A Birthday Surprise

by WVBoy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Swinging, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Judy decides to give Danny the birthday gift that he has dreamed about. Through a strange turn of events, Danny isn't the only one who gets a gift that night. While this story is fiction it is based on an actual event.

If you have been following my other stories you know by now that my name is Bill and I am married to the beautiful, very sexy (if not oversexed) Katie. You remember her, the woman with the 38-24-36 body that most men would kill to touch, when in reality all they would have to do is ask her and she would freely give it to them.

Danny, Katie and I had known each other since we were in grade school together. We had run around as a group when we were teens and then after Katie and I were married, Danny would come over to our house to play cards and just hang out. Then he met Judy. We never really figured out what the attraction was between the two, Danny was a handsome young man and Judy was plain. True, she had a great ass (36) and slim (25) waist, but her boobs were almost nonexistent (31). Even in a bikini, it wasn't hard to tell that there was nothing up top. She always was the butt of lots of jokes about if she took her top off she wouldn't get arrested, because everyone would think she was a boy. While the three of us had always been outgoing, Judy was always shy. Every event that we planned as a group, Judy would always hang back and really never join in.

Katie and Judy became friends, not only friends but best friends, I guess that it is true that opposites attract. They would help each other out, go shopping together and sometime just hang out together. They talked about everything and shared their deepest of secrets. Judy knew all about Katie and all the many men she had slept with and had often said that she could never do anything like that, because she was just too shy.

The fourth of July, was not only Independence Day but it was also Danny's birthday. During June, Judy called and asked if Katie could help her plan and put together a birthday party for him. Judy had told Katie that there was some possibility of some extra side benefits for her.

Judy had a first cousin that was supposed to be a real hunk, when Judy talked about him, her eyes would light up and Katie always kidded about having the hots for him. Judy would turn about three shades of red, and finally she admitted that she had always had a thing for him, but could never do anything about it. Judy said, "If he comes, I'll introduce the two of you and if you get a chance to have sex with him, you will have to tell me all about it, then I can see if my dreams are true."

Katie was always looking for a chance to get fucked by a new man, so she agreed.

Everything was planned for the evening of July fourth. The party would start with a cookout at 5 and then cake and ice cream later that evening, everyone sit around and talk or play cards. I had to work, but would get off at 4 and we would have plenty of time to make the cookout.

As planned, I got off at 4 and headed home, when I arrived, Katie was already dressed. She was wearing a sexy yellow sun dress made from very thin material. If she had the light behind her you had a very clear view of her great body

She was trying to get me to rush so we could leave. Just as we were going out the door, the phone rang, it was work, someone had called in sick and they needed me to fill in for the evening shift. If it wasn't busy I could leave in a couple of hours, I really had no choice but to go in. I kissed Katie goodbye and told her to have a good time, of course she needed no encouragement to do that I knew.

I told Katie that I would call her when I got off and if the party almost over, I would just stay home.

Work was just the normal late evening stuff, make sure the cases were stocked for morning, do a few special orders and try to pace my energy to last the full shift and finish closing down the department for the evening.

Katie arrived at the cookout; both Danny and Judy met her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. When Judy hugged her she whispered in Katie's ear, "My cousin is coming and I told him about you wanting to meet him, hope you don't mind."

Katie and Judy acted as the perfect hostess's for the party, making sure that everything was set up and ready to serve. Each guest was greeted and introduced to all the others that were already at the party.

A tall extremely handsome young man walked into the back yard hanging on Judy's arm, as he approached, Katie couldn't take her eyes off of him. She could see his muscles ripple under his t-shirt and from the hem of his shorts came a set of muscled, very tan legs. She even imagined that she could see the outline of a great cock through his tight shorts.

"Katie, I want you to meet my cousin, John. John this is Katie, she is the one that I told you wanted to meet you," Judy said as she came up to Katie.

Katie replied, "Glad to meet you," turning toward Judy she whispered, "I see what you mean."

The three of them talked for a few minutes, Judy excused herself to tend to other guests. John said, "What did you mean by 'see what you mean.'"

Katie leaned in close, "Maybe you will find out later."

Around seven Bill called Katie and told her that we had really been busy and that he was stuck at work until at least ten that night and would see her at home later that evening.

Soon the grill had been shut down and all the food consumed, everyone was sitting around drinking beer and talking. Judy pulled Katie to one side and said, "What do you think of John?"

"I would love to have some time with him."

"I'll figure out some way to get the two of you some alone time."

A few minutes later, Judy announced, "We are running short on beer, John can you make a beer run, I know that you are not familiar with the stores in the area, Katie why don't you go along to show him the way. Don't hurry; I don't want the two of you picked up on a DUI."

Katie realized that this was the alone time that Judy had planned for her and John. Needed no other encouragement, she grabbed John by the hand and off they went.

With Katie directing, they made the fifteen mile run to the nearest store and picked several cases of beer and headed back. Katie turned to John and said, "We really need to take our time, let's go back a different route, it is longer but the cops don't run any of these back roads."

As they began to drive the back roads, Katie was questioning him about his life. After a couple of minutes she placed her hand on his bare knee. Since it didn't seem to bother him, she began to slide it up his leg. Now getting close to the hem of his shorts, she could tell by the way he was opening his legs that there were no objections on his part. As she slid her fingers under through the leg opening of his shorts she could feel that he had nothing under the shorts but flesh. Her fingers found their mark and she began to stroke his cock. Within a minute the shorts could no longer contain it, coming from the leg hole, she could now see his ever growing cock. She unbuckled her seat belt bent over and placed a kiss square on the growing member. It was impossible for her to get it into her mouth because of the steering wheel, but she could lick it and kiss it.

Quickly she sat up and told John to make a turn on another dirt road and then pull off down into the edge of a cornfield.

By this time, Katie had most of John's cock out through the right leg of his shorts and was rubbing it, already the first beads of pre-cum were beginning to leak from its tip.

Katie was getting turned on fast; she could feel the heat building between her legs. Knowing that they didn't have much time, she pulled off her sun dress and panties and told John, "I don't care how you manage it, but I want fucked, NOW."

John got out of the car and came around to her side, opened the door, slid the seat back as far as it would go, turned her around with her legs dangling out the door. He dropped his shorts and for the first time she could see his massive cock and balls, she could wait no longer, she sprang into action grabbing his cock and wrapping her lips around it. His cock began to disappear into her mouth. As his cock passed her lips, her mouth felt so warm and soft. Harder and harder she sucked, with her left hand she cupped his balls and began to massage them. Letting one of her fingers slide over his rose bud, Katie withdrew her hand licked her finger and buried it deep into his open hole. She began to finger fuck him in time with her sucking his cock. Katie could tell that he wasn't going to last much longer from the tightening of his balls.

She let his cock slip from her mouth and removed her finger, laid back and spread her legs, "I'm not going to go without here, bury that hunk of meat in me."

John lowered himself between her legs and began rubbing his cock against her pussy lips; it needed no lubing, as it was already flowing with her juices. The more he rubbed, the hotter she was becoming, "Fuck me! Fuck me." His rubbing was driving her crazy with desire; she began to buck against his cock trying to impale herself on it.

Success at last, she had captured his cock with her pussy, she pushed against him, burying it deep within her. Even after two children and being fucked by hundreds of men, Katie was still very tight. She always spent a lot of time exercising, with her muscles she was able to clamp down hard on his cock, drawing him deeper and deeper into her. She began to dig her nails into his back and scream, "I cumming, don't stop, fuck me harder and deeper, yes, yes, more. Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh! Oh!"

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