My Personal Professor

by crotalusw

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Food, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A woman decides to go back to school and gets the support from an friend, who happens to teach at a community college. When he comes to visit, she finds that she learns more than just math.

I graduated from high school several years ago and got caught up in marriage and kids, though I always knew that I needed to go to college, if only for my own, personal satisfaction. I'd known for some time that I want to be involved in the medical field, though I'd never been exactly sure what aspect of the field was perfect for me. I'd been considering physical therapy, but my husband wasn't too keen on the idea of me touching other men on a regular basis, even though it would be strictly for their rehabilitation.

That's one aspect of my married life that had been tough for me. My husband was always quite jealous and that led to limitations on what I could do with my life. I absolutely love my kids and want to spend much of my time with them. They make me so very happy, so I enjoy being home with them. However, there are times when I would like to go out for a drink with my coworkers after work or would like to hang out with them on a Friday night to enjoy some barbecue and friendly company. Unfortunately, having a jealous husband meant I didn't get to spend that time out with my friends for fear that he would make life miserable when I get home.

But school has always been important to me. I'd felt that it was definitely something worth the fight. Yet, I was also pretty nervous about going back to school after my time away from schools. I wasn't sure I was ready to attend classes and feared I wouldn't quite be able to perform at a high enough level for college.

Then my friend, Michael, told me he was willing to be my mentor and help me through my classes.

I had met Michael a few years ago at work. I had been offered a position working with the admin staff at an engineering firm and he was one of the engineers there. When I started, I was preoccupied with my work and didn't take much time to notice everyone in detail. It didn't help that he was working in a field office at the time so we didn't get much chance to get to know one another. We would see each other monthly for our office meetings, but that was about it. However, he seemed to be quite friendly and had an easy smile that he was willing to share with anyone. His humor was catching, though it was rather subtle and dry. I liked him.

While talking with one of my coworkers later, the subject of sexuality came up. I didn't expect it, but it did flow with that particular conversation well. She mentioned that Michael wrote erotic stories and that piqued my interest. I knew that he was a good guy, but didn't know that he was that sexual. With the frustrations I had at home, hearing about his sexual side got me to wondering a little more about him. My coworker told me that she'd get the URL of the website for his stories and send it to me. I was anxious to read his stories, hoping to get a little more excitement in my life and also interested in what Michael imagined while thinking about sex.

As I read through Michael's stories, I started to look at him with a different light. We started to converse more through e-mails and to share more intimate thoughts. We were still pretty careful to keep our thoughts away from extremely dangerous waters. Being married, I needed to be careful, but my interest was growing. I began to wonder what it would be like to be with him, to have him doing to me the things I read about in his stories, and it got me excited. I loved imagining myself in his stories and having those things done to me and feeling the things he described. More than once, I needed to go to the restroom to blot the excess moisture that his stories caused my body to create. I loved that feeling of being turned on and wanted even more of his stories.

After reading most of his stories and chatting with him, I saw that he had written a story about me! I absolutely loved it! I was so flattered that he would think about me that way and imagining myself in that story was so easy. He wrote about thoughts and feelings that I had actually thought and felt and so it came to life for me. That story really turned me on and I started to fantasize about him even more.

Then, to my dismay, he moved. Our company had decided to let him go and with the downturn in the economy, he couldn't find another position in our area and so he moved away. We still had e-mail so we could converse from time to time, but it was different. We didn't get regular contact and missed out on those little things that build a friendship.

He continued to write his stories, though, and I kept reading them. It was a little harder to imagine him in the stories, but I could still imagine myself having those things happen to me and was still able to get excited as I read. It was just a little different.

Then we stopped sending e-mails for a while. We got caught up in our lives and just let the e-mail slide. One day, I realized I just needed to chat with him again so I composed an e-mail and we started chatting again. He'd separated from the girlfriend he had while he was living near me and was now completely single. It surprised me how happy that made me to hear that. I knew he deserved better, but there was something else to it that cheered me up ... he wasn't attached and could experiment a bit more. I was starting to think that I'd like to experiment with him. So I worked it so we started chatting more.

During our discussions, I mentioned my desire to go to school and get my education. He was very supportive and told me that I could rely on him for assistance with my courses. That touched me. Even after time and distance separated us, he was still there for me and I knew it was an honest invitation. Knowing that I had him in my corner and that he honestly wanted to help me gave me the impetus I needed to forge ahead with my schooling. We were going to have to get creative with our school work together, but we had some good ideas and we would make it work.

I was going to have my own personal professor and mentor! What more could a girl want?

That week, I started to gather the information to apply for admission to college. Michael and I continued to talk through e-mail. Our flirting started to increase and we began to explore other methods of communication so we could work together on my school work. We tried Skype a couple of times, just to be sure we could do it easily. It was really fun to hear his voice again. We found ways to share our desktops and software so that we would be able to share all we needed.

Of course, we continued to talk about the stories he had been writing. Our chats fueled his imagination and he started to come up with some new ideas. His stories took on a new dimension, especially when I knew that some of them were written for me. It became very easy to imagine us together in his stories again.

My marriage continued. I couldn't leave my husband and knew that it wouldn't do a lot of good, anyway. We had a routine and were comfortable with it. I made sure he couldn't find out what I was doing with Michael online because I knew that his jealousy would be too much to handle. I just pretended that things were okay at home, just like I always did. With my Michael chats, I didn't feel as much need to go out with other friends so I could more easily pretend at home.

By the time school started for me, I had started to create a relationship with Michael that included some strong bonds. I had learned that I could share anything with him without fear of reprisal or negative judgments. We were open with one another and his thoughts helped mine to grow and expand. His mind was amazing to me. It was so attractive! I just loved the way he thought and loved how I felt when he'd share his thoughts with me.

My classes turned out to be about as I expected they would. I could do most of the work, but some of it was hard and I took full advantage of Michael's offer of assistance. I would ask him to help edit my papers when I wrote them. We shared ideas about theses and outlines of the papers prior to my writing them and that helped me succeed. I looked forward to doing my work because it meant I'd get to spend more time with Michael. My math classes made much more sense to me than I feared they would because Michael took time to explain how things worked. I knew he knew math. You can't be an engineer without knowing how to do math. But I hadn't realized quite how good he was at teaching it until we started to talk about my homework. He was able to explain everything in such a way that it was really easy to understand. I just loved how things were coming together for me.

During that first semester, we did all of our work together online or on the phone. We sent e-mails back and forth. We chatted live through Skype and we talked on the phone a few times. Michael was always there to help me when I needed him and that really made that first semester feel wonderful. I easily passed all of my classes and felt very good about it.

I also felt very good about the fun that Michael and I had beyond the school work. Our flirting had expanded to the point that we would occasionally indulge our desires to share intense fantasies. We explored the ideas of cyber sex, explaining in great detail what we wanted to do to one another. We tried phone sex a couple of times and found it very exciting to hear each other panting with desire as we explained our fantasies. We shared some intimate images with each other, though I was nervous about that at first. However, after seeing photos of him, I felt like I just needed to share some of myself with him. It was incredibly exciting to be naughty like that. It also eased my internal sexual tension so I wasn't so bothered when my husband stuck to himself and wasn't intimate with me. I was getting an emotional release with Michael that went above and beyond what I'd had with my husband for the last, few years.

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