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Desc: Sex Story: Story of a slut.

Author's note: This has absolutely no redeeming value. It has precious little in the way of a plot or character development. Most, if not all, of the characters are not even remotely likeable. In short, it is pretty much what you have come to expect from me.

I'll start with a confession. I am a slut. I know I'm a slut and furthermore I enjoy the hell out of being a slut. All it took for me to become a slut was to graduate from high school and go off to college.

I was a good girl all through high school. I dated a lot and I did make out with my dates. There was a lot of touching and feeling, but it was all with clothing between the hand and what it was touching.

The closest I came to 'being bad' was in high school on prom night. For a couple of years I had been listening to my girl friends telling me how great sex was and how much they loved the orgasms they got. I'd been dating Ralph Mellon for three months and when he asked me to the prom I accepted and decided that on prom night I was going to experience what my friends were telling me about. I was ready. I was more than ready. I'd even swiped some condoms from my parent's bedroom in case Ralph didn't have any of his own.

The night started out great. The prom was fantastic. I looked great in my prom dress and Ralph looked like a total hunk in his tux. We hit an after prom party and that is where the night went to hell. Ralph got blind, stinking, shit faced drunk and I ended up having to take a cab home. I had to wake my dad up to get the money to pay the cab driver. My dad was not pleased. I was forbidden to date Ralph anymore, not that it mattered because I was so pissed at Ralph I wouldn't have dated him again anyway.

I made it halfway through my freshman year in college before I met a guy I wanted to date more than once. I dated Ryan a half dozen times and I finally decided to give him my 'pearl of great price.'

We had gone out to dinner and then had gone to a party that he knew about. After some drinks and a lot of dancing I flat out asked him if he could afford a hotel room. "I can do better than that" he said and he took me by the hand and led me to a bedroom toward the back of the house. Once inside he told me to leave the lights off or they would show under the door and people would know someone was in the room and make a pretty good guess as to what was going on. They might even stick around to see who would come out. He told me to lock the door and that he would be right back and would knock three times. A couple of minutes later I heard the three knocks and I let him in. He came in and handed me a fresh drink and then we undressed each other.

I was nervous. I knew what was about to happen and I wanted it, but it was my first time. I closed my eyes, took a sip of my drink and a deep breath and then I kissed Ryan. Our tongues played with each other and his hand went down to rub my pussy. I moaned and he said:

"You are ready for this aren't you? You ready for me to fuck you?"

"Yes baby; I want you" I moaned.

He kissed my neck and rolled my nipples between his fingers and I reached with my hand and took hold of his cock. I ran my hand along it and he said:

"Put it where you wanted baby."

I spread my legs wide and pulled his cock until the head of it touched the entrance to my pussy and moaned:

"Do it Ryan; do it!"

He pushed a little and I felt him ease into my soaking wet pussy. I pushed up at him and he went in a little deeper. I had expected my first time to hurt a little, but it didn't. The hairbrush handles and other hard things I'd used to masturbate with must have opened me enough. Ryan pushed slowly at first and I told him to go faster. He began fucking me hard and I was pushing back up at him and it felt so god damned good that I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

I felt the heat building up inside of me and I began to shake.

"Oh yes baby, oh yes! Fuck me" I moaned as I clawed at his back. I was moaning and shaking and then I felt it. My orgasm came crashing down on me as I felt his cock pulse inside me. I clung to him as he filled me with his cum.

I was lying there panting and loving the warm feeling that an orgasm leaves you with when Ryan said that he had to go pee and would be right back. Three minutes later he was back and he moved over me and pushed his dick into me. I was amazed that he had gotten so hard again so fast. He did me much harder and much faster than he did the first time and he got me off twice before he finished. I was kicking myself for not having started back when my girl friends told me how great it was.

He got up to use the bathroom again and I wondered (remember – this was my first time and I had no clue how men were after sex) if having sex did something to the male that made him have to go to the bathroom. A couple of minutes later he was back and ready to go again.

As his hardness slid into me and I wrapped my legs around him I started thinking that something wasn't right. I didn't know much about boys, but I had heard that it takes some time for one to recover. I was stretching to reach the light when my fourth or fifth orgasm hit me and I wrapped myself around him and hung on. When he softened and pulled out I sat up and turned on the light and saw that the guy who had just fucked me wasn't Ryan.

"Who the hell are you and what are you doing in here?"

"I'm Joe and Ryan told me that there was a girl in this room pulling a train and so I joined in."

"Get the hell out of here" I yelled as I stood up and pulled on my thong.

"Okay, okay; no need to get pissy. You enjoyed it as much as I did."

I grabbed the table lamp off the table and he turned and headed for the door. The problem was that I had indeed enjoyed it as much as he did. A minute after Joe walked out Ryan walked in with a fresh hard on leading the way. I put the lamp down, smiled at him, and told him to lie down on the bed so I could give him my first blow job. He lay down, stretched out and smiled up at me. I grabbed up the table lamp and smashed him right in the crotch. He howled and grabbed his genitals and I hit him another three or four times as I called him every name I could think of.

I dropped the lamp and walked out of the room to find a half dozen people there who had been attracted by Ryan's yells. I looked at them and then I said:

"If any of you are friends of that piece of shit give him a message when he stops crying. Tell him if he ever comes with in five feet of me again I'll cut his cock off with a dull knife."

I saw Joe standing behind the crowd and I walked over to him and said: "I need a ride home."

He looked at me for a couple of seconds and then said, "Let's go."

Once in the car he said, "What's the deal? Ten minutes ago you were ready to brain me with a lamp and then boom, you are asking me for a ride."

I told him what Ryan had done to me and how pissed and upset I was to find him with me instead of Ryan.

"It was only supposed to be Ryan; not Ryan and others."

"Wow! Your first time. I never would have guessed it from the way you were with me."

"I just can't believe that Ryan would do that to me."

"Ryan has been trying to get into the Phi Delta Theta fraternity and there were a bunch of Phi Delts at the party and I guess he was trying to make points with them. It will probably backfire on him on him though."


"They are a pretty uptight group and when I tell them what he did and that you weren't a part of it they will probably blackball him and if they do no fraternity on campus will touch him."

"You will tell them? Are you a Phi Delt?"

"No, but my brother and two of my cousins are. Where do you live? You need to point me in the direction."

I looked at him without speaking for a couple of seconds and then said, "Did you mean what you said earlier? The part about enjoying it I mean?"

"Of course I did."

"Then maybe you could take me someplace other than home because to tell you the truth I did enjoy it very much."

That was the start of my off again on again relationship with Joe. We would date and fuck like bunnies for a couple of months, get in an argument and split up. We would date others and then somehow end up together again. Since I liked sex I was putting out for those I dated when Joe and I were apart.

I had a reputation as 'easy' but even though I'd had a bunch of different guys I hadn't reached 'slut' status yet. That came in my junior year. I was back with Joe and we were double dating with his brother and his brother's fiancée. We had gone to dinner and then to a movie and after the movie we decided to go back to the three bedroom house that Joe shared with his brother and one of his cousins and play some cards.

We played four handed poker for a while and maybe an hour into the game there was a hand were I and Joe's brother Mack folded and dropped out. Joe bet and Francine (Mack's fiancée) said:

"I've got you beat, but I'm out of money."

"So put up a blow job instead of money and call."

"Okay. One blow job" and she turned over her cards to show four sevens. Joe stood up, unzipped and took out his cock and then he turned over his cards. Four jacks! Francine looked at Joe's meat and shrugged. "A bet is a bet" she said as she got up and went over and went to her knees in front of Joe and took his cock in her mouth.

I looked over at Mack with an incredulous look on my face. Mack saw the look and said:


"She's your fiancée."

"And he's my brother."

"But she's your fiancée."

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