Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Ma/mt, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Gay, True Story, Historical, Oral Sex, Spitting, Public Sex, Slow, Violent, Transformation,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Preface - Teenaged Timmy carries the baggage of a horrible childhood. We watch through his eyes as he breaks free.

Not many people rise above a brutal start in life. For those that do, do they succeed despite the harshness, or do their challenges force them into maturity? That's actually the easier question explored by our protagonist.

Often we make snap judgments about others based on what we think we know. The truth is, we can never judge with complete authority because #1, we don't really know the rules of the universe, although some of us think we do, and #2, we don't have the benefit (or disaster) of living in that person's shoes.

I'm not so conceited to think I can transcribe the rules of the universe, but as a writer, I can put you in someone else's moccasins to the best of my ability. We still don't know what Timmy is thinking, for the most part, because I've chosen a viewpoint exterior to Timmy. Therefore, you still won't have the full picture. By necessity, your interpretation will still be based upon your own understanding of life.

Our American society does two things (among others) to its members, and it does them well. First, it provides very narrow strictures for life choices (grow up obediently, get a job, work hard, and fit in by wanting what everyone else does). Second, anyone who cannot fit the proscribed behavior gets blamed and shamed for being different. What a pity that we thus limit OURSELVES from the vast menu of possibilities that are before us.

So, ask yourself a second, more personal question as you read this - is Timmy is truly growing up and healing himself, or is he only learning to fit in and leave parts of himself behind? Just so that you know, I didn't understand that I was also asking that deeper question when I wrote this, and thus the answer will not be so obvious within the written words.

There's lots of violence, drugs, and other terrors in Timmy's story. This writing is not about those things, but about Timmy surmounting the difficulties these experiences cause him. I have not glorified them, only presented them as fact. Also, the experiences related herein are true, or closely parallel to true, events that happened in my own life, so yes, things like these really do happen to people. Names and places have been changed, but they are based on real locations and humans. Given my unique viewpoint, I do know what Timmy was thinking and feeling, but I have mostly avoided sharing those elements with the reader.

If you don't like male to male sex, don't read this story. Or, read the story and in your mind replace the gender of the actors in your mind in order to make them heterosexual. It really doesn't make any difference to the underlying issues. I did not intend to vilify or exalt gay sex, but only to matter-of-factly present it as it exists - This is not a diatribe for gay rights. Neither did I mean to sexually excite the reader - although if something turns you on, that's great. All violent or sexual acts happen to characters who are in their late teen years or older.

Finally, this story is completely finished, and will be posted in its entirety. Codes may be added as chapters are posted. Thank you for reading Timmy's story.

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