Flirting Goes Too Far

by DG Hear

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Petting, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Sometimes we just do the wrong thing.

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Sometimes you have to wonder who's right, the moralist or the people who say live life to the fullest. I think everyone gets bored at times in their life but it's all about how we handle that boredom, especially in the sexual department.

Going back to my college days, I realize that flirting can be fun. I remember talking with the guys and we would say if we made it to first base or hit a home run with the women we dated. I was from Ohio and going to college in Michigan.

I really didn't do much partying till my junior and senior years. The parties were always fun and I usually got laid before going home. I guess I kind of let my hair down, knowing I'd probably never see these people again.

Yes readers, men talk as much or more than women when it comes to sex. I found out the problems start when you start falling for a particular woman. That's when the kissing, touching and even having sex seems to change.

I was usually a quiet guy, but if I got a little drunk I would make the mistake of telling my buddies about my sexual relationships. Most guys like to talk about their conquests; a few even talked about their latest girlfriends. I guess they just felt there wouldn't be a future with their girlfriends. It was just the college dating scene, and I bet it hasn't changed much.

In my senior year of college I dated Lynn for a few months. It took a while but eventually I got into her pants. It happened at a New Year's Eve party and we brought it in with a bang. I made the mistake of telling the guys. That was like putting a sign on her back that says "She gives out!" I felt bad after I mentioned it. I wish I would have kept my damn mouth shut.

We weren't going together but she was like my girl. I'd dated quite a few girls before her but she was different. I wasn't sure what it was, she was no where near my first, but it felt different with her. She is the one woman I wished I had never told the guys about.

A couple of months later we went to a Valentine's Day party with a lot of the group we hung with and we were all fairly close friends. There were twelve of us in all. If it was to be believed, all of us had had sex with most the women. No one had ever mentioned that they had ever had sex with Lynn except me. At one time or another I did have sex with all six women but not with anyone else since I had been with Lynn.

I remember a few saying they tried but never made it to third base with Lynn. That's what we called getting your hands in a woman's panties. They did they that they had groped her tits from time to time. It was just a party thing. Sometimes the women would flirt and grab the guy's package also.

I never thought much about it till I started getting serious about Lynn. I didn't want to hear about other guys feeling her up or trying to get in her pants. My outlook just began to change. I wasn't able to handle it well.

I was getting serious about Lynn and it was at the Valentine's Day party that I was going to ask her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. I didn't want an engagement or anything like that but I wanted us to be monogamous.

The party was held at one of the big lounges in town and there must have been a hundred or more people there, mostly students from our college. The party was well underway and I must have drunk too much. I sat in the booth and decided to rest a bit.

One thing I should mention about the women in our group. They were all good looking. Different shapes and sizes, but there wasn't any that couldn't turn a guy on. There was always a lot of flirting, light touching and after a few drinks there was some groping.

I had stopped groping the other girls but still flirted after I started being with Lynn. I don't know why but as I said, it was different with her. I could see she would still flirt with the other guys but it didn't seem to go any further.

As the night wore on and I was watching everyone dance, I could see it was getting a little more raunchy. The guys would press up against the girls and I could see their hands at work. It was kind of funny to watch because the guys would try to be subtle but the girls knew what was going on. All the girls wore mini skirts and blouses.

In fact Brandy was taking hold of Brad's package and squeezing it. I looked around for Lynn and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was being groped by Andy. By groped I mean she had her back against him and he was rubbing his package against her ass.

There was no doubt she was liking it by the way she kept pushing back against him. He took his hands off her hips and, as moved them up towards her breasts, I began to get an upset stomach. She looked over at me and was smiling. What got to me was I saw Andy take his cock out and kept pushing it against Lynn's ass.

I couldn't take it anymore so I got up and went to the bathroom to throw up. I saw Mark in the men's room and told him I was leaving. I wasn't feeling well.

"Mark, just tell everyone that I had to leave. I'll catch you all later," I said.

After I left I remembered I left Lynn a Valentine's card and a friendship ring on the table. I had it setting there for her when she returned from her dance with Andy. I wasn't about to go back and get it now.

On my way home my cell phone rang. It was Lynn; I didn't answer it. She must have called me a half dozen times. I knew I had to talk to her sometime but I shut my cell phone off and when I turned it on the next day she left me about a half dozen messages.

My phone rang and this time I answered it. "Jake, what's going on? Are you all right? First, Mark's said you went home sick and then I get a beautiful card from you and a friendship ring. I try and call a dozen times but you don't answer. So, what's going on?"

"Lynn, just forget about the card and the ring. It was just a cheap friendship ring. I made a big mistake, I'm sorry. I had stronger feelings for you than I thought. When I saw you on the dance floor with Andy, I realized I made a mistake. I'm sorry. Look, let's just be friends. I don't think we ought to date anymore."

"Jake, I'm sorry. I was just flirting around like we always do. I didn't know Andy had his thing out, honest. The minute I found out I walked away. Nothing happened, I want you to know that," replied Lynn.

I had hung up the phone when she said she didn't know Andy had his cock out. I just didn't want to hear anymore.

The rest of the school year I became more of a loner. I saw the guys from time to time and saw them at a couple of parties. If Lynn was there I never stayed. I just used the excuse that my grades were down and I had to study more. I totally avoided Lynn and she must have got the message because she avoided me after that.

You need to know that I didn't blame Lynn for anything. She didn't do anything wrong. It was just the shit that went through my head. I realized I had feeling for her but was torn when I saw her with Andy.

A couple of times when I did get with the guys and we all drank too much they did mentioned having sex with the girls. Andy even said he made it to third base with Lynn. I don't know how they couldn't see that Lynn was someone special to me. After hearing Andy, I got up and left before I hit him.

After that I was no longer part of the group when they went out. I guess Lynn never told anyone about the ring. I had to wonder what happened to it. I did attend our graduation party. I shook hands and hugged all my buddies and kissed all the girls. When I kissed Lynn it felt special. She didn't let go. God, what was wrong with me?

After graduation I started work as a computer programmer in a local firm here near my home in Ohio. I was good and knew my shit. It wasn't long before I began making a good living. I never kept track of my old Michigan friends, that was a closed book in my life.

I often wondered what had happened to Lynn. What could have been. I was now dating Carol, a woman I met while servicing a customer. She was nice looking and the sex was good but I wasn't in love with her. It just felt like something was missing.

I didn't know if it was love because the closest I've ever had to love was with Lynn. It wasn't the sex with Lynn either, it was the way I felt about her and the kiss at graduation. It was just something I couldn't shake.

Carol must have felt the same way because one day she came up to me and told me we should see other people. She did say the sex was good and we could still see each other until one of us was in a committed relationship.

I had to laugh but I did agree with her. At least we broke up before things got too serious. I kept busy and still dated different women. I lived a pretty full life.

It's been a year and a half since I graduated. I joined an exercise club to keep in shape. One day I ran in to my old friend Mark. He said he moved to Ohio and joined an insurance firm. He hit me up for a policy and I went ahead and bought it. We got to talking and he surprised me. He said he and Sandy (one of the girls in our group) got married just the past summer.

He said he would have invited me to the wedding if he knew where I lived. All he knew is that I moved to Ohio. He invited me over to his home to meet Sandy. It may seem a bit funny but I felt awkward at first, after all I had sex with Sandy more than once and we guys had even talked about it.

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