Little Girl With the Flaming Hair

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Amanda Weeks is hit by a car; in tending her, already a friend, Dr Tim Weeks and her Momma fall in love.

Tim Wiggins, Dr Tim Wiggins, was finally coming to the end of the marathon period of his training. The end was actually in sight for him. He had had advice from any number of friends telling him that this was the hardest part to get through, with the long hours, the bouts of exhaustion and the intense pressure. But, strangely enough, Tim found that the pressure didn't bother him. He worked himself and actually thrived during this time period. He was working both in the area of general practice, kind of family practice, and had a pediatric specialty, that was his true joy.

As he got closer to the end, the goal that he'd been working toward, he also looked forward to buying a house. It had been on his mind. He thought that it might help his outlook to get away from these apartment buildings, where he lived. One huge reason for that was his temptation to moon over Elaine Weeks.

Elaine Weeks lived in the next building with her glorious little girl, Amanda, who was a fiery haired beauty, and already a friend of Tim's. He worked at keeping that passion, the passion for Elaine, under control. He had no time; he had, right then no money, and he considered himself a jerk for even thinking about her.

But fate took a hand in the proceedings and Tim Wiggins' world was turned upside down in just one full work day.

He was on call for the ER both for general items and for pediatric specialties that day. He had a call that a little girl, Amanda Weeks, had been hit by a car, a hit and run, and he was needed.

He pushed down his panic and called on the reserves that he knew he had and went to attend. When he got there he was relieved to see that she wasn't in great danger. As a matter of fact, she was awake and greeted him like the friend that he was.

This was the beginning, the actual beginning of Tim's life. His training had made him a first rate doctor, and he was about to reap the benefits of that but the accident that had occurred to pretty, little Amanda was to change it all and send Dr Tim Wiggins in the right direction, just the right direction.


He was smiling as he made his way toward her room. He'd been working on what she asked him to do. He thought he was ready.

(At the time of this adventure, Dr Tim Wiggins was, at, 32 years of age, about to break out on his own in his profession. He was a rather athletic 32 also. Tim Wiggins was a runner and paid a great deal of attention to his exercise program.)

He entered the room and she looked up and grinned at him. She had a tooth missing in front but her smile was beatific. Little Amanda Weeks was in his care, since she'd arrived at the hospital that afternoon.

"Ready!" he said and Amanda grinned and giggled.

Without looking around, Tim began to declaim:

"For the Little Girl With the Flaming Hair,

You make me feel like a millionaire.

Your face is so lovely I just want to stare

At the Little Girl With The Flaming Hair!"

Amanda grinned all out then and clapped and said a loud 'Hooray!'

But Tim was instantly surprised by clapping and a kind of giggle from the other side of the room. There sat Amanda's mother, Elaine. He froze for a few seconds, while all of those neglected and hidden feelings surged within him. There she was, right in front of him, beautiful Elaine.

"Oh, dear," Tim said, reddening in her presence, "You've just caught me making a fool of myself to do what your daughter asked of me."

Elaine laughed, a beautiful crystal kind of laugh, and said: "Amanda, did you ask the nice doctor, Dr Tim, to write a poem for you?"

"Yes, Momma," Mandi said and grinned, "And he did it!"

( Amanda Weeks, 7 years old, had been coming from a short trip to the local store. She'd gone with her friend, Kandi. It was supposed to be a kind of adult adventure for her and Kandi, going to the store unchaperoned. But they had strict orders to not cross the street until Amanda's Momma, Elaine was there to watch them cross. She did cross them on the way to the store and waited for the phone call from the little girls to call her to the curb again, but on the way back from the store, they were feeling brave and grown up. Their thought was that they'd surprise Amanda's Momma to show her how grown up they could be, when they crossed by themselves. Amanda had a piece of candy in her hand, that she'd bought, in addition to the milk that her Momma had wanted. Amanda knew that she was supposed to call her Momma but their spirit of adventure had intervened.

Amanda stepped off of the curb first. She had actually looked but she didn't see the car coming. The car hit her, and knocked her back onto the curb and never stopped. The last thing she remembered was hearing Kandi screaming and crying, and it made her wonder, briefly, what had happened to Kandi.

[In future years, Amanda would never recall at all the few blinding seconds of that accident; it was buried, lost, totally lost to her memory!]

Kandi took the phone and called Amanda's Mom, who could almost not understand her due to Kandi's crying.

That's how they met with Amanda's friend Tim Wiggins, the pediatrician and general physician on call at the hospital that day. That's how the entire process began for them, for all three of them.)

Tim's face was really red by then, and Elaine said to him:

"Don't you blush, your powers as a poet are almost as advanced as your skill as a pediatrician!"

He laughed at that, gaining some of his composure, and telling himself to just settle down and not show what an idiot he was in front of Elaine. That was as important just then to him as anything was.

Then Elaine asked: "How is she?"

"Seems to be bright and cheery," he said. "I still want her over night, just to keep an eye on her for the time."

Elaine smiled at him and said: "Fine, and thank you, Dr, Wiggins," she hesitated and then with a grin said: "Especially for being my daughter's poet laureate!"

"Please," he said softly, "It's Tim."

"Tim!" she said and nodded.

He got red again, and she laughed. Her laugh was accompanied by one from Amanda.

(Elaine weeks was, at the time of the writing of this, 33 years old. She had been a widow for, at that point, two years. He husband, Dave, was killed in an accident. It was apparently from Dave's side of the family that little Amanda got her lovely red hair, for Elaine was brunette, whose hair was kept on the short side. She was a moderate 5'4" tall and weighed a svelte 119 lbs. One of her most noticeable features was her breasts, which at 36c were impressive for her height and weight.)


Amanda piped up then and said:

"Dr Tim, I think that my front tooth is loose!"

He went over to see it and noticed that she was right.

"Seems to be hanging by very little there," he said. "Do you want to pull on it or shall I?"

"You just want an excuse to hurt me," she said with a giggle, "Because I made you blush in front of my Momma!"

"Got me!" he said, and then he oversaw her attempts to pull out the tooth, which came easily.

He helped clean up after her dental extraction.

"You need to put it under my pillow!" Amanda said with a smile, a gap-toothed smile now. "The tooth fairy will come."

"Oh, Amanda," Elaine said, "Not in a hospital. The tooth fairy won't know where to come."

"The tooth fairy always knows where to come," the little girl insisted and the tooth was placed under the pillow, in a tissue.

Amanda rested then, and it was a little later, the evening was advancing, that Tim Wiggins entered the room again.

Amanda looked up and smiled at him. "It's Dr Tim!" she said, "The poet!"

He grinned at her and smiled at Elaine. He then gave Amanda the ice cream that he'd brought for her, and had a dish of it for Elaine also.

"Well thank you, Tim," Elaine said. "What a treat!"

"Do you want some tea?" he asked Elaine.

"Oh, my Momma always wants tea!" Amanda said and Elaine gave a little laugh.

Tim went away again and came back later with some tea for Elaine, who thanked him.

He was back in just a little bit and said:

"Elaine, we have the test results from our scans, and it looks like there's no collateral damage at all!"

Elaine started to cry, and stood, turing to him. He automatically put his arms around her and she sobbed into his chest.

That woke Amanda.

"Why's Momma crying?" she wanted to know, some fear in her voice.

"I was just telling your Momma that you are just fine and don't have any problems from your run-in with that car!" Tim said.

"We'll still keep her over night," Tim said to Elaine, who nodded and began to dab her eyes with a tissue.

When he walked away from the hug with Elaine, Amanda held her arms out and said:

"I get a hug too!"

"Of course you do!" Tim said and went to the bed to give the pretty red headed little girl a hug.

"I'll be stopping a bit later," Tim said and left then.

He was back later. It was late and he took Amanda's vital signs. He was very quiet and tried not to wake up either Elaine or Amanda. When he'd done that, and noticed that they were both sleeping. He went to the closet and fetched a blanket. This he stretched over Elaine.

She held his hand, and in a sleepy voice said: "Thank you, honey."

Then her eyes snapped open.

He was simply looking at her. She said:

"Sorry, I thought you were Dave."

"Husband?" he asked softly.

"Yes," she said, "Dead already almost two years."

"Sorry!" he said.

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