It Began With a Mole Mob

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A road to happiness might have many bends and hills but arriving to the goal is well worth all possible efforts. This is a story about how a young man grows up to a non-wimp husband and struggles for getting a loving wife.

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The "Mole Mob" what spread fear in our small Scandinavian town was probably the best joke in those thousand years that this small town had existed.

It began with an article in the local newspaper in what a man by name Rupert Albert Timmer demanded an immediate closing of the popular dance hall in town. Nobody had cared a shit if this Rupert had been an average "Mr. Unknown" but the actual Rupert happened to be the leader of the second important political party in the town council.

Rupert was a teetotaler and an important member of the local Cultural Society what gave him and his stupid suggestions some support even from some members of the other parties. A real pain in the ass for us partying youngsters.

One of the few positive matters with that Rupert was his very beautiful daughter Madeleine, who was in my class at the school. Unfortunately all my attempts of getting a date were turned down by her with nasty comments about partying drinkers.

My name is Robert Johnson and when the beginning of this story happened I and the gang of seven of my childhood friends had just begun our last year class studies at the gymnasium (comparable to upper high-school in US). We were lucky enough to have a "club room" in the basement of a building where the father of one us guys worked as janitor. The clubroom was a perfect place for us to gather for some drinks of cheap booze supplied by a smuggler before going out for dancing at Saturday evenings.

After a couple of drinks this Saturday evening we decided that this damn Rupert or "The RAT" as he was called behind his back ought to be punished. After several wild suggestions we agreed about a simple action.

Rupert was an amateur gardener, proud and famous for his king-size pears. Therefore we wrote and sent him a letter what read:

Dear Friend Rupert. It is brought to my attention that the infamous law-breaking Mole Mob has sold all your delicious pears to an in-legal wine maker. Please let all the pears be where they are, otherwise the Mole Mob will punish you severely for stealing their property. Sincerely, Your faithful supporter and friend.

As a law-abiding citizen, Rupert went direct to the Police and demanded protection, what was refused of several practical reasons and caused a loud arguing from Rupert. In that very moment a journalist from the local paper happened to come in and got his "story of the year"

The next day the front page of the local newspaper had a picture of an angry Rupert with the text:

RAT FIGHT IN OUR TOWN. The well-known politician Rupert A. Timmer, best known as "the RAT" has been attacked by a mob of criminal moles. The Mole Mob claims to some how be in the possession of the Rat's prize-winning pears and says to sell them to a winemaker. The Police will be doing their best but doesn't have officers enough for a 24/7 protecting of Mr. Timmer's garden.

Rupert says to have raised a real Hell at the newspaper's office, invested big money in alarm systems and spent many sleepless nights watching his pears. But that Rat story got an very unexpected but interesting side effect. Local opinion began to have the mysterious "Mole Mob" as scapegoats for all unsolved crime in our town.

We innocent guys got good laughs every time those, usually heavy magnified, stories about "Mole Mob's criminal actions" came to our knowledge. About two months after that now famous newspaper article about Rupert's pears shit hit the fan again. Our local police got a new chief, a genuine "friend of law and order" who promised and swore an oath to be the man who got the whole Mole Mob behind bars.

Most of he members of our gang had got more or less serious relations with girls why our meetings for drinking at "the club" before going out at Saturday evenings had almost turned to history. However, one evening we had a meeting for planning a big party and the new police chief's behavior got many nasty comments and at last all of us agreed that it was our duty to make some fun of that silly man.

The meeting ended with an agreement and oaths that our "Mole Mob" would remain in the future as a secret brotherhood for assistance if any of us got problems. We even had fixed all details about how to manage our big party and even a plan for making a laughing stock of that police chief.

Our plan worked much better than expected. Rupert the Rat was promised inside information about secret bribes to some politicians and the secret evidence would be given to him in a dark section of the main town park. By a coincident the police chief was informed about finding the Mole Mob leader at the same place. They met and poor Rupert was hit to the ground and handcuffed when he tried to escape from what he regarded as an attempt from the Mole Mob to mug him.

However, that turned to the worst scandal in our town what caused the police chief find a new job far away in the north and the Rupert got enough of public opinions and left the politics.

Six Years Later

Time goes fast and many people in our town got a real surprise when I Robert Johnson married Rupert Timmer's pretty daughter Madeleine.

Of course, it was very obvious for me that Madeleine's parents regarded me to be far from a dream spouse for their daughter though I was working as engineer for the municipal central heating company, but of two bad things they choose to accept me as a in-law rather than their pretty girl would be an unmarried mother.

A friend of me, Dan Peterson and his best pal Niclas had been out early and succeed to book two rooms for two weeks at a small cheap hotel at one of our most popular summer resorts, known for the wild partying famous people used to have there during the summer vacation season in July. No wonder that they would be joined by two handsome girls for that trip.

But Niclas got a promotion and had to be elsewhere the whole July for work reasons why Dan asked me to take Niclas' place and I immediately said yes and cancelled my other plans for that time because the girl intended to be as company for Niclas was Madeleine Timmer, Rupert Timmer's snooty daughter who had recently terminated her long time engagement with a spoiled boyfriend from a noble family due to his cheating.

My expectations for getting anywhere with Madeleine were as limited as they had been earlier in the school but why care about that because she wasn't the only fish in that sea where we were going. No reason for me to care about any chances or no chances at all with her when there were a large number of other pretty girls at that summer resort.

Our arrival to the hotel caused the first mess when Madeleine demanded herself and the other girl sharing one room with Dan and me in the other.

But the next day Madeleine and me got very well together why the four of us kept together both at the beach and the first evening partying at a bar. At our second evening we, as many other couples went to the seaside rocks for watching the sunset during a picnic with the popular mix white wine and shrimps. It was a warm and pleasant evening and all of us were feeling good. Then the girls suggested a 50 kilometer shopping trip to a big famous factory outlet the next day because the weather forecast said thunder and rain for that day.

Dan, who's car we used for our trip, was in a jolly and horny mood and replied, "Yes my ladies, no problem, not at all if you suck us off right here and now."

Madeleine began with some objections but the other girl said, "What the hell, why should that be any big deal?" Then she took out Dan's cock and began sucking. Madeleine hesitated for a while, then even she said, "What the hell, why not?" took out my cock and began sucking it while it took me a long time to believe my eyes.

Back at the hotel Madeleine and Dan changed rooms. Then Madeleine once again acted in unexpected way by saying, "Even I got horny at the rock and now you owe me making love in a real good way after that damn forced sucking I did for you on the rock."

The present day Madeleine Timmer was indeed quite different from the snooty bitch I remembered from ignoring me during our schooldays. Her two longtime ex-boyfriends might brought some common sense to her mind before she dumped them of some reasons.

However, she didn't need to ask me twice. Within less than a minute she was lying naked on the bed with me licking her clit until she wriggled, groaned and begged me to fuck her. It took me only one hard thrust to get whole stone-hard cock in her now well lubricated pussy what got her wriggling and groaning even more until both of us got an intensive orgasm.

She could hardly say a word direct after that intensive fucking. After a while she whispered, "Oh My God, I could never believe that making love with you can be so heavenly good."

Really surprising to hear those words from a girl who been involved in two long lasting relations.

From that moment we were an item and continued dating even after those summer holidays weeks what could been described as a very romantic time. She wasn't on pills why an accident with a broken condom got her pregnant before her infamous father Rupert Timmer had persuaded her to dump me.

I didn't runaway from what had happened to her and was proud when my friends envied me for having a pretty trophy wife. At least until our first child was old enough for daycare and she began to job again. Then I learned to know the real Madeleine.

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