Video Vengence

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Humor, Cheating, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman sends her fiance a revenge video

Thanks to Mikothebaby for her skill in editing this story. And thanks even more to everyone who went and found last week's story and e-mailed us about it. This is a short one, so don't blink.

The sound of the sirens howling in the distance as they close in on my location isn't really comforting to me. In fact, they only serve to remind me exactly how far below me the safety of the ground is.

The wind whipping around the building is also not my friend today. It actually threatens to separate me from the relative safety of my lofty perch. Every time a new gust blows through, I grab more tightly onto the handle of the window that I'm holding onto.

Even the specialist from the PD that they've sent to talk me down off the ledge really isn't on my side. He doesn't give a fat rat's ass about me. He's only doing his job. At the end of the day, I'll be just another fucking statistic to him. I'll go in his win column if he gets me to come in or I'll go down as a loss if I jump.

The expression on his face tells me more than his words do. His voice is calming and almost seductive. The message I hear says that I should take his hand and come in from the ledge. Whatever my problems are, we can work them out. The barely disguised look on his face says that he wouldn't mind seeing me take a swan dive from the ninth floor of this building.

"Natalie," he says, still holding out his hand. "That is your name isn't it?"

"Why the fuck else would I answer when you call me that if it wasn't my name," I screech at him.

"I'm really sorry Natalie," he says. There he is again. His fucking voice is as sweet as syrup, but the look in his eyes says, "Fuck you bitch. Go ahead and jump."

"Look, just get out of here," I yell. "You can't help me. Only Benny can help me. Where's Benny?"

"Natalie, Benny is on his way," he says calmly. "But until he gets here, why don't you and I talk about this."

I look at the crowd gathering below. I'm struck again by just how far down the ground is. As I look at the cars that are just getting to the scene. I see them all. Three plus one of the most important people in my life are down there. My mom and dad are two of them and boy are they shocked by what I've become over the past few days. I guess they always considered me the good kid, the one who hasn't got her head up her ass. At least until they saw that fucking video. Who knew that my parents even know how to get on Video Tube? I'll bet my fucking brother showed it to them.

My best ... Are we actually still even friends? Anyway, my ex best friend, Carla, is down there with her fucking boyfriend, Tim. Look at that bitch staring up at me like she cares. Who knows, maybe she does even after what I said about her. Her and her God damned boyfriend are the real reason I'm on this fucking ledge.

Look at that, the Fire Department is down there and everything. Shit there must be over a hundred people down there already. Oh cool, here they come, now we can get this shit started. The news crews have arrived.

Okay, for those of you who are just joining us, I'm not crazy and I'm really not going to jump. I have no intention of dying while I'm still young and beautiful. But I needed to make a statement to someone that I've been trying to get through to. I'm pretty fucking desperate so I had to do something dramatic.

"Benny will be here soon," said the police guy again.

"Shut up you lying sack of shit," I scream to him. "You don't even know who Benny is."

"Well your parents are down there," he said. "And they're trying to call him. But in the meantime why don't you tell me what happened."

Very cautiously, while holding onto the window for dear life I sit down on my ledge, just outside of his reach.

"This all started a few days ago," I began. "It was Friday morning and I'd just gotten back from the airport. I'd taken my fiancé, Benny, to the airport to catch his flight to Denver. He was going there on business. Benny is in line to take over one of the regional manager spots for Crawford International Exports. He'll be the youngest regional manager ever. It'll mean another big bump in his salary."

"We're supposed to be getting married at the beginning of next month. I've been working on the plans forever it seems like. Benny and I have been headed towards getting married since we met four years ago at his graduation from college. He and Tim were friends. My best friend, Carla, was dating Tim so she dragged me to the graduation and Benny and I fell in love at first sight."

"After a year of dating Benny and I moved in together. After our first year of living together we got engaged. With both of us just starting out in our careers, things were hectic but this year we settled down and began to actually make plans."

"We were doing great, especially when you compare us to our peers. Tim still works in the fucking mailroom and he and Benny started at their company the same week. Shit, he and Carla still live with their respective parents. I guess that's what led to all of this."

"Anyway, I got back from the airport and I was complaining as usual about having to drive Benny there. Benny has a brand new Mustang Boss 302. He could've driven his own car to the airport, but he had me drive him. He didn't want to leave his fucking car at the airport. Apparently the car is more important to him than my time is. So I was coming back into the building and I heard that beeping sound."

"Technology is really taking over our fucking lives these days. Benny's Mustang talks to him and so does his iPhone. He's locked into all of that shit but mostly I just ignore it. So when I first heard the beeping, I decided to just ignore until Benny got home and fixed it; whatever it was."

"But after a while it began to get on my fucking nerves. So I followed the sound of the beep until I got to our central alarm box. I looked at it and it said "Memory Full."

"I remembered Benny dumping the memory on that thing just last week, so there was no way it should be full. The hard drive on the alarm only records what happens if we're not in the apartment. Unless we forgot to turn it off. So it should be pretty clear. I decided to look and see what was recorded on it."

"I logged onto the monitoring program on our PC. There was a huge file that was recorded on Wednesday night. That seemed strange to me because Wednesday night my sister and I were at the caterers' shop for most of the night. We were trying out samples of all of the food that they'd be serving at my wedding. My sister's boyfriend had come along. I remember it well because he's such a fucking douche bag. I really hope that she stays true to form and has gotten rid of that loser before my wedding."

"I had to make him shut up several times and finally was forced to put him in his place. I told him that he was lucky Benny wasn't there because Benny would have probably knocked him on his ass. Benny had to do something that night and couldn't make the sampling party; so neither of us was home Wednesday night."

"I clicked on the file and it began to play. I saw my apartment door open and saw two people come into the apartment. Carla was one of them. Even with the lights dim I could make her out. That woman has the biggest tits in the county and hair like a fucking Jersey girl. She's also loud as hell."

"Quit whining," she said. "Nat will never find out. You keep hinting around that you want to do my ass, right? Well now you can."

I recognized the jacket the guy was wearing and the brown hair immediately. It was the jacket I gave Benny for his birthday. He kind of hates that jacket and he only wears it when I make him or if he's doing things like taking out the trash. I think he's trying to mess it up so he won't have to wear it."

"I couldn't believe that Benny, my Benny, had dragged Carla's skanky ass into our home to fuck her. The motion controlled cameras followed them right into our bedroom. Carla stripped off her clothes along the way and her fat ass was buck naked by the time they hit the sheets. Benny kept his back to the camera and it was dimly lit so I couldn't read his expression. I hoped that this was a joke of some kind."

"Within a few moments I could tell it was no joke. Carla lay back on the bed and He started eating her pussy like it was Chinese food. Benny loves Chinese food. That bastard, I couldn't believe he was doing that. I have to beg him to go down on me. And even when he does, it lasts for like twenty seconds. But here he was between Carla's thighs just going to town and he stayed down there until she came and just licked it up."

"I was pissed. Then he started fucking her. Their bodies were slapping together like somebody clapping hands after the best concert they ever heard. Then he flipped her over and licked her ass. The mother fucker won't even lick my pussy unless it's a special occasion but he had his tongue up her fat ass."

"He stuck his dick slowly into her ass and started pumping her. I hate to admit it but I was rubbing myself while I watched. After a few minutes his body started jerking around and he just collapsed on her. All he did was grunt and he rolled onto his side. Carla stuck his dick right in her mouth even though it had just come from her ass. On one hand, I was thoroughly and completely grossed out. On the other hand, I was so turned on that I was about to cum myself. And on my third hand, I was pissed."

"Alright God damn it, I know I don't have three hands, but who's telling the story?"

"They put their clothes back on and tip toed out of the apartment giggling like stupid kids. I reset the alarm and just sat there for a long time getting angrier by the second."

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