Best Pep Rally Ever!

by Mr. Mongo

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Rough, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Violent, School, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Cheerleaders from Kenedy High make attempt to their rival Jefferson High's school but are caught and of cource humilated at the pep rally.

There has been a great rivalry between the working poor community of Jefferson High School and the wealthy neighboring school Kennedy High School since the 1960's.

This rivalry has result in pretty vicious fights among football fans and silly pranks pulled by the wealthy cheerleader squad. Jefferson high school usually got the shit end of the stick when it came to being pranked costing their taxpayers hundred of thousands of dollars every year adding to the tax payer's burden. But this year the school installed a new state of the art security system thanks to a grant from the homeland security fund. They said it was to keep disgruntled students from pulling a Columbine style attack on the school. Even though the grant was really intended to keep harmful individuals from injuring the students but to keep those crazy rich bitches from Kennedy high school from doing something messed up the school this year.

The cheerleaders from Kennedy High have made many attempts to break into the school each thwarted by their security system. Until one of the cheerleaders made the ultimate sacrifice for her school she fucked a Jefferson High janitor so he would rig a window in an empty classroom so it could not close or alert security that it cannot close.

Late at night twelve members of the Kennedy High cheerleader squad brave enough to go on this "commando style raid" made their way through the open window. As they all made their way into the school they were also followed in by their coach Mrs. Krinkle a tall woman in her early 40's with an athletic build she is attractive but makes no attempts at wearing make up depending on her natural charms. She has short dark brown hair and is dressed in a red sweatshirt and red sweat pants. The second adult that came through the window was a woman the exact opposite of the coach her name was Mrs. Johnstone she is in her early forties but is holding on to her good looks with all she's got she looks like she could fit in with the cast from the show House Wives of Orange County. She has a slender build with full double D breasts bought for her by her first husband she is wearing a black turtleneck shirt and black jeans doing her best to look like one of those commandos she sees on all those action films her husband likes to watch. She is the mother of the cheerleader team captain who has come along with her mother's insistence. Mrs. Johnstone was the team captain class of 88' but still full of school sprit. The last of the adults is Mrs. Jones her daughter Shelly is also a member of the Kennedy High cheerleader squad she came along only because she had mini van they could use that night to get the girls and their bags of spray paint to Jefferson High. Mrs. Jones is a chubby short woman with reddish brown hair more at home baking cookies than going on impromptu commando style raids.

The 12 cheerleaders were all physically fit with tight athletic bodies and pert breasts. Except for Mrs. Johnstone's daughter Nina who like her mom has a large set of fake boobs giving her more of a trashy porn star look. Mrs. Jones daughter is a red headed thick girl with a well-developed body with large natural breasts named Trish. The littlest of the cheerleaders is Tammy Hsu she is 17 years old Chinese American young woman but has the body of 12-year-old girl with the exception of a big black bush covered in long straight shiny black pubic hair that the other girls on the team tease her about when they are in the showers. She is usually the top of their human pyramids and just loves to be tossed into the air by her bigger teammates.

"How long do you think we have to wait before the students are in their classes?" Asked a bored Mrs. Johnstone.

Coach Krinkle just rolls her eyes and whispers. "They will all be in their classes by 7:00 am. When they are in their classes we are going to spray paint Kennedy rules everywhere we can get it to stick. They will be too busy at their pep rally when we strike.

Coach Krinkle addresses the rest of the cheerleaders to go over the plan one more time before they carry out their mission. "Okay we have gone over this several times so we all know what we have to do. I want you to stray away from any large entrances that's where the security guards seem to be stationed. Make sure not to run it will catch the attention of security guards monitoring the security cameras. We can pull this off if we can keep our wits about us."

"What do we do if we are caught?" a cheerleader in the back of the room asked sounding a little worried.

"Well if they sound an alarm then run for it try to make your way to a window so you can jump out." Said the coach confidently.

"If they catch you go with them peacefully they can't hit you legally if you do not resist. All they can do is hold us until the police show up. They will just make us pay for the vandalism but my husband can afford it so don't any of you worry your pretty little heads about it." Mrs. Johnstone said with a smile.

"I think this whole thing is a bunch of foolishness what if one of these girls gets hurt or beat up by a security guard? Said Mrs. Jones in a hushed worried tone.

All the girls just giggled at Mrs. Jones shaking their heads while her daughter Trish just rolled her eyes. Just then coach Krinkle looks at her watch and says. "Its quarter after seven lets get up to the second floor and give this shit hole a new paint job. Remember girls don't run take your time." The cheerleaders began spraying the lockers and walls in graffiti doing their best to move slowly as they did there dirty work but one girl let the excitement get the better of her. She began jumping up and down when she finished writing Kennedy High Rules across a long row of lockers.

A board security officer who is monitoring video cameras looks up from his porno mag just in time to catch the Kennedy High cheerleader jumping up and down. His eyes then started switching to other monitors on his stand he is shocked to see other cheerleaders vandalizing the school. The security guards presses the emergency lock down button causing all windows and doors in the build to close and lock. Pressing the switch also lets off a loud beeping alarm. Principal Major runs into the security room right as the doors are starting to close and yells out. "Please tell me ain't a school shooter!"

"No, it's a bunch of Kennedy High cheerleaders vandalizing the lockers. Don't worry they ain't going nowhere we got the place locked down and security at all the doors." Said the security guard proudly with a wink.

"Send your men in to round them up then." Said Principal Major.

"There's fifteen of them all together I only got six security officers they are going to need help and all the teachers are locked in their classrooms with their students. Should I call 911?" The security officer said in a worried voice.

"For god sakes don't call 911 they will get off with a slap on the wrist we need to handle this in house. Mr. Roll has a tenth grade gym class right now with at least thirty boys and the gym does not lock down. Call him on the P.A. system let him know where the cheerleaders are and send them in. I am sure they can't out run a bunch of pissed off fifteen year olds."

"Attention faculty and students do not be alarmed there is a lock down in progress some cheerleaders from Kennedy High School are vandalizing the school. We are sending Mr. Roll and his students to detain the vandals. Attention Mr. Roll you are to take your gym class to the second floor near the library to capture and detain the cheerleaders." Said the security officer calmly into the P.A. system.

His next P.A. announcement was to the Kennedy high cheerleaders. "Attention Kennedy high vandals! Surrender now and we will go easy on you! You run and we will be as rough as we like!" The students locked in their classes began cheering all around the school when they heard that.

"I hope those boys get a handful when they catch those crazy bitches! They have been damaging this school for far too long. That tradition of theirs is ending today god damn it!" Said the principal angrily.

Mr. Roll turns to his gym class and says. "You heard him get your asses out their and catch those little bitches!" One boy raises his hand and says. "Can we grab their tits and stuff?" Mr. Roll looks at his class and says. "Don't let me see you do it. I'll be walking up there when you catch them. Now get going!"

The class storm out of the gym hooting and hollering like a pack of wild savages. Every boy there knew he was going to get his hands on some hot cheerleader and there is nothing she can do to stop him from doing it. Their speed is fueled by youthful exuberance and hormones nothing is going to stop this horde of pimply-faced fifteen year olds from catching their prey.

"All the doors are fucking locked somehow. Everyone run down to the room we got in the building at lets see if we can get out there!" Said Mrs. Krinkle with eyes the size of saucers.

"Didn't you here that announcement they are sending an entire gym class up here. If we go to the office they will be more lenient with us. If that gym class gets us no telling what those boys will do to us." Said Mrs. Johnstone in a worried voice while holding daughter Trish's hand.

After hearing what Mrs. Johnstone had said there grew a worried murmur among the cheerleaders. Each one of them had the look of fear in their eyes. One cute sixteen-

year-old girl named Amber with a slender build and blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail raised her hand nervously and says. "Mrs. Krinkle, I have to pee!"

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