One Man, Twelve Women

by womenlover

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Foot Fetish, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Virgo man's exciting sexual adventures with 12 women of the 12 Zodiac signs.

I'm Ahmad. I'm a Virgo man and I'll tell you about my exciting adventures with the Zodiac signs. I fucked the 12 women of each astrological sign. Some of them had zodiac sign tattoos. And some I knew their sign from their birthdays.

1- With the Sagittarius Woman :

I had gotten back to Egypt after travelling around Europe for nearly two years. I had decided to relocate in Cairo and was looking for a job to pay for my shitty one room apartment. I had already gone through money in my bank account that I had inherited from when my father died. Most of it was spent on travelling and the money that remained was spent on rent and now I was low on funds.

I had searched around, looking in the paper, employment agencies, handing out my resume to as many places as possible and nothing. I had finished up for the day and decided to head to the beach. I sat down on a bench that had a good view of the beach when a teenage kid came and sat down next to me.He's a half-American half-Egyptian. It was obvious Eminem was his role model, he looked like an extra from 'The Real Slim Shady' video. Bleach blonde hair, white T-Shirt and blue jeans. He kept looking at me and then looked ahead. He finally spoke after about a minute of hesitating.

"I got the stuff you want."

"What stuff?" I was confused as fuck.

"Stuff to make you feel like you're flying." He said with a stupid grin.

"Sorry. Don't want any." I said looking ahead trying not to make eye contact.

"You call my ass out here and then you don't want my shit?" He was getting pissed off.

"First off all I didn't call you out here and secondly who the fuck are you?"

"Hey, you called my up, said you got my number off Rob..."

"Sorry. I don't know no Rob." I cut him off. "You must have the wrong person."

"Oh shit." He came to realisation. "Sorry man. I didn't mean to bother you." He said still sitting there. I knew no one over here, so I decided to strike up a conversation with this guy since we were already talking.

"How long you been selling?"

"A couple of months."

"It shows." I said.

"What do you mean it shows?" He asked slightly confused.

"You attempted to sell hashish to me out in the open. There's parents with kids here." I pointed them out to him. "They wouldn't hesitate to call the cops on you."

"So you're saying I shoulda done it in like ... a car or some shit?"

"No. A car is too bait. A guy goes in and comes straight back out. If a cop's nearby they'll now exactly what's going on. You need to do it in a place like a diner. Get a coffee and pass the stuff under the table. But don't keep going to the same place or they'll get suspicious. Al ternate between places."

"You a dealer?" He asked.

"No. Being a dealer would be better than nothing. At least you'd be making money, unlike now. I can't get a job about to get evicted."

"I feel you dogg. I been there, done that."

"How?" I said looking at him. "You look like you're 16!"

"17 dogg. But I been out on the street since I was 15. My moms and pops kicked me out for doing dope." There was a moment of silence. "You know if you want I could introduce you to my boss, he could do with a dealer who knows what he's doing."

"That'd be great." I said. "When?"

"Now, if you have the time."

"Sure." I said. He started to lead the way. "I didn't quite catch your name."

"Stefan." He said, extending his hand.

"Ahmad." I replied shaking his hand. He took me to see his boss, who went by the name 'Bishop.' Which I assumed was an alias or a surname, didn't really ask. He was apparently a big player. Stefan vouched for me, even though he knew me for only half an hour, the kid had heart. I was made his partner and he was suppose to show me the ropes, but it turned out to be the other way around.

In just a short month I had already leap frogged over Stefan, which wasn't too hard, as he was treated like a joke, but by hanging out with me he was starting to get smarter and more street wise. We had already established ourselves as the biggest selling duo. I had already moved out of my shitty apartment and was now living in a luxury apartment that was more or less a condo. It had two floors, spiralling stair case, view of the beach, pool out back for the block and even a receptionist at the front doors, the full package.

We started to sell so much that we were starting to run out of supply and couldn't keep up with the demand. I had managed to sell to a woman and he introduced other women to us. Every woman had to be OK'd by Bishop first and then he'd assign them to one of us. This was to make it seem like a big well organised operation, like a business. I had mainly men as the other guys always called dibs on the women, so they can ask them for sex in return for hashish and the women never said no. If they can get hashish without paying for it they did. The only women I had was the ugly ones that you would never even think about sleeping with. Hence why I was left with them. A lot of the guys accepted sex in exchange for hashish from women. I was a bit picky, that's why none of the women had caught my eyes. I did accept sex from some of the regular female customers, after all I was human. The women I accepted it from the most were three of the hottest women you will ever see. They practically lived at my place and were more like live-in girlfriends than clients.

Bishop had already dubbed me as his 'Protégé.' And he was even more impressed when I came up with an idea of having a crack house slash brothel rolled into one, but fronted as a night club and belly dancing club rolled into one. He bought a place the size of four clubs, we split it in half. One half for clubbing and one half for the strippers. We had an upstairs for all the illegal activity. The strippers were hookers, who now had a place to do it and we took a healthy percentage. Word got around and the place packed it out every night, it got so packed we had to open a couple more and ended up with ten clubs around Cairo Me and Stefan were still running the first initial club, which was still the most successful one. We had now managed to bring the hashish users to us instead of us having to find them and then go to them.

Me and Stefan became best of friends and were two of the highest ranked guys working for Bishop, who was now known as one of the biggest hashish distributors in Egypt. Me and Stefan were known as the guy's who moved hashish faster than anyone else. This was limited to just weed, and we sold also x pills. God knows where Bishop gets hashish, but I'm not gonna be the guy to question him.

The initial club became the hub of our operation. Me and Stefan were recognised by everyone, from high rollers to low lives, people who were some bodies to people who were nobodies. Even the cops knew our reputations but couldn't do shit because we were just too smart for them.

Me and Stefan pulled up in front of the club like any other night, dressed in our 1500 LE Armani suits, me with my trademark white and Stefan with his eccentric red. People on the outside waiting in the queue were calling out to us trying to take the easy way into the club, like we knew who they were. Every employee from the door to the bar greeted us, trying to go up the rankings by sucking up to us. We headed up the stairs and straight to the back.

"What?" I said answering the intercom by holding the button down.

"A very very beautiful woman want to see you." Stefan's eyes lit up. "Her name is Mervat."

"Send her in." I said letting go of the intercom button. The office had a window behind the main desk that over looked the whole club, this was our way of seeing everything that happened in the club. The blinds were already pulled from the meeting with some brothers. I peeked through the blinds to see her being shown up the stairs. "Out." I told Stefan. "She's mine."

"Oh! Finally! A woman that's caught the eye's of the high and mighty Ahmad." Stefan mocked, bowing down to me a couple of times as he walked backwards and left the room. I had to laugh at his stupidity. He may be an imbecile at times but he was the greatest friend you could ask for and was too stupid to stab you in the back.

Sobhy, the door man, showed Mervat Samy into the room. She was a small, petite woman at 5'3" and had on a short black skirt, that fell a few inches of her knees, a short black top that showed off her belly and was sleeveless, cut off at he shoulders, she had black open toed heels and she was holding a small black handbag.

"Nice tan." I complemented her. She usually had milky white skin and must've been sunbathing or at least out in the sun.

"Thanks." Mervat replied uncomfortably.

"How can I help you?" I asked.

"Me and my friends ... were looking for some..." She started, shifting side to side. She was clearly nervous.

"First time buying?"

"Yes." She said starting to look a little relieved, now that the subject was out.

"Please..." I said motioning to the seat on the other side of the desk. "Take a seat." She sat in front of me and I could see her beauty more clearly. She had curly blonde dyed hair just past her shoulders. She wore a light shade of pink lip stick and had plain hoop ear rings. "How much you need?"

"I don't know. I've never bought dope before." She confessed.

"How many of you are there?" I asked.

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