Was She Dreaming??

by J Alan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Rough, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A pleasant day takes a wild turn. Was it a dream or did it really happen??

The gentle buzzing of his cell phone awakened him from his daydream. The warm feeling of anticipation that had been consuming him for the last hour seemed to explode when he glanced down at the phone. The name on the caller ID brought a smile to his face. His heart rate rose as her image drifted into the eye of his imagination. The feeling of excitement and anticipation rising to nearly a fever pitch within him as he reached for his phone, his thumb poised over the screen ready to connect to the caller.

A gentle touch on the screen and the phone connected. Raising the phone to his ear in anticipation he spoke a single word. "Hello?"

Through the speaker came the familiar voice that never ceased to excite him.

A tired voice replied. "Hi Babe, we're done for the day. The mechanics are here going over my machine prepping it for tomorrow. I'll be there in less than an hour."

As her familiar voice wafted from the speaker he can see her dressed in the utilitarian work clothes that keep hidden the beauty beneath. The ill-fitting clothes hiding her inviting 5' 3" frame. The swell of her firm 34B breasts, taught belly and toned thighs along with a well-defined ass sculpted from years of sports and fitness training. All of this covered by the softest skin he has ever felt in his life. The thought of her rounded face, inviting brown eyes and soft, full lips forming the most inviting smile he has ever seen completes the picture.

The most endearing feature is a cute button looking nose that seems to draw your eyes to it. She does not have the stunning beauty of a fashion model. No, she has a comfortable, girl-next-door look that can disarm any man she puts her mind to.

Shaking himself from the vision he answers after the briefest pause to the tired sounding voice.

"Hey Babe, that sounds good. You sound tired?"

"I am. It's been a long day trying to catch up from the rain."

"Are you hungry?"

"I'm starving. What were you thinking for eats?"

"I have a surprise for you."

"What is it?"

"Not tellin'. You'll see when ya get here."

"Well ... It better be good. Otherwise, I'll have to kick your butt."

"Trust me, you'll like it."

"Okay, Okay ... I'll be there as soon as I can."

"See you soon. Love ya Babe. Bye"

"Love you too. Bye."

With that his phone went quiet. The anticipation was now building even quicker within him by the second. He knew she would be tired and hungry after being out in the heat all day. He'd seen it before. She operated heavy construction machinery all day long. It was something her operating engineer father got her into right out of high school. She loved it and it made her happy, even if it wasn't a traditional job for a woman.

When the call ended he leapt to his feet. It was now time to put his planning into action.

It had been a busy day for him. He rose when her alarm sounded. He made her lunch and prepared her cooler for the day. Shortly after she left for work he went for a run to his favorite destination to the beach at the end of his favorite trail that follows alongside a nearby lake. It's was one of the favorite parts of his day. He loved running and working out. I helped him keep his 6'2", 225 pounds of well-defined muscles in shape for his favorite pastime, competing in triathlons.

His tanned skin covered the hard muscles and his face sported the chiseled features that gave him the look one finds on the finest ancient Greek or Roman statues. The jet black hair complimenting his dark brown eyes finish the look that causes many women to turn their heads as he passed. Often one would try and run with him but they all faded quickly while trying to keep his rigorous pace.

He moved with a grace and ease that allowed him to work up a good sweat pushing his body to its peak performance level and maintaining it for as long as he wished. He felt good. He felt strong. He felt powerful as he finished his run looking down at his watch noting he had cut 2 minutes from his last time. He was pleased.

He made himself a mental list and started working on it once back at the house. He checked on the chicken he placed in marinade last night making sure everything was okay with it. He double checked confirming he had everything he needed for his planned meal tonight.

The meal consisted of her favorites. It was nothing fancy. That was part of what he loved about her. She was happy with the simple things. Expensive cars, fancy restaurants, jewelry, clubs and clothes did not appeal to her. She was happy with a walk on the beach holding hands one day. While the next she could dress for a fancy dinner on the town and turn heads all night long with ease.

It was a gorgeous Friday near the end of July. The sun was out. It was hot with a slight breeze. The kind of day that made him glad he was a teacher giving him the summer off. This gave him the time to complete his surprise for her. He set about finishing off his list. By the time his phone rang he had cleaned the house, the bathrooms, done the laundry, prepped their evening meal and showered. The meal was a few minutes away from being finished. Now all that was left was the waiting, the waiting for his special guest.

The hum of the overhead garage door opener signaled her pending arrival. The sound of her car in the garage confirming she was home. Within moments the garage door opener sounded again followed by the distinctive snap of the access door latch as it closed. He could see her as she walked down the hallway weighed down by her cooler, lunch box, purse and work bags. The dust and dirt on her face along with the sweat line on her shirt confirmed it had indeed been a long day. He hurried to help her with her load. But she shooed him away saying. "Don't come near me I stink."

He stopped and let her unload everything she carried before moving in to hug and kiss her. Again she tried to stop him saying "I'm gross. You don't want to hug me."

He ignored her protests as he wrapped her gently in his strong arms lifting her up with practiced ease and kissing her telling her. "Yes I do. Now come here."

She giggled and kissed him back saying. "Put me down ya brute. I'm going to take a shower."

He still held her up to him telling her. "Nope ... Dinner is ready now and it will be cold by the time you're done with your shower. Besides, I'm hungry too. We're eating now."

With her shoulders slumped, tilting her head, and giving her best pretend whine she said "But I stink."

Still holding her off the floor he told her "I don't care. You're hungry, I'm hungry and the food is ready. Sit your ass down at the table and we'll eat before it gets cold."

"What did you make?" She asked as he set back down.

Moving about the kitchen as he prepared the plates he listed of the menu for the evening meal. "I marinated and grilled some chicken, made your favorite rice dish and couple of other things to go with it. I also grabbed a bottle of your favorite wine. I also have a special treat."

All she could think to say was "But I stink sooo bad!"

He firmly told her "Sit down, shut up, eat and enjoy."

"Ohh Kaaayyy..." she said "If I have tooo..." Drawing the words out and sounding like an exasperated little girl.

"Yes you do. Now eat."

As they ate the exchanged how their days went. He listened as she told him about the "jerk" foreman and the off-color joke one of her coworkers told followed by the latest work gossip. He told her about the changes with his job for the new school year and his plans for the next race he wanted to enter. They shared the mundane things couples do that helps them feel like they are connected to each other. They laughed and teased each other in the intimate and familiar way that only a couple can do as they finished their meal.

After finishing the main course she wanted to run off and take a shower. He still wouldn't let her go. He had picked up an apple pie from her favorite bakery in town. Her eyes widened in anticipation like a young child when she saw the box. In no time at all she was savoring her favorite sweet delight topped with whipped cream. As she delighted in the treat he cleared the dishes and started cleaning up. She took her time finishing the pie. When he stopped for a second and glanced at her she was looking at him with a suspicious eye. Finally noticing he asked her. "What?"

"What do you mean? What" she answered.

"You keep giving me the evil eye."

"I'm trying to figure out why you're doing this."

"This what?"

"This ... The cleaning the house. My favorite diner. My favorite wine. My

favorite desert. What are you plying me for? Do you have something planned with your friends?"

"No ... Nothing like that at all." he responded. "I knew you had a long week and you'd be tired when it was over. That's all."

Still suspicious she said "I don't believe you. But thanks anyways. It was really good."

He answered her with a humph and went back to clearing the mess. As she brought her plate to him she asked. "Can I go take a shower now Master?"

He was finished with cleaning up and her plate was the last thing he needed to load in the dishwasher. He told her. "Yes Stinky ... You can go take a shower."

She picked up a wet dish rag and tossed it him telling him. "I'll give ya Stinky."

He laughed and shooed her toward the bathroom with the threat of returning the wet wash cloth at her telling her. "While you're taking your shower I'm going to run to the gas station and pick up lottery tickets for tonight's drawing. I forgot to get them when I was out earlier."

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