The One That Got Away

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Tear Jerker, Spanking, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: My first true love, the woman of my dreams comes back into my life to steal me away from my wife

Author's note:Hi folks, First I want to thank everyone who reads and comments on ur stories. Most of the writers I've spoken to here live for that. Secondly I want to thank everyone who wrote to me last week because we didn't do a story It feels really good to be missed. And also the one's who understood what we were trying to do in Oceans. LW as has been mentioned is a realli difficult category to write in because the subject is so emotional in a lot of ways that the other categories with the possible exception of Incest/taboo aren't. the readers here also seem to have very strict limits as to what is and what isn't an LW story. I like to try sometimes to stretch those boundaries.If I'm going to get any better at this I'm going to have to try some new things and that's what this year is going to be about. I'm going to try some stuff. For those of you who are groaning already I haven't jumped the shark completely. Most of the stories will be completely normal and who knows you may just like some of the ones that aren't. Realistically I've always done it, I'm just warning you this year. Okay let's handle current business, the story that I hope you're about to read is very normal. Unfortunatley for some of you it's also kind of long. Here's the thing, a lot of you like long stories and some of you don't. My stories are actually no longer than a lot of the stories you read here. the difference is that instead of breaking them up into several chapters, I give you the whole thing at once. I guess it's because I read stories here every day also and I hate getting into the latest story by my favorite author and having to wait weeks to find out how it ended. This doesn't mean that you have to read the whole thing at one time, I just post it so you can. Actually the only person who has to suffer through reading these things all at once is the incredible Mikothebaby without whose editing skills you wouldn't be able to read this. I truly believe that she is the reason that you guys can read my stories. As a matter of fact I'm scared to put commas in now. Anyway here it is, I hope you like this one. SS06

Statistically, whether we want to call them our high-school sweetheart, our first love or our dream girl or guy, most of us don't marry them. To bring it into a numerical value only between two and four percent of us marry them and most of those end up in divorce.

On the other hand, those of us who don't marry our first true love often ruin perfectly good marriages to other people who are, in fact, more suited to us because we simply can't let go of that perfect fantasy of first love. Come on, you know you've done it. After a hard day at work, you and your spouse are both feeling stressed and some of the little things get to you and you, for just a second, let your mind wander.

You bring her up in your mind. Whatever her name was, whether she was a blonde a brunette or a redhead, she was perfect wasn't she? Whether she was the most beautiful creature ever to walk the earth or only beautiful to you, she was perfect wasn't she?

So you begin to wonder, once again, what your life would have been like if you'd married HER instead. Don't worry about it, you're not alone. We all do it. It's only human to think about or even fantasize about the one that got away.

In my case, I'm Rick Green, the perfect creature was Magdalena Reardon. The woman simply defied description. Everything about her was right down the middle and perfect. She was neither tall nor short. She was perfect. Her hair was a brilliant flaming red with a natural wave to it. Her eyes were so green, they put plants to shame. Her lips were a natural red color that I was sure just had to taste like fresh cherries. Her legs were the reason they make short skirts. Even her flaws or shortcomings only made her more perfect.

She wasn't very blessed up top. To which most of the guys in my college econ class replied, "Who cares."

We dated for about three years. We met during our first year of college. It was her only year because college simply wasn't for her. She didn't have the discipline to go to class and study all the time when there were other, "more fun," things to do. We made plans for our life together and I really believed that we'd marry someday. Suffice it to say we didn't. We went our separate ways, her with a heavy heart and me with mine broken. I haven't seen her since. Over the years I've learned not to even listen when people talk about her. After all, what would be the point?

Anyway, I did eventually get over Magdalena and settled down with someone else. My wife, Diana, is a beautiful woman too. Maybe she's not goddess level, heart stopping beautiful the way Lena was, but I have no complaints. In fact, on some scales, like breast size, she's an upgrade. She's also someone that I just always feel comfortable around. She really and truly could be my soul mate.

There are times when I can look in her eyes and just know what she's thinking and she can do the same with me. With Lena, I was never sure where I stood. With Diana that is never in question.

Our life over the past almost twenty years has had its ups and downs, but overall there've been far more ups than downs. We've raised two great kids. Our son, Bobby, started college last fall and his sister, Carrie, will be joining him this year. We're in the home stretch now. Very soon we'll hit the magical time when the kids are grown and we can have our lives back again.

I'm the regional sales manager for a large international exporting company. My life is very nine to five. I might send a lot of my salesmen on the road but I work out of the home office and rarely if ever have to travel. I've been squirreling away vacation time for over ten years so that once Carrie gets into college, Diana and I can travel and take trips to see and explore all of those exotic places around the world that we've dreamed of.

We have a very comfortable house and several very good friends, some of whom have known us since my college days. Diana and I, as far as I know, have been faithful to each other for as long as we've known each other. I'm pretty sure I'd know if something had happened. We're secure enough in our love for each other that a little harmless flirting doesn't even faze us. All in all, I like my life.

That doesn't mean of course that there haven't been the odd moments that I didn't think back on my time with Lena, because there have been a lot of nights when I had her in mind while I rocked Diana's boat. There have also been times when I saw a really pretty redhead and my thoughts turned to Lena, but all in all, life worked out for the best. As I said before I was really happy.

And if you think that wasn't a cue for fate to just shit in my cornflakes, you're crazy.


I woke up because my face hurt. I ran to the mirror and saw the bruising on my cheek. That was it. I started packing immediately. Over the last few weeks, things had been escalating. I knew the signs. I'd been doing this for far too long. I met a guy. In the beginning he was enraptured by me and me by him. Over time though, things just seemed to go bad.

Before you knew it, they started to yell and curse at you. They were always apologetic afterwards or after they sobered up, but they always did it again. Then it became normal, they'd even yell and curse at you when they weren't drunk or angry. Finally, they'd start to hit you. Maybe it wasn't them. Maybe it was just the kind of men I picked. I mean God damn it, I'm getting close to being forty fucking years old and I don't have a home of my own or a husband or any kids.

Living from night to night, sleeping all day, playing cards and running con games isn't really the life I foresaw for me. There are so many nights that I laid there awake in my bed or someone else's bed and dreamed of the way my life was supposed to be. I knew this guy when I was in college. He was a really nice guy. He wanted to marry me. He was smart and nice and cute. All of the things that parents want for their daughters. I was so STUPID to let him get away.

We'd probably have a really nice home and a couple of kids right now. He wouldn't be the kind of guy to get mad about losing a card game and start hitting on me. We always think about the one that got away.

Well, Rick didn't actually get away. I kind of drove him away. At that point in my life, I wanted to party. I wanted excitement. Well I got it. God I was stupid. That man worshipped the ground I walked on. When I looked at him, I saw our kids in his eyes. The problem was I just wasn't mature enough or smart enough to understand what I wanted then.

There's also the fact that I've always been pretty. So I've always been able to pretty much get whatever I wanted from men. So even when he told me goodbye, the wavering in his voice let me know that although he'd been the first man who was ever strong enough to break up with me, I could have him back if I wanted him. True, I might actually have to work a bit, but there was no doubt in my mind that I could get him back.

I don't know why I thought about that as I packed. Maybe my reaction to leaving yet another man before he hurt me, or left me had me feeling a bit maudlin. Perhaps the fact that I was nearing forty was leading to me looking back over my life and trying to figure out if I was on the right path. The problem was, of course, that I wasn't exactly on a path. My life seemed to just be meandering listlessly towards an early grave. What would they write on my headstone? Here lies Magdalena, the prettiest woman that no one loved; survived by a lot of guys in bars who fucked her, fled her and forgot her. RIP.

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