a look, bad idea. Some things are better left alone.

An email to my wife that I just happened to read one morning after she had left for work, is what led me to open an account on instant messenger and that's what led me to log into interracial chat rooms. What I discovered there was almost beyond belief. I knew I had to check it out but how. I knew she went there, she being my wife of thirteen years, Miranda. Miranda is five nine around a hundred and fifty pounds now that may sound like shes a lot over weight but shes really not, shes fairly big boned, with large supple breasts and is a little wide in the hips. Miranda would look damn nice if she lost about ten or fifteen pounds. She has a pretty face and long dark Auburn hair. I've noticed she still draws a lot of attention when were in the malls shopping, namely from the Black men we pass by. They seem to desire women with a little meat on their bones, which I can't say as I blame them, I prefer that myself.

What I'd discovered in Miranda, s Email was enough to prompt me to want to find out what the hell she was up to and with who. The biggest problem I was facing was not knowing how to find out anything, other than what was emailed to her. That day at work I spent most of the day trying to figure out what to do. It was about quitting time when I called my secretary into my office, I said, "Darlene, if you wanted to find someone who went to a certain chat room and used the private chat, how would you be able to find out why they went there and what they talked about?"

She thought a minute then said, "well, the only way I can think of is, open an account under a fictitious name, that is if you don't want the person to know it's you. Log into the chat site and wait for that person to log into the room and ask them if they would like a private chat. If they accept, then you start a conversation with them and see where it leads. If you know a little bit about them, or what they might be doing in the room, lead them slowly in that direction and see if they open up to to." "Don't be to aggressive to begin with, let them give up willingly what you want to know or you may scare them away. That is the only way I know to find out what an individual is doing or talking about in a chat room, unless of course they're chatting in the main room, then of course anyone can read that. Whats going on boss, trouble in River city?"

"I'm not sure Darlene, I read some of Miranda, s emails quite by accident this morning, she must have forgot to log off last night or this morning before she left for work. They were Email's from men she has chatted with in chat rooms and I didn't really care for what was being discussed in the email's." So, I thought if their was a way to find out if what there talking about is actually going to happen maybe I can stop it in time."

"Well Bruce, that's what I would do, I'd go in and pose as someone similar to the men she has been in contact with and ask her for a private chat. Knowing what you know from reading her email's it shouldn't be hard to get her to open up to you."

"Okay I guess I'll give that a try. Hey thanks Darlene, You've been a big help as always, don't know what I'd do without you."

"I'll let you buy me a drink some time she said over her shoulder, as she left my office."

"You're on, I said, anytime you're ready."

"I'll remember that Boss."

I'd never really thought about Darlene in any other way than her being my secretary, but now that I thought about it, having a drink with Darlene might not be that bad. Shes 38, 5-4 around 120 pounds, give or take a couple. I'd guess her to be 34B, 24w- 35h, with short tussled blond hair and friendly smile. I hired her going on three years ago, shortly after she divorced an abusive husband and as far as I know, hasn't even dated that much since.

I left the office right after Darlene so I could get home and get an instant messenger account opened and logged into the Interracial dating rooms before Miranda got home and could log on. I wanted to see what kind of guy she accepted an invite for a private chat with. Once I was logged in I went to the kitchen to get a couple steaks out to Bar-B-Que for dinner. I knew it wouldn't be long until Miranda got home so I went ahead and put a couple of potatoes in the Micro wave then fired up the grill so it would be ready to go as soon as Miranda got home.

I'd know sooner got things going when she walked in. She smiled walking up to me and giving me a kiss, then said, "I'll take a quick shower, get into some shorts and tank top and I'll throw a salad together."

"Okay Honey, by the time you do that we should be about ready to eat." She came down, fixed a salad and we sat down to eat. As we ate I said, "what do you say we go out this weekend honey, we haven't been out for quite awhile and I feel like shaking a leg."

"You feel like dancing," she said chuckling, "what brought this on? You hardly ever dance when we go out.

"I don't know, I just feel like getting out and doing something different for a change."

"Well sweetheart, I'm all for that, it has been quite awhile I may not know how to act it's been so long." She said smiling.

I couldn't help wondering if she was warning me if she found someone to misbehave with she could say, I warned you and laugh it off. When dinner was over and the dishes were done she said, I'm going to go get online for awhile, so I can relax and unwind before I go to bed. I said,

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