She Was Margaret.He's Now Kevin

by womenlover

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including TransGender, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A girl turn to guy and fucked her friend Savannah.

Hi.I'm Margaret.Or that's my former name when I was a girl before the SURGERY.Now my name is Kevin.

I remember lying in that hospital bed right after the operation, looking up at the ceiling and just thinking. Feeling as though a crocodile had just gone down on me, I was too nervous even to shift my position for fear of intense agony. Dr. Max had been in only once since I had woken up, to explain a few things to me with the help of his beautiful Thai assistant. I might have been shaken, scared, lost in pain, perhaps regret ... but I wasn't. I was at peace, triumphant, having overcome the final obstacle.

The next few months were difficult. Everything was still very tender and getting the stitches out was NOT a very pleasant experience. I still felt like I ought to have hired a monsters hunter to find and hunt down whatever fellatio-crazed, many-toothed monster was visiting me nightly- but this was all to be expected. I took the pain killers, I dilated myself, I kept everything clean, I didn't smoke, I went by the book. This was the new me, who I had been all along inside, and I wanted it to be done right. I was proud.

Time passed and I became more and more comfortable with my new "hardware". My correct hardware, rather. I had nothing more than a birth defect that had to be corrected by some hormone therapy and surgery. Birth defects were corrected all the time, how was I any different? I began to explore a bit more, touching, feeling, experimenting. I was still pretty numb for several months. I would have brief periods of panic where I thought I might not ever get full feeling down there, but as I explored more, continued to touch, to test, feeling came back gradually. I became addicted to trying to nurse more sensation back into my body, frequently touching myself whenever I had a moment or so alone, just to test the feeling.

I remember the first time it happened ... I was on a bus ride from New York City down to Washington, D.C. to visit my old home. Too long, too boring. The damned old bus vibrated something horrible on the highway and my Game Boy and few books had failed me for entertainment so far. I sat with my head resting on the window, bumping against it occasionally as we roared on down I-95. The vibration of my seat had been annoying earlier as I tried to concentrate, but now, with my mind wandering, it became a different kind of distraction.

I found it feeling kind of good, actually. A pleasant humming underneath my seat. I tilted my hips back, spread my legs a little and felt the thrumming against my ass. I almost giggled at myself for being so silly, and straightened back up ... but my brain was already working at a more carnal level. I rolled my hips forward a little, the point of my crotch connecting with the vibrating seat came closer to my balls, and so the vibrations became stronger. Mmmmnn ... that felt good. I casually knocked my book to the floor and bent doubled over down to reach for it, rolling my hips even more. The seat thrummed underneath me, I could feel the pulses of each tiny bump, coursing up through my body like so many ripples on a pond. Leaning back and closing my eyes, I began to fantasize ... my long hard cock pressing against a girl's opening, demanding entrance.

My legs spread subconsciously out over the seat as I did, freeing my cock from the resistance of my thighs closed around it. Blood rushed rapidly between my legs as the vibrations now pulsed through me freely, uninhibited. I let out a tiny little gasp, and feigned sleep as my neighbor turned to see what the noise was. In my mind I was on top, fucking my unseen lover. I felt the head of my cock sliding through her outer lips, pushing through them, glistening with her moisture. The vibrations continued, pulsing. Thrumming. I felt it now pressing against me again ... slipping forward, making me harder. The tip of it popped inside and with a groan of pure lust she pushed back against my delicious, throbbing cock. I myself was throbbing, aching to touch myself, loving the pure sensation coursing through me as the vibrating seat did its work. I couldn't take it anymore.

I "sleepily" grabbed for the cheap blankets they give you on long bus rides, and covered myself up. The second my crotch was out of sight I made quite a fuss of "getting comfortable" wherein I managed to hike my skirt up, raise my hips in the air slightly, and tug my boxers down just enough. I sat back down, the fuzzy fabric of the seat now against my bare ass. I know I couldn't have been able to restrain a grin as I moved my hand closer to my pulsing balls and hungry hard cock. I knew what it was going to feel like, knew what was coming as my hand inched closer- but I just turned my head against the window and smiled, loving the anticipation. I could hear the sound of my cock sinking in my fantasy-lover's cunt, spearing through her creamy hole in slow motion. My fingertips grazed ever so softly against my balls and my hips jumped slightly, but I faked a cough and continued. I could feel her puffy lips, swollen with arousal, soft and wet, rolling underneath my fingertips as my fingers pushed their way through them, running up and down her slit. I began thrusting up my lover's pussy, finding a rhythm ... my fingers teasing, dipping into her hole just a little, then pulling back out. I wanted to feel a cunt around my cock, to feel its heat, the combination of wetness and soft skin contracting around my prick. My head drooped to the side as I begining to feel a powerful tension build up deep within my cock, tingles were shooting through my body and my hips undulated against my probing fingers on their own accord.

I hazarded a quick glance around the bus, most of the passengers were sleeping, and my neighbor was deeply engrossed in a book. I ached to see my fingers moving around my cock, but couldn't risk it. My mind was running wildly as I heard the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, the deep guttural grunts and moans of me and my phantom lover as I pounded into her. A little moan came out of my open mouth, I felt a surge building up- something I had not felt since before the operation. It was different this time, I felt as though every muscle in my abdomen was tightening up for my imminent release.

My hand jacked off my cock rapidly, I could hear the sound of them squishing around my prick, my heart beating fast. My neighbor glanced over at me, curious, and this time my eyes met hers. I stared at her, mouth slightly agape as orgasm washed over me. It felt like a massive wave of pleasure crashing over my whole body and I shuddered, never breaking eye contact with this stranger, ragged breaths escaping my lips. She watched me with a slightly incredulous look, watched climax take me. I watched her, helpless, as wave after crashing wave pulsed through my body, felt my cock erupting my hot semen under my fingers. When finally my orgasm subsided, I looked away sheepishly, murmuring a very quiet "Sorry..." and went back to looking out of the window. The woman didn't say a thing, just went back to her book.

Back in my home town, a few weeks later, I was going to be facing some old friends for the first time since the operation. I was excited, but a little nervous too. Most people reacted predictably- they tried to appear supportive and open-minded, but I could always sense a little awkwardness. One of the most relieving parts of my return was when I met my friend Savannah. Savannah and I had been friends since I was 11 and she was 9. We had played together, weekends of Nintendo and Commadore 64 games. As time went on it became larger social gatherings at times, with beer and pot, but we still had our time together, with video games and sodas, weekends spent just hanging out and having fun. We'd share nearly everything. I remember when I told her about losing my virginity ... my "other" virginity. It was with a guy she introduced me to, and she gleefully chided me about every detail of it. I remember laughing uncontrollably when over AIM she told me a guy had "sucked her twat" and my watching Chinese friend asked "What's she mean by 'twat'?" And finally, hearing about her first time with a boyfriend named Karl. We were the kind of friends who could pick up right where we left of, no matter how much time had passed in between.

We arranged for me to stay at her place for 5 days while her room mate was out of town vacationing with family. I showed up much the same as I had done in the past. I had my laptop, a few changes of clothes- skirts and tank tops this time, instead of the jeans and T-shirts of before. When the door opened, she greeted me with a nonchalant smile and brief hug- still a 'woman hug and kiss' as we would call them. She didn't react negatively to me at all.

"Crotch is bigger now ... guess you got everything sorted out down below?" she said casually.

"Yep. All up and running, I suppose. So ... Smash Brothers?" I asked, unable to restrain a broad smile as I mentioned our favorite game. It was like old times, we easily got into our old patterns, ordered a pizza, playfully expressed our deepest loathing of one another whenever we lost a game. Only the occasional "It's funny hearing your voice higher than mine" or "Don't make me punch you in the crotch" worked its way in, but it was all in good fun. She was cool, casual. She was Savannah, the same friend I had always known, and I was still the same friend she had always known, just in a different body. The right body. Two empty pizza boxes, several cokes, and a joint for her and cigarette for me later, we were vegging out on the couch, all Nintendo'd out.

"So whats it, uh ... how did things turn out down there?" she asked, a little awkwardness there but mostly just friendly curiosity.

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