A Tale of Two Sisters

by happyhugo

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Desc: Romantic Story: A short story of two sisters. Daddy wanted me to date one, but I dated the other. One was good, one was bad. Which one gave me happiness?

I disliked my boss, Nathan O'Brian--hell I hated him. He walked into my cubical. "Denton, my daughter needs an escort to the dance at the club Saturday night. It would be nice if you could find the time to take her. Here is her phone number. You can call and make the arrangements."

The son-of-a-bitch had the power to make me do this. I needed this job (until yesterday) and as I was the next one for layoff without any excuse, it was all he needed to make sure I complied. Just before I made the call I went back over what he had said. He said his daughter. I'm sure he didn't say which one. Wheels turned in my mind. I knew he meant for me to ask Elise and ordinarily I would have made sure that was the one I made a date with. Fuck him, I didn't need this job that bad.

I called upstairs. "May I speak with Miss Fern O'Brian please?"

"This is Fern. How may I help you?"

"Fern, this is Denton Boyle. I called to see if you would like to go to the country club dance. To be honest, your father suggested it or I wouldn't have called."

"Denton, I don't believe you. Oh I believe he suggested you ask his daughter for a date, but he must have meant for you to take Elise."

"I know he did, but I would rather take you. When is the last time you went to the club and danced? You would like to go wouldn't you?"

"Yes I would, but you know Daddy. Where his girls are concerned it is always Elise."

"It is time that changed, don't you think? I dared to ask you, so won't you dare go with me?" There was silence on the line while the girl I had asked thought it over. I tried to lighten it up a little. "I promise to shave and comb my hair. I'll wear a tie and white shirt. My suit has holes in the knees, but they don't show much unless I sit down, so you'll be out on the floor dancing with me all night. If I'm holding you close, no one can see where there is a button missing on my shirt either. I'll even promise to not beg for more than three kisses when I say goodnight. Soooo is it a date?"

Fern was giggling by the time I had finished. "Okay I'll go with you, but Daddy will be pissed. That will leave Elise without a date and that will make him all the more pissed."

"I'll chance it. I'm going to be laid off soon anyway. This way I'll get to have a date that I want for me, not one I'm pressured into."

"You're sweet. Pick me up at seven. I will be ready."

Fern was the ugly duckling in the O'Brian family. The chance never had come about for me to get to know her, but I had seen her around. She worked in the same building as I did, but on a different floor. She always smiled when she and I passed each other as we were moving around in and out of the different offices.

Fern had always worked as her father suggested. Elise, though, was the apple of her father's eye and he called her Princess. She believed him and that's where she got the idea she was one. Apparently princesses didn't work.

You may wonder why I put my job at risk at this particular time. This insurance agency was a franchise for one of the national companies and they sold the whole range of products. They catered to mostly the over fifty-five age group. They sold life insurance, car, homeowner, liability and long-term disability. One database in one section was used by those in every other one. When I had been hired out of college, I assumed I would be heading up the ladder within months. Two years into my stint here, and I was squiring the vice-president's daughter to social functions. What the fuck!

I don't know how to describe Fern. I was six feet and a couple of inches more and I was hoping she wouldn't be wearing more than three-inch heels. You get the picture. I wasn't sure what her figure was like under the clothes she wore in the office, but I did know she had ample of everything that counted. She had mousy brown hair and it swooped down to the top of her shoulders--square cut and she allowed it to hang as it wished. Her face was pleasant when she smiled which didn't seem to be too often. Otherwise it was plain and with too generous lips. I had never been close enough to see her eye color. At one time they seemed to be gray and others, hazel.

Just before I left for the day, Papa O'Brian came by to verify I had called his daughter. I confirmed that I had. "Good, I'll see you at the dance." I chuckled when he went down the aisle. He was in for a surprise.

I had been approached by a company located in a small town of twenty thousand. This was in reply to a resume I had sent out when the possibility of a layoff got too close. It helped when the owner found out he was a friend of my fathers. It had been hinted that eventually I might buy the firm in a few years. I hoped the hint would pan out better than the promise I had received when I was first employed here.

At lunch time Saturday my cell phone rang. It was Fern. "Hi Denton. I just wanted to ask you to not hurry about picking me up this evening. Please make it nearer to eight, if you would. I'll explain when you get here, okay?" What could I say? The lady asked me and it was reasonable, so I agreed.

I presented myself at the O'Brian residence at precisely eight o'clock and walked into a raging battle between the sisters. Elise was the one that was doing the raging while Fern was letting it go right over her head. Both met me at the door. The only thing that Fern did, which set Elise off even more, was to kiss me as she opened the door. Elise landed all over me. "You must be Denton. Daddy said you were taking me to the dance. How come you asked Fern instead of me? Why would you want to go with her anyway? You know if you take her there will be no chance of you getting lucky tonight. You might have if you had done as Daddy asked."

"Sorry about the misunderstanding, Elise. Your father asked me to ask his daughter to the dance. You blew me away once, so as long as I had a choice of who to take, I chose Fern. I'm sure your father won't mind will he?"

"Yes he will and I will see that he does. Denton, when did I ever blow you away? I don't know you and I don't ever remember you asking me for a date."

"No I don't suppose you would. You were pretty busy when I asked you. It was three years ago at a fraternity party. It was early evening before you got drunk and went upstairs to party. I saw you again the next morning, and I thought about asking you then. I saw what shape you were in and decided I wasn't interested."

"Oh my god! Don't you dare tell Daddy. You better keep your mouth shut."

"I will. Remember I was there too. Those day are best forgotten."

"Well thank you for that. What am I going to do about tonight? I can't just go without a date." She looked so distraught. I winked at Fern.

"It just so happens I have a spare date in the car. A friend of mine said he would come along and said if he was needed he would take you. I bet this is the first blind date you've ever had. Why don't you go out and meet him?"

"If you won't take me, I guess I'll have to settle for whoever you fixed me up with." She wasn't happy but would take what she could get at this point. She went out. I could have made it easier for her with an introduction, but I knew she could cope.

When the door closed, Fern looked at me. "You know that was the nicest thing you just did. I was actually feeling sorry for my sister. Usually it is me feeling sorry for myself. I think I'm going to have a wonderful time tonight."

This was the first chance I had to look closely at my date. I could see she had gone all out to make herself look good for me. She still was worried though. "I'm not too tall for you am I? I can put on some flats if you want?"

"No you are perfect. Did you buy that dress just to wear tonight?"

"Yes. It is okay isn't it?"

"It is beautiful. A beautiful dress for a beautiful lady."

"Keep that up and I'll prove Elise wrong."

"How's that?"

"She said you weren't going to get lucky. She could be so very mistaken."

"Come on, let's go dancing. It's getting warm in here."

"Yeah, I know."

Wouldn't you know, we met Papa and Mrs. O'Brian as we entered the club. Papa was surprised to learn that Fern and I were together. Elise, always at ease with any man, introduced Mike Hanify as her date. She was already clinging to him. Mike had given me a thumbs up by the time we reached the club and was well satisfied with Elise. She seemed to be happy too.

I had time to get drinks for everyone before the dancing started. When the first number was played, a few couples went out onto the floor. "Would you care to dance Fern or would you like to wait awhile?"

"Wait until the floor gets crowded. Then people won't see what a whale you have for a date."

"Fern, look at me. Do you want to have a good time tonight? I asked you for a date, because I wanted to. You cared enough to make yourself beautiful which I'm taking as a 'thank you Denton for asking me.' I can't wait to get you in my arms, but I will wait if you want. I just don't see anything wrong with you. Let's see, you are about three inches taller than the average woman here tonight. That works for us and you have already found that out when you walked up and kissed me at the door. Our lips came together without any trouble and neither one of us had to bend over.

"You have a long beautiful neck and I'm just aching to nuzzle it. Your breasts are large, but just right for your stature. Look at that woman just dancing by. She is flat as a board, but look at her and her husband. They look happy with each other. I'm sure before they were married she probably worried about her lack. She doesn't look like it bothers her now.

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