Girls Next Door

by Axolotl

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Humor, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Peregrine and Jason take to spying on the girls next door. Well, its only fair the girls get to do the same...

This is a fantasy scenario involving a number of characters upon whom Nature has smiled and continues to giggle helplessly, breastwise and otherwise. There's a bit of sex, but it's a fantasy, so it never really happened, did it? Any resemblance, etc...

"Let's have a look, you've had them ten minutes."

"You had them before me, when the girls were outside."

"Yeah, well? They're my binoculars."

"It's my garage roof."

"S'not. It's your dad's."

"You know what I mean." Jason handed over the binoculars with some reluctance. "They're still not out there, anyway. Only their mum, and she's ancient. My dad says she's thirty-five."

"That's not ancient." Peregrine was a stickler for detail. "Old, but not ancient." He wiped the eyepieces on his shirt. "You've made them all sweaty. They're steamed up. Their mum may be ancient, but she can still get you all steamed up."

"I didn't have to invite you up here, you know." Jason rolled on to his back and started fumbling with the waistband of his shorts. Peregrine, embarrassed, clamped the binoculars to his eyes, supporting the weight on his elbows. It felt good, lying on his stomach on the warm roof. The sound of a zipper disturbed him.

Despite himself, Peregrine had to see. He tore himself away from the eyepieces and glanced back over his shoulder. Shocked, he turned away instantly. "What are you getting that out for? You can't have a piss up here."

"I don't want a piss. I'm going to have a wank."

"Someone will see." He kept his eyes steadfastly to the front.

"Nah, I've been wanking up here every day since they moved in next door. Nobody can see us."

"If we can see them, they can see us," Peregrine pointed out.

"They don't know where to look. 'Sides, we're in the shadow of the trees and they're out in the sun. If they look up this way, the sun's in their eyes." He gave a little gasp as he began stroking himself in preparation for the big event. "This is gonna be a doozy! Who's out there, still just their mum?"

"Yeah. No, hang about, she's going indoors." Peregrine panned left as the woman undulated into the house.

"Yeah, she goes out to work. She's a barmaid down at the Fox and Hounds. Every day, as soon as she goes out, the girls come out into the garden to sunbathe on their own."

"She's gone indoors. Nothing yet. Hang on! Yeah! Here they come! Fucking Hell!"

Jason was pleased at the reaction. He'd told the older boy these girls were a bit special. He felt a certain modest pride of ownership. "I told you! Are they all outside?"

"Only three. You said there were four."

"One always seems to stay indoors all the time. Usually the youngest one. It don't matter. She's just a fatso cow." He began to stroke faster, and inevitably, longer. Obscene slippery sounds carried clearly to Peregrine. "Have they come down the garden yet? Describe them to me."

"All blonde. Wearing bikinis. They're sort of standing round, I can't see their tits properly yet."

"You will, don't worry!"

"They look a bit old. You said they were our age. Our ages." He modified his statement, uncomfortably aware that Jason was at least two years younger than him, maybe even three.

"They go to our school. I've watched them all catching the early bus. They're all swots, so they go to school early. 'Sides, if their mum's only thirty-five, they can't be old, can they?"

Peregrine had a go at the mental arithmetic, then gave up. The girls looked old. Nobody his age had tits like those. "We've only got your dad's word for it that she's thirty-five. And they might not all be her daughters."

"They are." Jason was positive. Peregrine wondered how such a young kid could know so much about everything. "Our Dad was telling us all about them. She's a widow, he said. And she told him how old she was. Mum sort of sniffed and went out into the kitchen. And they're all her daughters so they must be all different ages."

"They could be twins," Peregrine said doubtfully.

"You can't have four twins. Anyway, they don't look nuthin' like each other, apart from their tits."

That was true. Peregrine pressed his eyes against the eyepieces, trying to see more. "There's a tall one..."

"She's the oldest," said Jason. "Delphine."

"Delphine?" Peregrine snatched the glasses away from his eyes and wheeled round to look at Jason. What he saw was so deeply disturbing, he quickly busied himself wiping the eyepieces with his hankie. He had heard rumours about Jason, but they were all pretty vague. He now saw there had been no exaggeration. In fact, the rumour-mongers had probably underestimated the size of things. But then, they wouldn't necessarily have seen him erect like this, lying on his back, his hand swishing up and down at least nine inches. Impossible, surely? Nobody was that size! And there was still that great big thick round purple bit at the end that his hand didn't cover up...

"What's wrong with her being called Delphine? It's only a name. It's no dafter than Peregrine. Go on, describe her bikini to me." Swish, slop, swish... Jason's balls were tumbling about like a couple of Victoria plums in a string bag.

"It's yellow," said Peregrine desperately. "And her tits are nearly hanging out of the top. 'Specially when she kneels down."

"What's she kneeling down for?"

"She's rubbing cream on one of the others. Sort of a chubby one, with a huge bum."

"That's Louise. Can you see her tits?"

"No, she's lying on her front."

"You just wait. They're massive. Who's the other one?"

"Skinny girl. Black bikini. Ever such a long crease down between her tits."

"That's called cleavage. That's Ronnie. Short for Veronica. Hers hang right the way down past her belly button, but she's only the same age as me. The youngest one's called Poppy. She's only..."


"What now?" Slop, swish, slop...

"Ronnie's doing something with her pants. She's mega-hairy!" There was silence as he fumbled with the focus. "Oh, yuck!" Peregrine put down the binoculars, looking pale.

"What's the matter?" Jason made a grab for the binoculars.

"Ronnie's pussy thing. It's all crinkly and hairy, like a dead cat."

"Of course it is. Haven't you seen one before?"

"Not like that. It's horrible." He had seen pictures of them before, but not a huge, nasty horrible one like Ronnie's. Pussies had always been quite neat, hygienic-looking things. "Let's have them back," he demanded, trying to drag the binoculars away from Jason. "You can't look through them and play with that thing at the same time."

"I'm just finishing," Jason panted, then made a few embarrassing gargling noises and came with stupendous power and copiousness. Peregrine ducked for cover and tucked the binoculars under his shirt for safety. It rained semen for several seconds. "Fucking hell! I told you it was gonna be a doozy!" Jason gulped. Imagine all that hot cream going into Ronnie's big hairy minge."

But try as he might, Peregrine couldn't even begin to.

"Rub some more cream down on my bum, Delph."

"Where? Spread your fat thighs a bit." Louise obeyed, spreading her legs apart at ninety degrees. "That's enough, sis, I don't want to fall in." The cream went 'slap' on the girl's flabby inner thighs. "It looks just like a boy's cum," Delphine said, blushing slightly.

Louise pressed her groin against the ground and thought about boys' cum for a while. "Is he looking, Ron?"

Ronnie gnawed her lip. Her sweet face was flushed. "I think so. I thought I saw some movement up there a minute ago." Ronnie reclined, resting on one elbow, the fingers of her free hand exploring the already well-moistened crotch of her pants. She eased the gusset to one side and gave a little gasp as the cool breeze wafted through her damp pubic hair.

"Ron's giving him a show," grinned Louise, her fingers walking out across the grass to tug Ronnie's bra down a little more. Three or four more inches of the young girl's almost endless cleavage were revealed.

"Don't get them out altogether," she giggled."

"There's plenty more still inside your bra, girl! Besides, he might be a tit-man, like his dad, not a pussy freak. Your big hairy cunt is an acquired taste."

"Gee, you say the kindest things, sister!" Ronnie spread her legs a little more, and purred huskily in her throat.

"She's coming already, Delph, and she hasn't even seen the boy yet!"

"Not all of him. I've seen the only bit I'm interested in! Sh-hhh!" Ronnie hissed suddenly. She was squinting into the trees, shading her eyes from the sun. "There's two of them up there!"


"You can see them?"

Louise rolled over and sat up, her mountainous breasts tumbling into her lap like great sacks of flour. Delphine swiftly untied her yellow bikini bra and allowed her fat-pointed teats to harden in the cool air. "That ought to get them going," Ronnie laughed, glancing sideways at her sisters. "I hope Poppy's getting all the action!"

"We'll find out soon enough. The sun will be down in ten minutes."

"They're going indoors." Jason put the binoculars down on the flat roof and tucked himself away. Peregrine wondered if he ever caught the thing in his zipper. It was still at least twice as thick and three times as long as his own, even in its flaccid state. It wasn't fair!

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